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MMM 129: running late

5 weeks of this crap, now. One drug or another — sometimes several — every damn day. It will never end, I will never ever feel better, and I pray for an end to whatever seasonal hell created this. Early death or early Winter, I’m not picky.

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Tuesdays are real

I’m sorry, they just are. And I need them, they provide a valuable rest day between Monday and Wednesday.

Ever wondered what Islam says about Jesus? Wonder no more

I’ve been listening to this a lot lately:

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MMM 126: Microaggressive Edition

Good morning, welcome to a hasty Monday poat.

Probably ‘shopped, so someone wants Kristin Kruek to have bigger legs. Or she has great legs and I didn’t know.
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Twitter Tuesday


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Big Good Boob Friday

Hello , and welcome to another addition of Big Boob Friday. I had a birthday this week, but I spent it on the road on a business trip. I’m being wined and dined on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by friends and family, so I’m the luckiest man in the world and my life is awesome.

Now, music!


I apologize for the lack of content, but I hope to make it up to you with ridiculously sized boobs.

Your model for today’s name seemed really familiar, although a search of H2 did not yield any results. She was born on January 30th, 1986 in Trier, Germany. Her measurements are listed as 43-24-35, she stands 5′ 6″ tall and weighs 120 lbs. Her bra size is JJ. I swear it is true.

Please leave the darn Jews alone long enough to welcome Miss Jordan Carver!

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