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Last Monday of March. Make it count.

One day I hope to ask St Cyril, respectfully, why he couldn’t just teach the Slavs to use the same alphabet as the rest of us and make the best of the letters he had to mimic the sounds of their languages. It can’t have been any harder than doing the same for Gaelic.

Pretty smile.

On the sharp edge between glistening and sweaty.

I like braids.

Those are some strong looking legs.

Glistening above the bra, sweaty below.

She needs better curtains, but we can leave them closed for a while to discuss it.

Looks warm there. And hey, those look real!

Pretty hair. Quadz.

Someone put Michelle in a corner.

And that’s all for this week. Be excellent to each other.


  1. Sobek, the Seal of the Confessional cannot be broken. It’s been threatened many, many times by despotic regimes for 2000 years now. Those regimes are history, and they failed to break it, the Seal remains. Priests will go to jail as martyrs for it if they have to, it’s happened before.

  2. Can’t figure out which one is the real girl.

  3. The past is gone, Leon. Many churches are now infected with a particular strain of liberal gay guys pretending to be priests so they don’t have to pay rent. These dudes are already violating their vows and will absolutely not be going to jail for their faith.

  4. Actually, a lot of them are not-anonymously confessing the sin of sodomy to other priests that they think might out them, so as to abuse the seal.

    Some will volunteer, sure, but they’ll (the ones who want to break it) have to find a bishop that will let that slide. When the envelopes stop going in the basket, even the weakest bishop suddenly finds good reasons to de-frock bad priests.

  5. And they are all real girls, h8r.

  6. Those are the priests who schedule 20 minutes on Saturdays for confession and no line, Lumps. The priests holding the faith are the better confessors.

  7. They tried this in Australia, the Prison Continent, and failed there. There is no incentive whatsoever for a priest to break this, even one that has lemon parties every Tuesday.

    That said, I leave my phone in the truck when I go, and I tell everyone I speak to do the same. There’s only room for 3 in that booth, and Gulag is not invited.

  8. You missed the first one’s caption


  9. Those Look Real girl is checking for offensive BO

  10. I noticed the Cyrillic and it reminded me of my confusion over why Sts Cyril and Methodius thought the Slavs couldn’t make do with the regular alphabet.

    And her face is fine, shut up.

  11. свети Кирило није срећан са тобом

  12. My faith that institutions like the Roman Catholic Church and the majority of their clergy would stand up for principles like the sanctity of the confession these days is virtually nonexistent.

    But I’m not Catholic, so what do I know? Just this; weak unserious men have replaced hard serious men everywhere, particularly those that occupy positions of power or authority. It’s one of the curses of our time.

  13. Apparently Cyril just liked making up alphabets, and when the Greeks Who Called Themselves Romans got a request from the Bulgars to help them with this written language thing (as part of Operation Convert the Heathens), he was all “PICK ME PICK ME.”

    srsly though, medieval Bulgarese apparently had sounds that weren’t convenient in either Greek or Latin

    (the story that he invented a crappy alphabet on purpose out of spite is generally agreed to be false)

    then the Romans Who Actually Lived in Rome found out and oh boy there was Catholic vs. Orthodox drama too


  14. There are still hard, serious men in the Church, RC. I see them in the line for the Confessional on Saturdays, and I speak to one in it. This is an attempt to drive them out of the Church, and to keep them in sin.

    Principalities, powers, etc, etc.

  15. Let’s hope Trump gets arrested this week.

    It’s all so fake but I really want to see how the story turns out.

  16. Italy has banned the EU-approved pasta made with bug flour.

    God bless cultural chauvinism. It’s our only hope at this point.

  17. Because McTurtle is a big fan of “Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me!”.

  18. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on March 27, 2023 8:09 am
    I can’t find it now, but there’s some priest who is for mandatory child abuse reporting, and his bishop has revoked his privilege of hearing confessions.

    Comment by mare on March 27, 2023 10:27 am
    How do you feel about that, Roamy?

  19. The pretty smile girl (#2) is very fit and puts in the work and discipline to get that low level of body fat. She gets a hand clap from me because it’s particularly hard for women to do. On the other hand, it’s so difficult and time-consuming, not to mention the amenorrhea that goes along with it, it shouldn’t and can’t be done by most women.

  20. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on March 27, 2023 8:25 am
    Those are the priests who schedule 20 minutes on Saturdays for confession and no line, Lumps. The priests holding the faith are the better confessors.


    Exactly. It’s a true examination of conscience.

  21. My first thought is, holy shit, it’s a kid, yes, rat on that bastard as fast as you can.

    My second thought…I’ll have the work that out a little longer.

  22. As I understand it, confessing a crime can be part of the penance.

    Further, anonymity is a guarantee of the Confessional. A priest can’t go to the cops with what he doesn’t know.

    And it’s dumb dumb dumb to assume child abusers are going to Confession. The overlap on that Venn diagram is a pixel. The point of this law is entrapment. Send in a mole who confesses, then arrest the priest a month later for failing to report. Repeat until there are no priests performing sacraments.

  23. Did my Ag survey as accurately as I could given how much the US .gov paid me for my time.

  24. In typical .gov fashion, it asked how many acres were owned, then how many were leased, then how many were cultivated.

    Then it had the audacity to tell me to go back and correct my numbers if the acres cultivated != owned – leased.

    I did not.

  25. Apparently Captain Crunch is not actually a captain. He’s got three stripes on his coat which indicates the rank of commander. Everything is a lie.

  26. And it’s dumb dumb dumb to assume child abusers are going to Confession. The overlap on that Venn diagram is a pixel. The point of this law is entrapment. Send in a mole who confesses, then arrest the priest a month later for failing to report. Repeat until there are no priests performing sacraments.


    My one exception to your comment is the fact that a lot of the abusers were Priests.

    Before you say how rare that was, just know that my own diocese had THREE BISHOPS IN A ROW who were pedophiles. That’s why it’s no longer called “The Bishops Appeal” in the state of Florida. Imagine who these assholes were covering for.

  27. That being said, I do believe in the sanctity of the confessional. Otherwise, it simply doesn’t work.

  28. I guess Jen Psaki has a show now.

    It’s called Inside with Jen Psaki but the ‘with’ in little font while the rest is big.

    It reads like, Inside Jen Psaki. Which is sort of funny but also, I’m sure, an attempt to sex up a sexless person.

  29. Report of another school shooting, an elementary in Nashville. Three children dead and the shooter.

  30. I’m in Joshua in BiaY. The tribe of Joseph was complaining that their portion of the Promised Land was a forest. I couldn’t understand the complaint, then it occurred to me that when you’ve only got bronze tools and herds of cattle that need grazing land, a forest of hardwood is as useless to you as a desert.

  31. Ideally I’d like to get put in the Bush

  32. The gentleman who taught me to play french horn passed away on Sunday, aged 79. I’d not known he was a Vietnam vet. Funeral mass is Wednesday morning. Can’t decide if it would be weird to show up for that. I don’t think I even spoke to the man much if at all after I had to quit when the braces went on.

  33. It amuses me that my co-workers call me a packrat and a hoarder then turn around and ask me for a draft test plan from 2017. Yes, I have it.

    On the downside, it took me longer than 10 minutes to find it because it wasn’t where it should have been.

  34. Speaking of finding stuff…

    I’m with Leon, the venn diagram is a pixel. Good point about leaving the phone in the car, I hadn’t thought about that.

  35. The murderer in the school shooting is apparently a teenaged girl, armed with two “assault” rifles and a handgun. Look for Spongebrain Shitpants to issue an executive order soon banning the sale of “assault” rifles.

  36. How convenient for the junta.

  37. how old was the girl? where did the guns come from?

  38. Waiting for the “was known to the FBI”.

    Those poor kids.

  39. New update, NOT a teenager but rather a 28 year old woman. Allegedly. First reports in these situations invariably get something wrong.

  40. Roamy, if what you’re holding onto are valuable documents, you’re not a hoarder, you’re an archivist.

  41. 28yo woman shooter?

    I’ve got $5 on “actually a man”.

  42. She seems “bigger”, not just older

  43. Must be eating the same tacos as Salma Hayek.

  44. mmmm tacos with Paige and Salma


  45. guess they were expecting comments about that, but not Brandon!

  46. I had the same thought at Leon.

  47. Runaway train!

  48. went all the way from teen in school to a 31 y/o trans

  49. Pretty sure that’s just a Sam Hyde meme, unless details came out and there’s some serious Simulation joke happening where The Architect is daring us to point it out.

  50. well that’s just creepy!

  51. Others are claiming it’s a female who goes by He/him. Other parts of that person fit with what they are releasing.

  52. If true they’re going to have to stop posting this talking point:

  53. I’d have lost my $5. Actually a woman, but still a deranged tranny.

  54. Karol Markowicz is reporting it, so more validity.

  55. Also, if Audrey was on testosterone ….

  56. I’m with the tweeter person who blames Jane Fonda.

    Jane says it’s time to murder republicans, 2 weeks later a transman shoots up a Christian school.

  57. Story is about to get disappeared.

  58. WHO deletes this Facebook?
    WHO deletes this Twitter?
    WHO deletes this Instagram?

    This has always been fishy. The cops can’t do it, the family can what…find a device already logged in, and immediately wipe the accounts? Seems unlikely.

  59. Just like the shooting at the gay club in Colorado Springs

  60. Good point Pupster, probably the 3 letter agencies

  61. Now, I’m no statistics mathlete or anything, but this seems like a weirdly coincidental coincidence:

  62. WHO deletes this Facebook?
    WHO deletes this Twitter?
    WHO deletes this Instagram?


  64. Nashville shooter is a tranny. Biden is a serial animal abuser, beating the dead horse “disarm everyone”. No mention of recognizing the mental illness behind the trans crowd.

  65. Butterface
    Face? I’ll have to go back and look again, so much to take in that I didn’t notice, homo.

  66. LOL, Pupster, at both Trump grabbing pussy and the dad joke.

  67. Trey Goudy sports the gayest mohawk I’ve ever seen in my nearly 60 years!

  68. Don’t listen to the homo, her face is fine.

  69. Just the thing for Laura’s garden…

  70. Pepe, I found one of your home movies.

  71. Mom told me that when she was a kid in South America she saw enormous tuna at the fish market that were being sold sliced crosswise into steaks “like wagon wheels.”
    Apparently they used to commonly find ones bigger than this, but I never really saw what one looked like. Holy moly. Imagine what the really big ones were like.


  73. It’s said that you used to be able to walk across the St Joseph river on the backs of the eels. And it was a regular occurrence to pull a thousand pound sturgeon out of Lake Michigan.

  74. The Rolling Fork-Silver City tornado Friday night was on the ground for 59.4 miles and 3/4 mile wide. 16 deaths.

  75. That mayor is my hero.

  76. “Pepe, I found one of your home movies.”


    Nailed it, but Penelope starts growing and throwing elbows…

  77. “That mayor is my hero.”


  78. “growling”

  79. Don’t eat rat poison.

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