Movie Review: John Wick

It’s easier to review a movie that sucks balls because spoilers don’t matter since whoever wrote the review doesn’t want you to see it anyway.

This is a positive review so if you haven’t seen John Wick and you like action movies, guns and a lot of bad guys getting killed, rent John Wick and don’t read anymore because the rest of this review will spoil the shit out of it.

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My New Back Tattoo

One of my buddies sent this to me.  Good luck finding it on the innerwebtubes.  I think it’s been embargoed because it’s so fucking awesome.

I’m not so sure I like Trump as our candidate but I fucking hate political correctness and I love the fact that the media and GOP establishment have giant elaborate sand castles up their vagina about him.

Fuck you political correctness, fuck you media and fuck you GOP establishment.

Trump Gun


Have fun in your safe zones, liberals.

You know what I like?  Macroaggressions.

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Point – Counterpoint

Hahahaha!  I mean, SEXIST!!

Please add counterpoints to the comments below.




Ivana 1

WordPress Your Mom Can Suck It!

Why the need to change all the formatting and posting toolbar bullshit every six months unless you’re just a dick?  It’s like I’ve never posted here before.  What the fuck is this button??

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Happy Father’s Day

You wanna know one way you can tell you’re getting old if you’re a guy?  You cry a lot about stuff that doesn’t involve you getting shot in the head, hacked in the neck with an axe or a hooker stealing all your blow.

This has been making me cry all day so, because making other people cry is fun, I felt I needed to share it.  It hurts but there is so much good here.  The love.  The service.  The adoration.  The respect.  The furry slippers.

And maybe it makes you want to hug your Dad or hug your child or hug a soldier.  I guess if you’re lucky you can do all three.  That’s what it made me do.


A young boy spends some time with his Dad…

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