Snow Job

March Madness at casa d’monquee.

Had a bit of a wet snow.

It turned a bit chilly so the snow didn’t melt immediately – so i decided to go for a drive and flick a pic____ or 2.

-Here ya go-

view from the balcony – looking east up the river valley
this is a little dying village headed over towards the farm – used to be a lively stop during the barge canal days
trains still occasionally roll along… not sure what they’re hauling; maybe the undocumented heading north
no stopping that horde
New orchard starting up… NY still has a pretty good fruit industry. A bunch of little places are trying to make a go.
this guy has a nice spread… grass landing strip on the other side
this spillway claimed the lives of a couple of rescue guys back in the day; some boaters got sideways – when the river floods that hydraulic is pretty vigorous
shuttered dairy plant – industry is not welcome in the northeast
lots o’bridges in a short section of river
hill d’monquee
hill d’monquee a little bit farther downriver
confluence of the Chenango and Susquehanna
ye ole hickory

Cold breakfast for da boids
looking south – ish was the slate-colored junco
dinner on the hoof
Spring is On It’s Way -Plecoptera – fly fishing is right around the corner!!!



  1. Your mom also has a nice spread

    No grass on her landing strip though

  2. Great pictures Jam. They serve as a reminder that Upstate is a whole different place than the NY we endlessly parody. Frigging politicians have ruined it …

  3. We got a bunch of wet snow between Monday and Tuesday, maybe 6 or 8 inches? Snow at this time of year doesn’t annoy me as much as it does earlier when the days are shorter and colder. This stuff will be gone in a week or so. I took pictures of the pine trees in my backyard yesterday because they were so laden with snow. I’ll look back at them in a few weeks and wonder where winter went (I hope!)

  4. We got snow last Friday, then again Tuesday. All of it is gone now except the stuff in perpetual shadow.

  5. All the Eastern Time zone hostages ought to be up and at em by now. Whadup??

  6. Our river valley was all rain. Some wet snow fell but none of it survived a moment on the ground. Everywhere around us got snow.
    It’s not unusual for the valley to be a bit warmer in certain times of year and the rain/snow line to encompass it, or even for us to miss the precip entirely.
    Years ago I was at work about 1/2 hr. west of here during a blizzard. When I drove home in the afternoon my truck was covered with lots of snow. On the highway closer to town, the snow stopped. When I got off the exit, the pavement was dry, it was a nice day, and everybody stared at me as my snow-covered truck rolled by.

  7. Pendejo, DST is ravaging our household. Brains not working right. It usually doesn’t bother me but the last couple days have sucked.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. I was out feeding birbs. Going to have to swap them to a hopper instead of the chick tray soon.

  10. I think I’ve recovered from DST disorder. I was sorta messed up for a few days – actually messed up my appetite which was weird. Just wasn’t hungry at all. FOcused on eating 100% super healthy when I ate, and now I feel better.

  11. Fiddled with my CPAP filter and mask, cleaned and adjusted, got the best two nights of sleep all month. Isn’t making up for the yearly theft of an hour by our corrupt government, but it helps.

  12. Every company that makes breakfast cereal is woke AF, at least based on corporate donations. There’s room for a company that like, just makes cereal and doesn’t do any politics at all, but I am pretty sure GenMills and Kellogg and Post would crush them.

  13. Nobody tell Jeremy Borering. He’ll make Jeremy’s Flakes or something and sell them on a website to like 50k fanboys for a month.

    I mean a genuine “we just make food” company. No politics, just core mission: making product, paying workers without splitting their salary with causes.

  14. Nice composition on several of these, Jam – especially the dying village one and the r.r. track one right after it.

  15. Purdy

  16. Mollie Hemingway wrote a great piece here.

    Pence is a cunt – a pious, pandering cunt.

  17. Does Pence have any kids on the board of a Ukrainian oil or telcom corp?

  18. Hello delicious faggots

  19. That’s easily the nicest compliment I’ve gotten all week.

  20. Low hydraulic head spillways that are drowning traps

  21. oops …

  22. Sorry about that … that wasn’t the vid I thought it was.

  23. Aw dam.

  24. I knew I should have done civil engineering.

    “What do you do?”
    “I’m a dam safety engineer”

  25. “I know every dam thing there is to know.”

    The potential for dad jokes alone is tremendous.

  26. Finally added weight to my bench press. I’d been stuck at 115 for a long time. Did 120. Failed the first time, then got it!!

  27. We should levee a tax for those jokes.

  28. Great job.

    Why not 121?

  29. Because I suck MJ. lol

  30. Your mom is great at low head, damn.

  31. I almost gave you shit and asked if those numbers were in kg, Carin, but I didn’t because those are pretty good numbers.

    You know, for a girl.

  32. Yea, my upper body strength has always been poor, but I’m working on it.

    I’m going to have to lose a lot of weight to be able to bench my bodyweight – lol. ( *think* the women’s “standard” is 75% of their bodyweight so I’ve unlocked that one).

    My one buddy lifted 135, and the strongest women in the gym are in the 160 range – but only two I think. My other friend – who is really strong and can outlift me in many overhead lifts- only got 105, which was a PR for her. I’m curious what Coach Sam is going to get. We’re always really close in our bench.

  33. OHP was always my worst lift. Best I ever managed was 145 for 2 at 170 lb bodyweight. Bench I was better at but I almost wrecked my elbows trying to become mediocre at it. If I started back on barbells I’d probably skip bench altogether and just do OHP and pushups.

  34. Weight Lift Blog

  35. I think it’s awesome that you benched 120.

  36. First lizard sighting of the season. Young anole wandering across a bush, sighted at lunchtime. Anoles are most of what I see, though I’ve seen a couple of skinks near the office in the past. Throat wasn’t in mating display so it’s not quite that time yet, I guess.

  37. I enjoyed your pics, Jam. Thanks.

  38. So many things about that Pence link…

    The picture is a perfect rendition of his smarmy smile that needs to be punched.

    Hey, Pence, you’ve been Vice President of the United States, and a Governor, get a suit that fricking fits.

    Question, can he be this dumb? Spoiler, yes.

    “According to a new Politico article, the Pence team intentionally crafted their remarks because they “believed it would help Pence win over his most skeptical audience these days: Washington insiders and journalists.””

    Pence is so utterly dense he actually thinks he can “win over” the press. hahahahhaha What a dumbass.

  39. Comment by MJ (ghee/ghem) on March 16, 2023 10:58 am
    Hello delicious faggots

    Comment by leoncaruthers on March 16, 2023 11:01 am
    That’s easily the nicest compliment I’ve gotten all week.


    hahahahaha You turds are gold. Gold I say!

  40. Even my wife has never called me delicious.

    I mean, your mom does, but she’s not exactly a woman of discriminating taste.

  41. I enjoyed the pics today too, Jam. Shoulda said as much. Hope you don’t have too many downed branches to tidy up. That pic with the power lines spooked me.

  42. If you were wondering why Credit Suisse is on the verge of collapse (it actually already has and is being propped up by a bunch of quasi-legal and outright illegal funding from various entities), wonder no more.

  43. Odd, the two first banks to go under have trans freaks in places of authority.

  44. I’m with Razorfist in these cases. The fundamentals were already fucked (“go broke”) so they installed DIE and trannies (“go woke”) to deflect criticism until it was undeniable.

    Disney’s formulation of this strategy is actually the outlier. Mostly it goes in this order, much like Victoria’s Secret.

  45. Huh, that makes perfect sense.

    And these sly CFO’s are way out of a dipshit tranny’s league in terms of chess play.

  46. When you consider these banks managed billions of dollars and completely missed the impending doom or willfully ignored it then you realize we are not a serious people.

    See also the Taliban’s HMMV Fleet

  47. That has the potential to enrage me, Jimbro.

  48. O’Keefe, moving on:

    Looks like it’s pay to play if you scroll to the bottom. Not sure how that’ll work out for him. If we start hearing about major scoops and take downs of the libs he may pull it off.

  49. O

  50. Carin,
    I’m in Munich now and the hotel gym is lame.

    No barbells, only 20k dumbells. Did a lot of shoulder work and biceps. They had a bosu, so did crunches.

    I’m getting up there in age, but I can still move metal.I usuallly work out with 225 on bench, don’t try to max lift anymore.

  51. Is Hannah Giles on board over there?

    I’d scroll down to her bottom.

  52. 1. Smoke when you’re using an oxygen tank
    2. Burn own place down
    3. Get seen in ER
    4. Have generous friends offer to put you up
    5. Smoke in their house while on oxygen
    6. Burn their place down
    7. Die

  53. Sounds like a great friend to have.

  54. It’s not about gender, etc. it’s about bizarre sexual fetish for too many of them.

  55. I’m on my phone or I’d hide that link. Didn’t really want the comics posted here although that is really the point.

  56. ^^^ Hannah Giles

    I’m seeing what you’re saying

  57. It takes a confident woman to wear a scarf as a skirt.

  58. Thought this might be Jimbro’s smoker, but he’s not.

  59. I chopped up some of the homemade smoked canadian bacon I made recently and put it in a quiche along with sauteed peppers and onions etc. in the filling.
    The smoky flavor in there is delightful. Texture came out creamy. Sure wish I had written anything down about what I did.

  60. Here’s hoping Furman is this year’s St. Peter’s in the bball tournament. I spent part of a summer at Furman, beautiful campus. All liberal arts, though.

  61. That sounds good, Lumps. Mr. RFH made BLTs, and I left off the bread and just had a big salad with strips of bacon on top.

  62. Yum. Always make extra bacon when salads are happening.
    Still too cold here for that, but SOON.

  63. It warmed up into the 60s today, but it’s supposed to dip back below freezing over the weekend. I have the ingredients for Tuscan soup and sausage and butternut squash soup ready to go. (Yes, Osita, I know.) I’m going to try to make some meals ahead of time so life will be a little easier after Tuesday.

  64. Darren enjoys reheated pizza.

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