Happy St Patrick’s Meme!


  1. Málaí cáise maithe maidine

  2. Paddy’s walking home from the pub when he finds a woman tied to the railway track. He frees her and takes her home, where they make passionate love all night. The next day Paddy is drinking with Seamus when he boasts about the night before. “So what does she look like, Paddy?” asks Seamus. “I don’t know,” replies Paddy. “I haven’t found her head yet!”

  3. Paddy and Hotspur are sitting in a small-town bar.

    Paddy brags, “You know, I’ve had every woman in this town. Except me mammy, of course!”

    “Well then,” says Hotspur. “Between you and I, we’ve had ’em all!”

  4. heh the paddy subgenre of ethnic jokes. at least we can still make fun of white people

  5. “Certain” white people!

  6. Somehow I don’t believe him


  7. wakey wakey

  8. When your bank is backstopped by the Fed, why would anything about your operations change in — *chuckles* –insolvency?

  9. There used to be an AoS commentor with the nic “Bitcoin fixes everything”. I don’t recall him ever explaining it in a comment, just the nic. It’s not true, but it’s not far off. The power of the .gov doesn’t actually flow from the barrel of a gun most of the time, it flows from the money printer. If they couldn’t just keep throwing dollars they just fiat’ed at every bullshit policy goal, all they have left are the bullets they haven’t sent to Zelensky, and a bunch of soldiers they can’t pay.

  10. I’ve read a lot about the alternate currency Russia, China and several other like minded nations are arranging with at least a partial reliance on a gold standard for it. The end of the petrodollar is coming.

  11. You guys were talking about buying beef in quantity yesterday. I came across this place at some point a while ago but have never ordered from them


    I’m not opposed to ordering from them but have no idea how their prices stack up against a local alternative. Even if it was similar I’d even pay a local farm more to support them.

  12. Oh yeah, Happy Pi Day to all you math geeks

  13. Happy Pi Day.

    Played a Catholic trivia game this morning, didn’t know Pope Pius XI had sent an encyclical in German (they are usually in Latin) to all the German and Austrian churches on this day in 1937. It didn’t mention the Nazis directly, but it pissed off Hitler enough that he shut down the printing presses and amped up persecution of the Church.

  14. Waffle House

    Almost stopped at one this morning on way to the vet.

  15. Comment by Jimbro on March 14, 2023 7:54 am

    Somehow I don’t believe him

    – – – – – – –

    Given what happened, I’m not so sure that is very reassuring.

  16. RC, I’m crying.

  17. When I raised my own beef, it was definitely grass-fed, and never had any gamey taste to it. I don’t know if that was because I fed a small amount of sweet feed and beet pulp all the time, or because I always butchered a 2-year old steer who had continued to nurse the entire time (so milk-fed?) I wouldn’t have said they were finished off on grain though.
    The hoops a local place has to jump through to sell finished cuts of beef without drawing the ire of the DoAg meant we only butchered for our own consumption. The place that processed always stamped the packages “Not for Commercial Sale” or something to that effect. So it may be difficult to find a local farm. The way around it was to sell the live animal directly.

  18. Proof that SNL has the potential to not suck

  19. I wouldn’t order from Reil Ranch just because a “holistic pediatrician” is one of their spokesweirdos.

  20. heh, I’ve had plenty of packages of different types of meat with Not For Commercial Sale stamped on it. I even brought some sausages to CT meatup that was labeled Lab use only, from the ISU meat lab, courtesy of Mrs Russ.

  21. I’ve had plenty of packages of different types of meat

    Same here.

  22. Biden: “I can remember exactly when my epiphany [on supporting gay marriage] was … I was a senior in high school. And my dad was dropping me off and I remember I was about to get out of the car and I looked to my right and two well-dressed men in suits kissed each other.”

    And the media just laps it up! Trump was the only pro gay marriage candidate in 2016. Probably the first one in history that was elected.

  23. If I ever got into selling essential oils or dried herbs, I’d have two business sites/LLCs. Same products, same prices. One site I’d have written by ChatGPT in the voice of a crystal-waving acid tripping “witch” and the other I’d write myself.

    I genuinely have no idea which one would have a higher yield these days.

  24. You’re no longer allowed to be anti gay “marriage” and run for anything above village council.

    Yay. Progress.

  25. Oh, no, I’m so sorry Vman. A heartfelt hug to you.

  26. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 14, 2023 9:16 am
    I wouldn’t order from Reil Ranch just because a “holistic pediatrician” is one of their spokesweirdos.


    If you have babies or young children, if you aren’t using a holistic pediatrician you’re nuts.

    Pediatricians get huge bonuses for fully vaxed kids at a certain percentage. For example, 74% of your patients are fully vaccinated you hit your Pfizer bonus. It could be up to $40,000 a year.

    Those MFers are giving close to 20 shots (compounded) that are not necessary.

    The childhood vaccine schedule is worse WAY worse than the covid vaccine.

  27. Fuck gay marriage.

    That is also heartfelt.

  28. I’m still alive.

  29. Unless, of course, you can prove otherwise. . .

  30. **squishy hugs MCPO**

  31. Mare, I just saw a Dr. Mercola article on how the SIDS rate dropped in the early days of the pandemic. The babies weren’t getting their vaxes, and IIRC the death rate dropped by a third. Let me see if I can find that again.

  32. One fine spring morning Mrs. O’Callahan was weeding in her cabbage patch. Down the road walked a young man with a valise in his hand. “Is that you Sean?”, called the old woman. “Sure it is.”, he replied. “Where would you be going with your bag packed and all?”. “Well”. He said, “I’m off to America to study at the JohnsHopkins University to become a doctor!”
    “By the saints! Isn’t education a wonderful thing?!” exclaimed the old women.
    The years rolled by and once again in the spring, the aged Mrs. O’Callahan was out hoeing in her garden. Up the road walked a distinguished gentleman with a battered valise in his hand. “Is that you Sean?” “Sure and it is, Missus.”, the man exclaimed. “Where have you been all these years?”
    “I’ve been off to America. I’ve studied at the Johns Hopkins University and become a doctor.”
    “Isn’t education a wonderful thing!”, said Mrs. O’Callahan.
    They talked for some time before the old woman looked up at him a bit queerly. “Boy-o, what’s that hairy thing you’ve got growing on yer chin?”, she queried.
    Sean puffs himself up proudly and says, “That’s called a Vandyke, don’t ya know. All the doctors and professors in America wear Vandykes!”
    “By the saints!” she says, “Isn’t education a wonderful thing! I’ve been pissing through one of those things for 80 years and never knew what you called it!”.

  33. Alert the press.

    MCPO is still alive.

  34. A non-voting member of congress has demanded to see the press’s sources on that.

  35. Are the docs taking good care of you, MCPO? How are you doing?

  36. So, I probably haven’t blabbered on to you guys about zone 2 workouts, have I? Well, I was looking up the 12:3:30 workout, and mark Sisson apparently is all in of support for zone 2 workouts! That’s how I read this:

    “My biggest concern is that this could become just another form of chronic cardio depending on how challenging this workout is for you. Generally speaking, I define chronic cardio as sustained, repetitive exercise that keeps your heart rate pegged in the “black hole.” That’s the middling ground where workouts are too hard to be considered truly aerobic and not hard enough to achieve the benefits of high-intensity workouts like sprinting.

    The best way to know if you’re in the black hole is to use a heart rate monitor. To keep your effort level in the aerobic zone—which is what I’d recommend here—you’d want your heart rate to stay below the MAF threshold of 180 minus age. For example, a 50-year-old wouldn’t exceed a heart rate of 130 beats per minute at any point during the workout.”

    My run class I teach folks how to run in zone 2, and we do most of our workouts in that zone – adding in appropriate speed work.

    12:3:30 is 12% incline, 3 MPH, for 30 minuets. It’s a “trend” right now.

  37. Roamy- Had a slight set back. Oral surgery that was scheduled for 40 minutes took 2.5 hours. Found more rot on the jawbone which required the removal of additional tissue/ bone grafts and the removal of another tooth. Now, I’ve got some pretty intensive TMJ issues. This too shall pass.

  38. Sorry to hear, Chief, but hopefully you are on the mend.

    We miss you.

  39. MCPO it’s really good to see you.
    The teeth stuff is awful. This too shall pass, indeed!

    Roamy thank you for that link.

    Carin If you listen to Atilla, Huberman, Metabolic Mike and others they have been talking about zone 2 cardio for years.
    12:3:30 is a great workout because it gets the glutes and calves, is short and gets a good sweat on.

    I would say getting a heart rate monitor (the one that go around your chest) would be a good idea. They say they are more accurate.

  40. MCPO, what Hotspur said.

  41. I have a heart rate monitor -apple watch and a chest strap for the treadmill/rower. But the wrist one is pretty accurate, the two are usually about the same although the chest gives a quicker response. I do a lot of inclines on the tread because the one trainer I follow is usually running/hiking up the mountains. My tread goes up to 15% incline, and I can tell you I cannot do 3 mph at 15%. lol. Not in zone 2.

    My fitness goals are pretty different than the “short and sweet” workout model, since I’m usually training for “something”. I do about 80% zone 2 running, with 20% sprint/speed work. About 25 miles a week right now, so that’s more than 30 min a day, plus add in crossfit.

    I get irritated with the “STOP RUNNING, YOU’RE WASTING TIME” things you see everywhere. I don’t work out to get a bikini body (although that would be nice). I’m trying to build mileage and strength so I don’t die running 32 miles in a few months. lol.

  42. Tommy Rivs has a hiking series through the Swiss Alps. Most of those workouts are only 30 min, because that’s about all most people can handle. But it’s about 30 min of straight uphill. It is ROUGH. But the scenery is gorgeous and Tommy is telling me interesting details about everything we see.

  43. J6 just a reason to give Nancy an excuse to stop everything and install Brandon?


  44. When did Sobek start consulting with the Jerusalem Post?

    Asteroid the size of 69 American alligators to pass Earth Tuesday – NASA

  45. Enough of all the right people dislike DeSantis to push me even further into his corner.

    Kinzinger, Kristol, Frum, French, Goldberg, Rick Wilson, Joe Walsh, Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin. Anyone missing?

  46. “Zone 2” sounds a lot like me pacing myself for heavy yard work and tree breakdown.

    I’ve got plenty of that to do, so I’ll just do that.

  47. Well, depends if your truly in zone two. lol You’re going to need a heart rate monitor.

  48. Zone 2 is moderate intensity. I can’t get into zone 2 walking unless I’m going REALLY fast on an incline. Usually my legs give out before my heart rate gets up there, but I can do it sometimes. Biking – near impossible. For me it’s a heart rate of 125-135-ish. Continual training in zone two makes (obviously) improvements. When I started I was going pretty slow, but I can do 11 min miles in zone 2 now. I’ve never been a fast distance runner. my class – some of them can’t run at all and stay in zone 2 – they go right to 3 or 4.

  49. I’m 47 and my grandpa died at 44 of a heart attack.

    Trust me, I’m monitoring.

  50. Biking – near impossible.
    Have you ever done a spin class? I went to a few when I worked in St. Louis and was close to begging for mercy by the end of them. I don’t know whether that was zone 2 or not, pretty sure I’ve never owned a HR monitor.

  51. It finally started snowing about a half hour ago. We’ve been waiting for the BIG STORM all day.

  52. PET scan coming up on Thursday. Fingers crossed!

  53. Steve Green must be turgid over the drone knockdown by Ebil Poo Tin.

  54. I had your mom in zone 2 for a while there.

  55. Biden’s comments about laws against transing kids being “almost sinful” is dumb beyond words if you think he was at some point a catechized christian of any stripe.

    But it’s perfectly in line with his role as a servant of Ba’al.

    For reference, the Promised Land was under the feet of nations who worshipped Ba’al, for whom child sacrifice and temple prostitution was regular religious obligation. IIRC, these are the only folks for whom God ever sanctioned outright, total genocide. Sure hope there are no nations like that around today.

  56. Leon, which Steve Green? Not the Green from Right Angles?

  57. MCPO, you will be in my prayers Thursday.

  58. Same guy. His comments on Instapundit with the Uke war links read like he’s been mixing the vodka with a lot of Kool-Aid.

  59. Who had giant seaweed blob for spring 2023?


  60. Honestly, that stuff is fantastic fertilizer. Besides nutrients, it also contains plant growth hormones. Sell it to fertilizer companies and clean up! Lemons to lemonade.

  61. How do you get the salt out?

  62. 🙏🏼 for MCPO.

  63. However they get salt out of kelp now, I guess. It’s a popular fertilizer and food supplement.

  64. Good to see MCPO!

  65. That looks like zone 1 shit Pupster.


  67. So, Jamie Lee Curtis’s son is a girl now and married another woman, so they’re a lesbian couple. Got it. An these people lecture us.

    He wasn’t an attractive guy, so you can only imagine how he is as a woman.

  68. Lumps, create a crap account on FB. MCPO has a new grandson. Russ is rehabbing there.

  69. SpaceX launch in about 20 minutes, I hope, carrying two of my experiments. NASA TV or SpaceX Youtube channel.

  70. Penis

  71. Congrats, Roamie

  72. **happy dance**

    I’ll be even happier once it docks with ISS.

  73. COOOL!!!

  74. Docks!

  75. The ISS should have 2 door gunner positions. Just sayin’.

  76. I was going to make a crack about “we do, it’s just on the Russian side”. Is “Space Shuttle Door Gunner” still around Twitter and the mothership?

    I saw where Mark Kelly opened his piehole about censoring, he’s definitely the elite to be making decisions about what you, the peon, get to hear, eat, do, etc. Never mind that oath he took to defend the Constitution, his needs are greater. Jackass.

  77. Damon enjoys rooftop parkour.

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