HHD Act of Valor and Acts of Handsomeness Edition


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Beaver Cleaver

Take It. From My Cold, Dead Paws

I think he was daring me.

Who Wants Mushrooms?

Since after about three comments, most of the threads here seem to devolve into recipe discussion or something on par with that, why not have an audio-visual description of how to cook some mushrooms from a Japanese performance artist?

Racial Tolerance, MSNBC Version

Look, I am not a fan of Michael Steele. I think he has been a poor RNC head at best. But his race is not an issue. I wish I could say the same for MSNBC, who seems to take a dim view of minority Republicans.

Yeah, well fuck you, asshole. Normally, I would blow a comment such as that off, but given how every time a non-Obot burps, people such as Loony Larry ramp the idiot meter to 11, I say fuck them. Fuck their arrogance and condescending attitude regarding minorities and how they should vote. Fuck them for being such fucking intellectual cowards that they refuse to see that maybe, just maybe, some people can think for themselves and refuse to fucking stay on the race hustling plantation you and your fellow goatfuckers have constructed for them.

In fact, Loony Larry, why don’t you go ahead and say the same thing you said about Michael Steele to this guy. Go ahead and fucking see how long you’ll last, you fucking pussy.

Yeah. I thought so.


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