MMM 536

It’s already March, but no worries, we’ve still got snow here. Or rather, we have snow again. I saw the sun last week for a few minutes, so that was nice.

I’m sure she’s really a geek and totally not just trying to gather simps.


Pupster photobomb. Surprised he’s not knocking her over.

I hate plates with edges.

What’s happening in this picture?

Tasteful monochrome.

Today’s triptych.

Real eyelashes or nah?

Today’s other triptych.

Well, it fits the season outside my window just fine.

And that’s all for this week. I hope your financial institution of choice remains solvent.


  1. good morning

    I just found out that we have been collecting state sales tax that we didn’t need to (out of state customers).
    I have to crack open the manual and see if I can reprogram our cash register to make a couple ‘non-tax’ buttons for materials and service.
    What a pain in the ass.

  2. We had a dude take a shit on our business reviews page with lies about our service that I had already corrected him on, in personal correspondence. I dealt with this guy over two months ago and explained how we do business and he wigged out and told me to never contact him again. I respected his wish to have the last word even though his last words were mostly ignorant bullshit.

    Then he pops up two months later to give us a one star review and spout the same exact nonsense I corrected him on. I guess even though it was his wish, he regrets that I never did say another thing to him.
    I’m glad he reopened the conversation. *cracks knuckles*

    Gonna reply today.

  3. Professionally, of course.
    I think he wants me to pay him. That’s the feeling I got from the first interaction.

  4. I’ve seen businesses respond to bad comments in the review sections of various online rating agencies before. I don’t know if that’s an option and I can’t recall if the responses were on a home grown site or one of the “name” review sites.

    The frustrations that a business owner has to deal with make me cringe. I’m sure there’s an adage about how some small percentage of customers take up the majority of your time because I’ve seen it before.

  5. I saw a new term for 3D printing this morning: “Additive Manufacturing”. That seems like a benign euphemism in the grand scheme of euphemisms.

    I first saw a 3D printer in Memphis when I went on a weekend junket sponsored by Sofamor Danek back in the days when they could do that shit. I stayed in the hotel where the ducks have a parade in the evening and ate at a couple of nice restaurants. I met with a bunch of engineers who showed me how they could print a plastic screw in minutes. This was 1999, I’m sure the process has been streamlined many times over since then.

  6. They sure do. This guy apparently thinks people should work for free. We are a charity. Oh, and we suck at our job too.
    He wanted to know why a heavy chunk of heavy-gauge fucking steel from a literal battlefield wasn’t bubblewrapped for shipping.
    What the fuck is bubblewrap going to do? Except get popped by the edges of the steel and create space in the box for the thing to roll around and eventually break out of the carton. Fucking numbnuts.
    It wasn’t damaged in shipping or anything- OF COURSE it wasn’t. I’d hit that thing with a hammer but I’d be afraid of hurting my hammer!
    I’m going to be as polite as possible and also include a copy of our correspondence from two months ago so anybody reading this would know I answered this shit two months ago and that he was still retarded.

  7. That’s an old term, Jimbro, just new to you. I heard it 20 years ago applied to hypothetical diamandoid mechanosynthesis a la Engines of Creation.

  8. Pupster photobomb reminds me of the Isle of Man triskelion.

  9. wakey waky

  10. I stayed in the hotel where the ducks have a parade in the evening

    That’s the Peabody Hotel.

  11. Went to Top Gold yesterday and I did pretty fantastic. My shoulders are a little sore today. Just a little. Slept like dogshit. I have a busy day today – and I now have to coach the kid’s class … which is sorta like coaching kittens.

  12. somebody mentioned a version of COQ10 with an improvement, wasn’t it here? I’m gonna have to refill. Laura or leon?

  13. By contrast, nearly everything you do in a machine shop (essentially carving parts out of blocks of metal) is “subtractive manufacturing”. Injection molding and things like brickmaking fall under additive.

  14. Top Gold sounds like a really high end strip club. Maybe Top Golf?

  15. Several of my flight experiments have involved additively manufactured materials. Coolest thing (to me) is the printed electronics. If something craps out on the Moon or Mars, they want to be able to print another.

  16. What is Top Gold?

  17. how many online reviews are just like that, some asshole complaining he didn’t get something for free? You can’t look at one review, there has to be multiples.

  18. Had to be Lumps, I’m not doing much vitamin reading lately.

  19. Top Golf. Sorry. lol

  20. When I look at the price of something or a service (especially small business), at the end of the analysis I think they have to make a profit so…

    I was looking at a meal prep service and what they charged per meal. When I considered shopping for the food, the cost of the food, preparing it, packaging it, shipping, and a profit on their end it seemed pretty reasonable.

    Just contemplating a short-term kick for what I consider a fairly boring menu I make on my own.

  21. I thought you might have meant that Carin and then it occurred to me it might be a super secret inside CrossFit kind of deal. Plus your shoulders hurt so I thought maybe too many clean and jerks.

  22. wow, printed electronics. That sounds really cool.

  23. Leon, have you considered investing in a red light panel or something else that could compensate for the lack of sunlight.

    I had SAD in Texas and it was brutal. Mood, sleep, weight, outlook. If I had known, I would have paid anything to get the proper light.

  24. Climate change activist Greta Thunberg deleted a tweet from 2018 that linked to an article that claimed climate change will end human life on earth by 2023.

  25. The internet remembered because I saw that somewhere over the weekend

  26. Politics aside and forgetting the stupid 15-minute city implications, I enjoyed this video because it showed transforming an urban hellscape into a beautiful, clean place is possible. Beauty does matter. And our buildings being beautiful matters a lot.

  27. **hopes Lumps sends the flying monkeys after the bad reviewer**

  28. Most circuit boards are “printed” after a fashion, I imagine it’s a question of portability, efficiency, and adaptation to non-Earth environments.

  29. I am a morning person. I do not like Daylight Savings time. I like daybreak earlier.

  30. I had a cook once. It was awesome.

    She cooked us four meals a week, Mon-Thu.

    What she did was make larger batches of what she was making for herself. That way the shopping was the same list, just more of it.

    On her way to her regular job on Monday she would deliver the food and put it right in our freezer. The cost wasn’t much more that just buying the groceries.

    Did I mention it was awesome?

  31. Huh, I wonder why more people don’t do that.

  32. hell, I should do that. Give me an excuse to try more things.

    Probably a regulation against it.

  33. My thoughts exactly. I guarantee if the wrong Karen got wind of a successful catering enterprise the fines and penalties would be outrageous

  34. Huh, I wonder why more people don’t do that.

    Regulatory barriers to entry, lawsuits. Nearly every case of food poisoning started in a kitchen the Health Dept signed off on, and almost no home kitchen would pass, but guilds gotta guild.

  35. Paula did that with a local woman who advertised through her gym. It was good, she used the meals for work and every now and then I’d have one. Great variety, tasty and enough food in the tray to keep a large man happy. Just got too expensive. She also did one of the big ones that advertises but I forget which one. That was less good and quickly ended.

  36. There are a few that are essentially meal kits rather than ready meals, where they just deliver groceries and instructions. I imagine that skirts most of the liability issues aside from outright contamination, and they can pass that to their vendor.

  37. I looked at those services, and I can still shop better than they can. Iowa has better prices. I can imagine that Hello Fresh is a lot more appealing in a city where you go to Whole Paycheck to shop. Fareway has great food for less.

  38. plus, my wife had bariatric surgery, and eats 3 oz at a time. Protein first, too, so veggies are all me, along with bread, pasta, etc.

  39. twitter: This is Kentucky’s 2022 Teacher of the Year

    Kentucky, not New York, not California. Kentucky.

  40. I don’t like other people touching my shit and that includes my food. We eat out about twice a month at my wife’s insistence. When I have to travel all day I get by on peanuts, crackers, and diet sodas.

  41. Kentucky, not New York, not California

    4/10. Would not hit.

  42. How do you know McConnell isn’t on our side?

  43. Inversion achieved. My CU is now offering share certificates (CDs) at 4.25% while my mortgage is at 3.5%. Time to start buying certificates.

  44. “No losses will be borne by the taxpayers. Instead the money will come from the fees that banks pay in to the deposit insurance fund …”

    And where does he imagine the money the bank uses to pay these fees comes from? What an idiot.

  45. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 13, 2023 10:53 am

    How do you know McConnell isn’t on our side?
    – – – – – – –

    “Sure, he has disappointed me over the years (his low point might be his refusal to vote to convict Donald Trump at his post-Jan. 6 second impeachment trial), …”

    That was all I needed to read to discount anything Matt Lewis had to say.

  46. Ugh. Trying to work out what I would need to get a month’s worth of groceries on the cheap in one swoop. I know, gotta get more income, but I gotta work with what I have until that happens.

    Just gonna get worse with all this garbage.

  47. Get pork butt or chicken breasts in bulk, cook them all at once. Sub them for ground beef, change is good and tasty, and these are usually cheaper than ground beef. Beans are good filler too. Soak the beans overnight, then just cook them in whatever you are cooking.

  48. Pork loin is really cyclical. Every few months it’s dirt cheap when the farmers are culling herds for one reason or another. If you can get that into a freezer when it’s cheap, do it.

    That said, I know freezer space isn’t always cheap, but IME a stand or chest freezer used well will pay for itself within year 1, then it’s pure discounts if you watch and store when the time is right.

  49. also, sous vide is a great saver. Cooking bulk will preserve that meat for weeks, even if you just keep it in the fridge. pasteurization is a wonderful thing.

  50. I’m sharing fridge and freezer space with two other people and can’t at all afford expanding storage on that. Gotta work within the limitations I have. No cash for fancy machines.

  51. If you can find a freezer. Dad had to wait over a year for one that wasn’t Nancy Pelosi level.

  52. Ah, moot point anyway.

    BroTim, there’s two Aldi’s in what I think is your neck of the woods, go shopping there. has a weekly menu where she looks at what Aldi’s has for sale and does six dinners for four for $70. With just you, that’s 24 dinners, add here and there to get your month.

    My only caveat with shopping at Aldi’s is look closely at the produce, sometimes it’s past shelf life or needs to be eaten in the next day or two. Most of the Aldi’s brands are equivalent to the name brands, the exception for me being crackers.

  53. Last time I shopped there, they had a family pack of chicken drumsticks for 99 cents a pound and spiral-sliced ham for 79 cents a pound. There’s also the “aisle of shame” where stuff is marked way down – I got big cans of vegetable soup leftover from their German festival for under $1. There’s almost always boxes of cereal for $1 or so.

  54. the hotel where the ducks have a parade in the evening
    That’s the Peabody Hotel.
    Bingo! All I remember was that it was, a. fancy and, b. the duck story

  55. Food grade buckets. Beans, rice. Canning meat from the store is an option. You’d need a pressure canner and jars and it’s a bit of work, then you need space for it, but no freezer required. Lots of prepper types do this to reduce electricity demand, particularly when off grid.

  56. Aldis has become my go-to for shopping. Very affordable. Right now I’m just trying to figure out how to do a month in one go instead of maintaining the illusion that both my paychecks can be used to buy groceries, given the uneven distribution of my bills over the month. I have a tentative plan but it’s still kinda discouraging.

    The real answer is “get a better paying job”, of course, but I gotta do what I gotta do until that happens.

  57. The bread, cereal, and canned goods they have available are especially worthwhile. I’ve no complaints on the quality, frankly. (Especially the chili. Canned chili makes a great meal or meal enhancer.)

  58. I miss the deal Aldi’s used to have with eggs. I remember buying eggs for 29 cents a dozen before Biden. A couple of scrambled eggs with onion, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese made a cheap, tasty meal. I think last time they were $5 a dozen, hopefully they’ve come back down to something reasonable.

  59. Supermarket Blog

  60. Take the Insurrection Tour …

  61. have you tried eat street, door dash, etc, for a little supplemental income? I think you can work as much or as little as you want.

  62. ladies, you win again!

    Mar 12
    Women in Berlin can now swim topless in the city’s public pools if they choose to. It’s being hailed as a step forward for gender equality in the German capital.

  63. President Biden has just reassured Americans that our banking system is safe.

    “Every American should feel confident that their deposits will be there if and when they need them.”

    At the same time, scores of banks’ shares were withdrawn from trading this morning for no obvious reason, except that people were trying to dump them as fast as possible for whatever they could get.

  64. Ben does door dash every now and then. Less often now that he’s busy in school. He and his friends ride around together while doing it as a social activity.

    He was doing the private shopper thing at whole paycheck for a while. We were happy when he finally figured out for himself that doing the same thing for more money at the Hannaford’s store 5 minutes away from campus was preferable to driving 45 minutes on a toll highway to work at whole foods.

  65. I’m sure all the recent immigrants to Germany will enjoy the topless swimming and it will help with the European rape epidemic.

    Gender equality will require cracking a few eggs

  66. Topless sunbathing at the beach is common all over Europe.

    Sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

  67. Tube socks with nipples.

  68. Tube socks with nipples on a hill with a belly button.

  69. I’ve had the experience on Martha’s Vineyard and it was the same as in Europe

  70. Eggs at reasonable prices would help me out so much.

    I keep hearing Door Dash as an idea, and I’ve thought about it. This is getting to be a dicey town, though, so that gives pause, but maybe I’m overthinking. Going to see if I can find a part-time of some sort until I can get a better full-time.

  71. I’ve been delivering for over 30 years, and never felt unsafe. Even in the sketchy areas. Granted, it’s not real big, but pay attention to surroundings and you’ll be fine.

  72. whoa, North Carolina is the first team to start #1 in polls and miss the tournament, now they are skipping the NIT too.

  73. My younger brother and I drove from the panhandle of Texas down to College Station to deliver some shit to my older brother who was attending TAMU. Upon out uncle’s recommendation we stopped at Barton Springs Pool in Austin on our way home. It was optional as to whether women wore a top or not. I was 17 and my brother was 15 and we were pumped about seeing all them titties. All afternoon long we looked and looked while trying to appear to not be looking. We saw two topless women and neither of them could have overmatched a skinny 12 year old boy with a pair of pancakes glued to his chest . Not exactly Penthouse level ladies. We were very disappointed.

  74. Heh, nice title, and yes I watched Maverick again too, while watching 6 inches of snow fall.

  75. Ubiquinol, J’Ames. NOW Foods has the good stuff. Don’t get qunol, theirs is in a shitty oil carrier like soy, iirc.

  76. I wrote up a very professional reply in rough draft and sent it to my trusted advisors. It got ripped apart a bit and I am back to the drawing board some other day this week.

    My IT-specialist trusted advisor saw our other (all stellar) reviews and was torn between answering or just letting this lying bully get swallowed up and buried by good reviews. Engaging him may be a poor choice. It’s just hard to let that turd sit out there.

    He is in some kind of program with google where he is trying to get a ‘local guide badge,’ whatever that is. Basically smearing me for fun and profit, I guess. Not sure what he gets for it.

  77. Made fettucini alfredo with jar of pre-made alfredo sauce, and it was bland, bland, bland. Any recommendations for spicing up the leftovers?

  78. I’m trying to find out what they get for this local guide program. Just a picture of a fake badge on the internet?

  79. Black pepper, garlic powder, romano cheese, chopped parsley on top.

  80. just make it with butter, parmesan and romano, and pasta water. no sauce needed. Best alfredo ever.

  81. I was looking at a company called Factor. They had a 50% off of the first box (on how many meals you order, I was looking at 8/week).

    Of course, I could get the stuff cheaper. I can eat cheap, that wasn’t the purpose of this exercise. It was eating keto meals that are different than my normal at a reasonable price. Meals I didn’t have to cook myself other than reheat.

  82. This topic got me thinking, what do you guys spend a week on groceries for let’s say 2 people? If you are comfortable saying I’d love to know.

    When I have a carnivore week I may buy rib eyes at Costco, 4 for AROUND $50. Sounds like a lot but we cut them into 2 thinner steaks and have ribeye for 2 people for 4 days for $50. I make a side for my husband and just eat the meat. It’s a very inexpensive way to eat well. Maybe a couple of those nights in that week we have grilled chicken thighs or pork tenderloin which are both relatively inexpensive. Yes, everything is relative. Breakfast is a couple of eggs and bacon I get at Sam’s (which is on sale today by the way about $4.25 a package it comes wrapped in packages of 3)

  83. Reading that article Jay linked about the Oscars made me laugh. An Asian won best female whatever and a black gal won something. So effing what? The Oscar committee made a rule that so many minorities had to win awards. Once again the left has diminished the accomplishments of those who won. You won by decree, dumbass.

  84. “Sure, he has disappointed me over the years (his low point might be his refusal to vote to convict Donald Trump at his post-Jan. 6 second impeachment trial), …”

    That was all I needed to read to discount anything Matt Lewis had to say.

    That’s when I stopped reading as well …

  85. This topic got me thinking, what do you guys spend a week on groceries for let’s say 2 people?

    I’ll ask HotBride tonight. She does the shopping and cooking, I do the eating, enjoying, and complimenting.

  86. I follow this gal on youtube who got popular feeding her family of 6 for under $100/week and sometimes a lot less. but I’m not eating mostly rice and pasta or that garbage known as boxed macaroni and cheese (although I love it, it’s garbage). Now if the apocalypse happens, I’ll eat carbs all day. I know how to prepare cheap rice and beans meals, the question is do I want to?

  87. I’ll ask HotBride tonight. She does the shopping and cooking, I do the eating, enjoying, and complimenting.


    I think this is a nice division of labor. I bet you help clean up too!

    My husband does all the grilling. I buy, clean and compliment.

  88. I think I started drifting away when he mentioned Baseball Cuck as a conservative source

  89. for 2 at the grocery store? maybe $25 a week, sometimes a bit more

  90. Huh, that’s pretty low, Jay. You must stick to specific items, no snacks.

  91. Mare, we buy meat, dry groceries, and cheese at Sam’s. Fresh Produce at WalMart or Kroger. We don’t have Publix. Dan is really good at meal planning and prep. Meat cutters at work will cut our ribeyes thin. He mostly uses an 8X8 casserole or an 1/4 inch sheet pan. After 32 years of marriage, he’s still learning to cook for 2. He H8S leftovers.

  92. My wife is a wonderful woman. But she has a bad habit of not thinking to check the pantry freezer and fridge before she goes to shop for all the ingredients she needs for one of her cooking extravaganzas. Therefore we have 4 two lb sacks of sugar, 4 fallback sacks of flour, a couple of bags of brown sugar, half a dozen bottles of cooking oil, numerous cans of mushroom soup, ziplock bags of chicken parts, etc.

    So our grocery bills are higher than they ought to be.

  93. I’m not counting protein drinks that my wife seems to subside on, and that cost a lot.

  94. It’s a good question Mare. Between the stuff I get in bulk at the restaurant supply store to split up and store for later, and the occasional prepared meal that scott loves from a local place, it makes it pretty difficult to calculate.

    I should sit down and figure it out.

  95. Yeah, I hear you. We may have as much as a $15 per month coffee creamer budget. Haven’t really tracked it.

  96. PG, with all that flour and sugar lying around, you should smack the missus on the tush and say, “Looks like it’s time for making cookies,” and then rub a stick of butter on your chest while making intense eye contact.

  97. I like the way you think but I’m roughly 40 years too old to pull it off.

  98. I don’t eat out and I buy maybe one new book every 4 months and new video game every other year. I have no real hobby expenses since I eat my hobbies (livestock and gardening).

    In light of that, I don’t really bother tracking grocery costs, but I try to economize on what I actually buy. Stocking the freezer when meat is cheap and so on.

  99. salted or unsalted stick?

  100. We save some money on groceries because I bought half a beef off a friend for $1200 last October. So all we buy at the store is bacon, sausage, and chicken. Maybe some fish sticks if I’m feeling gayish.

  101. I went on a weekend junket sponsored by Sofamor Danek
    You’re only calling it Sofamore Danek. Must have been before Medtronic bought them. I was a programmer at MDT for a short while in 2001 before running like my hair was on fire to DePuy. All it took was one occurrence of the engineer above me using ALL of the project lead time for himself, them dump it on me at 2:30 Friday afternoon when parts are to be delivered to Memphis on Monday. Plant manufacturing lead man told me “welcome to your first “Danek Panic”. 3 weeks later I was on the JNJ payroll.

  102. It all ends up salty anyway

  103. I subbed melted butter for oil in some gluten-free brownies recently and accidentally used salted. Threw off the flavor a bit but the texture was perfectly fudgy.

  104. We bought a quarter of a cow last fall. The price was fine but I haven’t been overly impressed with the meat. We think it’s the butcher, (after watching a number of videos my husband is convinced it’s the butcher, not the meat). The meat is basically, local, grass-fed.

    I don’t closely track what I buy at the grocery store either, Leon. But when I’m serious about keto/carnivore or simply no snacks or carby sides my grocery costs are much lower.

  105. I probably need to go to confession for it…pride and all- but when I see what people have in their grocery carts I can see why the country has a lot of fat people. Holy smokes, the soda, the boxes of cookies and chips, tons of Gatorade which is basically sugar water with red dye in it. Yikes. I hate to see moms with kids getting all that junk and the kids are fat already.

    Unfortunately, sweet crap is much cheaper and more addictive than healthy homemade food.

  106. The word ‘tradescantia’ takes all of the interest out of this story for me.

    It’s a pesty rodent of a weedy piece of shit plant. You don’t brag about keeping one alive for fifty years, you atone.

  107. The meat is basically, local, grass-fed.

    Local to where? In some places they use cows as beasts of burden. Explains those really tough steaks I buy every now & then. Grass fed is a whole other topic, makes meat taste “gamey”, grass feed only a few weeks to a couple of months before harvesting.

  108. True, Dave’s not here.

    This is a real farm, close to our place. Don’t know if it was grain finished.

  109. “After that, he greased the bung so it wedged in tightly… and has not watered it since”

    Sexier than butter on the chest

  110. You have to do something for it to be a mortal sin needing absolution. If you’re sitting and ruminating on being better than other people and taking pleasure in the thought, maybe, but just going “oh honey, you do yourself no favors with that cart” and going on with your day is not a big deal.

    I’m pretty sure I’m actually at worst venially sinning in my despair. For it to really need Confession I’d have to neglect my Sunday obligation, or speak actively against God to someone who might be brought into it with me. The worst I do is say “that didn’t help when I tried it” to people who suggest particular prayers or devotions.

  111. Mom is from Argentina and she told me that when she moved here she never had beef and milk and butter again that tasted as good as what she had been used to, back there. Back in her youth the cattle there all grazed on pampas (rich grassland).

  112. My rams ate almost all grass with some grain only in the deep winter to help them stay warm. Definitely better than grocery store lamb, but I think most of that is the hair vs wool sheep breed difference.

  113. The Howling came out 42 years ago (1981). Damn.

  114. Don’t know if it was grain finished.

    Right on, Mare. Grain finished, not grass, been a F.Y. past couple of weeks, not surprised I got that backwards. The shit show that started in 2020 marches on.

  115. The Howling came out 42 years ago (1981). Damn.
    3 more years and it will be my 45th year class reunion, damn. Still haven’t been to one and still have no intention to.

  116. Is this why they tried to silence O’Keefe?

  117. I’m sure she’s really a geek and totally not just trying to gather simps.

    Geek, ‘cuz she’s got nothing to “gawk” at.
    Otherwise she’d be in the Friday poat instead of Monday’s.
    Although, chicks in tube socks….1981 rules!

  118. Why does seeing Janet Yelling in the news assuring us banks are solvent make me feel like it’s 1928 and grandma is telling me about her mattress stuffed with confederate currency?

  119. There was a 40th reunion last year that I read about in the alumni email. I went to my 10th year reunion which was okay. It was held a few miles from my home in what was formerly a vacant lot and now a sports bar/entertainment center which was surreal.

    I haven’t been in that area since 1996 when my parents sold the house. My brother’s grave is on the other side of town so visiting his grave is a quick jaunt off the highway although, with both parents gone and no compelling reason to drive to MA, I mostly just visit them in my mind now.

  120. It would appear that Dave is Not Here and Not a Leg Man either.

  121. My pup Charlie just died! He has been sick for a few days. The vet said it didn’t look good. I came home from work, carried him outside, he did his business, I carried him inside, gave him a good scratch and went about my business. I went to give him his evening meds and he is not breathing voided his bladder etc. What do I do with him?

  122. Oh Rick I am so sorry.

  123. I guess the simplest thing is start digging a hole.

  124. Rest, Charlie.

  125. Thanks Lumps

  126. So sorry, Vmax.

  127. Sorry for your loss, VMax…

  128. Thanks Scott (I said that earlier but it disappeared)
    Thanks Pepe

  129. Aww poor Charlie. I’m sorry Vman.

  130. Vmax,

    That’s horrible. So sorry.

  131. Sympathies, Vmax, we’ve already lost a dog and a cat this year. Never easy, may Charlie rest well. I buried my dog and I’ve got the cat’s ashes in a box.

  132. Aw man, I’m sorry to hear that Vmax.

  133. Digging holes is hard

  134. hate losing a friend like that, sorry vmax!

  135. Danny’s expenses remained paltry.

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