Sunday memes 03-26-23

I feel like we need at least one cultural-type song for the day. I last had music theory in 9th grade, so I’m not going to talk about thirds and fifths, unless it’s a fifth of Bailey’s for my coffee. I like this one for the story it paints, the piano, and the guitar.

Let’s see what memes we have for today.

Follow-up on my BRRRT video from yesterday.

Fed, fed, fed! It was the ass-potatoes that drove him over the line.

Probably going to work from home at least Monday.

Speaking of work…

And again…

Very bad day at the office.


Ain’t that the truth.

Those of you with kids will understand.

For Jay.



Beasn? (and others here, just picking on her)


I dunno, just thought of Rosetta.



Shoulda warned ya.

Easter’s in two weeks.

Squishy hugs, and y’all have a good day.


  1. My car was designed with the phone-eating gap. So annoying. Usually have to rescue if from the back seat.

  2. I need to figure out what quiet tasks I can do on a Sunday morning when I’m full of energy but I don’t want to wake up the hubby.
    In Summer it will be easy, I can just go outside. But it’s cold and still dark out right now.
    The laundry room is in the cellar, bet I can get some laundry going and he won’t hear the machine from two floors away.
    But nah, I can’t risk it.

  3. Supposed to be nice weather when it warms up later. Going for a walk with MIL but other than that it’s a gardening day,

  4. *drums fingers*

  5. Im up early too. wakey wakey

  6. oh thank god

  7. Dogs have all be in and out and in and out again. Coffee is brewed. All is quiet.

  8. Neighbor’s German Shepherd barks his head off in their backyard every day at 6:30. You can set your watch.

    He’s a super cute floofy boi with a friendly attitude. If he barks at me through their chain link fence, I wave and call his name. He cries and waggles his butt over to his squeaky toy then he shows me his squeaky toy and demonstrates how it works. Totally adorable.

  9. I was not expecting that in a GSD when they got him. It was a relief how quiet and sweet he usually is. I had a neighbor in capital city whose ficking dog would not shut up the whole ficking time I was outdoors trying to do anyfickingthing. Made it miserable, when you’re trying to have some peaceful activity.

  10. You could reorganize your kitchen pots and pans.

  11. Lol, I want to empty the dishwasher SO BAD but noooo

  12. It’s light out and I could start the job of emptying the greenhouse but it’s also 36 degrees *wrinkles nose*

  13. Thanks for the poat Roamster.

    I hope Sobek got where he was going and the raid went well.

  14. The fed meme up there, it’s true, I’m ready to talk about planting potatoes pretty much any time.
    Picked up several kinds of seed potatoes, just the other day. This is so exciting.

  15. Some in pots, some in the ground. The usual

  16. I wonder what the actual mood is at the top of the DOJ these days. Are they optimistic that they can repress the entirety of mainstream normie America by media psyops and the ruthless persecution of a few people?

    At least some of them must have an idea of how horrible, heartless, and mistaken this all is.

  17. Back to potatoes: the thing about Red Norlands is, they set a lot of their tubers real deep. When I plant this variety, I know in late Summer I’m going to be nearly digging to China to find the harvest. Ridiculous. I’ll be putting more of those in great big pots, much easier, after the vines wilt, just to overturn the pots and roll them pretty red spuds out of the root mass.


  18. H2: Come for the memes, stay for the potatoblogging

  19. Whoopsie.

    Unexpected item in the bagging area.

  20. Man, if I had a dollar for every time I got punched in the nuts …

  21. Girls’ big hairy ballsacks are more delicate and sensitive than mens’. This is a scientific fact.

  22. Good morning, you glittering daffodils, thanks so much to roamy for covering my shift.

    So, anyone want to foment an insurrection today?

  23. “I hope Sobek got where he was going and the raid went well.”

    The only thing I raided was a box of girl scout cookies in my counter when I got home. I am pleased to report the raid was a success, and there were mass casualties.

  24. Girl scout cookies. Pretty soon the box of samoas will contain only two cookies surrounded by a massive plastic divider tray.
    *cries bitterly*
    You kids don’t remember it, but back in my day, a box of samoas was full of cookies. Big ones! Thick with caramel and shredded coconut! And there was barely a hint of a plastic tray under them!

  25. I don’t mind advance cookie reconnaissance, but what is a “girl”?

  26. Girl Nuts Cookies

  27. There are only two flavors of girl scout cookies that are palatable … thin mints and tagalogs. And in another few years, if trends continue, the cookies will be sold one per package. Eventually, you’ll just be buying the package, Prove me wrong.

    I saw a table set up outside the local Walmart yesterday where they were selling girl scout cookies. No girl scouts in sight; just 30yo or 40yo something possible mom’s of girl scouts. Apparently upper management is filling in for the rank and file in girl scout inc.

  28. Thought this was an interesting synopsis …

  29. They aren’t samoas anymore, dats racist. “Caramel Delights”.

  30. RC, with all due respect, you are flagrantly wrong as well as massively incorrect. Girl Scout lemon cookies kick more ass than any cookie should legally be allowed to kick.

  31. Should do a poll (along the lines of what is done for BBF contest) for favorite girls scout cookie flavors. Beyond my skill set, but the results would be interesting.

    Flagrantly wrong as well as massively incorrect? Have you been talking to my ex and ex-girlfriends?

  32. I haven’t eaten a GS cookie in years upon years.

  33. Best selling girls scout cookies as per their website according to USAToday …

    1. Thin Mints®: Crisp, chocolate cookies dipped in a delicious mint chocolaty coating
    2. Caramel deLites®/Samoas®: Crisp cookies with caramel, coconut, and chocolaty stripes 
    3. Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs®: Crispy cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolaty coating
    4. Do-si-dos®/Peanut Butter Sandwich®: Crunchy oatmeal sandwich cookies with peanut butter filling
    5. Lemonades/Lemon-Ups®: Savory, refreshing shortbread cookies topped with a tangy lemon-flavored icing

  34. And for the record, I haven’t eaten any GS cookies in years either. I’m mentally unprepared to buy something where the packaging weighs more than the product you get.

  35. Tagalongs are the best Vulva Owner Advance Reconnaissance cookie, and I feel little sympathy for anyone who actually didn’t know this fact.

  36. I highly recommend this poat to everyone with a sense of humor. Excellent, Roamy.

    And the Fed deal was superb.

  37. I’ve heard of about half of these

    I haven’t had them since Paula’s friend’s daughter left girl scouts 4 or 5 years ago

  38. I’m going on Shark Tank with my new service, The Original Patented Your Mom’s Gap Filler

  39. I suspect y’all may be needing this: Girl Scout cookie equivalents

  40. “They aren’t samoas anymore, dats racist.”

    I actually learned this recently when my little one joined the GS. There are two companies that make the cookies, and one calls them samoas, but the other can’t because of the copyright.

  41. The Keebler coconut dreams are a pitch-perfect samoa.

  42. Sobek, I’d be interested to know if your daughter will get any of the GS climate change garbage. I know that on a National level they have adopted some of the bs.

    It’s why I can’t buy their cookies. That. and I have a lack of self-control problem.

    Click to access GSUSA_ClimateChallenge_K-5ActivityGuide.pdf

  43. High fives Brother Tim.

  44. Sobek, we gave up on Girl Scouts when they went woke, and my daughter joined the American Heritage Girls. It’s how Girl Scouts used to be. She earned the Stars and Stripes Award which is equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Award. The Girl Scout Gold Award is not what it used to be. There was an article some years ago about one GS organizing a Slut Walk for her Gold Award. IIRC, there was an outcry, and she had to do something else, but the fact that it was okayed up to a certain point gives pause.


    The link to the dissertation is broken, but that was the crap with GS.

  46. The things you don’t know about people’s lives …

  47. We get the WalMart knockoffs. Match Play is killing me. I’m ded. Great post, Romacita. WalMart made a deal with GSA allowing them to set up outside of stores and Clubs.

  48. Rocketboy and DIL brought lunch over here, so I had all my younguns plus my godson here around my table, didn’t have to cook, didn’t have to clean up. Pupster’s line about life being awesome.

  49. Re-did the beds in the greenhouse so they made more sense, moved the overwintering Rosemary bushes and a pink pussywillow YOURWHORISHMOUTH,SHUT! out of the porch onto the patio, and took my overwintered giant beets out of the bin of leaves and pine needles I store them in for winter, and replanted the beets in the greenhouse since they are making nice tender little salad greens right now. As soon as they start to bolt I’ll pull them and pitch them into the compost pile or feed them to the chickens, more likely, since that will soon be a thing. Amazing.

    While I was digging the new paths between the beds I found a perfect little white turnip and then I ate him and incorporated some of his minerals into my bloodstream for my personal use. If he put up a fight I didn’t notice.

    Sowed a double row of peas in the new greenhouse bed.

    Composted the rest of the overwintered celeriac, that was a shame but I didn’t get to them all and the last one I used was starting to get pithy. I don’t like finding little splinters of wood in my beef stew.

    Warm lovely Spring day for working outside. Made the most of it. What Pupster says.

  50. 70 the other day, now snow

  51. a pink pussywillow
    The funniest use of the term pussywillow in my experience occurred in my house over 20 years ago. When I first started my practice I had a couple of gatherings for my partners and office staff for breakfasts/brunches. At one of them the wife of the senior “emeritus” guy who retired to Maine from a big name place in MA and he worked one day for us was talking about pussywillows for some reason. As she was talking I caught the eye of the pediatric PT’s husband who is a carpenter. She kept referring to them as “pussies”. As in, “Oh what a wonderful big pussy it was!” Swear to dog, she must have said PUSSY at least 5 times and by the last time no one else was talking. Right before my self control broke someone started talking about lilacs and the conversation shifted that way in an act of tender mercy.

  52. J’Ames, usually we go from last snowstorm to frantically installing the air conditioners inside a few days. Looks like we are having the rare actual Spring this year. Weeks of mild cool weather, sunny days and crisp mornings.
    I wonder if we will get April showers. Last few years I sometimes had to water the garden in April, which is unconstitutional bullshit.

  53. The gift for the person who has everything and isn’t afraid to lose their job when using it

  54. I had the nascar winner again.

    3 weeks in a row.

  55. The local Cracker Barrel is shit. Had a negative experience when last there, and now a total clusterfuck on three of four orders, including mine, which took twenty minutes longer to come out than anyone else’s because nobody working their knew WTF they were doing. Once it did come out a side was missing and another wasn’t right.

    Best buddy was paying for it. I feel bad, it didn’t exactly bring out the best in me, though I refrained from making a scene. Things were mostly made right, other than not starting my meal until everyone else was done.

    They couldn’t even be bothered with refills until the manager visited. Eff those jackasses. And I usually love Cracker Barrel, too.

    This town’s gone to hell.

  56. …yeah that last line seems an exaggeration, except crime is booming, employment is a cluster, and the average IQ of drivers has cratered. Oh, and the mayor is shit.

    Other than that, I’m sure it’s awesome for someone.

  57. Bro Tim, you’re in Alabama, right? I’m looking into some training down there later this year. Maybe I can meet up treat you to a really high-class Cracker Barrel.

  58. The one up in Prattville/Millbrook is good, or it was a few months ago when I lived there. I’d look forward to it, it’s good to actually see faces attached to the 0’s and 1’s!

  59. Sobek, BroTim is in the southern part of the state, I’m in the northern part.

  60. For my Catholic homies, I’m curious about your opinion on this:

    I understand the need to encourage penitence, which is why the legal protections are in place, and I also understand the need to protect victims of abuse. Two people in the article argue that the legal bar against seeking statements made in confession doesn’t actually impede prosecution, but it’s just that – assertion. I wonder how you guys feel about it.

  61. Roamy, I’ll also take you to the fanciest Cracker Barrel I can find.

    The training isn’t certain, and I don’t know when it would be yet, but if I make it down there I’ll give y’all a shout.

  62. Doggedly, Earl refused payment.

  63. Sobek:

  64. One of you linked a well spoken and professional woman who also happened to be black who was decrying the inclusion of DEI teaching to her young children. Her brief speech was great.

    In the comment you included another 3 letter acronym for a replacement to DEI which is what I’m interested in … CME, CMA, something like that. If whoever linked that comment can revisit the acronym part that’d be great!

  65. ^^^ I always feel like the conservative side is responding to outrageous shit that the libs cook up and not instigating our own mischief. I’m sure the libs see it differently and perhaps the same way as I do but the outsize influence they have on society as a result of favorable coverage in all forms of popular media amplifies their craziness

  66. Jimbro, your spirit animal link was spot on.

  67. EMC (equality [as opposed to equity], merit, colorblindness); an alternative to DEI.

  68. The scene outside a greenhouse in CT

  69. Thank you RC, ima write that down!

  70. All the people he named were always dipshits. Chomsky is such an obvious nitwit that I question whether his work on structured and unstructured language should be relied upon (it remains ‘axiomatic’ in computer science pedagogy, but so does Turing, and his late years in the field made it clear that he was as easily fooled as anyone).

    MMM is in process.

  71. Former co-worker’s daughter was going to attend University of Arizona simply because Chomsky was there. Not sure how that turned out, co-worker blocked me on Facedouche after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

  72. MMM 538

  73. I can’t find it now, but there’s some priest who is for mandatory child abuse reporting, and his bishop has revoked his privilege of hearing confessions.

  74. How do you feel about that, Roamy?

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