it conveys it’s meaning…. i’ve always liked the word

We are so divided as a nation that it makes one despair…

The simplest of truths are being maligned.

Atwood would most likely hate me for many/most of my positions… but she and i agree on the evilness of planned divisiveness.

perpetual strife = perpetual unhappiness = perpetual employment of DC scum.


You all are awesome… our little slice of stupid here in this chat room, is a nice respite from the barrage of lies that we daily are subjected to.




  1. Great post, Jammy. I love Cicero because I always chuckle at his silly name for such a great man.
    Means chickpea.

  2. The behavioral scientist article about the political divide is interesting but I can’t help but be cynical.

  3. I was sleeping great until a cold front came roaring in. Holy moly what a loud wind. A little spitty snow on the ground here and there. Yesterday was warm and pretty pleasant. I guess March is going out like a lion this year.

  4. Cold wave hit us too. I woke up and saw a little light through the curtains so I knew the canine alarm clock would be activated by my movement. Just a dusting of snow that will be gone hopefully soon.

  5. That Rema video had a giant teddy bear looming in the background – I’m not sure what it was supposed to represent. I’m also unfamiliar with the meaning of “blowing up some trees tonight” and whether it involves weed, your mom, seeing God’s work in nature or some combination of the above.

  6. That Cicero dude was pretty wise

  7. There’s no shortage of memes asking the difference between a chickpea and a lentil with the difference being the sum of money paid to a prostitute to pee on you (chick pee) and Drumpf’s picture in the background

  8. Now I’m hungry for chickpea salad.

  9. not what you were talking about, that’s gross

  10. And a happy Thursday to you snausages!

    F*ckers. Not you…them.

  11. ” … in the lead up to the most recent presidential election, the federal government arrested a militia that allegedly planned to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, yard signs expressing support for both Democratic and Republican candidates were regularly stolen and vandalized, and businesses across the country boarded up their windows for fear of widespread post-election violence.”

    From the political differences article

    1. FBI set up
    2. How many Biden signs were stolen
    3. Boarded up in fear of a Trump victory

    It was written shortly after Biden’s “victory” so I can forgive them for not knowing #1 but I feel like it was written in the same vein of the Covid vaxx authoritarians now saying we need to forgive and forget to move on dot com and hoping that this previously unseen unity would allow Biden to move his destructive plans along easier because we all agree with each other but just didn’t know it or something and this is one of the worst constructed sentences I’ve written and I need more coffee

  12. wakey wakey.

    Heh from that article: “We are on the heels of a historic election. Although President-Elect Biden has made explicit calls for unity, many Americans are wondering whether the next two to four years will be filled with partisan gridlock. “

  13. Pay no attention to what he does or says on a regular basis. HE MADE EXPLICIT CALLS FOR UNITY. A few times, in campaign speeches.

  14. Yeah, the mention of “Unity” stood out for me as well. He and his fellow travelers have the idea that unity means that they get everything they want without opposition or reason and if you disagree then you are the problem

  15. Sun broke through the clouds!

  16. Dirk enthusiastically researched pyrokinesis.

    That’s not my name.

  17. Unity = surrender.

    Fuck that, and fuck them. WAR.

  18. So, thought experiment – if the FBI wasn’t a woke/biased/political arm of the dems – they’d put glowies in on the Trans Day of Vengeance and see if they could get THEM to become violent. Of course they won’t – they’d pose as “anti-trans” .

    BUt for funsies I want to see the glowies meme but dressed up as trans.

  19. Maryland gov’s chief of staff is on the lam after embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars. No party mentioned in the article. Must be one of those libertarian types.

  20. The political ’cause’ for a lot of male-to-female trans simply appears to be to dominate, humiliate, and assault other people, especially women. But anyone smaller and weaker than them is game.

    They’re just bullies in search of a cause, really. “Inclusion” makes for a good fig leaf. They can dish out beatings while pretending to be victims.

    I can tell this is true because domination, assault, and humiliation is the way they fight for their ’cause.’

    And holy shit do they love it when feminists show up to give a talk, they show up in overwhelming DROVES when it’s a 100% female event. They can’t WAIT to punch a woman or throw her to the ground.

    It is sadly ironic that feminist/lesbian groups deliberately have excluded men from being a part of their seminars (as in their lives), when the presence of supportive men would certainly mitigate the harm they come to at these events.

  21. so, there’s a big warning about graphic content in the breitbart video. The only thing broken was the front door glass.

  22. It is sadly ironic that feminist/lesbian groups deliberately have excluded men from being a part of their seminars (as in their lives), when the presence of supportive men would certainly mitigate the harm they come to at these events.

    Shoulda just let us have our golf courses. Sucks to be them.

  23. I can’t remember if I told you guys this but in a class recently each person had to do a 3 min presentation to ‘nudge’ something.

    One of my classmates did her presentation advocating for the J&J vaccine. She stated that 7/1,000,000 would have serious covid if they took it as compared to the unvaccinated who would have serious covid 23/100.

  24. The enemy of our enemy is NOT our friend. It is amusing to see how some feminists are galled to get rightwing support.

  25. “Yes, you’re women. You’re different from men and those differences are valuable to the human race, we celebrate them and you.”

    “HOW DARE YOU!?”


  27. Somebody slipped this poat some tranq.

  28. Jam gets us.

  29. Someone roofied the blog

  30. heh

  31. Whenever people say they have “twenty boxes” we know ahead of time we are going to get hosed. Nice round number = “we really don’t know how many but it’s a LOT.”

    Today 20 = 34. Not as bad as it could have been.

  32. In related news, GND is also getting emails about acquiring a 15 inch penis.

    Much like Hotspur, she was intrigued.

  33. “Gee, that’s a real bummer. There’s sort of a cut off at 25. The first 25 are at “x” rate, but anything over 25, up to 35 are at “X times 1.5″. When you mentioned you only had twenty, I only quoted you the lower rate.”

  34. Well for her it moves the decimal point one position to the right of what she usually gets.

  35. 15 INCH PENIS ???

    What type of sorcery is this?

    Mechanical Force?
    Trompe l’oeil?
    Forced Perspective?

    Or simply folding it in half?

  36. The moose is loose!

  37. 15 inch penis is a scam. Just ask your mom.

  38. Wow.

    AOC called LoTT a super transphobe.


  39. Buy precious metals and store up shelf-stable commodities.

  40. …yep, I’m fooked.

  41. I’ve been looking into alternate winter fodder if things really do crash. Haymaking without diesel is a daunting proposition.

    I may have to lay up… *looks heavenward, ticks away on fingers*… four tons of beets.

  42. You mean mangel? Those are supposed to get huge.

  43. Yeah. We produce ~11 tons of hay, but it’s calorie-sparse and we don’t use all of it personally. If we use the hayfield as pasture that gets us ~8 months where we don’t need hay, plus beets are calorie-dense, so I think 4 tons would be about right, maybe even too much. I have no idea if the front yard is big enough, though.

  44. My little garden made about 1200 lb of pumpkin when I planted them so densely you couldn’t walk in there, and it’s only 40’x30′ or so, so it’s not completely implausible.

  45. Have you considered farming large dicks? There’s apparently strong demand for them.

  46. I already do. I refer you to the NSF-your-stodgy-aunt story about how I met our miniature, 5-legged horse.

  47. Very early on in the “Ukraine/Russian war” I said (after reading that Russia moved to the gold standard) that they would end up being better off than any of the other participants in this theater piece.

    The lefties running our country got the dollar devalued. so big win for them.
    China got what it wanted, a firm trade deal with Russia.
    Our fucked up politicians got their laundered money.
    Ukraine got noticed.
    Zelensky and pals got rich.
    And the stupid germans have got no energy.
    hahahahahah it’s so dumb.

  48. Holy crap, they are giant dicks!

  49. I’d like to send every politician in DC a huge bag of dicks but they’d like them too much so I’d be wasting my time. Damn it.

  50. Is that one of those beets Lumps mentioned or is it something else that will haunt me in my dreams?

  51. It’s a beet. They can reach 20 lb.

  52. At an average weight of 10-15 lb, I’d need about 700 of them to hit my target. I’d need approximately 9 gardens’ worth of space under cultivation if I can assume pumpkin patch levels of productivity.

    *looks at front yard*

    At least I won’t have to mow.

  53. since qanon shaman is released, do the walls start falling in on all these BS cases now?

  54. OK. Seriously. Is this a JPost thing, or has someone at NASA blown a circuit? Asteroid the size of 33 armadillos to pass Earth Sunday – NASA

    (Recall I posted a similar headline measuring the object at that time in Sobeks American alligators…)

  55. That article said to use the sliced beets as a supplement to feed, not as a replacement. Also ” The root of the red mammoth mangel beet and the giant yellow eckendorf beet will grow to an average of 15 to 20 pounds apiece, thus providing a sizable amount of feed — up to 50 tons per acre.”

  56. OK, nvm, upon reading the article it’s clearly a JPost thing, probably just that one writer, who clearly decided to pad out his article with armadillo facts completely unrelated to the asteroid detection.

  57. I’m not sure how they could grow to that density, but okay.

    I figure I can hand-harvest an acre of hay if I absolutely have to, so there’s the supplement.

  58. So on a scale 1 to 10 of hosedness with 1 being no hose and 10 being metaphysical certitude of maximum capacity fire hose, how hosed are we?

  59. None more hosed.

  60. Slightly better off than the Norks.

  61. This shouldn’t even be up for debate in the hosefucking capital of the internet.

  62. Yeah, that’s what I’m feeling these days.

    In Other News, here’s today’s Product Endorsement: Marie Sharps’ Smoked Habanero SauceVery smoky, and not as hot as their original sauce. It’s quite good.

  63. “Maine CDC recently received notification of a case of congenital syphilis (CS). This is the second case of CS reported to Maine CDC in the past three months. Prior to December 2022, there had not been a case of CS reported in Maine in nearly 30 years.”

    In med school we heard an old saying, “When it comes to syphilis, trust no one, not even your grandmother”.

    First time I got hitched I had to take a syphilis test

  64. Everytime I come to this hosefucking place, and I see “Mitchell” in the comment box for a 1/2 second it looks like “Michael” and I get a little nostalgic. He was always pimping Marie Sharp’s hot sauce so now I’m calling Shenanigans.

  65. That’s because your grandmother was a syphillitic old whore.

  66. In that case I hope you used a prophylactic

  67. Sorry for the name head-fake Pups. Not much I can do about it tho. As for the hot sauce, yes I picked up that fallen torch and I continue Michael’s crusade to Raise Awareness of Marie Sharps’ Belizean Hot Sauce across the world.

  68. Just thinking, we’re familiar with “hot mess”, but is there such a thing as a “cold mess”? Or maybe a “lukewarm mess”?

  69. So The Indictment hath dropped. Hold onto your hats because Here We Go

  70. “Trump mugshot is going to break the internet.”

  71. Dang, forgot the close tag. :-/


  73. Chicken tractor end trusses are up and connected at the peak. Just a bit more work and it will be liveable.

  74. Yikes. Yes, they are coming for your kids.

  75. Pupster gives me crap about my hammerhead flatworms but he has this sort of thing living under his patio furniture.

  76. That lizard squirts more than your mom, and that’s not a low bar.

  77. 34 counts??!?

  78. Darlene elegantly rearranged pillows.

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