Rock Around the Croc: Drive

My daughter invited about 30 kids to her birthday party today, and 22 showed up. So I’ve been pretty busy, and I’m also wiped out and don’t want to put a lot of thought into this. About a year ago I was teaching one of my kids how to drive, and I came up with a soundtrack for the adventure:

This is far and away my favorite song by The Cars:

My second favorite song by Incubus:

Something for Car In, and not for Lumps:

In this video, the bits where the singer is wearing a staticky television on his head is a symbol for how he is being driven crazy.

Alan Jackson, Drive:

This song is absolutely gorgeous. Garbage, Drive You Home:

REM, Drive:

The Beatles, Drive My Car (really not my favorite, but a theme is a theme):

The Cardigans, My Favourite Game (I’m cheating on this one. Deal with it.):

Last one for the day, I Can’t Drive 55. You knew this was going to be on the list.

That’s it for today. Happy Sunday, you marvelous hymns to God’s creation.


  1. In before Hotspur:

    “Bend over, I’ll drive”

  2. wakey wakey

    Moving in stereo was always my favorite cars song.

  3. Haven’t done anything terribly exiting – no 22 kid party etc. Couple of kids up here, made dinner. They went to movie.

    I do have 7 dogs at my house though, so there’s that.

    Food Watch – we’re on day two of no food for Ethan.

  4. And yes. You have to listen to “All mixed up” after moving in Stereo. To do otherwise is just wrong.

  5. Daisy – the temporary dog – is getting use to playing with more than one dog at a time. At first she’d get scared, and there would be fight potential. She seems to get it now- and watching 7 dogs all playing outside is a pretty fun sight.

    She does NOT understand though that the other dogs have equal access to snuggle with adults. She’s been a bit spoiled. Also- she came with a lot of toys, and she DOES not understand sharing. So those have all been quarantined for the time being.

  6. She is SUPER fast and loves zooming around the yard. she lived in a neighborhood without a fence previously, so outside time was walks. She took a bit of convincing that she could be outside w/o a hooman, and today is the first time she’s fully embraced that.

  7. Speaking of doggos … found out that the German Shepherd breeder where I’ve been wait-listed for almost a year and a half has a female pup for me. Going to go pick her up in New Hampshire in early April. This should be an exciting change for my almost 2yo male, who has been a sole single dog with me for almost a year and a half. He could use the company and socializing. What he doesn’t know is that he’s getting neutered in mid-March. (Only one testicle descended, and so apparently the other one poses a cancer risk … who knew?)

  8. I’ve been very impressed by the H2 links. Lots of great information about covid, the government, deception, conspiracies being absolutely true, dumbassery and whatnot.

    Also, much like Sobek, I don’t see the problem with the woman at Target. She’s just living her best life. Not hurting anyone (as long as she pays for everything).

  9. That’s exciting Rural. Not the undescended ball. I mean the pupper.

  10. Someone linked to Arnaud Bertrand and I couldn’t quite figure out what he thought was actually going on with the balloon.

    He gave lots of possibilities and said those with common sense would know, but I still don’t know.

    Regardless, we should never, ever give up airspace without explicit permission.

  11. Sucks to suck Adam.

  12. The dog jump on my wife on Friday and she fell into the back of our couch. She must have hit it just right and broke her humorous a little below the shoulder. The ER couldn’t do anything other than put it in a sling and give her pain meds. Monday morning will call the ortho surgeon and hopefully he can get her to her soon. Every time she moves she can feel the bone move and she’s in a ton of pain. So fun weekend here.

  13. Oh, that sounds horrible Therm.

  14. There must have been something else going on too. In the ER her blood pressure was really low and she has had bone density issues in the past. It’s been some time since her last scan so it’s probably low again. That fall wasn’t from very far. Her blood pressure is back to normal now, so something else to keep an eye on.

  15. Saw a “deeper dive” into the study that showed egg protein kills the covid virus. Oooops, the chickens who produced the eggs that “stopped the virus” were injected under the wing a number of times with the virus.

    So, no thank you.

  16. Comment by Car in on February 5, 2023 10:46 am
    Oh, that sounds horrible Therm.


    Ditto what Carin said.

    Sorry, Thermadin.

  17. Adam Kinzinger is obviously a masochist.

  18. the bits where the singer is wearing a staticky television on his head is a symbol for how he is being driven crazy

    *pupster, 3:38 later*


  19. The same situation with my first Shephard, Rural. We had Wolfgang fixed when he was about a year old, and he still grew up to be big and scary looking. Hopefully your boy won’t associate his new packmate with the procedure. Awkward.

  20. Sorry about Mrs. Thermy’s situation, I’m sure she is not finding it humorous.


  21. Weekend Dr. came by today, said that they have signed discharge papers for Rebecca, so as soon as we hear from the insurance company, we should be moving to a skilled nursing facility for a couple of weeks, then home.

  22. I can do themes. I love themes.

  23. I quite enjoyed that Garbage tune. I’ma have to give their catalogue a perusing.

    I had one all typed up and it said it couldn’t be posted and disappeared. Password expired and instead of going to the sign in screen it fukked me over!

  25. Comment by Car in on February 5, 2023 9:58 am

    I wonder if the Roman elite sat around and laughed at their own stupidity as the Visigoth hordes gathered on the frontier.

  26. And my comment that disappeared was a frickin’ masterpiece of the genre

  27. Sorry to hear that happened Thermy. Hard to know whether the recommended treatment will be operative or non-operative without seeing the films. In kids close to 99% of those are treated closed. Adults are a whole other story and since it’s a relatively common fracture I’m sure your surgeon will be well versed in its treatment.

  28. The x-ray didn’t look good to me, but what do I know. Here is what the report said.
    Comminuted displaced fracture involving the proximal humerus. Fracture lines extend into the greater tuberosity. There is approximally 1.0 cm of medial displacement.

  29. My favorite Cars song is the very first Cars song I heard. At night my older brother would listen to a portable Radio Shack radio as he fell asleep and they had a live broadcast of a Cars concert on what must have been on WBCN back before they sucked and ultimately imploded. I still remember the opening chords of “Let The Good Times Roll” and listening to the whole concert whereas I usually fell asleep after a song or two on any other night.

  30. I’m just hoping she can get in soon. Everything medical has gone a bit crazy since covid and getting into specialist can have long wait times.

  31. Here’s a good overview, lots of abbreviations but if you read to get the big picture in advance of your appointment you’ll be more informed.

    This is a site dedicated to information for patients and more of a general overview–conditions/shoulder-trauma-fractures-and-dislocations/

    Possibilities: non-operative vs ORIF vs arthroplasty

  32. Clock Boy is to Obama as Bug Girl will inevitably be to Brandon

    (NPR Link)

  33. Thanks for the links Jimbro.

  34. that first cars album is a masterpiece. I have to go with moving in stereo too

  35. there’s another drive song

  36. Finished the acoustic panels in the dining room. They look like modern art but soft and pretty and simple and I love them. Not going to do any more to them.

    The echo in there is almost nonexistent now. I’m going to apply more acoustic foam to the undersides of the dining room table and chairs and call it a day.

  37. That’ll muffle ALL the farts

  38. “*pupster, 3:38 later*



  39. “there’s another drive song”

    Dang it, Jay, I knew I was missing one from that playlist. That’s a great song.

  40. Pendejo, glad you liked the song. The majority of their stuff is much more up-tempo, but when they slow it down it blows you away.

    The Trick is to Keep Breathing
    You Look So Fine
    A Stroke of Luck
    Cup of Coffee
    Soldier Through This
    It’s All Over but the Crying

  41. I think this one should fit into the theme – since while teaching a child to drive you are a … passenger … here’s the Mike Shinoda remix, which I dig:

  42. That remix one a grammy for everyone involved. Every now and then they get it right.

  43. No Eddie Rabbitt? For shame.

  44. Dan bought his first waffle iron. Team chicken and waffles. Roscoes. Lolo’s. We watch The Kitchen. Oso wants boneless C&W.

  45. Eddie Rabbitt is a good choice.

  46. Pendejo, I liked the Wade Bowen song. I don’t know anything about country music, but it was a good tune.

  47. Wow, Jimbro.

  48. Pups, if you didn’t figure it out, it’s at 0:45.

  49. Pendejo, I liked the Wade Bowen song. I don’t know anything about country music, but it was a good tune.

    I rejected country music, with an exception here or there, out of hand most of my life. It didn’t come close to having enough energy to speak to my soul. But in the spring of 15, sitting next to a smoker full of pork ribs, my best friend played this album straight through a couple of times and I found a few songs that clicked. There’s a sub-genre of country music written and performed mostly by guys from TX and OK that’s got enough of a rock beat and enough electric guitar to hit my sweet spot. Plus, as I get older I’m finding I like a lot of music that doesn’t bring the electrical energy. Wade writes some outstanding sad songs but nobody wants to hear them in concert.

  50. “I rejected country music, with an exception here or there, out of hand most of my life.”

    Oh, me too. I think a big part of it is that it just didn’t make sense to me, on any level, growing up in a suburb of Denver. I’d see kids wearing cowboy hats and big belt buckles and think “I know where you live, and there aren’t any cows there.” It was so fake.

    Now Iive in Montana, and more than once I’ve been driving around the middle of nowhere, nothing but prairie, cows and antelope for a hundred miles, and I hear a country song on the radio, and it suddenly makes a lot more sense to me.

  51. I grew in up on a farm in the Texas panhandle, rode a horse when I had to, worked and fed cattle almost daily, refused to own cowboy boots or hat. I did not want to be labeled a redneck in any way. But more than that, there wasn’t a country artist anywhere that could do anything for my soul like what Ted Nugent did when he cranked up Cat Scratch Fever or what REO Speedwagon did when they got rolling with Roll With the Changes.

  52. Just to name a few.


  54. Great driving song: Radar Love

    I also always thought of “Ride Like the Wind” as “Drive Like the Wind,” so it sort of counts.

  55. Comment by lumps on February 5, 2023 7:11 pm

    Hah!! But she lets him sleep with her. That must be worth something.

  56. “” –
    Comment by Jimbro on February 5, 2023 9:08 am
    In before Hotspur:

    “Bend over, I’ll drive”

  57. nice poat sobek –
    Drive by teh cars brings back some memories.
    i think that might be me favorite cars tune.

  58. the garbage tune was pretty good too.
    fine yung ca’nibles…. oi stories from that era.
    cant stand teh beetles… so i prolly didnt click that one.

  59. I saw The Cramps down in Providence, RI sometime in the 90’s. Great show, small club.

  60. got back from injun territory late last night/early this morning. scalp intact.
    lil jamette played well – the team as a whole not so much.
    a coaching change is desperately needed.
    the college has a new AD – maybe zee/zur/zem will make a coaching change – but i doubt it… too many boxes checked.

  61. too many boxes checked
    gotcha, no need for further explanation

  62. Checking boxes had a whole different meaning in my day.

  63. pen dee joe i listened to the song you linked – i like it.

  64. j’brony – i listen to chad and sara… she’s a pisser.
    I’m a total hypocrite when it come to swearing a la men v wimmins:
    but sara can totally pull off the f-bomb and not sound like hot-n-tot’s mom at the chicago stockman’s rally

  65. say no more

  66. Pup –
    Mrs J2 booked a house in obx for last week in
    wouldnt mind driving over to your neck o teh woods to buy you dinner.

  67. NRBQ was a local CT cornfield band, just a bit before my time but still beloved in the area.

  68. A good day. Afternoon and evening out with friends, the monthly I had to miss last month due to that cold. Enjoyable and a good meal on someone else’s dime. I don’t do this as often as I used to anymore and I missed it. Glad I can do it again.

  69. Glad to hear it jam 2.

    If you’re in to sad melancholy shit, try two songs off his latest album.

    The Difference Between the Secret and the Truth.


    Burning Both Ends of the Bar.

    They kick my ass.

  70. Woops. Bad link.

    The title to the sad song is: Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth.

  71. liking wade bowen. PG’s link reminds me of Eric Church.

    I think I relate to country because today it resembles southern rock that is my favorite. A lot of it.

    A Guitar, A Singer, and a Song is old school country though, and i love it. Vince Gill has a great voice too.

  72. since sobek has reintroduced me to Garbage, I hear it a lot. Maybe it just started, or maybe I just started noticing again.

  73. Chad and Sara are good, but Chad used to be better. Think Blaze is beating him down. But now he’s just mailing it in.

  74. Prayers up for Mrs. Thermadin and Rebecca.

    **squishy hugs Sean**

  75. OBX is not close to Charlotte, Jam, but if you are flying in/out or driving through I’d love to meet y’all.

  76. Derek envied Robert’s prosperity.

  77. NRBQ was a local CT cornfield band
    I used to see the name of them a lot when I lived in MA. Not sure I ever saw them play though. Might have, seeing live music was our primary cultural activity back in the day and I saw a shitton of bands play

  78. Paula listens mostly to country music when driving. She prefers “old country” which is a thing I guess. Reminds her of her bio mom who died when she was a teen. For exercise it’s that crazy CrossFit crap that Carin likes. Just kidding! More like a mix of upbeat, fast tempo stuff to motivate which does not include “Eye Of The Tiger”

  79. When we drive in Paula’s vehicle it’s country music and I’d say I can tolerate most of it. I tend to switch between conservative talk, sports talk, NPR for oppo research and classic rock. Long car rides are the time for exploring the AM band and the weird stuff on it. Sadly, AM radio is dying.

  80. I like a genre of music that’s sort of a cross between country and indie rock. It’s called variously No Depression or Americana or Alt-Country. It’s a pretty wide swath and some is good and some sucks donkey balls.

    I listened to a few of the songs on YT’s Wade Bowen channel and give it two thumbs up. I’d prefer it in a mix rather than listening to it straight through though. Maybe I’ll see if he’s on the Spotify. Speaking of which, anyone got a favorite Spotify channel they’d like to steer me towards?

  81. Bought some Long Keeper tomato seeds. You’re supposed to plant them late, so that they start bearing close to frost. Then you can pull the whole plant and hang it in the cellar, or you can pick it and put the tomatoes in flat boxes so they aren’t touching, and harvest some red ones every week for up to 3 or 4 months later. Supposed to be not as good as Summer tomatoes but much better than grocery store. I’ll just do staggered plantings of a few plants this year and see how they work out.
    Maybe one in a giant pot for the greenhouse, see how long into Autumn it will survive under protection.

  82. MMM 531

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