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  1. You gonna eat all your fries?

  2. As soon as I saw ‘yeeted’ I knew it was a Jaypoat. Gonna show Mom the Italian Antidepressants, she will laugh.

    Good morning. I shoulda taken two Mg supps last night instead of one and this is why I am up early. I never learn.

    Feeling okay though. Gonna run into the shop a little early to get some important tasks completed then I have to dash out and do some banking and stuff.

    I have so much more energy and I’m sharper when I wake up early. Not sure why I wait until 8 at the earliest to leave the house and get stuff done.

  3. Jimbro’s channeling his inner cowpup with that comment

  4. Got a couple of asparagus seedling sprouted up! This is terribly exciting. I only have to wait *checks watch* three years for my first harvest!

  5. Roamy’s ck-veg soup recipe looks pretty good. That’s close to how I do it except I pull the meat off the chicken a little early at the just-cooked stage, I don’t wait for it to fall apart because it gets an overcooked texture at that time. I cover the meat so it doesn’t dry out and set it off to the side. I put the bones/scraps/ skin back in the broth with a shot of vinegar and let them really cook down and dissolve as much as possible into the broth before straining and making the actual soup.

    Never have used shredded veggies, looks interesting. I will try that next time and see if we like the texture.

  6. As sure as the sun rises in the east …

  7. I planted some asparagus roots close to 20 years ago and the harvest was not all that big and I got tired of weeding them and you know what happened next. The bed is next to my rhubarb (which is thriving despite my neglect thank you very much) and even now, all these years later, you can see a handful of brave asparagus plants struggling to reach the sun. After the Asparagus Event I used the bed for garlic for a few years. Same thing with the occasional garlic scape poking out.

  8. My plan is to do what Chas. Dowding does and just mulch it every Fall with compost and hay when I do the rest of the garden. Smother those weeds.

  9. Crap, just realized that now I have four asparagus sprouts, I need to put these trays under lights asap.

  10. I got 99 problems and asparagus seedlings ain’t one of them

  11. Today is one of about 5 or 6 each year that I can participate in the garden two. I helped my friend sprig in 480 onions yesterday. I’m not really built for stoop labor.

  12. this is the dawning of the age of asparagus!

  13. 480? that’s a lot of onions goodness!

  14. I gotta finish the brooder set up this weekend so it’s ready for birds at the end of the month.

  15. wakey wakeky

    I too have a “failed” asparagus bed. So many weeds in the summer.

  16. Good morning y’all. I read the gardening comments here and think “I bet it would be nice to know how not to starve to death when society collapses.”

  17. I’ve met a bunch of people who think eastern Montana is ugly, and they are completely wrong. I got to drive around and admire for a few hours yesterday, and it just fills my soul.

  18. ugly? hell no, just kinda empty.

    I even like the Sandhills of Nebraska. Desolate goodness.

  19. Frikadellar is on special at Darrells place, if you’re hungry

  20. At least there are no memes of pretty young ladies drinking Cascade Dish Washing Soap today.

  21. Up at 5 to view HotBride’s Auntie Elma’s funeral being live streamed from Scotland.

    We live in modern times.

  22. Sobek, you might consider buying rice and beans and five gallon buckets. It won’t make you happy, but it will fill your belly.

    At worst you could use them as flotation devices in case of a flood.

  23. Ha!
    Was thinking the same general thing there kindlT
    Why was that chick drinking cascade?

  24. Chicken tastes good – √
    Waffles taste good – √
    Watermelon tastes good – √
    Letting black kids enjoy good food – racist

  25. Jay, these memes were fricken funny.

    “So men can think of a solution in silence.”


  26. If that dog story is true, it’s made my day.

  27. mmm i have beans.

  28. The mixup between a vag and an Arbie’s #3 is in exceptionally poor taste which means that I’m gonna share it with most everybody I know online. Except for my daughters……they’re still under the impression that I’m as normal as I look.

  29. I like to push the envelop, PG

  30. Facebutt reminds me today is the birthday of the man whose funeral I attended a week and a half ago. I think I can skip the birthday wishes this time.

  31. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 7, 2023 10:27 am
    I like to push the envelop, PG


    Good. We don’t need any of that woke communist bullshit here.

  32. Jack Cochran
    Replying to
    I’m not sure why the man in the suit and the Asian woman in the back row were put in a room full of special needs people.

    Seriously, how do these people function day to day?

  33. Sarah Huckabee Sanders giving the response to Brandon’s Rant (SOTU). This could be good, liked her as press secretary too.

  34. They have to go back…

    You’re right. We’re awful. Run from us. Keep your distance lest we sully your culture and blood with our own. We shall not pursue you, we shall bring no colonies to your shores again. You will have peace.

  35. Pink hair chick has the lefty performance thing down. You don’t make any real, rational points, but you do it with flair.

  36. I’ll bet you $50 that Carrie has purple hair, somewhere.

  37. twitter: Hotspur went to the park

    well, any H2er actually

  38. twitter: I can smell this video

  39. mare is just hanging out

  40. I met a friend for coffee this morning. I arrived first, ordered, and sat down at one of those long community tables.

    The coffee shop was in a hotel that was jammed with convention people.

    About 60 seconds later, there was an overwhelming smell of dogshit. I actually looked around for a dog or wondered if I stepped in something.

    Nope. Looked around at everyone’s face, no one seemed to notice. The coffee shop was jammed. The hotel it’s attached to is hosting a conference so I wondered if I got crop dusted by some dudes that stayed up late drinking.

    What do you guys think? It was really, really gross.

  41. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 7, 2023 11:50 am
    mare is just hanging out



    If I had any self-defense skill I’d want to hold that sign in Downtown St. Pete.

    Or better yet, put it on my car.

  42. Might have been your breath backing up on you.

  43. First thing I checked off the list

  44. MJ, I think your theory of what happened is correct.

    You were a victim of someone’s poor diet and poor manners.

    Those mfers. As a victim you deserve reparations.

  45. You remember how we (and by we I mean leon ) have been trying to come up with a money making scheme for the chat room ?
    Welp – we should write a book – The Art of Cropdusting
    and other Social Skilz
    an H2 Compendium.

  46. That could easily sell dozens of copies.

  47. After a slight turn during that AFC Report and a little research I’ve discovered that Annie Agar has BBF potential

  48. Well that’s interesting. 90% of the victoria’s secret models are ugly now.

    There are a few that are heavy set, and I don’t mean cute/fat. They’re fat ugly women.

    And a few are bald ugly women. How many bald women are there in the world because having 2 bald women seems to be a slight over representation.

    The rest are average build and looks which doesn’t seem to be a winning strategy for selling lingerie.

    Did someone buy the company to put it out of business?

  49. They’re prolly catering to the trans crowd…
    Cuz growth industry.

  50. As I’ve heard it, VS was the other side of the coin. Already going broke because of their mall presence and proliferating competition at better prices and often better quality, they went woke to try and recapture some market share.

  51. I was gonna comment on fat Victoria’s Secret models, but I’m trying to be the bigger person

  52. I mean, they were pretty much doomed after this ad.

  53. I finished Season 3 of See so you wouldn’t have to.

    – Baba Voss kills himself to save his wife’s people
    – Mahgra kills her deranged sister Cybil
    – Haniwa and Wren turn out to be rug munchers and they have a ghey wedding
    – Kohfun decides he’s seen enough so he blinds himself
    – There’s a whole colony of sighted people living in a library in the ruins of NYC.

    You’re welcome.

  54. Pretty sure there won’t be a Season 4.

  55. Is that the one where Aquaman is blind?

  56. Tomorrow, we are off to the Iowa State Dart tournament, to defend our state title.

    Team name: Spectacular Tips

  57. Good luck fuckface!*

    *I love ya Jay, I have no idea why I called you fuckface.

  58. Will there be corn hole too?

  59. I have no idea why I called you fuckface.

    Maybe he’s french.

  60. I have no idea why I called you fuckface.

    It breaks up the tedium, bitchbreath.

  61. Just a quick reminder about contrasting results.

  62. That skin is stretched so tight Gene Krupa could go Sing Sing Sing all night on her.

  63. Susanna Hoff is hot … and always was. (Though some of her hairstyles in the ’80’s were not to my tastes).

  64. * Hoffs, not Hoff

  65. Haven’t seen “See”. The season 3 finale of “The Chosen” is tonight at 9 PM Eastern. Usually it’s Sundays, but they decided not to compete with the Super Bowl. I got to see it early, and I’m giving you a Kleenex warning.

  66. Tonight’s dinner

  67. fuckface? I don’t look anything like Madonna

  68. You probably have a better British accent, too.

  69. threadwinnnnnnnnnneeeeerrrrrr

  70. I am too young to get the Gene Krupa comment.

  71. Crop dusters are evil.

  72. That’s what I’m talking about.

  73. twitter: horses aren’t woke

  74. Maybe if they rode unicorns instead.

  75. you mean like this?

    reminds me of this one

  76. Oh man, my GF and I complain every Summer that the gorgeous moonlight pics we think we are taking just look like a black field with a white circle in it. Game changer!

  77. Can anyone explain to me the purpose of the x axis data in this chart?
    Why are they comparing just the first few days of each year to each other, instead of plotting more descriptive years-long data?

  78. It allows them to draw a steep line of predicted deaths using a really crappy model that was later proved to be wildly inaccurate. The Imperial model … total nonsense based upon unrealistically high wild-ass-guess of death rate from Covid.

    Basically, how to lie/mislead with graphs.

  79. P.S. The curves they did draw are complete nonsense because the x-axis is essentially nonlinear. The curves should also show dramatic shifts when they jump from year to year, and been essentially flat between the dates from the same year. They should have just used a single day/point for each year in their labels. Graph created by someone who doesn’t know how to create graphs? Or deliberate to mislead? The fact that they used the Imperial model suggests mislead.

  80. Yes. Mislead. I am shocked that the persnickety hordes at twitter didn’t spot that and call it out.

  81. When is Brandon Shitshispants giving his speech? Scott is determined to watch it, so I have a date with a book about chicken care in the absolute opposite part of the house.

  82. You couldn’t pay me to watch it so I haven’t bothered to check the start time. Gotta be 8 or 9. Can you imagine being in California and that shit being on as you sit down to dinner? I’ll watch reaction videos and clips from it tomorrow to get the lowlights.

  83. gonna watch the blaze folks roast him


    Jeezum, they’re everywhere. I drive through Hermon a few times a week. It’s just a couple of towns over.

  85. A simulcast roast would be tolerable but I’m still not watching the Cadaver In Chief lie to America for an hour in any format

  86. I’m more interested in Sarah’s response. Marital discord.

  87. I assume the x-axis is in the format day-month-year, so the full time period is covered.

  88. DD-MM-YYYY is database standard, unfortunately. It’s like the metric form of giving dates because it’s in order of increasing size. MM-DD-YYYY is more natural because it’s in decreasing order of importance.


    Hey Jack!

  90. no balloons sighted

  91. fuckhead milley in the front row

  92. mcconnell introduced, more dems stand than GOP I think

  93. the lying starts, 12 million jobs created! great economy!

  94. Jan 6 reference

  95. still calling the climate bill an infrastructure bill

  96. gonna make chips again!

  97. 800k new manufacturing jobs, before the law!

    Anyone believe that?

  98. ave salary 130k without college degree!

  99. field of dreams!

    now more infrastructure!

  100. we have angry finger shaking brandon, people!

    13th place in infrastructure!

  101. 1.3 billion dollar bridge will unite us!

  102. 400k schools and child care centers will have lead pipes replaced

  103. all construction materials used federally must be made in america. Good for my company, no more Siemens, or Peri!

  104. mandate drug prices, especially insulin! capped at $30 a month!

  105. Well, the black market for insulin and test strips wasn’t robust enough. This will likely help strengthen it.

  106. 1000 a year, to buy electric cars!

    500k charging stations built by unions!

  107. gonna need oil for another decade, people

  108. he cut the deficit by 1.7 trillion, people!

  109. now he’s directly challenging republicans, I missed what

  110. oooo I heard Liar, I’m betting it was Boebert

  111. stand for seniors!

    got everyone up

    now don’t cut medicare! don’t cut XXXX! I’ll veto it!

  112. now you can get hearing aids over the counter! no prescription!

  113. Jay…….doing the work sane fucking people won’t do. Thank you, Sir, for your service.

    Has Brandon said anything yet about free psych treatments for people who sit through this shit?

  114. beau, finally!

  115. haven’t heard, but there is the Affordable Care Act!

  116. Bono sitting next to Paul Pelosi, wearing a hat

  117. ok, now we’re gonna do something about gun violence

  118. heh, mentions Red Flag laws, one person claps, Prather says it was Cringeshaw haha


  120. record number of people working the border, people!

  121. oh, now he has a bill to secure the border.

    This fucking guy


  123. finally got Sinema to stand with that one, in her yellow dress with wings

  124. and now PUTINS WAR! focus on Milley and Co

  125. name me a world leader who change places with Xi Xing Ping NAME ONE! (more finger shaking)

  126. Burn kits! [sic]

  127. stop big tech from collecting info on our kids online!

  128. now he’s just saying stuff

  129. probably the last we’ll see of him this week

  130. veteran suicide!

  131. cancer moonshot, cut cancer deaths by 50% in 25 years

  132. political violence at the home of the speaker!

    Political violence. Yes, he said it

  133. breyer is there in robes

  134. haven’t seen Kinzinger yet

  135. Sara Sanders is 40, less than half of Brandon.

  136. youtube: 2022 Hazy Shade of Winter

    Oh Susanna! Madonna should ask for her plastic surgery back.

  137. Disappointed, Edgar reprimanded Polly.

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