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  1. I looked at her eyes after the boop. I never want to look at anything else again. It’s all downhill from here.

  2. If you pee 26, you’re in big trouble.

  3. Screaming possum is my spirit animal.

  4. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty sure I could strip to Tears in Heaven.

  5. Okay, the little girl eyeing the cookies is so me.

  6. “Feel my gains” meme happens regularly around here

    … and it’s hilarious (at least to me anyway) every single time

  7. Ugh. Drank a bottle of wine last night and had boozy nightmares involving demonic midget clowns kidnapping people and leaving being a piece of candy.

  8. “nightmares”

  9. Some EDM with a great video that borrows stock business promo footage and has a lot of fun with it

  10. I’d watch that 100 times before I’d watch that ridiculous new video with the 2 female rappers walking through their boob mansion … I linked it last week but have already forgotten the name of the “song” and the artists.

  11. This poat spoke to me. These were so fricken funny. Thanks, Pup.

  12. The possum made me lol and so did the horrible stripper songs.

    Jaws Canada was a sleeper hit.

  13. I can’t wait to show my daughter the Jurassic Park tweets. She has always loved that movie. So much so that if I win the lottery I’m buying her a Jurassic Park Jeep.

  14. Vegan Fight Club was excellent and the dog with the baby dear…I got all verklempt.

  15. I’ve seen a few burlesque dancers over the years who would consider that song list a challenge.

  16. Memes are the best thing that has happened, in what, the last 5 years?

  17. Second best. The best was Hillary Clinton’s expression the morning after the election.

  18. Well, that’s true.

  19. I was listening to a Metabolic Mike/ Dr. Paul Saladino podcast.

    The bad news? Some junk from bad seed oils have a half-life of a year and a half and can stay stored in your fat cells that long. Of course, they are released when you use the fat for fuel.

    So if you’re wondering why you can’t get rid of belly fat, well it’s going to take time.

    Good news? I gave up all junk oils (I only use good olive, avocado or coconut) 2 years ago.

    I must say, the inflammation in my fingers is gone. Belly fat? Work in progress.

  20. Just catching up on comments from yesterday

    – I have no desire to be a vaccine guinea pig. Yeah, I get the flu vaccine every year but aside from different strains in it yearly, they’ve been making that one using the same methods for years. My hospital makes you wear a mask if you decline the flu vaccine (pre-Covid policy) and every year we had roughly 1-2% of the staff walking around in masks. If refusal to take the new and improved Covid jab means I have to wear a mask, so be it. After a year if people don’t start having weird side effects (which would be obscured in a Biden administration and trumpeted in a Trump administration) I’d think about getting it.

    – The colossal implants on the big boob friday gif links were indeed horrifying

    – I first heard of a Sybian on the Howard Stern show when he would invite women to the studio and, during the broadcast, interview them while they were astride the Sybian. The women, not Howard Stern.

    – My mother’s service was wonderful. Father Osunkwo (Father “JT” to his parishioners) was clearly moved by my mother’s passing. He arrived there in 2016 and my mother made him feel welcome to the parish which, as a priest from Nigeria, plopped into SE Massachusetts, was welcome. Full mass including Communion with the entire socially distanced church being full. I didn’t recognize a lot of the people and it didn’t jibe with the list my sister had shown me a couple of days prior but during the mass Father JT thanked the people that my mother knew from church and who had prayed for & with her who attended and it made sense. Long day, emotional. Time to process things slowly over time as is my wont as they say. Not sure who, mostly people in novels.

  21. From last night:
    Ok, am I the only one that isn’t sure the blond and the brunet are the same gal?

    I wondered the same thing Thermy. I think she had some work done on her face.

  22. And we did not find any more drug paraphernalia. Paula gave it to the front desk lady who cut the room fee in half. Which, considering the crap with the wrong room key, dead remote batteries, chirping alarm and drug scale TUCKED IN A PILLOW, seems stingy

  23. Drank a bottle of wine last night and had boozy nightmares involving demonic midget clowns kidnapping people and leaving being a piece of candy.

    Did they leave a contact number? Do they handle state governors?

  24. Hypocrickets –

    That silence that ensues when the media hypocritically won’t cover something that doesn’t fit the The Narrative™.

  25. Congrats on the job, CoAlex. Hopefully you’ll be happier there.

  26. Did they leave a contact number? Do they handle state governors?

    In my dream they kidnapped the POTUS, secret service agents, and staff in the kitchen at the time. But they left Nicole Kidman alone. I suspected that it was because she was pregnant.

  27. Alex, congrats on the new job. May it be everything you hope it will be.

  28. Covid is a scam.

  29. First

  30. Hotspur, how is socializing in the time of covid?


  31. (LOL)

  32. We went to some friends’ for dinner a few weeks ago.
    – We couldn’t go inside the house
    – Drinks were brought to us with a chlorox wipe instead of a napkin
    – Food was laid out on a table and each person went individually to serve themselves
    – One of our friends brought her own fucking glass, plate, and silverware in a zip-lock bag

    I told HotBride afterward, “I can’t be around these people anymore. Normal human beings don’t hang out with the mentally ill.”

  33. Happy birthday, J’Ames!!!


  35. Happy birthday to Jay in Ames!

    Great collection, Pupster, stole several. Favorites are Jaws, graphic designer, vegan fight club. LOL’s at the hikers.

    Brewfan posted on Faceplant that Mrs. Brewfan is in the hospital, so prayers and good thoughts for her.

  36. Congratulations on the new job, CoAlex, hope it’s what you want.

  37. My 8? year-old Fitbit won’t sync any more and the battery won’t recharge much. Trying to decide if I should replace it – I’m not participating in a health monitoring program any more – and if so, with what.

  38. Just think how many terabytes of information are stored inside Kamala Harris.

  39. stomach

  40. I told HotBride afterward, “I can’t be around these people anymore. Normal human beings don’t hang out with the mentally ill.”


  41. wakey wakey

  42. I’ve decided to start a dating site: The slogan is going to be: “Five shots of whiskey, four tattoos, three kids, bipolar, all in one package.”

  43. told HotBride afterward, “I can’t be around these people anymore. Normal human beings don’t hang out with the mentally ill.”


    Mare loves Hotspur.

    LOL People are irrationally fearful, well, stupid really.

  44. JAY!!!!! Happy Birthday!!! You deserve a special day and by special I mean special *wink*.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  45. Saw the Foggy Mountain vid at AoS.

    Got creeped out by the guy who used to be on the David Letterman show. Paul???? Ewwwww, talk about a pedo-looking guy. Is he in jail?

  46. “I don’t know of any evidence that voting by mail would increase voter fraud.”

    Mitt Romney

    Shut up you dumb bitch. What a shill. Bought and paid for. Dickweed.

  47. That vid was a cornucopia of immense talent.

  48. A rodent has cut the feet off all the bean vines I was growing for seed for next year.

    A neighbor of a friend down the road apiece was complaining that he’s never had so many problems with chipmunks as this year. A consequence of last year’s mild winter, I presume.

    I’ve just about had it with the creatures this year. Seriously thinking of bagging the garden next year for sure and just working on other aspects of the homestead.

  49. Lauraw, I know this won’t be helpful this year, however, while in CA last week I was at a home with a spectacular vegetable garden. The homeowner used the “covid time” (3 months) to clear the space (they had a ton literally of river rock to remove), prep, plant etc..

    He took what I think was chicken wire (possibly smaller) and dug down 6 inches from the side of the bed, across the growing area and up the other side. Evidently, varments like to dig their way under if they can’t get to the harvest another way. It worked. I don’t think I’m explaining it well but I was drinking wine so who knows what he really did.

    Several kinds of kale and lettuce, watermelon, cucumbers, dill, several other herbs, corn, radishes, I can’t remember it all but I know I was loving just looking at the beautiful things. We had a salad with one of the more bitter greens but they added some watermelon and balsamic to balance it and I ate it like a big dog.

  50. Thanks, Mare. Digging isn’t the problem here. I have decent fencing for the rabbits and groundhogs. Squirrels, chipmunks, and voles get through/ climb over any gauge fence. Unless I put a roof and walls on it, they’re coming in.

  51. Just saw this headline:

    Michigan rejects 846 mailed ballots “because the voter was dead.”

    Hey, Mitt, you’re a dumbass.

  52. Unless I put a roof and walls on it, they’re coming in.

    Hook up a car battery?

  53. Tenting my pea rows with strawberry netting helped, this Spring. I left the netting in place and the peas grew through them. I guess I need to do that for the beans, too. Pain in the ass stripping the vines out after harvest, but whatever.

  54. Congratulations on the job, CoAl. Happy Birthday, J’ames.

  55. First

  56. oops, second, HS was first

  57. story of my day

    *back to work, might as well clear 100 hours this week

  58. We tried to reach you 7x. FINAL NOTICE about the Mid-Month deadline to retake Trump’s majority. 5X-MATCH secured for 8 hrs. Will you help?

    do they think these messages help? I get lots of these texts

  59. Jimbro, our parish priest is from Nigeria. He’s amazing. The African and Vietnamese priests in our Diocese are “Real” Catholics. Sounds like your mom received a proper goodbye.

  60. so your priest is actually african american

  61. It was her wish to have a proper funeral mass with family present. She was so worried the Covid would prevent that from happening. Someone in MA had a rare speck of common sense and allowed it to happen. Following the gospel reading the priest displayed a watercolor painting of Mary my mother had painted for him as a Christmas gift. Good man.

  62. Happy birthday Jay

    Sorry you’re too busy to celebrate

  63. Excellent good-bye for your Mother, Jimbro!

    *high fives everyone involved*

  64. I’m crying about your mom gifting him with a watercolor of Mary. Today is the Assumption. ❤️

  65. She was so worried the Covid would prevent that from happening.


    I will continue to focus on her excellent Funeral Service and not rant about how protests, BLM losers and others get exemptions but for normals, funerals were delayed, dying patients or chemo patients must have to go through it alone and hospital visits and elderly go-withs are a no-go.

    Oh, yes, I will not rant about it.

  66. Happy birthday, Jay!

    Today would have been my parent’s 61st wedding anniversary. Hard to believe what has happened in a year.

  67. My sister told me that if there was no funerals allowed now she wanted her to keep the cremains at home until one could be held. Can you imagine waiting for the politicians to make their GD minds up so the normals can have their funerals? Infuriating

  68. Can you imagine waiting for the politicians to make their GD minds up so the normals can have their funerals? Infuriating



  69. Jazz knows. He lost his Dad. Michigan. His dad was a daily Mass guy. Whitmer is going to burn in Hell for her BS. Governor Wuhan will join her.

  70. Jimbro, Your Mom knew things. I am so happy for you guys that she was able to say good-bye. What was the graveside service like?

  71. I guess we’re all going to ignore Sobek comments with the window lickers and paste eaters.

  72. Internment will be later and my mom asked for just my sister to be there. Sometime next month. I asked her to send me a couple of pictures. Plot is in my old hometown and will have my dad, mom and younger brother in it. Before moving away from MA I used to bring my folding chair, cup of Dunkin’ coffee and a book and hang out by my brother’s grave for a while. Been a while since I’ve been there given the distance and priority of seeing living family!

  73. *slowly removes finger from jar of paste…twists lid back on….shoves finger in mouth while running out da room*

  74. I’m happy your mom got the proper send off, jimbro. Good job to the priest and your sister. I have no doubt your mom is pleased/proud of her kids.

  75. Oso, I’m so sorry about MaryAnn. Her long, happy, life, is the direct result of your love, care, and spoilage with the many extra chicky chicky meals.


  77. Hugs for Jimbro. Thank you, Beasn. We still have doggy crack for her meds in our fridge. Dan will be hitting the Braunschweiger.

  78. Happy Birthday Jay!

  79. I’m watching “Saturday Night Fever” on a Saturday night. I didn’t know Fran Drescher was in this.

  80. I’m sensing a theme with the Jay in Ames links.

    It’s good to see, all the corn here is flat as a board.

  81. Two more weeks and she will be in her own place.

    Today: Houseguest is showing me recipes from a magazine that she wants to make.

    HG: This one looks good, with the greens in it. You have chard in the garden, right?

    Me: (a short pause) Um yeah.

    (thought but unsaid)
    HERE’S THE THING, yes. *I* have chard in the garden. *YOU* have chard in the grocery store. You lived here all this time for free, AND you blithely assume you can also have the output from my hobby? OMG. And hands off the extra tomatoes, those are for Scott’s mama. Jeebus.

    Two weeks.

  82. Donald Trump’s brother passed away, may he rest in peace. (I’m definitely going to stay off Twitter until the ghouls quit their dancing. Ugh.)

  83. I bet Laura makes it 13 days and then buries houseguest under the garden.

  84. Please tell me it wasn’t Covid

  85. No, I am patient. The burying happens if she is still here on the 15th day. Truly I’ve been contending with some really harsh negative emotions that surprised me over the time she’s been here, and I have been disappointed in myself since I did invite her, after all.

    Just…when she makes plans for what she is going to do with items that belong to me, it makes me fucking mental. This stuff doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. I worked for all of it. It’s the same as making plans for money in my bank account.

  86. Laura,
    Boundaries, some people don’t have them, and never will.

  87. She has normal social boundaries. She just comes from a fam background situation where you always nudge to get more for free/cheap. I don’t think she even really knows she’s doing it. It’s automatic pilot. Whatever. I helped get her back on her feet and hope to normalize the relationship at some point in the future.

    Its one of those situations where a characteristic that doesn’t bother you in one situation, bothers you in another situation.

    Oh, and also how she loads the dishwasher so you get maimed reaching for the silverware basket.

    ok so there’s some other stuff

  88. Doreen erased Rebecca’s posts.

  89. Cool morning, had to turn the fan off while sipping coffee in my underoos.

    (Yes, I realize I’m flaunting my No Houseguest Privilege)

  90. Well, Miss Lauraw, I hoped you learned your lesson.

  91. Why not 101 hours.

  92. Raining morning on the deck with my puppers.

    Wakey wakey

  93. mornin, peeps. Time to make the donuts.


  94. LOL, stupid America told to stay in by morons, we stay in.

    Told to wear masks (that are a joke) and we wear masks.

    We’ve been pussified like the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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