MMM 501

Nearly the ides of July. How’s your summer going? Any projects you still need to start?


Pupster photobomb. Haven’t checked to see if her Insta is still active.

I like to do DOH grip until I can’t. This looks a little light to ‘need’ mixed grip, but that’s her call.

Even more poised.

Tired, or tired? Both?

Looks desert-ish.

And another Monday begins. Make it a good one.


  1. I’m actively trying to lose weight again. No carbs since Friday dinnertime. Down about 2.4 lb so far. Solo dad the whole time, so no real exercise opportunities.

  2. I am a second-time Gramma (as of Saturday at 9:47 am) and will have a third in December. I don’t mention it much here because there are a few of you who really want grandchildren and your children have taken no action in that direction…yet.

    It is absolutely, positively, 100% what everyone raves about.

    My daughters are lovely, easygoing, Moms who enjoy every minute of it which makes for fun Grandchildren.

  3. Oh, and hello.

  4. wakey wakey

    I don’t use switch grip until it gets really heavy. She probably just like the way it looked for the picture.

    congrats Mare, but I’m never getting grandchildren apparently.

  5. ““The Thomas Jefferson Foundation is run by a roster of big-money Dem donors and former Democratic officials.” Monticello’s descent “has largely been funded by left-leaning philanthropist David M. Rubenstein, who donated $20 million toward that effort in 2015. Rubenstein is “on the boards of the globalist World Economic Forum, China’s Tsinghua University, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others.” Now it’s beginning to become clear why all this is happening.”

    Related to what Laura mentioned yesterday or so.

  6. Congratulations Mare! Welcome back.

  7. That clip at the end of yesterday’s thread with Lowry was fucking crazy. Who was the guy speaking at the end where he said all they can do is wait for Trump to die?

  8. Matt Walsh is incorrect here:

    “I continue to believe that the most powerful and relevant criticism of Joe Biden is that he is a senile incompetent destroying the country, not that his son is a crackhead”

    There needs not be a “most” when criticizing Biden. There is also an “And”. Layers upon layers.

    And it is not just that his son is a crackhead. It is that his son was INVOLVED in joint business dealing with his father WITH the Chinese and/or Ukrainians and who the hell knows else? That this crackhead – I’ll do anything for money, drugs, prostitutes did who knows what to compromise our country.

    And THEN – they lied about the entire thing, and TO THIS DAY Biden continues to cover for him. And lie.

    I dunno. Seems relevant to me.

  9. Mare, I’m ashamed I ever read that man’s stuff. What is wrong with those people?

  10. “The Hunter stuff is certainly relevant on a number of levels. My worry is simply that it distracts from the more urgent and persuasive argument that Joe Biden is the worst president in American history and doing unprecedented harm to the country.”

    And again – the corruption is an important angle to this. NOT just his stupid policies.

  11. Hunter’s degeneracy is absolutely relevant. Like Carin said, he’s been “making deals” with daddy’s okay. Plus, this is politics and any Trump kid would be 24/7 media slaughtered.

  12. Comment by lumps on July 11, 2022 8:22 am
    That clip at the end of yesterday’s thread with Lowry was fucking crazy. Who was the guy speaking at the end where he said all they can do is wait for Trump to die?

    What? I have to go to the old thread and read about it.

    Trump dead or not, eyes have been open. We’re not going back to RINO surprises.

  13. Congratulations, Mare!

  14. Jackhole talking head is Mark Leibovich, I think.

  15. The reason we’re talking about Hunter is because he’s a sloppy crackhead. It actually has nothing to do with him taking drugs it’s that being on crack made him careless at the job James Biden has been doing for 40+ years already.

  16. Congrats, Mare. Good to see you again.

  17. yay for mare!

  18. twitter: more poise

  19. Joe Fell Here

  20. Congrats Mare!

  21. The available supply and demand curves for electricity got perilously close to each other in Texas yesterday. Yesterday was Sunday and a bunch of busines space was closed down and presumably had their AC units and lights turned off. Today could be damned interesting.

  22. I know of about 15K wind turbines that need to get their asses in gear.

  23. I dunno if Texas has any oil or natural gas to burn for electricity, but maybe they could look for some. They might get lucky.

  24. how can the EPA lock up oil leases in states? that just baffles me.

  25. Leon, during the deadly freeze of February 21, one of the electrical providers in east TX asked for permission from the EPA to temporarily fire up two coal burning generation plants that have been mothballed. They were denied and threatened with enormous fines if they violated orders. A couple of dozen folks froze to death and the demand for PVC pipe and fittings was off the charts for about the next 4 months. It ain’t about energy, it’s about stupidity.

  26. how can the EPA lock up oil leases in states? that just baffles me

    Mission creep. The EPA served a purpose 40 years ago and accomplished its mission. Ever since it’s been doing the same as any other government agency, creating work for itself to remain relevant and increase its head count. If it stuck to its original mission it would now be an agency employing a staff of about 10 people.

  27. Hi Mare. How are we?

  28. great point from Jill Savage on Deace: russian collusion was just a big scam put on us to cover up what Hunter had on his laptop. Pee tapes from a germophobe?

  29. The iCloud repo is fucking terrifying.

  30. humn … why are they putting out this PSA?

  31. “Lorenzo Kess
    Replying to
    I thought the world was going to love us again with Biden- but here we are with PSA’s about nuclear war…are you fucking kidding me?”

  32. Postage stamps are going from 58¢ to 60¢

    Buy Forever stamps, they’re better than Bitcoin

  33. Crypto as currency was always silly, but assuming that USPS will still be there to honor your stamps in the future isn’t risk-free, either.

  34. Yeah, I doubt Kevin Costner’s going to honor them.

  35. He’d be doomed anyway, with no Tom Petty to pull his fat out of the fire.

  36. Buy booze now while you can.

  37. And peppercorns. Maybe salt. Canned meat.

  38. Everyone’s bank account in Sri Lanka is frozen because there isn’t enough power to run the computers at the banks.

    Good luck with getting mail delivered or checking the blockchain.

  39. the communists have won in sri lanka


    This guy subscribes to Leon’s newsletter

  41. Not a subscriber

  42. Congratulations Mare!!! Have you chosen a Grandma name?

  43. Biggest size 14 I’ve ever seen.

  44. I forgot to mention a woman recently triaged by a nurse I know. She wanted to find a provider who could remove her clitoris because it was causing her pain and she had heard that some doctors did removals. She wisely let the doctor handle that one

  45. Something tells me that her thin privilege is going to continue to shrink.

    And that’s pretty much the only thing about her that will.

  46. Clitoris Removal Done Right™

  47. Just tested positive for the Rona. My funeral will start this Friday, and I expect it to continue until a week after John McCain’s funeral finally ends

  48. She has dumb privilege.

  49. Sobek, if you have access to the Z-pac, it works.

  50. I have access to Internet memes, so I’m good.

  51. Thanks, y’all.

    I will answer to anything the angels want to call me. *cough*

    Most likely “Gramma.”

  52. Have you guys seen the videos released from 4 chan of Hunter Biden.

    I just saw one where he’s wearing a bomber jacket on a beach naked underneath with a youngish (don’t know who or her age) girl with him.

    Our “elites” are comprised of pedophiles and devil worshipers. We need to start understanding their evil.

  53. I also saw a photo of him in bed passed out and who I think is his niece laying next to him.

  54. There is a reason those who know Joe don’t let their kids get near him during photo opportunities.

  55. congrats Mare, but I’m never getting grandchildren apparently.

    You have a better chance than I do CARin, at least your children date.

    Any projects you still need to start?

    I need to store food and make a distillery apparently.

  56. Mare, Gramma is good. Very happy for you.

  57. Why not Grammare?

  58. Comment by Pendejo on July 11, 2022 4:51 pm
    Why not Grammare?


    Excellent idea, Pendejo.

  59. My mom is Grammy, wife’s mom is Grandma.

  60. Grammare is awesome. RL friend called her GG Grammar. Grammars father was born in Germany. Moved to Mexico. Fled Pancho Villa with his family. Moved to San Antonio. Grammar was on the Draft Board in San Antonio. WWII. Her citizenship was called into play and she was interned. I never knew German American citizens were in camps like Japanese citizens. Large camp in Roswell, NM. Made up of German POWS and German American citizens. Grammar was in a camp in BFE TX.

  61. Dans Maternal GMA was Grammy. Paternal was Grandmother Gorton. My Maternal was Grammo. Paternal was Grandma Opal. I never knew her. My bro called my mom Gam Gam because of the movie Horrible Bosses. His MIL is Mum Mum, because anything Grand made her feel old.

  62. Grandma for all sides for me growing up. It wasn’t until I met my best friends “memaw” that I knew there were other options.

  63. My grandmother on dad’s side lived in Ireland and I met her once when we visited. She was Nana G——. My dad’s father died when he was 4.

    On mom’s side my grandmother was in a nursing home by the time I was in elementary school and I have no idea what we called her. She was older than my grandfather when he married her and I got to spend time with my grampa for many years.

  64. My sister’s kids called my parents Nana and Papa and my BiL’s parents Grampy and Grammy.

    I have no idea what moniker will apply to Paula but the boys call her stepmom Grammy

  65. Boomer thing to not use Grand. Mimi. Gigi. New deal is Uma/Upa and Abuela/Abuelo.


    Gateway Pundit is guilty of severe dramatization with 90+% of their stories but if you can filter through the hype he usually has good info. There’s a link to the “Explosive TGP Report” in the article. Basically confirming what most sane people know, Jan6 was a set up.

  67. Last episode of The Terminal List…🔥me

  68. HEH. Reportedly Mayor Pete the rump ranger has decided to relocate from Indiana to Michigan.
    Apparantly the greater eastern suburbs of Chicago isn’t liberal enough for him.
    Good redince, fudge packer.

  69. You can re-watch the series and enjoy the righteous ass kickings all over again

  70. ^ maybe he’ll move to Detroit and find “Big Black Dick” from the Zane Grey novel!

  71. * riddence….must have finally wore autocorrect down…It let it fly this time

  72. Jimbro, the novels are being reissued for those that want to read. Oso trying to explain the rise of fascism as portrayed in Peaky Blinders. The post WWI era has always been underrepresented in American History. Globalist setting the stage for WWII.

  73. My maternal grandfather was Granddaddy, grandmother died long before I was born. Paternal grandparents were Papa and Grandmama.

    If I am ever blessed to be a grandmother, I want to be called Nina. She was my next door neighbor when I was 7 and older. We shared our birthday, and she was one of the sweetest ladies ever, much, much nicer than my Grandmama.

    Mr. RFH says he’ll be Opa.

  74. We visited an internment camp on Isle of Man. The guy who invented Pilates was there.

  75. Praying for Roamy grands

  76. In Hispanic culture, Godparents are called Padrinos. Individual Godparents can be elided. My Madrina is my Nina.

  77. Mini-me participated in a mini-Highland Games today. She sent me a pic of her attempting to toss a caber. (She was able to lift it but not flip it.)

  78. My grand nephew forgot my name since November. I told him to call me Steve.

  79. There is a distinct lack of surviving grandmothers in my generation of what passes for my family. Both my grandmas are long passed. Mom’s gone, Eldest bro’s late wife’s ma is gone, other bro’s MiL passed recently. Things that happen as time passes.

  80. My Nina asked me to share her sons photo on FB. My friends are amazing. I’m distraught. SADS but we can’t talk about a 54 yr old cop/chaplain that had to certify annually, but who passsed with a massive heart attack with no underlying conditions.

  81. I can’t stop crying. Donald was adopted. My Tia had an ongoing set with the orphanage in Juarez. She requested half Mexican, half Anglo. My first two cousins were half born to Hispanic prostitutes. Stories were unbelievable. Nuns contacted my Aunt. Told her a baby was available. She went to the orphanage. Donald reached out to her. She always felt that he chose her. He became a cop in Espanola. Heroin capital of US. His son OD at 23. Same week we lost Ginger. I could write an Ozark series, but NM

  82. My mom and dad were nana and papa to my brothers kids, my grand parents were grand


    (Imgur video with sound)

  84. In Tahoe, visiting Daughter, SIL, and grandson. Left 106° Fort Worth behind; high today at the Reno airport was 99°. This is BS!!!!!

    Going to Scandinavia in mid-August – temps better be significantly lower there!!!!

  85. Masking is back at work, but they aren’t letting people go back to telework (well, I’m teleworking, but it’s either that or burn sick leave since I tested positive). Pass the popcorn.

  86. I had to wear a mask at the dentist office today.

    It really pissed me off.

    Funny thing, last time I was there I had covid.

  87. I would never call Hispanics tacos, but somehow I’m the racist.

  88. Well, I might call Osita a burrito if she’s wrapped up in a Lilo and Stitch blanket, but she can call me a mick in return. Just don’t call me a cheese-eating surrender monkey.

  89. Spaceflight is hard.

  90. There’s a link to the “Explosive TGP Report” in the article. Basically confirming what most sane people know, Jan6 was a set up.

    Difference between conspiracy theory and fact is clocking in about 1 year, right now.

  91. see y’all for memeage tomorrow am!

  92. Memo to self: When deciding to change carry-on bag the day of travel, be sure that everything survives the transfer before leaving the house. Also, don’t forget to put on your watch and jewelry.

    I only have medication for 1 week instead of 2 – thankfully, I split up my preloaded pill containers. I can just take morning and evening meds every other day. I had a bottle of my Myasthenia meds with me (whew!)

  93. Dietrich envied Rolf’s practicality.

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