The Poat where we explore the various forms of Metal Music

Sobek usually does an excellent job explaining the history and styles of classical music. I will not be doing that today. I am going to tip our collective toes into the most important style of music out today.


We will not wander lost in the metal desert any longer, as I attempt to introduce you into into a few of it’s various forms.

The term “heavy metal” apparently springs from a Steppenwolf song from the 60’s. In the tune everyone knows “Born to Be Wild” the line “heavy metal thunder” – and thus a genre was created. Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath are considered the first of the “metal” bands (although Zeppelin has a lot of blues in it), from these Godfather’s of metal we now have a whole wide array to choose from. Avant-garde metal, black metal, celtic metal, death metal, doom metal, Gothic metal, Grindcore, Hair metal (the worst them all), Metalcore, Nu-Metal, Power Metal, Progressive metal (the greatest of all forms), Thrash metal, and then who knows how many more will appear.

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Rock Around the Croc: Sonata Form

Howdy kids, it’s Sunday, so that must mean it’s time for pretty music! I’m your host Sobek, and today we continue our exploration of the Classical Era. In particular, we’ve spent the past few posts looking at three of the four musical forms that Classical composers selected from to create symphonies: theme and variations, minuet and trio, and rondo. Today we’ll look at the fourth and final form, the sonata [insert picture of Hyundai sonata here].

Let’s kick it off with the most famous sonata ever, Beethoven’s sonata No. 14 in C# minor, “Moonlight”:

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Rock Around the Croc: The Classical Era (Still)

It’s actually super intimidating to try to start writing about the Classical era, or the Viennese High Classical Style. As I mentioned last week, the three towering figures of the Classical era were Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven (the latter two of whom studied under “Papa Haydn”). Haydn alone wrote 106 symphonies, thanks to the patronage he enjoyed as composer to the wealthy Esterazy family, the greatest landowner family in the Habsburg Empire. Mozart may have written about 41 symphonies, but it’s hard to get a firm number on that because he also re-worked or added to some symphonies by other composers, and after his death numerous spurious works appeared with his name on them. And that’s just the symphonies – add in the string quartets, solo concerti, operas, sonatas and musical works of any other description, and you can see you will never exhaust the music of these three men, let alone the rest of the Classical era. Hence my problem – where to start?

Let’s start with some music. Here’s Haydn’s Trumpet concerto in E-flat major:

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Lyrics Link


Your model for today was born May 21st, 1966 in Los Angeles, California.  She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 34 – 26 – 35 and 135 lbs.  Please show some respect and offer a drink to Miss Darla Crane (real name Shelly Shelnutt).


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Tuesday Aural Tragedy

So Car i N pointed us down this path and Sean laid the last paving stone.

Yep – the wonderful world of music.

and the odd instruments thereof

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Gingerbread Nightmares (Stinkfinger Edition)


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MMM [Monday Musical Motivation]

It’s Monday and Obama’s on vacation so at least we have that going for us.  I’m not sure how many rounds of Golf he’s going to play but we can be sure that since it gets him out of that bazillion dollar mansion and away from his wife he’s going to play AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  He’ll squeeze in the “Bookstore” visit and the “Ice Cream” visit and the insufferable yearly “bike trip”.   But let’s be honest – this is about his royal highness hanging out with his (male) friends “playing golf” as much as possible-NTTAWWT.

So moving-on to the first ever MONDAY MUSICAL MOTIVATION.

It was Mare’s suggestion (was she drinking?) – so blame her.

I’m going to start this slowly. Lessen the shock.   THIS is one of my favorite running songs. It’s got a strong beat (you can’t dance to it) that builds in intensity for the PERFECT running pace.   Toward the end – if you’re not flying down the road you just don’t have any soul. The heavy sound was created on this album was made by plugging the guitars into bass amps.

There. Now that we’re warmed up I can move on to something a bit peppier. Well at least the folks on the video are dancing around … we’ll go with that.

These cool dudes played around here recently but I was probably working a fake double.

Now – for a bit of cold reality.

Depressing song but the BEAT – man. I can lift to that.

This is the song I always use when I need to finish strong.

Here’s a little zumba motivation. I was working both days during the final weekend – and it was slow – so I put the games on all the teevees in the bar and got to watch a lot. The gals were fun to watch – then the guys started competing.


So I’ve got an 8.5 mile run today then I work tonight.   And the laundry room? Have you SEEN THAT? OMG.  Nothing trashes my house like me working all weekend. Ugh.   Ok. Let’s hit it folks.

Update: Extra motivation


Putting the Thor in Thursday since 2009


Every Hostage ever