Tuesday Review…Boobs! Good or Awesome?

Car in came up with a great idea last week; the Tuesday post should be a review of some kind, related to something we’re interested in. Gardening, books, movies, music, or big ‘ol tittehs. For this week I’ve selected big ‘ol tittehs. Thanks Car in!!!!

There are small boobs, medium boobs, big boobs, and fake boobs. I won’t be reviewing fake boobs other to mention that if they look fake, you paid too much. If they look real, then we’d never know the difference, so good on you.

Small boobs: Totally fun. They look good without a bra and should be flaunted whenever possible.

L to R: MJ, Some Random Chick

L to R: MJ, Some Random Chick

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Thursday – Yeah

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How Long Did it Take?

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Nuff said.



So, apparently a bunch of smelly foreigners and several of our less talented athletes have gathered down in some third-world hellhole for some bullshit soccer tournament called the World Cup. Which is so ridiculously backward and stupid that it doesn’t even include an actual, you know, cup.


Unlike the Stanley Cup, you can’t drink anything out of this piece of shit.

This completely boring and worthless spectacle rolls around every four years, accompanied by articles like this one about how we as Americans should love soccer. I’ll let Hank Hill explain why that’s bullshit:

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Tuesdays are real

I’m sorry, they just are. And I need them, they provide a valuable rest day between Monday and Wednesday.

Ever wondered what Islam says about Jesus? Wonder no more

I’ve been listening to this a lot lately:

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Seis de Mayo!

Welcome to Messican Hangover Day.




And now, the Venerable Fulton Sheen with some marital advice, just because:

Thorsday Cover Songs

… that prove the theory.

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