Instanbul not Constantimemepole


  1. Good morning rednecks

  2. I saw a lot of finger lacerations with or without tendon involvement from cutting bagels. At one point I owned one of those bagel slicers back when I lived near bakeries that sold unsliced bagels. Must have lost it in a move or the divorce lol

  3. Blowie from AOC

    yea or nae?


  4. This is similar to my current way of thinking about Trump

  5. yea, best way to shut her tfu

  6. best way to shut her tfu
    Great minds think alike

  7. I get my chicken feed from a farmer the next road over. Cheaper, they load it in my car, and I shoot this shit with them for a few minutes.

    wakey wakey

  8. Not boyfriend’s dog has been here for two days and this morning she’s taken Moose spot at my feet under my computer table.

    So yea. I think it’s getting serious.

  9. Heh. House them in luxury apartments!!! They’re empty

    Immigration advocates are communists.

  10. 42,000 in NYC – how about the millions scattered around the entire country that “Joe Biden” let in?

    Can you imagine if this was going on during a Trump presidency … oh wait, it wouldn’t because they would still be in Mexico or their own shithole countries!

  11. It’s interesting because these are all adult men protesting. Grown ass men.

  12. The one guy was complaining that it was too cold. No shit Shirlock. You left your warm climate to move up here.

  13. I heard reports that SBF was contacting witnesses via the Signal app yesterday while listening to the Howie Carr Show. I haven’t heard or read that elsewhere but if it’s true and he remains out on bail that is just further confirmation that the fix is in for him.

    Locking him up and dealing with him the Epstein Way might be a problem given the relatively short amount of time that has passed since that incident and the public’s collective memory of it.

  14. They could still have him “disappear”. I mean, with his vast intellect, boundless charm, and nigh-infinite resources, he just plum outsmarted those investigators and got away. He’s also a master of disguise, so we may never find him. But we will keep looking, so long as the effort is funded.

  15. Disappear like Jamal Khashogi disappear?

  16. No, like the fellow who told the airline his name was “Dan Cooper”*. Sam is just a criminal mastermind. We can only hope he makes a mistake and we’re able to track him down. Our team of FIB agents here in the Caribbean will tirelessly seek him for as long as it takes.

    *D.B. was the name used in an early newspaper article by mistake, and it stuck

  17. ship some more up there, send twice as many

  18. Anyone fighting over Trump is debating whether to change tactics in advance of a battle that’s already been fought.

    It may just be me, but debating political maneuverings when it’s clear how badly the deck is stacked just seems the height of denial.

  19. DB Cooper does sound more mysterious than plain old Dan Cooper

  20. I listened to a long podcast on it a while ago. Cooper appears to have crafted his image, luggage, and behavior for that day to have been entirely unremarkable, likely including the name he gave the ticket agent.

  21. … when it’s clear how badly the deck is stacked just seems the height of denial
    Yeah, it’s broken but I’m never going to accept it can’t be improved in a small or massive amount

  22. I just enjoyed a few minutes of observing the river and the backyard covered with a dusting of fresh powder. It’s still winter and that sucks but I can enjoy the view from afar before going out and facing reality

  23. Moose got his spot back. Daisy is trying to figure out if a battle with a 180 pound dog is worth it.

  24. Last night I floated the idea of starting work earlier in the morning and Scott agreed, said we usually are ready way before 9am anyway.
    Then naturally we both overslept today. It was kind of funny, because we almost never sleep late.

    It’s 33 degrees here, got a scant dusting of snow pellets on the ground and the birdbath isn’t frozen. I should change out the water, it’s probably pretty gross.

  25. Sweet Maui onion, what a night – hardly no sleep at all.
    Brain: Hey while you’re trying to get to sleep, remember that video of the guy who got his finger de-gloved by that lion?
    Me: What?? No. Leave me alone.
    Brain: In slow motion now…

  26. Two important and informative links. The second supports the first.

  27. Anyone who thought the Ukraine bullshit was about saving Ukrainians from Russians was a dumbass.

  28. Blowie from AOC


    Ace doesn’t call her Donkey Chompers for nothing.

  29. The city doesn’t own those luxury apartments, empty or not. If they can get those illegals on a bus, I say take them to Tijuana. It’s warmer. The food will be more to their liking. So much more humane.

  30. The second supports the first.
    I saw that last night Mare. Complete and utter bullshit that can’t be fully exposed soon enough. Hopefully before Zelensky’s Nobel Prize is awarded

  31. Or any male illegals between the ages of 16 and 65 should be sent to the Ukraine. Let them earn those luxury apartments for their wives and children.

  32. My guess is that the illegals sent to Ukraine will be more of a benefit to the Russians. Which will help make up for the damage we’ve created over there.

  33. We have thundersleet!!!

    Paul is stuck at home, so I’m having to handle surgery duties all by myself. They took Rebecca back about an hour ago; surgery started at 8:10 am.

    The TV weather folks are practically orgasming on air – the entire Metroplex is shut down due to the sleet and frozen rain.

  34. I saw that last night Mare. Complete and utter bullshit that can’t be fully exposed soon enough. Hopefully before Zelensky’s Nobel Prize is awarded
    What did you see? I’m not on twitter so I can’t use the site.

    Is it just that a lot of pharma is located there?

  35. Try this link to threadreader

  36. it’s warmed up 10 degrees. up to 5 now!

  37. I don’t know if Ukraine is a wholly owned US subsidiary or if we were making bioweapons there. It’s certainly possible.

    But I am certain that both republicans and democrats agree we should fight a war for Ukraine, which automatically makes it the worst idea ever.

  38. Yes, tons (a shit ton) of pharma have headquarters in Kiev.

    But more importantly, this is about bioweapons labs.

  39. Putin did in fact talk about bioweapons labs.

    I do think Putin was not a fan of Nato parking weapons close to his borders.

  40. I wouldn’t be either.

    Also Putin is dying of cancer and wants to fulfill his dreams of megalomania before the end comes, and will totally start WW3 to do it!

    I know that because CNN and Fox and MSDNC all said so.

  41. twitter: Come on, people, it’s a cold that causes heart ailments, not the vaccine

    yes, the common cold. MSDNC, people.

  42. Meanwhile, in Canada: 44% of incarcerated “Transwomen” are sexual offenders.

  43. *gasp*

  44. Meanwhile, in Canada: 44% of incarcerated “Transwomen” are sexual offenders.
    Sweet pickled peppers!

  45. Trans = mentally ill

  46. No one but Lumpy click on this

  47. When you have children you put aside having a tidy home for about 18 years.

  48. I’m glad she finally got her priorities straight, and had the humility to publicly say so, especially given her “brand”.

  49. GND: I really want to work on keeping the house straightened up.

    MJ: *looking around at all of GNDs shit…


  50. This is why everyone sucks.

    Jonah Goldberg wrote something about how awesome the war in Ukraine is and this great sentence is in there:

    “By launching the first land war in Europe since 1945 …”

    Um, what? There have been no land wars in Europe since 1945? Really? I mean, really?

    How is it that our intellectual class is so dumb? How is it possible?

  51. That’s why the map of Yoorop looks exactly the same from 1945 to 2022.

    Oh wait…

  52. Longtime residents of Sarajevo would like a word with that fucktard.

  53. And Chechnya, 2008 in Georgia, the Greek civil war of 1946, various anti-communist resistance conflicts throughout eastern Europe (e.g., 1963 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia), et al.

  54. Having recently visited Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest I heard much about this certain time period involving the Soviets.

    Pretty sure it was after ’45, but my memory gets fuzzy sometimes.

  55. oh come on, that’s not Europe Europe

  56. I had a coworker back in the sixties from Latvia. He was also in a snit about something or other.

  57. Someone has a fake news site about a “revolution” in Hungary in 56, with “Soviet” tanks.

    Must be complete bullshit, huh?

  58. All those planes in Berlin were just remnants of WW2, had to fly home.

  59. Air Show

  60. 25 degrees warmer than when I went in today!

    20 now

  61. twitter: Stocking Mill Coffee Roasters is awesome

    We’re not conservative. We’re right wing nut jobs.

    So many funny comments

  62. We just started 1923. I really enjoy the Yellowstone spin-offs.

  63. He he. It almost makes me want to buy TV again and watch the NFL just so I know what TF she’s talking about.

    Not gonna though.

  64. I gotta order some coffee.

  65. Gardening — like keeping chickens — will KILL YOU

  66. Found the H2 zombie apocalypse bugout pad. Needs some interior renovations and land clearing.

  67. That guy in the video is a stitch and he has a great smile, looks like he’s handsome under that gross beard.

  68. Green comet y’all. Check out the app. Startracker.

  69. Local news story triggering memories. BITD my MIL was bored staying at home. She decided she needed to learn to transcribe braille. We have no idea how many books she transcribed. We do now that a section of the law library is attributed to her. She’s the same woman that noticed that a lot of blind people rode the bus.

  70. Ben Crump. Just leaving this dbag here…

  71. Green comet y’all.

    Sure, if you want to go blind and get eaten by Triffids.

  72. Can’t see it here, but it’s clear enough that I should.

  73. It’s raining here, no chance of seeing the comet.

  74. I wanted to watch Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken receive their medals today but once Kamala opened her piehole, that was it. Sorry, guys.

  75. “Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is currently making its way through the northern skies and should reach its brightest magnitude in early February, according to (opens in new tab) as it approaches perigee on Feb. 1. To see the comet for yourself, look to the north just after sunset and look for a faint greenish glow. Under the right dark sky conditions, the comet could be visible to the unaided eye, but binoculars will certainly make the job easier.”

  76. LOL

  77. Daily, Erik resets passwords.

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