That Fresh Minty Scent!




[UPDATE: Rosetta]

So what Laws would The Hostages Like to Break?

So, how is the MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION EVAH!!! doing? Impeachment anyone? No?

Well then WE should be able to BREAK SOME LAWS TOO!! Its good enough for them, good enough for us! After they are done paying for our Gasoline and Mortgages, we can have GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards delivered with the Unicorns and Skittles.

1). Little Timmy Geitner: Tax Cheat.

2). “Good Time” Charlie Rangel: Tax Cheat.

3). Van Jones: Communist and truther.

4). Franklin “Fannie Mae” Raines: Mortgage meltdown for thee, millions of dollars for me.

5). Eric Holder: Gives the okay to voter intimidation in a nation of cowards.

6). Tom Daschle: A free limo and driver is imputed income?  WHA?!?

7). Bill Richardson: Didn’t want major league career interfering with the President’s agenda so withdrew from the nomination for Commerce Sec.

8). Nancy Killefer: The numbers…there are so many of them…so confusing.  Wait…I must report all income?  WHA?!?!

9). Chas Freeman: Couldn’t pass muster after being nominated to the National Intelligence Council.  The reason?  JOOOOOOS.

10). William “Cold Cash” Jefferson: Katrina victimized his freezer.

jennifer_connelly_horse12Somehow, this fits.  Please don’t ask how.  Rosetta added half the list.  Can we haz trollz?

Welcome Fiity-tooers!!!

Rosetta was lamenting our lack of trolls. What better way to get one than to mock Teh ONe™. I know, its hard to improve upon such brilliance as appointing every tax-cheat and leftist twat-waffle floating through the stanky bowl we call D.C., setting up Joe Biden to police waste and incompetence, and causing the dow to drop like a stone every time you step in front of the camera, open your pie-hole and confidently mouth whatever the teleprompter feeds you, but I am confident that while we all count the change his disasterous economic policies leave us with while we hope they don’t find out about it, we can all sing this song. After all, it isn’t any sillier than Teh One™ telling us how electing him will reverse glowbull worminging, and stop the rise of the oceans.