I Won’t Meme Down


  1. My favorite Tom Petty song is American Girl mainly because I associate it with the many good times we had as kids driving around Brockton and the surrounding suburbs “looking for the party” in my buddy TJ’s car listening to it on the tape deck. He had a 4 door Chevy Caprice that probably got less than 15 mpg but gas was relatively cheap then and among my friend group, the guy driving didn’t pay for beer, food or admission to the movies.

  2. We had our corned beef last night and man oh man did I wake up thirsty from all the salt in it! The meal was far from traditional and the beef was served with roasted asparagus and cabbage fried with garlic, onions and bacon. I don’t know why I don’t make cabbage like that more often because it was pretty freaking good

  3. I just saw Edith Kanaka‘ole is going to be honored on the American Woman Quarters Program so I had to look her up since I had never heard mention of her name before. Hawaiian, born in 1913 and was widely known for her support of the traditional language and culture of Hawaii. I put on one of her albums on yootube and Rowan started barking from the opening sounds and continued for another 30 seconds before I gave up. Perhaps our resident Hostage Hawaiiphiles have heard of her before?

  4. Tom Petty’s American Girl is surely all grown up by now and deserves to be on a quarter. Maybe a dollah given inflation

  5. Today in history, the series finale of Dallas with the “Who Shot J.R.?” episode. This was in 1980 and as a HS sophomore I did not give two shits about Dallas. I was aware of the cultural phenomenon and couldn’t help but see all the magazine covers featuring photos of the cast.

    All these years later and the crime remains unsolved for me so please don’t tell me who shot him in the unlikely event I’m ever stranded on a desert isle with a functional VCR player, Dallas VCR tape collection, television and improbable power source for them. Your spoiler alert would surely ruin the months spent waiting for my inevitable rescue by the Skipper, Gilligan and the passengers of the SS Minnow.

  6. Scandalous at the time it was released in ’76

  7. wakey wakey.

    dogs are crazy this morning.

  8. They know spring is coming

  9. Do you still have the new one?

    I forget if it was a border collie and if it was Man Bun’s dog

  10. cabbage fried with garlic, onions and bacon.

    I do something similar but with italian sausage instead of bacon. And I add potatoes and corn to the cabbage to make it more of a full meal. It’s a good whitebread stirfry to have in the fridge for a couple days.

    Funny you mentioned it because I actually pulled the salsicce out of the freezer last night to make it. Tonight I’m adding chicken because I have some chicken to cook up anyway.

  11. Still have man-bun’s dog. It’s a mix of german and australian shepherd plus something else that you can’t really see (and I don’t remember). Daisy’s getting pretty happy here. She’s a bit of a crackhead, and can be a stinker, but she’s wicked smart.

  12. She decided early on that she sleeps on the big bed. And god forbid if any other dog even thinks about it, or gets close to the bed. She can be ridiculous. Luckily the other dogs are patient.

  13. this is interesting as are some of the comments.

    What is interesting is that gay men seem to be all in on telling ciswomen that they’re wrong. Gay men and transmen.

  14. Ollie is pretty possessive of the bed at night and tries to intimidate the other dogs who either ignore him or show their warface when he pushes it. He is trying so hard to be the boss dog but is the first one to run away when Rowan starts barking at real or imaginary threats.

  15. High fives Jay because his memes show how much he gets us.

  16. She won’t even allow another dog to come for a morning head scratch.

  17. My sweet little 3-month-old granddaughter is an angel. I don’t know what every angel’s job is but her job is to smile or laugh every time you look at her. It makes you feel better…that someone responds to you with a smile.

    Somewhat related, masks can go eff themselves. And people who don’t smile need to get their shit right.

    But I mean that in a nice way.*

    *I secretly don’t.

  18. Carin, does he plan on taking her back? Will you want to give her back? She sounds likes she’s an entrenched part of your pack.

  19. Whoa … when we start stirring in the morning Rowan is right up there for being the middle spoon (aka cock block). He is well behaved then but Ollie is ready to start the day and does everything in his power to make that happen.

  20. 🙂

  21. Today’s sports radio talk is kids clothes these days (fuckin crocs and flannel pants) and old guy basketball. You should listen, it’s a classic.

    “Are we takin him to Wells Fargo (ed: for the NCAA tournament to sit in high dollar corporate seats) dressed like that?”

    “When I take him to the store, I secretly hope someone smokes him.”

    I’m dying

  22. Fox reporting Trump won’t be arrested today.

    So, NY attorneys haven’t lost their ever loving minds.

  23. Trump got ahead of them with his Saturday announcement

  24. Fox lies and the day ain’t over.

  25. Sobek and others, remember this earworm from music this morning

    She’s still hot to this day

  26. Today’s military leadership, in one picture


  27. Natalie was pretty good in the otherwise atrocious Johnny English movie she did with Rowan Atkinson.

  28. youtube: Natalie a year ago, Torn

    That accent really comes through on this one.

  29. Not all old guys are out of shape

    youtube: Live, Run, Shoot: Tulsi Gabbard

  30. Speaking of smokeshows: youtube: Lift, Run, Shoot | Amala Ekpunobi

  31. I’ve never run out of stupid things to do.

  32. I’ve been trying to think through the trans kid thing and part of me thinks…fuck em. If their parents are dumb enough to go along with it or actively encourage it, then fine. They’re just life lottery losers.

    Why do I care?

  33. the plan is when 1) they break up or 2) she moves in with him the dog leaves.

    No one has told the dog this, though. She loves it here. I know she likes her “real” dad, but she likes the land here and constant playmates.

    I’m thinking of training her to bring me my slippers.

  34. MJ – there is actually little we can do to save these kids from themselves and their parents, but that doesn’t mean we can’t remain constant on the side of truth.

  35. Oh, you mean trans kids like this, used by their parents for fame? youtube: A Sad Confessional By Jazz Jennings (Matt Walsh)

    It isn’t the kid’s fault, it’s the parents. Grow a spine.

  36. Jazz doesn’t feel like himself, even after the surgeries.

  37. When I see someone abusing their children, my instinct is to try and stop them, and I’m pretty sure that’s a solid, good instinct that Jesus would approve of wholeheartedly.

    I’m also certain that if I see it and don’t try to stop it (assuming there is anything I can reasonably do), I’ll be held to account for that.

  38. Like, if you see a “mom” about to cut her son’s dick off with a pair of garden shears, do you just say “not my circus, not my monkeys” or do you step in?

    Does anaesthesia, a sterile operating room, and a hired hand to do the dirty work change that situation at all? I say no, it just adds abusers to the tally.

  39. MJ – there is actually little we can do to save these kids from themselves and their parents, but that doesn’t mean we can’t remain constant on the side of truth.
    Yeah, agreed.

    I don’t know why but I’m starting to take different positions.

    Rather than thinking through the logic I just figure out who it hurts most and tend to go with it as long as it’s aimed at my political enemies. It’s juvenile but hey, consider the source.

  40. “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.“

  41. I’m too tired out just trying to keep my own head above water. Maybe it speaks ill of me, but it strikes me as being like saving someone from drowning who’s thrashing about. I can’t save them. More likely they’ll finish me off.

    Added to the list of things I’ll answer to God for someday.

  42. We’re at the point where some level of civilizational triage will be called for. Save what you can, let the rest go.

  43. Alex Jones on Crowder today, heh. He’s jumping in with both feet. Guess he won’t be on youtube today!

  44. When the dollar crashes, and the world stops trading with us because our primary export is dollars, a whole lotta poverty will start. Maybe enough poverty that affluenza will go into remission, and trans shit along with it.

  45. AJ has been on FNT a few times, Jay, even after the ban. Crowder might be okay.

  46. really? I thought he was verboten on the tubes. must have missed when he was on.

  47. I see we are debating the contrary views of “intervene or ignore” this morning.
    I bounce back and forth. I get the desire to try and stop stupidity and evil. I really do. And given the immediate and proximate evil, I might jump in. Sometimes you do have a dog in the fight.
    But I also am practical enough to know that there are many things out of my control and I have limited time and resources. And that the machinery of social control is not on my side these days. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. Life is hard enough that I believe that you should plow around the stumps.

  48. twitter: Miami imposes curfew for Spring Break

    Yeah, that’ll go well. Doesn’t Miami have a Republican mayor?

  49. BTW Crowder is free on Rumble, even the paywall stuff

  50. And if liberal progressive mentally unstable attention-seeking parents want to destroy their own progeny, either before or after birth, all I can say is that it seems like Darwinian evolution at work.

    I feel for the normal parent who has the crazy spouse that want to buy into the whole scam.

  51. Yeah, the guy in TX who’s crazy ex stole his son (by ANOTHER WOMAN) and colluded with her fake pediatrician to trans the kid?

    That guy gets whatever help he asks for from me.

  52. That’s sort of where I am. Let them burn.

    Also, I was promised a perp walk today and by god I want one.

    If they puss out, he wins. If they arrest him, he wins. The latter would be good TV, though and open to doors to Obama/Biden in jail for…whatever it takes.

  53. I work with someone at the pizza place who is transitioning. I slip up all the time and deadname him, since I worked for years on the old name. Also just refer to the name, no pronouns. So far it hasn’t been an issue.

    Also, not a kid. I would have difficulty with that.

  54. I’m having basal cell carcinoma removed from the side of my head today. It’s kinda like losing an appendage. Does this make me an honorary Trannie?

  55. I like the “plow around the stumps” analogy. I think I’ll steal it.

  56. good luck on your lopadickoffme

  57. Don’t know the answers to anything.

    But I do know the truth is important and operating in a sphere of lies has a huge cost (See: Stolen Election).

    Truth is always something to fight for. When a child is confused, and an attention whore parent encourages confusion, that is the opposite of the truth.

    I don’t think it’s healthy for a society to ignore the truth and be tolerant of lies and confusion.

    Tolerance is a junk philosophy.

  58. A kid can go down the wrong road despite a good job done by his parents. Peer pressure and societal influences are difficult for parents to overcome.

    When mental illness is mainstreamed as normal, (and to not just be tolerated but celebrated), you inevitably get more of it.

  59. “Tolerance” has got us to a shit place.

  60. https://www.foxnews.com/media/liberals-whine-iowa-becoming-florida-north-targeting-lgbtq-community?intcmp=tw_fnc

    Hey Fox, we were Florida earlier than Florida, or Texas.

  61. Then when you get enough of it, a new norm emerges.

    They don’t call themselves progressives for nothing. (Progress meaning moving onward toward a destination, not to be construed as improvement.)

  62. One thing I constantly say to HotBride is, “How is diversity a strength? In what way does it make us stronger?”

    (I actually believe that diversity is a weakness – a detriment to society.)

  63. diversity is a strength, but only if everyone is working together. US is definition of diverse, always has been. Everybody else wants to come here, and their origin countries are always one color/race/religion

  64. Haha, Alex Jones just took over Crowders chair, yelling the entire time. Hilarious.

  65. Diversity is NOT a strength when you don’t have shared values. We no longer have shared values. Diversity is killing this country. We’ve been separated into diverse victim groups.

    We never should have let that bitch Ilhan in this country, she does not share former American values. Lefties don’t either.

  66. Who’s the “she” mare? Last woman we were talking about here was Natalie Imbruglia unless I missed something.

  67. Ilhan Omar

  68. Ilham Omar, she married her brother for fricks sake. Not an American value.

  69. Everyone has to set their own boundaries of what they approve of, what they disapprove of, and what they will remain neutral about. And then they need to decide what they are willing to do about it.

    Set your boundaries badly, and there are consequences.
    Set your actions badly, and there are consequences.

    It isn’t my job to fix society, and lots of things are none of my business. People need to be allowed to crash-and-burn on their own, once they become adults. Analogizing with the recent bank failures, think of it as a moral hazard issue. But just do their crash-and-burn somewhere outside my property line.

    I’m hard-pressed enough to ride herd on myself and not become too big of an a33hole. I don’t go around giving unsolicited advice unless you mean something to me. But ask my opinion, and I’ll give it to you without pulling punches, and I don’t care about your feelings. Mare is right; the truth is important.

  70. They froze a pre-cancerous thing on my nose last week. I’m watching it slowly turn all sorts of colors.

  71. Okay, I could have guessed that, but didn’t see her mentioned here.

  72. I would love to live and let live but they insist I participate in their madness. Not just participate I have to approve and applaud. I’m not calling an insane person any pronouns other than what I think they are.

    FFS, they’re making hockey players wear fag patches on their uniforms. NO.

  73. Yeah, that could have been confusing. I actually did use her name. Didn’t use commas, that could have been helpful.

    “We never should have let that bitch Ilhan in this country, she does not share former American values. Lefties don’t either.”

  74. One of the benefits of being retired … nobody, and I mean nobody, can force me to participate, approve, applaud, genuflect, cheer, or anything else.

    My standing there staring at you does NOT imply my approval. And if it’s outrageous enough, you can safely infer my making fun of you and thinking evil thoughts.

  75. Comment by ruralcounsel on March 21, 2023 11:45 am
    One of the benefits of being retired … nobody, and I mean nobody, can force me to participate, approve, applaud, genuflect, cheer, or anything else.

    My standing there staring at you does NOT imply my approval. And if it’s outrageous enough, you can safely infer my making fun of you and thinking evil thoughts.


    Fist bump.

  76. I’m operating more in the mode of discretion than tolerance. Which can be mistaken for tolerance if it isn’t probed. It’s a useful survival skill in the current general madness.

  77. When you were young and your heart
    Was an open book
    You used to say live and let live
    (You know you did)
    (You know you did)
    (You know you did)
    But if this ever changing world
    In which we’re living
    Makes you give in and cry

    Say Live and Let Die

  78. Like Fauci said in his DC neighborhood visit video, I don’t like being told what to do. And if he thinks he can “break ” me of that, he better be well-armed.

  79. they were out of romaine lettuce, so got the spring mix. Very tasty salad today woo hoo!

  80. Comment by Hotspur on March 21, 2023 11:11 am
    Then when you get enough of it, a new norm emerges.
    I think it was on twitter that I saw it, maybe here, but a quote I’ll paraphrase: “We’ve come a long way from we just want to be free to live our lives in private without persecution to you must wear the shirt celebrating my pronouns and letters or you’ll be cancelled”

  81. Coffee is racist now you guys.
    The best part of waking up is the hatred in your cup!

  82. I’ve heard of Natalie Imbruglia and heard “Torn” innumerable times but don’t have any of her albums or know anything much about her. She’s quite an accomplished woman; model/actor/singer/philanthropist/hottie

  83. My salads have been making me happy too, Jay.
    (Not a euphemism)

  84. I saw that Mitchell. What do they think, we’re going to stop drinking coffee to show we’re not racists? No, I’d rather wear the rebel flag and drink my coffee.

  85. L to R: People calling coffee racist, Me

  86. hahahahahahaha, Jimbro!!

  87. i was out of pickled onions, so I boiled some, turned out good. pepperoncinis too, mmm

  88. Best version of “Torn”

  89. leon, is Natalie Eva Marie a name you have mentioned?

    youtube: Lift, Run, Shoot | Natalie Eva Marie

  90. heh, that’s hilarious mitch

  91. when she starts doing the torn pose, hahahahhahaa

  92. Also milk is racist, organized pantries are White Supremacy. It never ends. And as bad as it is now, it’s only going to get worse from here. The Right simply has no counter to the firehose of crap the Left spews all day every day.

  93. I don’t know how she could keep her composure and still sing the song with him doing his weird pantomime on the same stage.

  94. looks like we scared car in off with 90’s pop music

  95. Find some fucking cats and a combine with a couple of rusty bearings and she’ll be back.

  96. Never heard of her, Jay. And I hate her hair.

  97. I’m not sure if she was singing or just lip-synching. Obviously she wasn’t singing the “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOO” part.

  98. The hair is a personal preference thing, though, she could be a lovely person I’m entirely unaware of.

    Can’t watch the vid right now, work is taking my audio channel all day.

  99. hmmm, jesse kelly has it right. Elite universities are why Soros has DA’s all over the country. Time to hire people not Ivy League.

  100. I remembered Eva, but nothing else

  101. Ohhhhh, you want Eva Andressa.

  102. She thicc. Sturdy.

    Sadly, she got implants at some point. Before then she was like Carmen Villalobos had done Starting Strength.

  103. In 50 years we will have an AI for President, Max Headroom style.

    Prove me wrong.

  104. It won’t matter because none of us will be here.

    Maybe MJ.

  105. 50? I figure deepfake prez is maybe 10 years out.

  106. I might make it another 50 years. I won’t remember my name, but I might still be alive.

  107. Trump really should have been in prison by now.

    Could you imagine him coming out with a do rag on, flanked by two massive black guys, two aryan brotherhood guys, and a few twinks?

    Brining peace to Rikers Island in under 24 hours.

  108. I’ve seen/heard convincing-ish video of 0bama, Brandon, and Trump arguing over the fine points of the Fallout franchise. It won’t be long at all before we’ll have entirely synthetic “celebrities” and actors will join the makers of buggy whips.

  109. actors will join the makers of buggy whips

    Won’t matter if it’s Star Wars XXIV, the eighth biography of Barack Obama, and a re-make of From Here to Eternity with trannies.

  110. I was running. 7 miles . Now I’m coaching

  111. I guess Bruce Willis was running into some money problems as the dementia was coming on and he was running short of ability to perform (and thus get paid) so he actually sold the digital rights to his likeness for a lump sum.

    We’ll be seeing ‘Bruce Willis’ in movies until the end of time.

  112. Computers turned out to be a mistake.

  113. I believe the phrase you’re looking for is:

    “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.”

  114. I dunno, there’s parts of modern technology I kinda like. It’s “philosophy” that screwed the pooch. Rousseau through Marx on to the present.

    Enemies of all mankind, hostis humani generis as the term of art goes.

  115. Comment by Car in on March 21, 2023 8:04 am
    this is interesting as are some of the comments.

    What is interesting is that gay men seem to be all in on telling ciswomen that they’re wrong. Gay men and transmen.

    This is only because transmen (actually women) are not using sociopolitical coercion to force gay men into having sexual relationships with them. There is no such movement. And there never will be. Because they are women, and they don’t have the same sex drive as men.

    It is transwomen (actually men) who are permanently fixated on gaining sexual access to whomever they want and by any means.

  116. We had the cabbage, onion, and bacon dealio with our corned beef. Added to potatoes and green chile. Had corned beef hash burritos.

  117. We had quiche Lorraine tonight. It seems that the “Lorraine” part comes from the fact that it originated in a region of France called Lorraine and not due to some association with a woman of that name.

  118. I fell asleep during last nights Mexico v Japan game. Missed the walk off. Trout playing Shohei tonight. 🇺🇸🇯🇵⚾️

  119. Fell asleep watching baseball…….. if only I had a quarter for every time that happened.

  120. Next canning adventure: corned beef. It would be nice to can a whole bunch of little 8 oz. jars so I can make a small one-breakfast-sized hash whenever I want.

    I need to get to the store to pick it up on sale, pronto. Hope they still have it.

  121. Pendejo, some of my best naps were during UM football games on Saturdays. Friday was deadlift day, so I’d have a big lunch on Saturday and then conk out of the couch for a solid 3-4 hours. Good times.

  122. We got a nice tip today, from a woman who donated $264,000 to Brandon’s campaign.

    I feel dirty.

  123. Bad night of RLS and screaming at ghosts. Placed our Match Play bets. Cantlay. Scottie. Spieth. Homa Young. And Hovland. Watching USA baseball.

  124. Match play?

    I don’t have that kind of money.

  125. I had a screaming Mimi night last night. LSS, I thought Dan was trying to kill me. He gets offended when I freak out. Blah blah blah. We’re betting designated events.

  126. Money on the winner.

  127. You should buy ammo with the tip money, Scott.

  128. Deliberately excluded, Rudy pouted.

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