Hoggin’ the Day Away

If travel goes well I’ll be a field with family and friends enjoying butt-crack early ground hog watching.

Groundhog Sausage

And other recipes.

A woodchucks’ life


This one is more accurate as to the start of spring….

More ways to serve.

How is Hot-Spot going to celebrate?


May the hog be with you –

I hope you all enjoy the best fake holiday of the year!!!


  1. Safe travels Jam.

  2. “If you have to shoot, aim high…
    Don’t hit Phil”

  3. Good morning! I’m excited but a little anxious about going away for a few days. Our partner is great but she is young and has only been with us a little while. I hope she can handle everything while we are gone. Of course we are only a phone call away for a lot of stuff but she will have no physical help. Hope we time the “lull” right.

    Also it occurs to me that instead of driving down South a few states, we could just take a cheap jet ticket to FL. I haven’t seen the place since 1978, I bet things have changed a little.

  4. I like to read the early morning post at Ace’s in the faint hope that Pixy posts something I might actually understand.
    I thought this article was pretty cool, until I got to this part:

    “Dr Marks added that many “orphan sources” – a self-contained radioactive material – that get lost are generally not recovered.

    “A surprisingly large number of these sources that get lost – never get found”, he said.

    “It’s a regulatory failure, but I think the way they found it is really cool.””

    UM. What. Yeah, yes, so very cool, but go back to that first part again, over?

  5. wakey wakey

    If you go to Nashville, Erin’s bf works at one of the trendy places. You should go and say hi. Because that wouldn’t be weird at ALL.

  6. Fanks Jimbro!

  7. Yeah, it would be weird to say hi to him. So we’ll just stare at him, smile, and tap into our phones instead.

  8. The “Radioactive Boy Scout” used to do that work for free.

    He was building a homebuilt fission pile, but, you know, he did go looking for stray radioactive sources and offer to buy them or take them away.

  9. And take a few pictures. To send to me. And then I can text him and say “Hey, some of my friends are watching you right now!”

    This has so much potential.

  10. If it weren’t for bad luck this chick wouldn’t have any luck at all


  11. Tell me you’re an idiot w/o telling me you’re an idiot:

    President Biden
    United States government official
    Right now, credit card companies charge an average of $31 whenever you can’t pay your bill on time. On top of interest.

    It doesn’t cost these companies $31 to process a late payment. And my Administration is working to cut most of those fees to $8.

  12. Why not $7?

  13. New River Gorge Bridge is pretty cool. I white-water drafted on the New River when I was a pup.


  14. “Rafted”.

  15. Reading about the radioactive boy scout on his wiki, Leon. Amazing, I never heard of this guy.

  16. On June 26, 1995, the EPA, having designated Hahn’s mother’s property a Superfund hazardous materials cleanup site, dismantled the shed and its contents and buried them as low-level radioactive waste in Utah. Unknown to officials, his mother, fearful that she would lose her house if the full extent of the radiation were known, had already collected the majority of the radioactive material and thrown it away in the conventional garbage.


  17. Local legend. He was clearly a little off, but you have to marvel at what he was able to do with a bit of obsession and intellect.

  18. shemeka Michelle on Twitter says (protected, won’t let me share link on phone)

    My daughter’s school called.

    In honor of Black History Month, they’ve been encouraged to come in Wakanda wear

  19. I think at one time he had the largest private collection of those radium clocks that they made the documentary about, mostly bought from antique shops and garage sales.

  20. want to go drafting with pupster

    *pulls in behind truck

  21. I mean, that’s how Hotspur’s mom pays for things, but the rest of us are not so…liberated, let’s say.

    I’ve been giving you my best business advice for years.

    You know what to do.

  22. what are you people giving up for back history month?

  23. what are you people giving up for back history month?


  24. Chitterlings. No chitterlings for the whooooole month. It’s gonna be difficult.

  25. what are you people giving up for back history month?

    I ain’t giving up your mom if that’s what you’re driving at.

  26. Watermelon. Fried Chicken.

  27. Crack. Fentanyl.

  28. I think it’s funny that Target puts little black dolls on display for black history month.

    What’s the point? Didn’t they just move the dolls from one place to another?

  29. Violent encounters with law enforcement.

  30. I will try to avoid that, but no promises.

  31. Giving up my white hood for the entire month

  32. Collard greens and fatback

  33. what are you people giving up for back history month?

    I ain’t giving up your mom if that’s what you’re driving at.


  34. My ‘73 Sedan de Ville will be out of commission for the next 28 days.

  35. Love the two Q-Tips in the lower left. That could be any average old couple from Ann Arbor. Everybody else has the masks they handed out in order to get in. They brought the sooper snooper dooper heavy duty ones.

  36. She hasn’t had warm flesh betwixt her nethers since the kids were in middle school.

  37. I should get a bunch of face diapers made up with “HAIL HYDRA” printed on them.

  38. Colbert is still showing his Vaccine skit like it’s a good thing.

  39. The light blue ones were obviously handed out. But there are dark blue, matching yellow on a couple, etc. There are obviously people in that crowd that didn’t need a mask handed to them on the way in.

  40. She should have practiced this a few more times in the mirror:

  41. The checks from Pfizer say it is.

  42. She’s been palling around with Greta the spoiled brat.

  43. I’d hit it

  44. Rufie required.

  45. We were sorting coins the other day and my daughter kept grabbing the quarters and pushing away the nickels. So I asked

    “Would you rather have ten thousand quarters or a million nickels?”
    Possum ponders.
    P: “ten thousand quarters!”
    L: “the quarters are only $2500, the nickels are $50000”
    P: “how dare you!” in perfect Greta imitation

  46. My dad used to trick me with questions like, what weighs more – a pound feathers or a pound of lead?

  47. Or this one, how do you make cold?

  48. Did you get “Smell my finger” a lot too?

  49. “The suspect dismounted his wheelchair, ran to the victim without provocation, and stabbed him in the side of the chest with a 12-inch butcher knife,” police said in the statement. “The suspect then ran back to the wheelchair and fled the scene in the wheelchair.”

  50. No, but in deer camp he used to enjoy standing near one of our euchre games and cut loose with a fart, and say, “Oh mercy.”

    Someone was sure to tell him he better check his shorts. Then someone else would say, better check your socks too.

    God, those were good times.

  51. In other news :
    That mutha diggin’ rodent , Phil saw his shadow.
    I didn’t see mine.
    I think he was high.
    Prolly shrooms …

  52. “The family told the Los Angeles Times that he had his legs amputated after a prior confrontation with police, but did not offer details.”

    Damn police weren’t satisfied with his legs so they had to take his life too!

  53. It’s been overcast here all day

    No Shadow, No Peace!

  54. So well spoken it’s obviously fake

  55. I need that deepfake voice thing and some extensive Laura Bailey samples.

    I, uh, have some scripts I’d like to hear her read. For science.

  56. Deep Fake gonna have to school up on being unintelligible if they want to sell that shit.

  57. Yeah. Nailed the voice but Joe wasn’t that coherent 40 years ago.

  58. Just have ChatGPT write the script. Should work out fine.

  59. …dear God, Max Headroom was prophecy, wasn’t it…

  60. I don’t need help with the script, kthnx.

  61. If I had a lick of artistic ability, Joe Headroom memes would start hitting the Internet.

    Nobody younger than me would get them, but still.

  62. Good God, people are stupid.

  63. Not true. I’m younger and I’d get it. I used to watch the show.

    Mmmm, Amanda Pays.

  64. Comment by lumps on February 2, 2023 5:45 pm
    Good God, people are stupid.


    Social media is awful. I guess it’s killing young girls’ perspective of beauty and what is normal.


  65. I don’t know about these inverted lips or whatever they’re calling them. The big plumped up lips were a definite signal just like masks are now but instead of “I’m a brain dead liberal” they say “OK, anal on the first date it is!”

  66. Oh, NM. Not a bombshell. They would need to purify the antibody and deliver it as a nasal spray. As far as I know, people aren’t putting egg yolks in their neti pots. NOR SHOULD THEY.

  67. I freeze-dry the yolks and snort them like a normal person.

  68. They are a bitch to light, but you can smoke them.

  69. I got a text blast from someone freaking out about this but I talked them down.
    Once you cook the egg, it’s all over for the protective antibodies. The only way this would be advantageous is if you had an active covid infection IN YOUR GUT, and you drank raw egg yolks.

  70. When I was in college the last time, sometimes when I was desperate to put together a decent meal to have in an early morning class, I whizzed up a raw egg, cream, and vanilla drink with a pinch of salt and a bunch of ice cubes in a container.

    It just looked like a vanilla shake to the classmates. Stayed cold until I finished it and kept me going for a few hours.

  71. https://tinyurl.com/bdermnze

    Who cares if this is true, let’s burn a few cities anyway!

  72. Dieting enhanced Rhonda’s physique.

  73. […] Hostages went all out on Groundhog Day […]

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