Karma’s A Bitch, No?

HHD=Hunky Hump Day! mmm mmm mmm

I hope that you’ve enjoyed touring the world in search of the yummiest men on the planet–I know I have! Well, except for a few sites that proper ladies should never, ever frequent, but the sacrifice has been well worth it.

Welcome to a country named after a metal, a founding member of the UN, and the second largest country in South America…don’t cry for me–It’s Argentina Baby!

Oh, I’m cryin’ alright! Bunk!

I Am Bat Dog


Make teh funneh.  New poat for Halloween Eve.

Tuesday Taco Night

The wimmin have taken control of the blog tonight…run for your lives!!!!!

Porn for Women

No, HHD hasn’t arrive early. I’ve just been feeling a little guilty about giving Folly and some of the other wimmens a hard time lately. We Hostage guys sometimes forget they have feminine sensibilities, and occasionally take them for granted.

So, in that spirit, here’s to the ladies kind enough to grace us with their presence:

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FALMOUTH, Mass. — A customer shopping at a Walmart in Falmouth told store workers he found 10 human teeth in a wallet he was about to purchase.

Police said the man found the teeth Saturday when he unzipped a compartment in the wallet. One tooth had a filling.

The customer turned the wallet and the teeth over to employees but left the store without giving his name.

Police investigating the incident told The Cape Cod Times that the teeth belong to an adult, but since there was no blood or gum tissue on the teeth, they would be unable to perform DNA tests.

A Walmart spokeswoman said the company believes it was an “isolated incident,” but will investigate. (source)

I really like the name of the city where the teeth were found.