Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born April 8th, 1993 in Louisville, Kentucky, and she is 100% in unicorn territory on the hot / crazy matrix. She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 342434 and 120 lbs. Please observe the rarest of all sandwich makers, Miss Erin Olash.


  1. Unicorny

  2. Best thing about the Pupstersez Rumble channel (aside from the content)?

    No autoplay!

  3. Yeah I’m kinda digging Rumble as a youtube replacement. I haven’t tried to embed it yet in a poat or comment. If you go to the main page and not a direct link it still plays the next stupid thing it wants.

  4. X-ray tech buddy of mine who lost his job here due to the jab just texted me from Florida where he’s doing a 3 month travel job. I’m not sure which hospital in particular but he said he’s in the St Pete/Largo area. His wife and their 3 kids were there, not sure whether they’re just enjoying a trip while he gets set up there or will be there for the duration. His kids were all swimming in the ocean which the locals said was cold but for kids from Maine it was probably the warmest ocean swimming they’d ever experienced.

  5. I haven’t set up commenting on Rumble yet. At some point I will, just haven’t felt the need so far.

  6. We’re up early today with Lola yacking something up in her crate. Now I’m trying to avoid eye contact with any of the dogs because they’ve been campaigning for kibble for the last hour.

  7. Been up since 4. Catching up with past posts.

    “Beasn has already fought with Mack before. Let him go. You’re right.”

    I “fought” with him because he gets his pants in a twist over things I post, on occasion, on my own timeline when he could just scroll by. He gets bitchy if I poke fun of fauCHY, gets in fights with guys like Nick Searcy, who calls him a fat ass in return, while ignoring all the studies (that I and others post) that proves him wrong and that his idol fauci is a lying shitweasel. His latest is pivoting to blaming Trump…I’m guessing to try and shut us up? Um, sorry, not going to happen because 1. I’m not devoted to any pol inc Trump, like he is to fauci and the med establishment, and 2. Trump didn’t fund wuhan.

    I no longer respond to him tho he still drops snide remarks on my feed. The man is f*cked up. A True Believer.

  8. How the Hell did 37% of them pass the NCLEX?? Damn, that is crazy Jimbro.

    Sounds like some brave internet warrior is making sure your misinformation doesn’t stand unopposed, beasn.

    *scampers away, serpentine*

  9. We are at the high temp forecast for today. It’s supposed to drop like a rock to 10 by the time I leave work and then -4 or so overnight. Then a warming trend for the next couple weeks, and I’m excited.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Jimbro – question for you. We got a new member at the gym who was born with a club foot – repaired. His one leg is a LOT smaller than the other – from the calf down. He wants to run, etc. So do I treat him just like any other bloke? What sort of things do I need to know?

  12. SFS

  13. 10/10 would use my own and whoever pulled me out would be crowned King of England.

  14. Ethan flies to Maryland today!!!!!!!

  15. What the actual fuck, guys?

  16. If this was discussed yesterday, I apologize. I was at crossfit yesterday for 5 hours.

  17. If Xi denies it, I won’t know who’s lying.

    That terrifies me.

  18. 9.875/10. Would take MJ’s sloppy seconds.

  19. considered shooting it down? should have already been done

  20. back down to -5 today, quite the temp roller coaster!

  21. heh, LET’S GO!

  22. 5F here. Expected high of 15.

  23. I like our model in her denim outfit. She looks “wholesome.” *cough*

  24. Comment by Car in on February 3, 2023 7:51 am


    What does SFS mean?

    The stupe in that video is manic and should be institutionalized. She’s wrong about everything.

  25. Stupid effing shit?

  26. 10/10 would whatever she wants

  27. The stupe in that video is manic and should be institutionalized.

    I was thinking more along the lines of “liquidated”. I’m not sure that is fixable. But then again…..I’m a fascist or something.

  28. 10/10 would whatever she wants

    So…’re down for a good pegging?

  29. I’m sort of having a hard time with the commenters at the mothership lately. I usually like to read the comments and learn something but lately they seem sort of dumb. Like we got a downgrade.

  30. twitter: a new look at AOC on the House floor

    And Cori Bush dancin with her head behind her. Clown World is a great follow

  31. So…’re down for a good pegging?

  32. . Yes mare. I just made it up. Let’s make this happen.

    It’s so fetch

  33. Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
    China could at least apologize for disrupting Black History Month with their all-white balloon

  34. Stephanie would make a good cum dumpster. Otherwise she should just be ignored.

  35. It looks like Uranus.

  36. Stephanie?

  37. Wait – no “so fucking stupid” but either works.

  38. Why wouldn’t joebama shoot it down? It’s not like they could retaliate with hunter’s laptop with all Sniffs Alot dirty connections to hurt him. Our own fed agency apparatus will continue to protect him.

  39. SFS..

    The gal who “teaches” my watercolor class is debating on when she should get her 5th, or is it 6th, Pfizer shot.
    I couldn’t help myself and said “I’d think by this point you should have enough protection”…not having the heart to add, “if you haven’t destroyed your immune system already”.
    She also believes masks work.

  40. Pool League Update: played the strongest team in the league last night so the handicap threshold was very low: 5 to 21 games. We got 6! I got one of those and should have had at least two but choked. Another team member ran the rack from break to 8 – her first time! Went very fast too, we start at seven and I was home by nine. We usually finish near ten o’clock.

  41. I hope she’s had all the kids she ever wanted, Beasn.

  42. “” She also believes masks work. “”
    From a data science standpoint it’s a good thing that we have ppl willing (and by willing I mean stupid) enough to get multiple experimental drug injections.
    It’ll give us valuable morbidity/mortality data.
    Some of the real vaxx warriors may even be able to give us some insight into LD50 ranges.

  43. For those who don’t know tox-speak, LD50 is the dosage that kills half the sample population.

  44. born with a club foot – repaired. His one leg is a LOT smaller than the other – from the calf down.
    Club foot affects the entire limb from pretty much the knee down. Even a well repaired true club foot will have relative calf atrophy and the range of motion of the ankle, subtalar joint and midfoot will be decreased in comparison with the opposite foot assuming its a normal foot. The foot itself is shorter and wider than the other one.

    All that being said, I’ve seen a variety of outcomes after treatment ranging from barely noticeable to pretty frikkin’ obvious something ain’t right. For an athlete competing in CrossFit and enrolled in your running class I’d let him have at it using pain as a guide. I never prescribed athletic restrictions on my club foot kids but did discuss that prolonged running might not be their jam and maybe baseball, tennis, hockey, wrestling might suit them better. Most of them did whatever the eff they wanted which was fine with me.

  45. I had a recurrent thought early this morning :
    I’ve wondered why exactly pee-feezer was so actively / aggressively fighting labs or researchers who were looking at the vaxx from a physical standpoint. I mean p’fuqzor was patent and gubmint protected…
    I’ve had a slow realization that most likely they had REALLY poor quality control of mnfcturing and limited to no ranging studies.
    The lvl of contempt I have for them increases daily.
    They are honest to goodness monsters and deserve waterboarding to root out all active participants quickly followed by immolation.

  46. Stephanie?

    I thought that was the name of the cum guzzler in Carin’s TikTok video. Maybe Stephanie was who the chick was responding to.

    In any case, she’s a cunt.

  47. Cunts all around!

  48. I wouldn’t turn one down…

  49. Obligatory

  50. Gladiator 2 is real? WTF?

  51. I hope she’s had all the kids she ever wanted, Beasn.

    She’s older than me. Don’t think she’s ever been married or has kids. She’s overweight, has family history of cancer, and is missing her thyroid. I tried to suggest she not get another shot and take her chances with the less nasty variant.

  52. …but she said there were family/friends who died of it…(or the flu).

  53. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 3, 2023 10:16 am
    twitter: Dr Anita B. Etin, one of the best parody accounts


    The comments are hilarious.

  54. Comment by Jimbro on February 3, 2023 11:54 am
    Cunts all around!



  55. Are her balloons rwal, or from China?

    Nice work, Pupster!

  56. The fact they haven’t shot it down yet is quite telling of how compromised the entire US government has become. China, for now, pays them better.

  57. Just waiting to get in position for the EMP.

  58. Pretty sure “we can’t shoot it down because it could land on people” is an excuse they figure the American people will just accept.

    Roamy? What say you?

  59. Pretty sure “we can’t shoot it down because it could land on people” is an excuse they figure the American people will just accept.

    If it were a high altitude bomber would we worry about shooting it down because it could hit people?

    Don’t answer that.

  60. If it were my balloon, I’d already be disappeared and it would be on the ground.

    And they’d have shot my dog.

  61. Years ago, there was a spacecraft that was supposed to land at the Utah test range, they were going to use a helicopter to capture it by the parachute mid-air. The problem was that the chute never deployed and it lithobraked. I bet we still have talented enough copter pilots where we could not only shoot it down but grab it by the risers or what’s left of the balloon and bring it back for study.

  62. I figured as much Roamy. But “It could hit people” is a lie lots of people accept w/o question.

    I obviously didn’t know for sure, but I’m smart enough to question.

  63. Real AFAIK.

  64. Hit people? In Montana?
    Grapple it and drag it to the ground. Or a flamethrower.

  65. Not sure our “betters” are this smart but it can explain why so many egg farms have gone up in smoke.

  66. Husband is reading article where China admits its theirs but says it was a civilian airship used for meteorological purposes, blown off course.

    No doubt their worker bees in our gov and media will parrot that line while watching it move around the country.

  67. It’s the new Trump Baby Blimp!

  68. “Hit people? In Montana?”

    Yes, exactly. No freaking way.

  69. It’s already in the middle of the country.

  70. I’ve read too many EMP disaster books for me to be comfortable with this turn of events

  71. Scott thinks the egg facilities are burning because he suspects they are insured against fire, but not bird flu.

    Beasn, egg yolk antibodies won’t work that way. Like most proteins they will be denatured when you cook and consume them. Same reason the hormone insulin needs to be injected and not taken by mouth.

    To work properly the egg yok antibodies would have to be purified and administered as a nasal spray to bind with the bad guys on mucosa, probably.

  72. Just freeze-dry and snort them like a normal person, duh.

  73. This is drill weekend for the Mrs. I should get a bouquet of balloons for when she comes home. I’m sure she’ll want to have some after how many times she’s going to hear and type and say the word these next couple of days.

  74. I just get tired of being angry all the time. I will never convince any pro-boosters to not boost. I pray for my family and friends that have bought in to the hysteria. I just ignore and scroll past anything they have to say.

  75. Maybe the balloon is full of cocaine. Isn’t that how they get it into this country, in balloons shoved up their snootches?

    Maybe this one was meant for Whoopi Goldberg.

  76. The wind is unreal. Soooo cold and hurty right now. Just one good gust goes through my coat and makes my face ache. I went food shopping so I can cook over the weekend, and now I’m settled down until this arctic dip passes.

    I texted my sister and told her its really nice outside right now and she should go for a walk.

  77. “I texted my sister and told her its really nice outside right now and she should go for a walk.”



  78. X-Ray Girl (based Chinese Canuck) has a balloon basket as her greenscreen backer for FNT.

  79. she’s fun

  80. It was sunny today and despite that the temps have been dropping all day. I can hear loud thumping noises as things are freezing up and warping. The dogs are doing that thing where they stand on 3 legs to give their paws a break and running back inside rather than dilly dallying which is their usual MO.

  81. Scott checked your weather forecast and said it’s supposed to be minus bleenteen in Bangor tonight. Your boy doggoes are gonna need to wear nut cozies when they go out.

  82. The employees @ Motor City Battery Company have asked me to comment and express their gratitude for today’s BBF model.
    On another note :
    Denali National Park, Alaska, is forecast to be -8° with 4 mph winds.
    Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, 133 miles outside of Boston, -45° below zero this evening. Sustained 92 mph winds…………… -105° below zero wind chill. This place is the Antarctica of the lower 48 (maybe continent)…. must climb this summer.


  83. Holy crap, no wonder things are warping from the cold, I just looked and it’s minus 14 out there!

    “Feels like” minus 39 they say, not sure I’d want to be out for a winter camp out tonight

  84. Mt Washington is a great hike, The younger version of me made it many times. The first part in the woods is a little boring but when you get to Hermit Lake and Tuckerman Ravine it’s really nice. When you think you’re amazing as you step over the edge of the headwall of the ravine you look up and realize you’ve got a lot more climbing ahead to get to the summit.

  85. That’s one unpredictable mountain. I did a ridge hike from Mt. Washington to Mt. Madison, stayed at the Madison hut overnight and hiked down to some notch or other, over 20 years ago with some friends. We lucked out with freak gorgeous sunny weather in the 70s. People die up there even in Summer when a sudden near-freezing fog or actual Summer blizzard blows in and they are in their Summer hiking clothes and can’t see the next trail markers. You need to pack a real backpack, containing more than you think.

  86. Before that hike I had never been above the treeline nor seen trees that were a hundred years old but didn’t come to my knee. It was pretty great but I wasn’t an experienced hiker and was in a lot of pain the next few days.

  87. I was pretty mad at the tough old guy that invited me to go on the trip with his family and other friends. I had no idea how hard it was going to be. The first day was eight hours of nearly 100% careful foot-picking, and lots of straight ups. I was so angry at him the next day. I couldn’t even look at him without my eyes filling up with tears, and he would bust out laughing.

  88. If camping in an Adirondack shelter is your thing they have a bunch of them at Hermit Lake below the summit. If you’re splurging stay at Lake of the Clouds Hut run by the AMC. They have comfy bunks, good food and actual toilets rather than an outdoor shitter.

    If you go in May you can watch people hike up the ravine to ski down it. This looks like full on winter conditions.

  89. Osita, I think I successfully talked a co-worker out of boosting her kids. She got the booster and got covid again, hadn’t made the appointment for the kids. I argued that it didn’t work and forwarded the NEJM article someone linked here. Both kids were against another shot. That carries more weight than me, but maybe I got her out of “it’s for their own good” mode.

  90. Carin, Pay stole Pat’s login again.

  91. who’s pat

  92. looks like a tight…..belly button hole!
    You’re uncle Dave approves, Pup!

  93. […] gives us Big Boob Friday TWICE!And Hunky Hunks for the […]

  94. I argued that it didn’t work and forwarded the NEJM article someone linked here.

    Do you still have the link? If I could get the art lady teacher talking, perhaps I could share it with her along with the Vit D linky thing.

  95. We’re at 0 degrees and howling wind, Jimbro must be at -20 now.

  96. Todays model is fantastic. Thin waist, big boobs, no tats, and an apparent sense of humor. Good job, if I could send a doggie treat through the the USB I would. Outstanding job with two thumbs up.

  97. Pay thinks I’m climbing that shit. You guys d add ll know – are witnesses- that I was under duress.

  98. 0 here. So cold.

  99. warming up here, 10 degrees!

  100. The next 4 days we’re going to be in the low 50s. I worry about my sprouting peonies. I’ve kept them mulched well when the last warm up ended in a streak of low teens. Wondering when the next bout of freezing will happen.

    Bro Tim, one of those “reports” seems to be a picture taken from a couple of years ago. Also, didn’t the powers that be say the thing was moving my direction? Unless there are more than one. Which is possible seeing as how CHYna has captured our government.

  101. “Dismiss EVERYONE!!!” roared Pembroke.

  102. When I first heard about the CCP balloon, the announcer had said that Biden ordered it be shot down, but the Pentagon refused. Stories that came out later seem to have changed that little narrative. Who knows the real story, but if true, wow.

    Not sure if that is more or less disturbing. Given it was Biden, it may be the better outcome that they won’t do what he says. But isn’t the military supposed to be obedient to the civilian government? So who really is in control of the nation?

    Unless we take it down (and since most helium-style balloons you’d think could be punctured so that it lost altitude gradually) how do we know what is onboard that thing? We really do need to get it on the ground and have its “instrument package” payload investigated.

    Even if it is harmless, this just sets the stage for additional ones to be allowed into our airspace … and who knows what the next ones will have on board? How about a time-release engineered virus? An EMP device?

    This is so stupid, unless our authorities know or suspect something about what is on board now, and decided that spreading it all over the countryside might not be a good thing.

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