MMM 531

Good morning. 5.5 more weeks of winter per rodent weather-guesser. Today’s content is all new!

(To this blog)

Coffee time.

Looks warm there.

Mmmm, braids.

Good form and great socks, but that hairstyle suggests “Subaru driver.”

Possible actual Subaru drivers.

The most modest outfit you’ll see here today.

That window seems terrible for insulation.

Meanwhile, at the Botanical Gardens…

One last dancer. Always with the mid-20th-century industrial backdrop, it seems.

And the week begins. Got to do taxes and mail my trash pickup bill today to a company that has to call itself “_____ Recycling” to protect modern sensibilities.


  1. wakey wakey

    I think this dude might be better at his chosen profession if he wore a belt.

  2. dangit. wrong link.

  3. twitter: Trump says shoot down the spy balloon!

    Great impersonator

  4. Ummm…
    Possible actual Subaru drivers.

    I have seen video evidence of multiple types of car driving at the same time.

  5. Also a possibility. Along with many not minding getting paid to test drive.

  6. twitter: Sam Smith in the news again

    What is this Sam Smith, and why do I care? Oh wait, he was on the Grammys. Sponsored by Pfizer. Again, why care? I didn’t even watch. But that skit, wow, what a pile of attention hounding.

  7. HotBride has informed me that it is time for her to buy a new car.

    She wants a Subaru Outback – this color.

  8. I told her she’s either she’s turning back into a leftie, or becoming a lesbian.

  9. On par with a Rob Zombie video, but none of those was ever considered stage fair for the Grammys. And if they hadn’t done it, no one would even know the Grammys happened. Kind of like The Slap at the Oscars.

    A firestorm could break out at these things and the buildings could collapse and most Americans wouldn’t even care or notice anymore, because the have nothing in common with the attendees, including a culture.

  10. has she been buying lots of flannel? got her hair cut short?

  11. I hate to say it, but I’d take that car. I’d rather have a Wrangler the same color, but their QC has gone to shit in recent decades. 4WD is handy here in the snow belt.

  12. RE the kids robbing the store.

    I don’t get it.

  13. looting

    I was wondering how long it would take for this to go on at a wide scale. No way that storeowners can protect against people just walking in and taking what they want. Only social norms and sense of right and wrong prevented it.

    And firearms. But that is self explanatory, isn’t it?

  14. Agreed. It’s just silly.

    You can’t even shoot people who steal in CA.

  15. Yet.

    Eventually, the people who aren’t in a gang realize they need their own gang. Then kids like that never see another sunrise and the video gets deleted ASAP. And nobody saw nothin’.

  16. I’m rather fond of my 2014 Subaru Forester, though it is on loan to one of my sons at the moment. In Vermont, I understand the Subaru is the most common registered motor vehicle. The AWD is pretty good on ice and snow. It is normally my primary vehicle because of gas mileage.

    Nowadays, Jeep is nothing more than an expensive FIAT.

    I rarely use my 2018 RAM 2500 unless I’m towing something or need to pick up a heavy large cargo.

    But my 2015 Toyota 4Runner is my backup for the Subaru.

  17. my buddy loves his Jeep, but jeep owners tend to be fiercely loyal. It’s a nice ride, but not sure I’m as in love with it as he is.

  18. I love how comfy our 2019 Ram 1500 is. Very nice ride!

  19. Someone didn’t see the Jurassic Park movies …

  20. wow, that earthquake in Turkey looks bad!

  21. My very first vehicle was a 1970 Jeep CJ-5 with a V-8 and canvas top, and I loved that car. Got it used in 1977. But it was completely impractical in urban environments … impossible to lock. Nothing was secure.

    I wouldn’t mind owning it again, given where I live now.

  22. The most modest outfit you’ll see here today.
    Nice can

  23. on the boomstick

  24. She wants a Subaru Outback – this color.
    Looks like olive drab

    Subaru wagons are pretty popular here too. Definitely agree with RC that they seem like the State Car in Vermont from my observation on many trips there

  25. social norms and sense of right and wrong prevented it.
    Agree, that as well as a fear of legal consequences which is completely off the table now. It’s a friggin’ joke now and the cops can’t be bothered to respond because for all their activity of investigation, arresting shoplifters and the associated paperwork nothing happens to the perps.

  26. twitter: All Jan 6 footage to be released

    None of this would have happened, if the Red Wave had occurred. It would be business as usual.

  27. I got a Jeep CJ7 new in 1977. I loved that car too. The only thing I didn’t like, and it was a real pain in the ass, you had to get out and physically turn and lock the front hubs to engage them in 4WD.

    I could go anywhere in that thing.

  28. I like that the Mcs might be getting punished for their total lack of effort in campaign season.

  29. heh, republicans should attend the SOTU with balloons.

  30. I had a Jeep Wrangler for 4 or 5 years. I did a car swap (Ford Escort for Jeep Wrangler) with my older brother. It was fun but after a few years it started running like crap. It was in the garage every few months which was a pain in the ass during my residency. Finally I found a mechanic who knew how to fix it which involved a new carburateur. After that it was able to drive to CO, MO, MA and back to MO again before the transmission started to go. That was the sign that it was time to sell.

  31. Shocking….

  32. nrcc = dnc
    It’s a dba is my guess.
    I wonder if they file taxes jointly.

  33. The senators on that list should immediately lose committee assignments

  34. not sure we can directly link NRCC to the DNC. NRSC maybe.

  35. 8 red lines in an ocean of blue, and it’s all to groups/fronts rather than individual candidates.

  36. Debbie Stabenow got almost as much as the NRCC, for instance.

  37. Sorry, about half as much.

    She and Hassan together = NRCC

  38. Looks like my RINO Senator Collins got a big sum. She ran in the 2020 election, I’m not sure when she got the money. I thought it was a 2022 thing

  39. The info was for the 2020 cycle from the looks. Seems Murky of the Snowdrifts got some cool cash, too. Funny that.

  40. The big question is will they be able to claw any of that back? Or will they, even if they are able? Something tells me that there are very few entities on that list that will voluntarily return any cash. Prying money away from politicians and political parties is a Herculean feat.

  41. So apparently the US government claims that because of their F-15’s, our AR-15’s are useless and we should give them up.

    And yet they were powerless to stop a Chinese spy balloon for days and days. Until the payload was over water so deep they wouldn’t be able to recover it.

  42. They hit the balloon with a missile guaranteeing it would drop like a rock over the ocean. If they can blow up the Nordstream pipeline they can recover the spy balloon guts.

    The F16 has a 20 mm cannon – I’m wondering why they didn’t put a couple of those in the balloon to let the gas out slowly when it was over a vast stretch of uninhabited land.

  43. Probably because the rounds wouldn’t stay in the balloon. And would land…somewhere.

    Assuming that was the reason, which, no, I don’t.

  44. It isn’t if they have the technical ability to recover it, but whether they can find it. The waters off the Carolina’s are deep and have strong currents. A regular graveyard of shipwrecks. Unless they were smart enough to have recovery vessels watching it come down.

    And now this word from Oceania … There were Chinese balloons during Trump’s tenure.

    Biden’s Deep State Defenders Put Out New Official IC Lie That Chinese Spy Airships Were Always Over the US Under Trump

    I invoke Throckmorton’s Razor.

  45. they didn’t want to shoot it down. Otherwise it would have been, in Eastern Montana or Wyoming.

  46. Pompeo and Grenell are calling BS on the Trump Balloons. Mattis said he suppressed it, via Gateway Pundit.

  47. Then Old Mad Dog Mattis needs to spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth.

  48. gonna need a better source than Gateway Pundit

  49. NFC meeting:

  50. so they are putting the fence up around the capitol for the SOTU. What false flag is planned this time?

  51. The fence may be to keep the Congress members in. The urge to flee may be overwhelming when they start testing whether you can piss, shit, and vomit yourself all at the same time after listening to what Biden’s speechwriters have fabricated.

  52. Made this with bone-in chicken breasts that were on sale for 99 cents a pound, though I just chopped the veggies small rather than grate them. Needed a little bit of red pepper.

  53. Dan doesn’t believe in ghosts. I have been visited by ghost dog Ginger 4 times in 2 days. Dan got a visit this AM. Freaking me out.

  54. I’ve only seen one ghost in my life. That was enough.

  55. Jimbro, we have work ghost on video, but it’s proprietary and can’t be shared.

  56. Anybody know much about plate tectonics/ earthquakes?
    After the Turkey quake there are bound to be echoes around the world, seems to be the prediction.

  57. My geography prof. There are regular scientists talking about the plate between Turkey and Syria. I forget the name. Buffalo NY with sympathy tremors.

  58. I played First Base. I can’t talk about it right now. I’m getting dissed.

  59. Whilst wandering around youtube last night I came upon this recording of an electrically amplified complete nervous breakdown. Unless you are Car in I highly recommend that you don’t waste your time. But I think the name of the song is brilliant from a purely artistic perspective.

  60. Word to the wise: if your loved one is checking into another facility when they leave the hospital, ALWAYS be sure that you will be arriving at the second facility well before 5:00 pm.

    We got to the “skilled nursing facility” (Alzheimer’s home + rehab) at 6:00, and the place had already gone dark. And the crack night staff didn’t have a clue what was going on. Thankfully the nursing director showed up – otherwise, Rebecca and I would be spending the night in a drab, cramped room with no recliner for mama to sleep in.

    I made some phone calls….

  61. Someone noted that the real reason they were making such a big deal about the Chinese balloon is because Brandon released an HVT into Syrian custody. Apparently the drumbeat had “served his time” and it was time to let him back out. He claims that he has changed his ways.

    Lemme see if I can find the link.

  62. Oops – released to Belize:

    They are gonna release a couple more, too.

  63. LOL

  64. Delilah explicitly requested pancakes.

  65. Breaking: Just now in Vero Beach, FL General Mattis denies having any knowledge of CCP balloon flying over continental US on his watch.

    So Mattis is off the hook; no Leavenworth for him. That makes me happy, because I always thought of him as a standup guy.
    Nevertheless, any member of the military who withholds information or conducts themselves contrary to the Commander in Chief is intentionally violating their oath. No exceptions. Which is why Milley should be court martialed for saying he would (or did) warn the CCP of any imminent US military actions.

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