MMM 250: Secret Santa Reminder

Y’all got ’til midnight to sign up.  I already have a few emails, but I know it’s not everyone who’s participated before.  DO IT NOW.



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MMM 248: Make America Motivated Again

Hillary Clinton will never be president.  I can’t think of anything I could compose that might surpass that as a motivating and inspirational statement.

Also I’m running late and might be sick, so it’s all I got right now.

I miss warm beaches.


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MMM 246: No Holiday theme

Because hunting down a bunch of cosplay chicks would take time I don’t have today, and might lead me into pr0n I’m trying to avoid.

Speaking of pr0n.


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MMM 245:Up early with a sledgehammer


I’m actually writing this on Monday morning for a change, got up at 5am, planning to head out to the barn in the cold and 1) check for trapped varmints and dos) do some “mace training” exercises with my new sledgehammers.  WTF is that?

Also, this is stuck in my head:

You’re welcome.

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MMM 244: Minimal Text Edition

Tired, sore, typing sucks.  Going to go read.

Monochrome and veiny.


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MMM 243: I burnt the pond again.

I still have phragmites after running another full tank of gas through Mostly Peaceful Protest.  Most of them are dead and still standing, but the core of them is still green and alive.  I’m thinking one more run after some scything ought to be enough to finish them off.  I didn’t get any video the second time.  Planning to do POV helmet-cam for the 3rd and hopefully final run.  Might be as soon as next weekend, we shall see.

Still working toward these.


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MMM 241: I have a squirt gun

A massive, 3.5gal reservoir, backpack-mounted, CO2-powered squirt gun.  I’ve also got a couple of mounting brackets and a propane torch with some aftermarket modifications.  Now, the clever person might surmise that the attachment of the latter to the former and the filling of the reservoir with something flammable… well, that could get super interesting and dangerous, couldn’t it?  It’s supposed to rain later, and I blistered my hands a bit yesterday cutting some of the phragmites a little further away from things that I might not want on fire.  The hardest part will be not cackling like a madman.

I can’t do this and that’s okay.


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MMM 240: Halfway done

I got the CO2 sub-unit, the pressure-washer gun upgrades, and the initial hole in the tank done.  Hole needs to be widened and threaded, and the torch barrel needs to be carefully removed, heated, bent, and reattached.  Hoping to get the hole sorted out later today after I have a bigger, more powerful drill.  I’ll have to meticulously clean the tank of aluminum dust and shavings at that point, so I won’t be rushing.

Desert sex cultist.


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