Rock Around the Croc: Retro Songs

Good morning, you tastefully-potted petunias. Welcome to your weekly does of whatever musical notions have struck my fancy over the last week. Ready to listen to some stuff? Ready to skip straight to the comments and start talking about something completely unrelated? Either way works for me.

This week I was listening to some old favorites that I haven’t heard in a while, and I started wondering about songs that sound like they’re coming from the wrong decade. The first example was Can’t Cry These Tears by Garbage:

It’s not the verses at all, but the chorus reminds me of something from the 1950s. I’m sure that the bell sound has something to do with it, but it’s more about the swing feel.

Next up is If It Were Up to Me, by Rooney:

This one has both that retro-sounding swing and lyrics that sound like they could have been written in the 1950s.

“I want you to know
I’ve done our charts and it says
That we work as one
Like the Jackson Five
And the Temptations”

And later …

“Well, your mother likes my smile
And your father likes my lifestyle
Should I ask them what I asked you
To get the answer?
Yes, to get the answer?”

With both of those songs I had to google the song-writing credits to make sure they weren’t actually covers of old tunes that I didn’t know. Nope, both are modern.

Next on the block is Blame, Etc. by The Afghan Whigs:

That whole album is just so awesome. The Afghan Whigs have a retro kind of style in most of what they do. It’s like 1970s Motown in a post-grunge era. There are long sections that could easily be on the Shaft soundtrack. It’s so perfect for the whole portrait they are creating with the song. Man, I love me some Afghan Whigs.

“Now I know my heart is being used
But what I’m not allowed to have
I never could refuse”

Here’s Zoot Suit Riot, by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies:

For some reason there was that huge revival of swing/big band sound in the late 1990s that I will never be able to explain, and then it disappeared as quickly. Again, these are musical sounds and lyrics that came from a totally different era.

I’ll end with electro-swing, an entire genre dedicated to retro sound. I don’t remember how I found this a few years ago, but I’m happy that I did. Here’s Parov Stelar doing Booty Swing, which is as remarkable for the combination of vintage jazz and modern dance beats as it is for the Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire:

If you dug that, here’s a compilation album of various electro-swing artists for you to enjoy. My co-workers, who think I listen to nothing but metal, have been surprised to hear me grooving to this.

And that’s it for today, you sizzling sausage-stuffed mushrooms. I love you all, I hope you heard something you liked today, and I wish you a wonderful week.


  1. This post is like a fresh powder day at Sugarbush

  2. wakey wakey

    Yesterday everyone went skiing apparently. Everyone in Michigan. Lines were long.

  3. Ready to skip straight to the comments and start talking about something completely unrelated?

    Today I’m actually listening to the music. I do listen to it, most of the time, I just don’t think I have anything worthwhile to say about it. I only filter out the stuff Carin approves of. That’s my safety signal.

    When I was a kid I used to loooove watching old b&w movies and shows. I loved Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Fred would float and glide and Gene was all muscle like an acrobat. I fell in love with people who were either dead or almost dead. Tyrone Power, woooo. There’s a modern song where the singer talks about something similar. When I first heard the lyrics- which are great- it gave me the nostalgia.

  4. My throwback band of that period was Squirrel Nut Zippers. Love, love them.

  5. He sounds a bit different.

  6. This song always had a bit of retro feel to it for me:

  7. A friend of mine chides me now when I bring up current issues (on facedouche). She’s so enlightened she doesn’t pay attention to news/events except for a limited time on the weekend. And she’s so much happier.

    I’ve held my tongue, but it appears to be a bit of reverse childhood. I mostly just ignore it, and I can’t understand why she keeps bringing it up. One day I may snap at her. Not today though.

  8. I’m reading “Sticky Fingers” right now based on a recommendation from the AOS book thread a couple of weeks ago. It’s a biography of Jann Wenner, the dude that owned the magazine, Rolling Stone. I guess it’s all pretty interesting but I’m except that I was between about 8 and 13 during that time period and don’t really give a shit about all those hedonistic assholes from the NYC, LA, and NYC scene. It’s weird in that when I read history from the 1500’s or whatever, I find it enthralling. This shit is just sad and incomprehensible to me. Non-stop drugs and deviant sex. I guess I adopted more of my parent’s 1950’s view of the world than I thought.

  9. Who’s the square? ^

  10. I agree with Lumps on Tyrone Power. One of my favorite movies is “The Mark of Zorro”. Tight pants, great sword fighting, and devil-may-care grin. Linda Darnell is luminously beautiful, too. The Antonio Banderas movie just grossed me out, can’t compare at all.

  11. Probably don’t even like the new Sam Smith Video.

  12. I have my next Secret Santa gift.

  13. So I keep seeing ads for some AI thing that writes content for you? I’m guessing that the Biden twitter account uses that?

  14. If Blondie and The Cars got together and had a kid it would be The Sounds

  15. I loved the swing/big band revival…fond of electroswing, too! And of course one of my YouTube sub channels is Post-Modern Jukebox, which mixes up current hits with older styles to excellent result, often improving on the original (which…with recent pop may not be all that hard).

  16. I wish I had a pencil-thin mustache,
    The Boston Blackie kind,
    A two-tone Ricky Ricardo jacket,
    And an autographed picture of Andy Devine.

  17. Thanks for the musak o’crocish one.
    You’re the powdered sweetness dusted over our freshly made Sunday music Chrusciki.

  18. Someone stuff HerrM back into whatever dungeon he’s been locked in?

    I missed his driveby

  19. He

  20. He’ll be back around in 10 years.

  21. I had the Silversun Pickups on heavy rotation in my truck CD player when it came out

  22. I’m reading The Bat by Jo Nesbo now in a change up to my usual military history and zombie lit.

    I read one of the books out of order as a new release a couple of years ago and really liked it. I decided to start from the beginning of the series. So far it’s pretty good – the reviews are not spectacular so I guess I’m an outlier as far as my tastes in detective fiction.

  23. Oh COME ON

    First line of the blurb:

    Inspector Harry Hole of the Oslo Crime Squad

  24. He’s Norwegian so I think it’s Hoe-lay or something like that. I read the later in the series book and called it Hole the entire time (I was going to say the whole time but thought the better). This book is first in the series and he’s in Australia and no one knows how to say his name so he just lets them call him Holy.

  25. I wish I had a pencil-thin mustache,
    The Boston Blackie kind,
    A two-tone Ricky Ricardo jacket,
    And an autographed picture of Andy Devine.

    Oh, I remember being buck-toothed and skinny,
    Writing fan letters to Sky’s niece Penny…

  26. Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open, that’s a nice bit of revenge.

  27. “You’re the powdered sweetness dusted over our freshly made Sunday music Chrusciki.”

    Aww, thanks!

  28. I liked the Death Cab song, Lumpy Lou. Silversun has some great stuff but i haven’t explored their catalogue much.

  29. Dom lucre was tweeting earlier about how Republicans started the kkk. so take that idiot in small doses

  30. He deliberately posts a shitlib-baiting headline and then punctures it. You should read that whole thread.

  31. usually don’t read comments on those

  32. Philly is 69% on 4th down and they are only 4th in NFL? shocker

  33. heh guess I got had by clickbait; by not clicking

  34. crap call, purdys arm was going forward

  35. well so ends the purdy show

  36. His headlines are just a grab. He does a deep dive into the accusation.

  37. Thinking of buying this.

    I do have two cast iron pots that would be suitable for cooking over a fire, but this looks to be something I could set up then eat later. Or I could use it for transporting food.

  38. that’s a great idea

  39. Rock-lined pit ovens are free

  40. shit I didn’t see that, lol

  41. We saw Cherry Poppin Daddies in concert. Great vibe. I love swing music. And polka.

  42. Is that a drone-mounted Mostly Peaceful Protest taking out a wasp nest?

  43. because I need one of those, maybe three or four

  44. Hornet yah.

  45. Allergic to eggs. Whatev. I usually have reactions to egg based foods, not actual eggs. French toast. Ranch dressing. Mayo/Miracle whip. Keep my epi close. 2$ Carl Jr breakfast Sammy yesterday…anaphylaxis. Roulette

  46. Our tickets are still alive. Go Eagles.

  47. Who did you take in this one?

  48. This Is Fine II

  49. She looks fun

  50. We took the Eagles on every parlay. Split chiefs/bengals. Over. Under. Straight up points.



  53. Bad news, Mare

  54. kc tightened up the defense but opened up downfield.

  55. Apparently a bunch of military facilities and an oil refinery were blowed up in Iran.

  56. I knew Burrowhead was a bad idea.

  57. Wait and see. 4 outstanding tickets.

  58. Lumps, America first until the Israelis take credit. BIBI is back

  59. Israelis wont say anything.

    The last time they had a plan Obama leaked it.


  61. limping really bad now

  62. Undercover woman was hilarious. Not where i thought that was going.

  63. Physics is a bitch. Especially when it snows.

  64. here it is, another 3 pt Bengal win

  65. Had some running around to do that ate up the first half of the day. Found some nice cod fillets in the freezer last night and made a chowder with them today. And smoked a whole fillet of salmon. Those along with the burgers I made yesterday should hold us for a few days of real good leftovers.

    I don’t like this pattern of spending my whole weekends making several cooked foods ahead for the week, and doing dishes. I’d like to either relax or work on my projects. Pretty sure it will change as the days get longer into Spring. We’re still in the long dark, up North. The days are still short, getting longer now, but slowly.

  66. The problem is that when I get home from work on weekdays in Winter, I don’t want to do any of that stuff. It gets dark outside early and I stop doing stuff.

  67. holy luck, batman

  68. I did meal prep last Sunday, but I didn’t have my act together today. Tonight’s supper was beef tips with carnitas seasoning – I had frozen enough (probably back in November) for Mr. RFH and me, just tossed it in the crockpot, came back later and added some veggies.

  69. I made sweet potato, red pepper and black bean enchiladas, with homemade enchilada sauce. Mrs S loved them. Kid #2 and I thought they were pretty good. The other kids didnt try them. It’s basically impossible to cook something that all my kids will eat.

  70. tried a side dish I thought looked pretty good. Rice, with a bit of mayo, chili crisp, sesame oil (sub for the spice that they showed but I don’t have), and a sunny side up egg. It was ok, not what I was looking for.

    Went ok with chuckeye steaks that were on sale, and were sous vide last month.

  71. watching Fire Country on demand, and I can’t FF through ads. How do people watch shows like Colbert? He’s still showing that cringe vaccine skit and talking about 100% vaccinations in his crowd. Then Corden does something stupid.

    No wonder Gutfeld is #1

  72. so far in Fire Country we have the interracial relationship, the woman married to the fire chief and she’s the boss, and the female bartender flirting with the black lesbian fire fighter at the bar, with gourmet tacos.

    Hollyweird has issues.

  73. this was 10 mins into the first episode.

  74. I watched “The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball”. I had a cassette with the comedy skits when I was in college. Too bad they cut one of my favorite skits with Billy Connolly, the one about the bagpiper at the party. Don’t bother with the Third Ball, the comedy bits aren’t funny, although it’s kinda cool seeing Hugh Laurie and Robbie Coltrane when they were young.

    I probably shoulda, coulda done some meal prep instead of watching the movie, but I was tired. I should go to bed, I just dread waking up at 3:30 AM. I can’t seem to sleep more than four, maybe five hours at a stretch.

  75. Richard Dawson is on this episode of “The Dick van Dyke Show”. Quite the ladies’ man with Mary Tyler Moore.

  76. oh for pete’s sake, the convict on parole in the fire program is the son of the couple mentioned above. This is ridiculous.

  77. Diary entries remain personal.

  78. So, Eagles – Chiefs for SB LXVIIMLV?

    I sort of knew the Eagles were hot this year and of course the Chiefs are the Chiefs and you can’t go wrong betting on Mahones.

    Trending on twitter this morning is NFLCheat or something like that. I guess the officiating sucked if you were a Bengals fan.

    That means I have to track down my squares guy and fork over some dough before the “Big Game”. His Venmo got hacked apparently so it’ll be a cash transaction this year.

  79. Who is ready for Black History Month?!

    This is the year that reparations are gonna happen, I can just feel it! As the tweet I saw yesterday went, “California, which was never a slave state wants to pay people, who were never slaves with money from people who never owned slaves”

    The Magic Money Magician named Brandon will just sign an EO and -poof- the check will be in the mail! Any objections means you’re a racist hater and probably ought to expect a predawn raid by one of the 3 letter agencies.

  80. Also waiting for the well meaning corporation or civic organization to be lambasted for serving a Black History Month meal that is somehow racist and dehumanizing.

    Behold! The power of cornbread, greens and fried chicken!

  81. Because it happens every damn year …

  82. Weekend meal prep is mostly dependent on Paula’s work schedule. If she’s working and it’s just me eating it’ll be leftovers or a hasty assemblage of food that is both tasty and not too bad for me as a meal. When we cook I’ll make the main and she’ll prep the sides (most often 90 second rice and a bag of some sort of frozen veggies). A crockpot meal covers all the bases so that’s my jam

  83. In honor of black history month …

  84. That’s the spirit!

    Thankfully it’s the shortest month of the year …

  85. heh

  86. I just dread waking up at 3:30 AM.

    Still happens but I find that not automatically viewing it as a negative has made it easier to relax again. That little bit of anxious or frustrated response to the situation is enough to keep me awake for a lot longer. I’m moderating my attitude to waking up very early.

    If I just lie there and go, “Hm, well, this is ok, maybe I’ll take a sip of water and just listen to the house,” instead of “oh no, THIS again?!?!” my amygdala never gets a worrying signal from the PFC, therefore it has no reason to punch the button that makes me uptight and keeps me from falling back asleep.

    It’s been taking a little practice and sometimes I still just give up and roam the house, good attitude or not. But there has definitely been an improvement.

  87. When I wake up at night it’s mainly because of Paula shifting positions next to me but coming in a close second is the need to pee. I find that the best trick for me to calm down and get back to sleep is to think of a project and plan the steps out in excruciating detail. Cleaning a rifle usually doesn’t make it past assembling all the gear needed to do it.

  88. I wake up every night – at least once, if not several times. Last week I actually had one night where I slept completely though. I don’t remember the last time I did that. It was amazing.


    I hope they win and get all the Fireball they could ever drink

  90. True story: I’ve never had Fireball “Whiskey” nor do I anticipate it will happen (voluntarily) in the future

  91. It’s the ‘dread’ part that sinks the ship, when it comes to falling back asleep. You anticipate being miserable, and then it happens. It’s the “oh NO!” part. If you can hack your response to the situation so that you don’t really care that you’re awake, it helps a lot.

  92. I usually am able to fall back asleep, so I don’t really so much dread it. It just normal now. Sometimes I’m up for a few hours, but that’s lessened lately for some reason.

  93. I pretty much always wake up during the night, to take a leak generally. My victory is it only being once or twice. If I’m up every two hours it’s a bad time (and it happens). Fortunately two is more common. I can’t remember the last time I slept straight through. A foley catheter may have been involved.

  94. MMM 530

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