Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born November 9th, 1990 in Portsmouth, England. She stands 5‘ 5″ and measures 30GG2741 and 150 lbs. Please hold a place in the buffet line for Miss Deadly Red AKA Nicky Robinson.


  1. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, a limerick (or two)

    There was an old Countess of Bray,
    And you might think it odd when I say,
    That despite her high station
    Rank and education,
    She always spelled “C*nt” with a K!

  2. A strumpet went home with a poet.
    He whipped out his trumpet to show it.
    She suddenly quipped
    As she moistened her lips,
    “It’s too hard for me not to blow it!”

  3. 30GG … Good Gawd!

  4. She reminds me of the redhead in Patriot Games, the one who killed the dude she seduced. Polly Walker is her name, I had to look it up and watched a few clips from the movie. That was back when we had faith in government institutions like the CIA

  5. “It’s Not About What We Wear” – I don’t get it

  6. I went to Sam’s yesterday and did not find any corned beef. I didn’t look too hard since it’d be just me eating it since Paula is working today. I’ll stick with the Lenten no meat Friday since there’s no need to investigate a dispensation further.

  7. “It’s Not About What We Wear” – I don’t get it

    It’s a dumb tik tok that I made into gifs because she bounces. There is no get.

  8. There is no get.

    Got it

  9. The buffet line gif made me cringe for her future although a little internet research found a chubby chaser site that was celebrating her gains

  10. 30GG … Good Gawd!

    I don’t believe any of her stats. She went from pin-up model to Nicky the Buffet Slayer over the last few years.

  11. She looks like how I imagined the streetwalkers looked when I was reading Dickens novels as a youngster.

  12. Oh Jesus, I just clicked on the buffet gif. It gave me bad flashbacks to my wife’s best friend from college. She was a draft horse in a human body.

  13. I know you prep these in advance so the fact you featured a buffet slayer born in England on Saint Patrick’s Day probably wasn’t apparent at the time but when I read her bio it prompted me to paraphrase Charles Dickens’ Scrooge and ask, “Are there no Irish busty lasses?”

  14. Ha! I started my comment with Dickens in it a while ago and got distracted by dog duties and my wife checking in after her initial morning rush at work.

    Most of the red haired girls and women I’ve encountered during my existence most closely resemble the buffet slayer version which is a real shame because I know the hot versions exist.

  15. Redheaded beef cows kilt it

  16. I see a future “Healthy At Every Size!” spokesperson.

  17. wakey wakey

  18. She’s cute when she smiles, but the “sultry” expression just looks pouty and a little vacuous. I’ll have to reflect on that for the next time I’m trying to seduce Will.

  19. Aldi’s had corned beef yesterday, I just wasn’t motivated to pay that price for it. I expect they will be marked down tomorrow to something reasonable.

  20. I love the 1960’s room she’s in. That stuff is so hot right now. “Mid Century Modern” is what they call it. To me it just looks like grandma’s old crap.
    People are spending a mint getting their hands on it right now though.

  21. the next time I’m trying to seduce Will.

    Will being a red-blooded American male Hostage, I would think that wouldn’t take much. Though I understand the opportunity for such is difficult with two kids running around.

  22. I love the 1960’s room she’s in.

    I was trying to figure out the movie on the TV screen. Cary Grant, I think.

  23. She’s crazy.

  24. well this goes without saying

  25. I mean, do I have to say it?

  26. Please do

  27. 10/10 would smash in smaller form. Would also smash in current form but would think about it the next day and wonder if I’m a chubby chaser.

    Then I’d get breakfast, ghost her for a few days, then call her and she’d be super pissed so I’d try the routine from the Blues Brothers.

  28. Her cowlick is off-putting.

  29. Maybe it’s just oddball hair dressing in some photoshoots. reminds me too much of the bad days of 80’s hair.

  30. Holy second helpings, Batman! She done cleaned everybody’s plate.

    Nice job, Pupster!

  31. Noice.

  32. I’m anxiously awaiting the episode where MJ says “would not hit”. It’s gonna be awesome in its monstrosityness.

  33. Oh, I’d hit it too, but I’m shameless and not known for my high standards.

  34. Okay, that’s not true, I’m an ambulatory ball of shame.

  35. I was wondering if there was any mention in the legacy media about the Biden family taking money through a shell company and then literally just sending it to family members, which is you know, a huge crime.

    There’s one hit result on MSN but the rest are right leaning media sources. It’s just going to be ignored as a conspiracy theory and then forgotten.

    Im putting a D next to my name.

  36. Her face without makeup is classically beautiful.

    She has a body to make a man comfortable.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  37. Does anyone know what that tat says heading to her crotchel region?

  38. This chick could use a bit of vitamin D.

  39. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    The priest today said something worthy (rare). Pray for Ireland and all countries that are losing their Christian identity.

  40. Comment by Pendejo on March 17, 2023 6:26 am
    She looks like how I imagined the streetwalkers looked when I was reading Dickens novels as a youngster.


    That’s really a good visual, PD!

  41. Given how rampant the fraud and globalist takeover is here, I’m not sure anymore how much of Ireland’s christian identity was lost and how much was stolen.

  42. Dang, she’s just a fatass now.

    *sad trombone sound*

  43. Also one of the funniest things lately is democrats discovering electricity.

    They have actually formed lobbying groups to promote the wonders of electricity and how it can be used.

    I understand they’re trying to kill off natural gas for some reason but only stupid people who know nothing but also knows their audience knows nothing do things like this.

  44. There aren’t enough proven reserves of cobalt, lithium, or even copper to do everything they say they’ll do electrically. There’s a bimodal distribution of people on the left pushing this shit.

    1) the ignorant, who think you can just conjure copper like dollars
    2) the learned, who know this is impossible in practice and will just eliminate freedom and wealth for those whom they should rightly lord over

    The only possible natural allies in this fight are the dipshits in category 1. God help us.

  45. Come here for the boobs, marvel at the smarties (not the models the commentators).

  46. I can’t wait to see what happens in the first cold snap after SF Bay has a bunch of electric “furnaces” wired to cheap control boards with thin strands of aluminum by messican “electricians”.

  47. Frozen butt plugs as far as the eye can see, that’s what

  48. One housefire is no big deal. Ten thousand at once along with transformers overloading at the same time? It’ll be a laugh riot until we print another trillion $$ to bail them out.

    $500/oz copper is going to be good times for all my penny jars, though.

  49. She is a chonk. Kind of a cute chonk, but chonk nonetheless.
    As I age and my libido slowly sinks into the western horizon, I think I could resist her unless I was pretty heavily intoxicated. Funny to say, but it probably depends on her personality.

  50. “Any plausible case for natural spillover has to lean heavily on the early, unrecognised circulation of SARS-2 beyond China since September 2019 at the latest. Officially sanctioned theories can’t take this step, because it would amount to admitting that the virus was everywhere for many months, without any hospitals melting down or any noticeable mortality spikes at all. And so we’ll just have to hear about the late and meaningless Huanan Seafood Market outbreak over and over again, probably until the present generation of virological frauds and failures retires.”

  51. So you’re saying 10/10 would smash, too?

  52. Could, not necessarily would.

    As T-levels drop, I’m getting pickier and more discerning. Kind of the opposite of going into those crazy hormone-addled teen years. The brain is starting to reassert control.

  53. My T levels must still be pretty healthy, then, so at least I’ve got that going for me.

  54. I like her better with the freckles than the loads of makeup.

  55. Agreed, she’s most hittable in the blue bra and garter set with a short robe pic.

  56. Wait, that’s not even a robe, just a fleece of some kind.

  57. Miss Deadly Red is a victim of “I don’t have to work out because I look hot already” mentality.

    I mean, no one HAS to look their best/in shape … unless that’s how you make your money.

  58. The structural steel for the Empire State Building began on this day in 1930.

    Here’s a pic of me doing some of the rigging.

  59. My uneducated theory is that declining T-levels is nature’s way of protecting old men’s finances from attractive predaceous females.

  60. Dang, she’s just a fatass now.

    It is my understanding that this is not only not a disqualifier under classical BBF rules, it’s an enhancer.

  61. So, I just read Hunter is suing the computer shop place for invasion of privacy and I just can’t take anything seriously now.

  62. Frozen butt plugs as far as the eye can see, that’s what
    This belongs in the CHOF

  63. Wouldn’t the heat of the sphincters they’re jammed in keep them warm?

  64. If you’re a free range metal or glass butt plug enthusiast, you’ll probably get cold back there are at some point. Certainly quicker than the silicone based enthusiasts.

  65. Anyone watching The Last of Us?

  66. People, let’s not go there.

  67. Who you callin’ people?

  68. I checked out on all things Naughty Dog after they released the sequel, MJ.

    And fuck Pedro Pascal.

  69. Not the video game you dipshit.

    The series on HBO

  70. Yes, based on the game by Naughty Dog, which is all in on wokery, and the sequel game features a graphic tranny porn scene. They had creative input on the show, which was written after the tranny game, so I knew they’d push The Message into it and haven’t watched anything but reviews.

    And fuck Pedro Pascal.

  71. […] Hostages and Big Boob Friday! […]

  72. Drinker liked it, but it wasn’t the highest of praise. I think I’d be bored, sounds like they had almost no infected for much of the show, or even action sequences in general.

  73. Rooskis call the “Deep State” system of Western interlocking oligarchs and governmental cliques “Atlanticism”. They consider NATO its military arm.

    It’s actually fascinating. When you take it apart and compare it to what we’ve learned to our horror over the past fifteen years or so, it’s amazing how much better they understood what we’d become than we ourselves had.

  74. It was in their interest to understand a rival. It was in GloboHomo’s interest to keep us blind to the realities of the situation.

    Russia ain’t the Good Guys, but it also sure as heck ain’t “The West” at this point, whatever that means.

  75. She definitely went from a “She Chonk” to “A Heckin’ Chonker” in those photos.

  76. Yeah. I would not prefer the Russian system, honestly I don’t want either. It’s a daydream to hope they could take each other out and leave us in peace, but…

  77. It’s actually getting difficult to tell the difference between the Russian system and our own. They seem to behave the same way.

  78. Dylan Mulvaney, come on down!!

  79. Model has a nice figure. The face in all that gunk, not so much.

  80. Russia has fewer trannies in their admin, RC. Maybe even 0.

    They do have a problem with illegal immigrants, though. Chinese into Siberia. I’m sure they’d just gun them down if they could, but that’s a long, remote border.

  81. Link to a police shooting on twitface. It’s pretty graphic so link clickers be warned

  82. Lance Reddick died. I liked him in Fringe. Only 60.

  83. Link to a police shooting on twitface. It’s pretty graphic so link clickers be warned
    Pretty sure that guy is headed for a trial. The proper response was to let him kill the girl so that no one would get hurt.

  84. I think we have to consider that the ho wasn’t paid up.

    What if she backtalked?

    He had his reasons for getting stabby so now we should burn some shit down.

    Who be with me?

  85. The guy in the background is one lucky dude.

  86. Whoah. I hope everyone is OK.

  87. Still moving after 14 shots at point blank range… they either need to put decent hollow points in those 9mm europellet guns, or go back to .40SW or .45ACP.

  88. Pretty sure Stabby went home to be with the Lord


    I sent that to Ben and asked him when he’s trying it

  90. Canning a metric asselödden of meat this weekend. Got 7 quarts of chicken going right now.
    I need a bigger canner.
    Going to bite the bullet and get myself an American all-metal for my birthday this year.

  91. yeah that’s right i dropped the umlaut o on you



  92. Found out one of the, ahem, performers I used to enjoy has now decided she’s a boy (he/him). I’m not sure if it’s a troll for more attention or I should be in mourning.

    I will continue to pray she gets out of pr0n and comes to the Lord before she has her pre-arranged meeting. Just one more intention, I guess.

  93. It should be called “jarring”. Not a can in sight.

  94. Jarring is what I went through. Canning is putting up food in jars. That’s just how it is.


  95. “Nice cans” is so much better than “Nice jars”

  96. Oh man, she has beautiful jars. It’d be a crime against nature to cut those. I really hope this is a troll.

  97. Holy shit, a fully-loaded All-American large capacity canner is so heavy it can crack my glass cooktop. I’d have to always put it on the gas burner outside. Forget that shit.
    Presto it is.

  98. My All-American (*cue angelic chorus music*) is too tall for my stove and the microwave over it. I’d have to do the same thing but still haven’t done any canning in a few years. Either way it’s over propane.

  99. Time for the annual watching of “The Quiet Man”. No pattyfingers, if you please.

  100. If you put a pizza on top of a pizza, you have a stack of pizzas, or a sandwich.

    If you put a lasagne on top of a lasagne, you still have a lasagne.

  101. I bought a canner but haven’t used it. I have the kind of stove Biden is trying to ban, so I’m not worried about the capacity.

  102. Rumors on twatter they’re going to arrest Trump next week.

    Oh, and Pool League Update because I know y’all are wondering: needed 9 wins, got 12! Personally I went 2W – 3L.

  103. A pizza on a pizza is a pie.

  104. The walls are closing in!

  105. Oso, what were your PGA selections for the week?

    I have Fleetwood and Clark, and some knucklehead named Brehm who was winning yesterday and shot a 75 today.

  106. We didn’t bet this week. We weren’t convinced we thought Speith and JT, but couldn’t pull the trigger.

  107. Miss Deadly Red is a victim of “I don’t have to work out because I look hot already” mentality.

    She still hot, and also now more sweaty.

  108. As long as it’s fresh sweat, okay. It’s the stale stuff that turns my nose.

  109. Congrats, Mitchell!

  110. Mitchell is not embarrassing the H2 family. Can any of you say the same? Hmmm?

  111. No, I’m an ambulatory ball of shame.

  112. I wish sobriety on certain people as a curse and I wish sobriety on those that value it as a blessing.
    Don’t be the first kind.

  113. Don’t eat Reginald’s peaches.

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