The truth about Sunday Morning

Do you know which three Hostages did not show up for breakfast? The truth is now out on the innerwebz.


[UPDATE – Andy]

Saturday night by The Van™ was exactly like this. And that part when Dave in Texas went streaking through the quad and down to the gymnasium … priceless!


[UPDATE – Rosetta]

Santa hates making deliveries to South America

Did I mention I got an Instalanche?

So. How was your day? Anything interesting happen? No? Good. Enough about you.

Me? I’m the worst blogger. I skip days because I’m uninspired to poat, or would rather just sit here an flick boogers at you mouthbreathers. Today was different. I saw a poat at Lex’s place, and worked up the energy to spend 5 whole minutes jumping on a bandwagon. More importantly, I emailed Teh Glenn and said I thought he might be interested. Truth be told, I was thinking he’d link to Lex or one of the other bigwigs in the mil-blog world.  Oops.

How’d that work out for me? Not bad.

Still, that’s not the best we can do… Our best day evah was when we had the first pic under google images for Olivia Wilde… and Maxim chose her as the sexiest woman alive.

Now, the important thing is this, this poat is really here so folks that can’t figure out the password to Mesa’s poat won’t feel left out.

I Am Bat Dog


Make teh funneh.  New poat for Halloween Eve.


Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?

According to this story linked at Drudge, the Dems (spit) represent the richest and the poorest districts in the nation. 

The Democratic-controlled House is now an unusual combination of the richest and poorest districts, the best and least educated, and the best and the worst insured. The analysis found that Democrats have attracted educated, affluent whites who had tended previously to vote Republican.

Which begs the question, ” Who do the Reps (diapproving sigh) represent? 

 Republicans have tended to appeal to affluent voters since the Roosevelt era in the 1930s and 1940s but recently have appealed more to Southern and rural voters, who often have lower incomes.

“The story is really education,” says David Wasserman of the non-partisan Cook Political Report.He says “educated, wine-drinking Democrats” and poorer minority voters are an effective coalition because both groups are increasing in numbers. Even so, Wasserman expects Democrats to lose up to two dozen seats in the 2010 congressional elections, especially in poorer, white districts.

So obviously, since 1 plus 1 equals 3, Reps now represent the uneducated racist of the south. 

Silly me, I thought the correct answer would be:

rich + poor = Dems

Americans – Dems = everyone else that matters

everyone else that matters = the Middle Class

the Middle Class = Reps

Math is hard.

Rich’s younger self would like a word with all u h8ters:


I’m Avatarded


I thought I knew who my friends were. I guess I was wrong. I had NO IDEA there were people here who were unhappy with my avatar.

It’s been my avatar for two years. It fits. It matches my screen name. It brings me warm fuzzy memories. It is a comfort on a cold night. I guess that doesn’t matter to you people.

So. What should I replace it with? Help choose an avatar for me. The winner will receive something. Probably a dead skunk, but something nonetheless.

A post that smells of roses

This smells like roses, right?


How about this?

What? That HAS TO smell of roses!!?!

OKAY, one last try. . . XBrad assures me his home smells of roses. You be the judge!

See, XBrad is always correct!!

Boom, Baby! (or “Smart Diplomacy in the Age of Unicorns”)

So, the Ear Leader has decided that rather than doing any work, he’d rather do a hi visibility stunt that makes HIM look important. What’s he done this time? He’s decided to chair the Security Council meeting this month at the UN. The chair rotates among the members, and each month the country that has the chair gets to set the agenda. Normally, the US ambassador the the UN chairs the Security Council when it is our turn.

But no… Obama has to focus a little more limelight on himself. We can’t let an opportunity to aggrandize the man pass.

But not only is this cheap megalomania/narcissism, it’s incredibly stupid diplomacy in action.

Remember how Democrats, and Obama especially told us for years and years  that they would use smart diplomacy to improve America’s standing in the world? Well, we’ve all seen how many times stupid silly things have come from their diplomatic mad skillz. “Reset Button?” iPods for Allies? Good stuff like that? Those were pretty minor kerfluffles, and the sort of thing that we can get past pretty quickly. But in a stunning display of ineptitude, the White House has changed the agenda for this months meeting from “nuclear non-proliferation” to “nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.”

That seems a pretty small thing, and most folks would say it is the same topic. But it ain’t so, kids. In the first instance, we would have used to non-proliferation agenda to address concerns about Iran and North Korea. But when disarmament was added to the agenda, that opened a whole new can of worms. Libya is currently on the Security Council.  So are a couple other countries that aren’t exactly beholden to the US.

Anybody want to hazard a guess how much time the Council meeting will spend discussing Iran and North Korea compared to how much time Libya will spend demanding that Israel (and the US, France and Great Britain) disarm?

For the smartest people in the room, the Obama administration sure does a lot of stupid shit.

Here’s a brief overview of Iranian sentiments regarding non-proliferation.

Badassery, Pt. 1

I mostly enjoyed being a grunt. And I was pretty good at it, at that.

But I never made the mistake of thinking my secret identity was William T. Roughbutt, AKA Billy Badass.

For that,  you have to go to the Navy of all places.

Most folks in the Navy aren’t what you’d call warriors. Dedicated, hardworking, professional, sure (or drunken duffers with an alpacca fetish, in the case of one Hostage who shall remain nameless).  But stone cold killer isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind.

There is, however, a small community in the Squidforce that really are warriors, par excellence. That’s the SEALs. SEAL is an acronym for “Sea, Air & Land”, the three arenas they expect to fight in. There’s a consensus that the entry requirement for becoming a SEAL is the most physically challenging regime in all the armed forces. BUDS, or Basic Underwater Demolition School, isn’t about training people. It’s about weeding out those that can’t hack it. It’s only after you pass this rite of initiation that they get around to training you.

How hard is BUDS? You tell me. Here’s the video.

You can find the other three vids in the series here.


Most of you mouthbreathers can figure out the downside to being a grunt in the Army. Getting shot at, humping heavy loads all over terrain that no one but a billygoat would call home, always being too hot, or too cold, too wet or too dry, lousy pay, little glamour and foot fungus that only Pajamma Mamma could rival.

But there was an upside. You had the opportunity to shoot some cool shit. One of my personal favorites to shoot was the M203 grenade launcher. Since you can only throw a hand grenade so far (especially you “guys” that throw like a girl- Wiser, I’m looking at you), God and the US Army came up with a way to hurl a grenade up to 400 meters. Which is handy. But the  boom seems so much smaller when it is that far away. It’s much more fun to shoot them a little closer…