One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Meme


  1. Qu’est-ce que les sacs de fromage?

  2. I’m enjoying Terminal List and I’ll probably watch the series again after round one. A lot of the scenes are dark and when I’m watching it’s still light out and hard to see details. I’m also guilty of not just watching … I can’t help but multi task on my phone so I’m missing some plot info. I’ve watched 4 or 5 episodes—-last one he made the EFP explosive and got the tool from the company after the merger

  3. Lack of chat room interaction today t’would seem.

  4. For dinner last night I had a leftover NetJets $70 grilled chicken salad that Ben brought home from work the night before. Paula had her $70 salad at lunch. Ben ate a $40 PB & J sandwich while he was driving home at 10 o’clock at night. While it was an excellent salad I’m sure it was about $5-10 worth of ingredients that you’d get at a decent restaurant for about 20 bucks. HUGE convenience upcharge from someone(s) along the production and distribution line.

  5. Was busy with morning chores. Birds and cats are fed now.

  6. I watched terminal list too.
    I agree with the dark scene thing. What’s up with that. ? It makes watching difficult. Not sure that it’s necessary.

  7. I be watched more tv in the last couple of months than I’ve probably watched in a number of years.

  8. Why are people having to wear masks again?

  9. Because there’s an election coming up.

  10. Because of Karen, mare. Hygienist told Scott yesterday they know they do nothing but they have to because of Karen.

    All you need, if you have a business, is for some cunt to go on social media and fuck around with your reputation. These are the stupid times. The stupid are in charge and they are looking to take your living away.

    I’m coming to grips with the fact that I may never regain my career, and trying to think of alternatives. Will be hitting the job sites today to see what’s out there.

  11. Oh, that makes sense, people are dumb.

    You’d think they would have figured out since everyone got covid that wearing masks did shit (and of course scientifically they don’t do shit).

    The other seriously troubling deal is all the info on the vaxes coming out and people are still pushing them, even for young children. Babies even. SICK.

  12. wakey wakey.

    I thought Mayor Pete and his husband where crying about how much their place in DC cost, bla bla bla. But they have money for a house in Traverse CIty? DOuble wides are $400,000 there. Pretty sure they’re not going to live in one of those.

  13. I switched to watching the terminal list episodes on my computer, where the scenes appear lighter for some reason.

    I’m sure there is an explanation, but I don’t have it.

    My tv is new and fancy and all that, and I tried adjusting things with no luck.

  14. We’re going to Maui at the end of this month. My husband’s mother died last week and we will be going back to CA (he was there while I was in Savanah for the new baby) for a Mass and reception and then leave from there.

    Anyhoo, I’m kind of looking at this as our last fling to Maui. Isn’t that pathetic that I’m so negative about the world and how things are going I may not make it back there? It’s awful the left stole our fun.

    I’m NEVER getting the vax and Hawaii is particularly mental about masks and vaccines. Also, fuel prices and just the cost of living change. FU lefties, DIAF.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  15. Not coming out fast enough to save my future. FDA is moving ahead full steam, they will be mandating the clotshot for all health care workers annually, and they will be choosing the target variants for the vaccines each year AND they have decided to dispense with any more clinical trials regardless of annual changes to the vaccine.

    They say this is to save time and money, but really we know it is to save themselves from having to provide any more clinical research data to these annoying people who ask for it.

    Science is dead.

  16. twitter: Latinx as unique as breakfast tacos

    add this to the list of “what if Trump said it” or “scratch a democrat find a racist”.

  17. Fascinating how the people coming down with Covid now are predominantly people who were vaxxed. Compromised immune systems, anyone?

    The countries that report transparently are seeing this; some countries are stopping reporting the stats because they don’t like the conclusions; and then there are countries like the US that keep manipulating the stats and definitions in order to keep things unclear.

  18. I thought this was funny

    I was too young to remember most of this stuff but I do remember the general hoopla.

    Two-fiddy coming up before you know it — if we make it that far

  19. I started watching Terminal List last night. You know what I hate? The shaggy neckline on the lead guy.

    I know it’s a small thing, but it bugs the hell out of me. Hollywood always does shit like this.

  20. His haircut bugs me too. But then if he was on mission he could wear his hair longer.

  21. Visual storytelling, Hotspur. Bad grooming is easy shorthand for ‘this guy might be a little nuts’.

    It’s also like the first sign of toxoplasmosis infection in men, which isn’t much different.

  22. So Bannon is gonna testify before Cheney’s Jan 6 tribunal? Is he trolling them?

  23. interesting question from Maj Toure

    Maj Toure
    Do you feel Libertarians or conservatives actually engage urban America with their ideas?

    If yes, state why.
    If not, state why.

    I don’t offer my opinion any more unless asked. Too many times being called racist.

  24. Hollywood doesn’t understand discipline in the military because every one in that cesspit doesn’t have it.

    Of course this now translates into many people in the actual military not having any either. And getting away with violating the UCMJ.

  25. It’s a closed session. I hope he sneaks in a wire.

  26. Look, just because I may call you a taco doesn’t mean I don’t love and admire you. It’s basically saying the same thing, right?

  27. I will link it if I can but I THINK it was Uraguy who demanded that Pfizer be transparent about what’s in the vaccine and how effective it is and instead of being honest Pfizer pulled the vaccine out of Uruguay.

    When I google it I can’t find the article. I will look further.

  28. He said he’d only do it live.

  29. Hotspur, you do know that SEALS in country do not have to shave or cut their hair?

  30. Comment by Car in on July 12, 2022 9:57 am
    He said he’d only do it live.


    Yes, he wanted it not to be “closed doors.”

  31. Bannon is waaaaay too smart for the likes of Cheney.

  32. Hotspur, you do know that SEALS in country do not have to shave or cut their hair?

    He’s not “in country”. He’s at a fucking military funeral where honors are being bestowed on the fallen – his “brothers”.

  33. And welcome back.

    Don’t fuck with me.

  34. I stopped by before to give a public service announcement.

    If Chelsea Handler is doing a “comedy” tour titled Vaccinated and Horny, it is my duty to warn all people to boil their water and possibly their weiners.

  35. Odds that her comedy tour goes down in a ball of failure?

  36. I don’t like the feminist trend to be crude and slutty to get laughs.

    I think there are weirdos who like her but to pay to see her? You have to be “off.”

  37. I have covid, but I’m not vaxxed. I just figured it finally mutated enough. Having a hard time shaking the cough, wondering if I should do another round of horse paste (5 day regimen last week) or stick with the zinc, C, D, quercetin, etc.

  38. isn’t the purpose of horse paste to lessen the viral load? Seems to me that should help, with another 5 day. Keep that load low.

    But I’m not even pre med, and I’m not supposed to eat horse paste with my regular paste.

  39. Dropped by doc in a box to get this nagging cough looked at. I’m negative for COVID at least, but still working out the rest.

  40. The horse paste is incredibly safe. So it couldn’t hurt.

  41. Unless it’s a nursing home or hospital, if I get covid (which I’m sure I’ve been exposed to so I probably got it and never knew) I’m going to go wherever I normally would.

    We MUST live with it now. No more isolation, shutdowns or anything else.

    But I would never knowingly go to a nursing home or hospital where people have compromised health.

  42. They did the chest x-ray natch, couldn’t shake having the theme from The Incredible Hulk while there though.

  43. Deep gargle with good mouthwash, Roamy. Betadyne sinus rinse if you can stand it.

  44. Same for you, Tim. I tried this last time I had a cough come up after hearing McCullough recommend it and it snuffed the cough in a couple of days. Killed whatever was in my throat quickly.

  45. Comment by leoncaruthers on July 12, 2022 11:01 am
    Deep gargle with good mouthwash, Roamy. Betadyne sinus rinse if you can stand it.


    Roamy, some high-powered researcher I listened to on a podcast said that will almost wipe out all covid virus in the nasal cavity. The Betadyne sinus rinse.

  46. OTC antihistamine recommended. X-ray clear. Well, I’ll take it.

  47. You might also try a ball gargle. Can’t hurt.

  48. Congrats Mare, on becoming a Granny. I think Grandmare is an awesome name.

  49. breakfast taco lives matter

  50. Did anyone else catch Tucker dropping See You Next Tuesday last night signing off his show? Was referring to what Hunter said about his stepmom on his phone.

  51. For the second time, Hotspur and in December I’ll have 3!!

  52. 3 breakfast tacos?

    Ain’t nobody able to down 3!

  53. twitter: Oh Look, another 1.7 billion to Ukraine!

    These fuckin guys…

  54. Only one thing can be true about the 10 yo rape victim: either it’s real and unreported or it’s sensationalist bullshit

  55. I just want to point out that my purchase of a Ryobi battery powered string trimmer was a genius idea. No fucking around with the oil/gas mixture and reloading the cutting string is a piece of cake.

  56. I firmly believe it’s bullshit.

  57. I’m with Roamy.

  58. I need to find out if anyone makes a backpack battery suitable for yard tools. I don’t mind a big battery on a drill or saber saw, but one big enough for a string trimmer on the jobs I need one for would make the tool itself excessively cumbersome.

  59. I have an electric trimmer and I can handle it. Of course, I crossfit …

  60. I don’t think a gas engine weighs less, with fuel, than a battery does.

  61. Check ECHO professional landscaping equipment directly online, not from the big box stores.

  62. Mine is really good but I can’t remember who makes it. It is the same as our chainsaw, and they are both really strong.

  63. I think it’s a Stihl.

  64. Or maybe an echo.

    I could go look but I’m lazy.

  65. Oh LOOK, the Jan 6th hearings are on …


  66. Nice stack of anecdata here:

  67. One odd thing about today’s brush with the medical profession…no co-pay. They said it was because of the COVID test. That’s…a first for me. Is that normal?

    I mean, I dropped $80 into my gas tank this morning so I’m happy to save the dough, it just feels weird.

  68. Thanks for posting that, Leon. The increase in drownings, huh.

  69. The vaccine injuries of toddlers who are now having seizures cannot be explained. This is now a regular occurrence for 2 and 3-year-old kids to have seizures. It’s only happening in vaccinated kids and most often between 2 and 5 days of vaccination from the COVID vaccine. Doctors are not allowed to report these events publicly (they are not allowed to share on social media or talk to the press) so each doctor thinks it is simply a “one-off” event that is ONLY happening to them.

    How are they being prevented from reporting? Also, why would they, even if ordered to? Do No Harm!

  70. User surveys done by professional third party polling firms consistently show the vaccines have killed more people than COVID has.

    What surveys are these, if everyone is refusing to do them?

  71. That might be in his other posts, Jay, I’ve only read this one post on his blog.

  72. I find it very hard to believe that many deaths can be covered up. 750k?

  73. That’s based on extrapolation, # of households reporting a death from the vaccine. Could be some overlap in those known to multiple households.

  74. I see where he wants to do 5000 recipients, to decrease the error. 500 responses.

  75. There’s an employee group on Facedouche where they post obituaries and other news announcements. There’s been 7 so far in July. I tell myself, these are mostly retirees, so they are older, but when it’s normally two or three a month, it’s hard to not get skittish.

  76. Yeah, it’s sampling, and it’s not big enough, and people willing to answer a poll about whether the vaccine hurt someone is already a subset. Still as he points out: even if this is 10x the real number, that’s still 60k-75k deaths, mostly in demographics who weren’t at risk from the disease.

  77. One of those deaths was “unexpected”, he was 43.

  78. Condolences on the passing of you mother-in-law mares-ee-dotes.

  79. Lumps the hc worker news is disturbing.

  80. I have 5 Ryobi battery operated gizmos. Its nice having lots of extra batteries.

  81. I started with DeWalt, and now have a mix of batteries

  82. Condolences Grandmare.

  83. 6.

  84. Thanks, Jam.

  85. Thank you, Oso.

    Hope I didn’t miss anyone. If I did, well, I’m a dumbass and you know it so there you go.

  86. I’ve got a Ryobi drill and saw and 4 batteries, gets me through the small carpentry stuff pretty well.

  87. Karen is the new N word. The Karen’s are killing their children and they want us dead for not being sheep. They are pushing the CDC to make us mask up. The judge in Uruguay is an hero.

  88. “People Who Annoy You”

    K _ R E N

    Mr Marsh: *sweats audibly*

  89. Christopher Walken will be playing the Emperor in the next installment of Dune. I have to see this now.

  90. the first one was good, you’d like it

  91. Have a question for the shipping gurus here – I am ordering something in England and the vendor does not ship internationally. DD#1’s MIL has a relative in England who is going to act as a go-between, accepting delivery of the item, then shipping it along to me (I will be the “billee” on both transactions).

    Will I need to pay customs in either country? Can she list this as a gift, and if so, will she need to include an invoice for the item purchased? I was going to use UPS unless FedEx is cheaper. Time is a factor – I need to get this before the second week in August.

  92. Leon, reminds me of the John Mulvaney stand up where he was told he couldn’t say “Midget” in a joke.

  93. Local Domino’s management has the cumulative IQ of three day old roadkill. Placed an order and it promptly waited an hour for a driver who, apparently, never showed up for work. Only found out when I called the store. Wound up getting remade and I picked it up myself. One dude running the shop by his lonesome, probably wasn’t even half my age. I feel bad for the dude. He got done dirty not only by the driver that fucked off but by the management that was nowhere to be found. Wouldn’t be shocked if he quit, in fact I hope he does, nobody deserves working for such a miserable outfit.

    America is deep in a managerial crisis on all levels and in all spheres. It’s obvious in everything that goes wrong around us. This nation needs an enema.

  94. Bro Tim, I was in tears at work this AM. I was so pissed. My boss comes in later, she’s mad crying, too. The pool of workers is shallow. Leadership sucks. AKA there is no leadership.

  95. Watch The Offer. It will make you feel old.

  96. Teresa, go on the UPS, FedEx, and UK Postal websites and put in the origin and destination postal codes + the dimensions and weight of the carton to find the prices and delivery times.

    You will only have to pay customs to the destination country (US), if a fee is levied. They can declare it a gift but it won’t matter, usually. They need to put the value of the item on the customs form and it has to match the insurance amount, if you’re insuring the carton.

    This friend in the UK is a mighty nice friend, if you’re getting them to do all this paperwork. If you choose UPS or FedEx, you might be a real pal and email them the finished customs invoice so all they have to do is print and sign. Not sure if the UK postal service has customs invoices you can download and fill out.

  97. …you should be able to generate a shipping label and forms from the UPS and FedEx sites and email it all to the party in the UK, so all they will have to do is print it, label the carton and drop it off. If you want UPS or FedEx to pick it up directly at that person’s home or business it’s usually an extra charge and the person would have to be there to meet the driver.

    Check DHL rates too, but they’re usually on the high side. Might not be too bad coming from Europe to here.

  98. Ben is facing the same thing at his work. He’s getting done mid August anyway to have a little time off before school. He’ll be 19 years old in September and is mature for his age, he’s been working since he was 15 and volunteering at age 13 at Fort Knox (our one, not the gold one).

    Anyway, his coworkers pretty much abandon him at night and he’s left dealing with situations a manager or a long time employee with some experience under their belt really ought to be dealing with. Last night a jet flew in and had to be taken out of service for mechanical issues. He had to deal with an irate woman who had booked that jet for a large sum of money to fly to Ohio for some event/meeting. He was on his own. The pilots just grabbed their bags and left for a hotel. He finally got his manager on the phone to deal with her but he was alone at the desk handling other shit besides her. First thing this morning he was dealing with another irate person at the desk. On his own because the other staff gets in later. Life lessons I guess.

  99. Server with me was crying last night.

    I dunno.

  100. Yes. Ben is dealing with BS beyond his years. I had military brat BS to help mold me. I remember the first time I told a manager “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” and he had never heard that before.

  101. Ethan was super stressed last night, and I talked to him for a while when I got home. He had a test today, and it all comes at him SO fast. Most of the moms say that the kids are getting this stuff thrown at them so fast, they really flounder. He has zero coding experience prior to this, etc. So I call him today and HE PASSED. Previous test he JUST passed – but still made the cut. He did better on this test, so that’s good.

    I keep trying to tell him that the other sailors are having JUST as difficult a time as he is. A few may have prior experience, but most are learning all this for the first time.

    too bad some of you guys can’t help him out.

    But he’s breathing easy today.

  102. Just keep swimming studying. that’s the mantra.

  103. Car in, let him know that he has lots of support and prayers. I’m team HS about Chris Pratts shitty hair. It actually takes me out of the show to the point Dan is telling me to “Get over it!”

  104. I can help him out.

    Never volunteer. For anything. Ever.

  105. I’d pay to see Chris Pratt’s Shitty Hair Band

  106. divide into smaller problems and solve them individually

  107. *grows hair out to pass off hs and oso

  108. Lord loves a working man, never trust whitey, see a doctor and get rid of it

  109. Thanks, Laura – I was going to go ahead and take care of all of the payments and paperwork ahead of time so that all she has to do is act as an intermediary.

  110. J’ames, are you saying that his lame ass hair was ok? I was getting angry at his stoopid part. He was never squared away. His neck hair was pissing me off as much as his lazy hair helmet.

  111. I’m not squared away either. *grows neck hair

  112. It is SO violent to suggest a transwoman can’t get pregnant. And that exactly the same as pretending they don’t exist.

    That woman is an idiot.

  113. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I’m honestly more relieved that the James Webb Telescope is working than impressed by the pics being released.

  114. Roamy, I’m loving the memes. J’Ames, are you serious with the neck hair?

  115. Roamy, probably because you understand how complicated the telescope is and it require a small miracle for it to all go off without a hitch.

  116. The bee is stealing our shit!!!

  117. Write your own material, Bee!!!!

  118. *grows more neck hair

  119. Just transplant some from the palms of your hands.

  120. so Tucker has Black Rifle Coffee on. Will he throw softballs?

  121. no questions about 2A and how Rittenhouse is a vindictive murderer? Hmmm, Tucker missed one there.


  123. Blocked a former co-worker on Twitter. In the last year, her daughter is no longer her daughter (she’s nonbinary?), she attended a protest in handmaid attire, she caught covid despite 4 shots (the f-bombs on that were impressive), and she regularly retweets Rashida Tlaib. The daughter is supposed to start college this fall, but co-worker is threatening to not allow it because it’s in a pro-life state. Must be able to kill that grandbaby at any date, you know. I knew she was a lib when we were working together, I just didn’t realize the depth of insanity.

  124. I guess we should be glad the madness will die out with the next generation in that family.

  125. I dunno…..seems like lib insanity skips a generation –

  126. I played the DryBar comedy bit from yesterday’s poat for Mr. RFH. He laughed out loud at the Venn diagrams and flow charts.

  127. Well, co-worker’s daughter is trans, so I assume the buck stops there.

  128. Was the daughter born male or female? Either way, I don’t think abortion is going to be an issue….

  129. Dean eschewed reading prefaces.

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