MMM 537

March is 2/3rds over. When does the lamb part start? Our snow is gone, but it got down to 25F last night.

Tan line.

Pretty sure this is Famke Janssen.

This is not Famke Janssen.

What’s her other hand doing?

Washing the car.

Where did the ball go?

Training for her 2nd shift job.

Aftermarket accessories on this model.

And none on this one.

And now the last full week of March. I’ve got some chicken tractors to build pretty soon here.


  1. Did partial groceries. Need to make a second sweep, couldn’t find a few things I was after, and by that I mean my intended protein sources for the next several weeks.

    I should have learned how to do this proper decades ago, but better late than never, I guess.

  2. wakey wakey

  3. mernin

  4. I’m obsessed: live radio performance.

    Give this one a try. It’s not like cats fucking in a closet.

  5. Tuckers!!!!!!!!

  6. you could have done instacart like the View ladies. Man, that was a shitshow!

  7. Wait, you guys have known for years that fluoride is shit, right?

    It’s just like everything the government does, garbage.

    Effs up your pineal gland.

    And I believe the lying liars in the pet industry would rename a cheap drug and get you to use the renamed product.

    By the way, vaccines for pets are just as shitty as the ones for children.

    So odd how pets get cancers and wild cats don’t. My pet cats never got cancer and other than being forced to get shots for traveling (one cat) I didn’t bother.

    When we were kids we couldn’t afford to take our pet cats to the vet. They both lived to 18. And we always gave them that dry garbage cheap food.

  8. Jay, you watch the View?

  9. But our cats supplemented with mice and whatever else they felt like hunting.

  10. no, but I watch all the reactions to it! woo wee!

  11. Well, here’s something that will certainly help the national divide!

  12. crowders new Mug Club starts at 9 central today

  13. I have to prune my fruit trees. I followed the directions from ‘Grow a little fruit tree’ or whatever the book is I have, and in their fourth year they are now handsome little open-center trained trees. Little to do right now but take off water sprouts and make thinning cuts. I won’t head them back until the Summer pruning, even though one of them kind of needs it.

  14. I pruned your mom’s fruit trees.

  15. I’m thinking about pruning my apple way back, it’s much too tall. I might do the same with the pears and then plant a couple more of those. Zero maintenance on those things, and prolific.

    Semi-tempted to plant a row of birch next to the driveway so I can have bark and sap from them in a decade or so.

  16. I’ve done Instacart, but I’m not made of money made for nothing but selling my soul, so I gotta do it on the cheap.

    Making what I have stretch to next midmonth paycheck is a challenge. I’m gonna be hungry again by Easter. Just staying alive until I can get something that pays better.

  17. I found a second-shift lab technician job over here that starts at $19 an hour with a $1.50 shift differential. Requires that you passed high school chemistry and some exp preferred but not required. McCormick spices, which I didn’t even know had facilities near me.

  18. Yeah…that commute might be a bit much for me…though I’m seriously souring on the local job market…

  19. My neighbor’s fruit trees are “naturally” pruned. In those years where they produce lots of fruit, the black bears climb in them and break lots of branches.

  20. Arresting trump …
    I wonder how far they will push.

  21. They think they want an uprising so they can clamp down.

    I’m not sure that’s going to end the way they think it will.

  22. This coup has taken quite a bit of time, but it’s almost over.
    I wonder if soros et al are fast tracking things because they want to see the fruits of their evil before they depart.

  23. all over the stormy daniels thing again, which has been through court, and she had to pay damages. Even in their kangaroo system how will they square that circle? Surely they can’t connect those dots.

  24. I’ve heard some leftists claim this is a stunt driven by Trump. They know Bragg’s got nothing and just wants the optics, but these folks realize it will only help Trump in the primary after the case fizzles.

    I rate this as unlikely 11-D chess BS, but it’s funny to see it from the other side.

  25. twitter: what the hell happened to Joe “you lie!” Walsh?

    He’s full dem now.

  26. some dude ate a bat…

  27. hero w/o a cape.

  28. that was pretty good, but not quite the own they are making it out to be.

    There’s a whole series of them out. One where Fauci says that republicans don’t like to be told what to do, and that they have to “break that”.

  29. 1) He’s not my dad
    2) He’s not my supervisor
    3) He’s only not getting rightly punched in the face because he has armed guards

    Where is Nemesis for this mountain of Hubris trapped in a repulsive gnome?

  30. twitter: who wants berry pie?

  31. Happy Vernal Equinox!

  32. This year is already a quarter over.

  33. Nobody batted an eye when MJ paid off his whore.

  34. Pretty sure your math is off on that one Hotspur.

  35. I’m sure he’s on seasonal time

  36. Nobody batted an eye when MJ paid off his whore.
    Oddly enough it was roughly the same amount of money. I actually paid a bit more.

  37. Stand with Ukraine, or else!

  38. Car in, order up!

  39. Ha ha ha … I miss when we used to be able to easily add long comments like that.

  40. Oh man, that’s classic.

    My favorite of all time…a fellow bartender labeled the check ‘girl at the bar I’d like to fuck’ and then gave it to her.

    She was flattered.

  41. Could have gone poorly

  42. Birb update: birbs are now 3 weeks old and starting to feather out. Innernet says the ones with yellow smudges on their heads are the cockerels, so I think I’ve got about a 16:13 M:F ratio.

  43. some guys can get away with that. I was not one of them

  44. cocker spaniel chickens wha? they be cray cray

  45. Supposedly the yellow patch is indicative of the future comb. I’m waiting for full feathering to be sure of my count. They’ll get to live another 9-12 weeks if male, though I may keep one as a second rooster for the hens I end up hanging on to.

  46. Little cocks killed it.

  47. They always do.

  48. twitter: So Close!

  49. This is fascinating. We’re discussing covid in a class and the amount of belief in obvious lies is sort of shocking.

  50. What kind of class, nerd?

  51. Decision making.

  52. Jesus Christ.

  53. I’m hoping they’re all passing the decision making class because they actively DECIDED it is important for them to pretend to believe the obvious government lies and parrot them dutifully.

  54. What kind of class, nerd?
    Not critical thinking. Obviously another college or university preying on rich lemmings.

  55. “Tan line”
    Which hole to hit….I hate tough decisions first thing on Monday mornings.

  56. That woman doesn’t sweat. She glistens.

  57. Deer eat Rhonda’s petunias.

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