MMM 194: MJ doesn’t know why I post these

I’ll be in a class/meeting/lunch from 8am to 1pm, so talk amongst yourselves in the meanwhile.

Booty to start off.
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I want my Secret Santa to pay attention…


That’s the GAU-19. It’s a three-barreled .50 cal machine gun firing at up to 2000 rounds per minute. At about $1.50 per round, it gets expensive fast, so I’m gonna need a few boxes of ammo as well.

You might have to go a bit above the $20 limit. That’s OK. Just send a bill for the excess to Rosie.

It’s Blustery & Cold Somewhere

Thanks to Global Warming, some of us are experiencing a chill today.

Speaking of chill, many argue that chili was invented in Mexico in the early 1800s.

Not that Chilly. A writer from San Antonio in an article called San Antonio: An Historical and Pictorial Guide, wrote: “Chili, as we know it in the U.S., cannot be found in Mexico today except in a few spots which cater to tourists. If chili had come from Mexico, it would still be there.” While there is no written evidence, the legend goes that this dispute was how the battle at the Alamo really began.

During the 1880s, brightly dressed Hispanic women known as “chili queens” began to operate around Military Plaza and other public gathering places in downtown San Antonio. They appeared at dusk, when they built charcoal or wood fires to reheat cauldrons of pre-cooked chili. Their aroma was a potent sales pitch. Some chili queens later built semi-permanent stalls in the mercado. This Chili Queen from 2007 lost her crown due to improper stall placement.

Chili is said to be the food of forgiveness and reconciliation. And though the side effects of consuming chili may contribute to the heating of our planet, it makes everyone happy and fills the world with laughter and joy.

Fuck Global Warming.

Du Hast?

The video? Meh.

The tag line at the end of the video, kinda funneh.

The music? Well, that’s why we’re posting it.

Picking the right dog. How hard can that be?

So much fuss has been made over a new puppy for the Whitehouse.  You see, Barack was feeling lonely…oh so ronery.  The kids are in school and Klingon is busy in the garden.  So ronery.  I know it’s been said the dog is for the childrens.  Really? What are they going to do with a inbred, black, curly haired, big-eared, dumb mutt.  No, not their dad…the new puppy.  Sure,,he promised to get a shelter dog, but alas, another promise broken.  There are a lot available that need love and attention.  It’s tough for a doggie that’s been abandoned.  Their self-esteem rotting away in a shelter.  “The other dogs call me ugly,” sobs this poor canine.


Another poor puppy laments, “If Obama would have picked me, even my mother would have loved me.”


And some dogs express feelings of abandonment due to difficult home situations.  It’s as if they were lacking some kind of connection with their siblings and mother:


But after all the considerations and suggestions from all around the world, Obama finally settled on this one:water-dog

Porn for Women

No, HHD hasn’t arrive early. I’ve just been feeling a little guilty about giving Folly and some of the other wimmens a hard time lately. We Hostage guys sometimes forget they have feminine sensibilities, and occasionally take them for granted.

So, in that spirit, here’s to the ladies kind enough to grace us with their presence:

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Badda Boom!

You guys know me. I’m an awfully simple person. I just like to see shit get blowed up.

As fascinating as Mesa’s exploration of diners is, I just can’t stand the thought of the top post here having anything to do with tofu.

Tofu? What the fuck?

BTW: Wanna know what comes up when you search google images for “spaghetti pron” with safe search off?

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