Thursday Schlongathon

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Secret Santa Setup

Look, jackholes, this is supposed to be Rosetta’s gig, but as he’s one of the only Hostages left still gainfully employed, he sloughed this off on me. Whore.

The best part of Christmas isn’t spending time with friends and family and celebrating the savior of the world and all that. It’s getting free shit in the mail.

I love getting packages (SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH) in the mail.

So here’s the deal. We’re gonna do a Secret Santa this year and you’ll participate and you’ll fucking like it. It will run smoothly, and YOU WILL NOT FUCK THIS UP. Unless you get tapped to give Wiser a gift. Then you get to fuck it all the way up its poop chute.

You: Send me an email with your nickname here, your real meatspace name, and a valid mailing address. You may wish to include you phone number as well.  DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 30TH!!!!

Me: I promise not to turn anyone in for the reward on felony warrants.

Me: I’ll put the list in a hat and have dolly pull names out to randomly match you with another Hostage. I’ll email that participant with your contact info, and they’ll send you free shit. That’s the good news. The bad news is I’ll also send  you the name of some asshole who will expect you to spend  NO MORE THAN $20 on them, and mail it to them.

Questions? STFU AND PUT IT IN AN EMAIL! Which, since you’re asking, is bariejr AT gmail DOT com. If you can’t figure that out, you’re too dumb to play. But any other questions, I’ll be happy to try to answer.

n00bs: You’re welcome to join in. Encouraged, even. Lurkers, guess you better delurk next year.

Yay. Computers Are Teh Fun.

Who’s Ready for a Cocktail?

I am! 

Submit your new cocktail recipes here. Then make it and send it to me to sample. Thank you in advance.

Did I mention I got an Instalanche?

So. How was your day? Anything interesting happen? No? Good. Enough about you.

Me? I’m the worst blogger. I skip days because I’m uninspired to poat, or would rather just sit here an flick boogers at you mouthbreathers. Today was different. I saw a poat at Lex’s place, and worked up the energy to spend 5 whole minutes jumping on a bandwagon. More importantly, I emailed Teh Glenn and said I thought he might be interested. Truth be told, I was thinking he’d link to Lex or one of the other bigwigs in the mil-blog world.  Oops.

How’d that work out for me? Not bad.

Still, that’s not the best we can do… Our best day evah was when we had the first pic under google images for Olivia Wilde… and Maxim chose her as the sexiest woman alive.

Now, the important thing is this, this poat is really here so folks that can’t figure out the password to Mesa’s poat won’t feel left out.

The Hostages, Afghanistan Bureau

I don’t know what to think about this guy, except he’s the kind of guy I’m pretty sure reads The Hostages.