Go Ahead and Try Memes

Dude’s got some wheels.

I really, really don’t like pickles.

Not a dog, Mitchell.


  1. I was able to sleep until 6 this morning, which is pretty rare.

  2. Same here Pups. The end of our sleep here came courtesy of dogs’ bellies commanding them to get the human kibble dispensers moving

  3. Great Act II article Lumpy. Every now and then I wonder how his Act III is developing. I figured we’d hear more as it came to fruition

  4. He’s keeping busy.

  5. I did not sleep well. Tornado front came through, and both my phone and Mr. RFH’s phone went off at different times with the warning, plus it was quiet enough, I could hear the weather sirens in town. There will be a nap later today.

  6. I’m 3/4 way through this and just shaking my head.
    Guys, you gotta tell me what this is. Is this bullshit? Soothe the proles, again?


  7. Orange tabbies are like 90 something percent toms, basically the inverse of calicos all being queens.


  9. wakey wakey

  10. Up at 6am to give doggo his antibiotics on schedule, and since it works best with a full stomach, to open a can of tempting tasty wet dog food and handfeed it (because the cone of shame gets in the way). Pain meds at 7am.

    He’s much improved, and learning somewhat how to maneuver with the cone. He even barked at the FedEx driver yesterday.

  11. Sorry, 81%: https://be.chewy.com/behavior-pet-facts-are-all-orange-cats-male-all-calico-cats-female/

    Still very high. I’ve never met a female orange cat even once.

  12. I read an article earlier today about A-10 Warthogs being shifted to the Middle East to free up other fighter jets for potential action in Europe and the Pacific region.

    Beloved by the Infantryman on the ground, it seems the only people who hate the Warthog are politicians and Air Force brass who want new and exciting mega-million dollar aircraft

  13. Excellent news RC. I’ve been wondering about your doggo. Sounds like he’s trending in the right direction.

  14. In the year we lost our dog Star she had a few episodes of decline along the way. After one appointment the Vet sent us home with canned food to supplement her kibble with which seemed to help her. We started adding a combo of kibble and wet food daily and continued that for Rowan after we lost Star. It continued with the addition of Lola and later when Ollie arrived until Paula said “Enough!” So now they get just kibble AM & PM with a snack or two during the day.

  15. The A-10 is simultaneously the best product General Electric ever made and the best gun that ever plane-d.

  16. So much for a relaxing bath.

    Do I look cool?

    Surprised otter.

    Saturday memes, is there anything they can’t do?

  17. It reads like hopium to me, Lumps, but anything’s possible.

  18. I’m struggling with Powell being the gray champion because the FED is about 80% of the problem. I pulled that percentage out of my ass. But you get the point.

  19. Canned dog food is the one upside to doggo medical issues, according to him. I’m anticipating a slow weaning process to get him back onto his dry food, once the cone comes off.
    Particularly since the two GSD female puppies I’m getting in early April will be on tasty puppy food.

  20. I’m jealous of your pack plans RC, glad the boy is getting better.

  21. Envious?

  22. I want an assault alpaca.

  23. ‘Jealous’ is wanting what’s rightly yours, or at least it used to be. A husband wanting his wife to stop banging Paolo is jealous. God wanting you for His own rather than you worshipping Ba’al is jealous, etc.

    ‘Envy’ is wanting what’s not rightly yours, whether it’s someone else’s, or something you’ve not earned.

    A lot of people say the former when they mean the latter, so the meaning of jealous is colloquially changing (for the worse, IMO).

  24. Comment by Mitchell on March 25, 2023 11:13 am
    I want an assault alpaca.


  25. Put in a couple hours and got some work out the door. Aaaahhhh.

    Now I can relax.
    Right after we bring the truck to Dad’s to move something for him…

  26. Not an instruction manual


  27. Comment by Jimbro on March 25, 2023 11:42 am
    Sick fucks



    We are watching evil.

  28. I can’t guarantee a poat tomorrow, I’m stuck in airplanes all day today and I’ve already had some delays.

  29. HA! Grumpy sheep.

    Found five more dead flies on my stovetop, in the same upper right region like the last couple times. I might have to set up a fly-cam to get to the bottom of this.

  30. I’m supposed to be out in the barn cutting boards but it’s miserable outside and I already had to

    1) Move the chop saw
    2) Find the drill
    3) Find the backup backup tape measure

    The reason I had to do 2 and 3 are left as an exercise for the reader.

  31. Tape measures are one of the items I buy on a regular (about one a year) basis. One day, when I’m gone from the physical world, the people sorting through my earthly possesions will wonder what my weird obsession with tape measures, office scissors, staplers, tape dispensers, etc was all about

  32. Did you find your drill? Perhaps on Blueberry Hill?
    Also did you accidentally saw through your primary and backup tape measures?

  33. Primary and backup both walked off at some point, drill was found, but it was absolutely not where it ought to have been.

  34. This is the title of a WSJ article

    “Students Struggle Academically, Fight in Schools Amid Adderall Shortage”

    – Children who can’t get ADHD medications ‘can’t control their impulses,’ says a Florida teacher

    We’re doomed

  35. I also found my drill: https://i.pinimg.com/236x/f1/b1/f2/f1b1f29844bdcce01c02a5e9b7e11516.jpg

  36. There’s a town owned place to pick blueberries nearby


    It’s off of Rt 69 and near the My Thrill Recording Studio

  37. I can’t guarantee a poat tomorrow, I’m stuck in airplanes all day today and I’ve already had some delays.

    Any of you intrepid admins want to put something together for tomorrow?

    +2 Skinks
    +2 Anoles

    It’s a banner day in Lizardton. I’m cooking perfect country style ribs and shooting bugs with my Bug-A-Salt gun to make sure they are getting enough sodium in their diets.

  38. I have enough memes for a poat, I’ll put it together now for tomorrow.

  39. It’s a banner day in Lizardton. I’m cooking perfect country style ribs and shooting bugs with my Bug-A-Salt gun to make sure they are getting enough sodium in their diets.


    Remember when the stupid FDA said that salt was bad for bugs? Idiots.

  40. EMC (equality [as opposed to equity], merit, colorblindness); an alternative to DEI.

  41. Lovely, logical, and succinctly on point. Can we have more of her, please?

  42. Awesome.

  43. Trump in Waco is 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Mini-me is home for spring break. Happy momma.

  45. NY DA Bragg says it was a false expectation that Trump would be arrested. I guess that’s why they were putting barricades up around his building, mm hmm.

  46. Diane enjoys reading placards.

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