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  1. Not my best effort to date, sorry about that.

    Please stay adorable my colorful, clever and collectable hand-painted figurines in a sparkling glass display case.

  2. Any day I can scroll memes in my pajamas is a good day

  3. Poor audio but the message gets through

  4. I think it’s an excellent array, Pups!

  5. I loved the piano deal.

    hahaha, fattie.

  6. My husband just asked if I was reading Memes because I was laughing.

    He knows what’s what.

  7. Thanks.

    In other news I would totally eat that cheeseburger with the chocolate chip cookie bun.

  8. I’ve had chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches before and they are a tasty concoction

  9. Internets are slow this morning, I’ve rebooted teh router but no joy. I think a lizard ate the cabling.

  10. I’m with Pupster, that cookieburger doesn’t look half bad. Unless it’s using oatmeal raisin cookies. Then it needs to fuck off to the outer dark.

  11. I’ve found next weeks BBF and she is pretty close to perfect, except that she is too good for BBF. I usually find short big boob adjacent videos and make them into gifs, but this one is kinda wholesome and her clips are funny little skits of her making drinks, cooking, and bantering with her roomate while they drive around with a dash camera.

    I may have to change the format for next week.

  12. You guys and your oatmeal raisin hate. I may make some oatmeal raisin cookies just to create drama.

  13. It’s Saturday. Time to go read Pupster’s masterworks.

  14. At first I thought the chowder pop was the least offensive one but after some thoughtful consideration, chocolate chip cheeseburger and bananas benedict are probably worth a bite or two just to check it out.

    Bananas benedict…hmm, looks like it could be a cheesy hollandaise sauce. Cheese is good with fruit, and so is cured pork.
    When I was a kid and we would drop by a relative’s house, the standard thing that would happen is they would put grapes, cheese, and prosciutto on the table for hospitality.

    OK, I’m going with bananas benedict, as long as that’s a cheese sauce.

    The jello salad is an abomination whose main flaw is that it cannot be set on fire.

  15. Mike Tyson made me laff. I’m pretty simple.

  16. I want to be drunk with power.

  17. Love the Herculoids art piece – wouldn’t mind having a framed version in my office. It was my favorite cartoon as a kid, so much so that I bought the series on DVD a few years ago.

    Didn’t age well.

  18. The problem with raisins in oatmeal cookies isn’t that raisins are especially bad. It’s that you could have used dates, and didn’t.

    It’s the tragedy of it.

  19. I want to be drunk with power.

    Second button down on the right.


  20. I’ve been reading up on the 1500s because my sister traced our family back to 1512 in England, and I wanted to see what life was like. So far things are only a little shitty. Not bubonic plague shitty, but shitty nevertheless.

    Some fucktard in Germany nailed some shit to a church door, then England’s monarch couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, and presto! a religion that certainly had its flaws splintered and the world got more fucked up than it otherwise would have been without these two douchebags.

  21. I haven’t followed this Memphis police killing story very closely due to my past experience teaching me that EVERYTHING that comes from the mainstream media in the first 72 hours will be false and have to be quietly walked back later……or allowed to stand up as the accepted narrative even though it’s been proven false. Ex. Hand’s up Don’t Shoot.

    However my poor spouse is drawn to shit like this like a moth to a street light. So I paid a bit of attention this morning as she was wading through the slop. Here’s my guess, and if true, it’ll never make it through the propaganda machine. Memphis, like a lot of big cities has had little to no success lately in attracting decent young people to staff their police department and have thus staffed it with gang bangers who agree to clean up their act just a little bit. I’m gonna say that these five cops were in a rival gang of the poor bastard they pulled over and had beef with either him in particular or his gang regarding whatever gangs fight over. The level of violence perpetrated on the victim from the getgo and the fact that they pepper sprayed and beat his ass down knowing full well that all of it was being recorded is hard to fathom unless they’re just gangsters being gangsters and caught up in the moment enough to forget or ignore the fact that they were also municipal employees. You won’t find out from the tv, that’s for damn sure.

  22. Second button down on the right.

    I love this place.

  23. Saw this and thought of Beasn.

  24. Anybody else use Rumble? I started storing video there and it works fine I guess, if any of y’all click over the see a video it will play, but immediately move you on to whatever the next promoted video is they want you to see, I can’t find an option to not fucking do that. Annoying.

  25. Dang – Herculoids art is just a cover for an old comic. So much for my office wall.

  26. Dr. Anita B. Etin: “I’m allowed to type “obese” because I am obese, but I’m not allowed to type the N word because only N words get to do that.” 😀

    I liked Herculoids too, they even had cross-over episodes with Space Ghost from time to time. Zandor’s hairstyle was problematic for me tho.

  27. I follow a few channels on Rumble and dislike the autoplay feature a lot. I think ViralHog is the worst because they’re short videos and unless you’re paying attention you get some other video playing 5 seconds after the video you wanted ends. Steve Inman doesn’t do autoplay. With Bongino I usually x out of it as he’s winding the show up. I haven’t watched Steve Deace in weeks, he’s starting to annoy me.

  28. This seems like something Leon would try after he becomes a gentleman farmer


  29. I got this sprouted, organic oatmeal from Costco and instead of raisins, I made cookies with sugar-free chocolate chips. So Leon doesn’t have to be disappointed in me anymore.

    I used monk fruit with erythritol which was a rookie mistake. I should have used my allulose.

    My cookies have that slight cooling effect.


    I haven’t made any sweet treats in months and months so I’m not used to it.

  30. Rumble doesn’t autoplay for me. I mainly use it in Edge, I seem to recall it not working in Firefox, and I gave up on Chrome a long time ago.

  31. Also, I am not signed in when I use Rumble unless I want to comment, which is rare.

  32. This seems like something Leon would try after he becomes a gentleman farmer

    My drainage is really good, and I fear rice paddies being re-defined as “wetlands” even so. Too bad, seems clever.

  33. Yeah, the whole wetlands thing has turned me off from making a small firepond at my house. There are two natural drainage channels in my fields and it wouldn’t take too much to create a backstop to allow them to fill naturally from rain and snow melt.

  34. I don’t mind an oatmeal raisin cookie especially when they’re well made. The only circumstance I’d be upset with one would be the classic Fool’s Chocolate scenario.

  35. I watched “Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom”, a documentary on how far Disney has strayed from family entertainment. It’s on https://www.catholicleague.org/ , Rumble, and maybe even YouTube if they haven’t pulled it yet.

  36. I’d have a tough time trying to create a pond, despite the heavy clay soil I’ve got. The karst geology here in the Appalachian foothills means I’ve got at least three sinkholes on my rolling hills property. I keep toying with the idea of dumping some sodium fluorescein in them to find out where they end up on the creek a mile down at the bottom of the mountain.

    And oatmeal raisin cookies are one of my favorites. Well ahead of chocolate chip. Though peanut butter with the Hershey kiss in the middle are right up there too.

  37. Though peanut butter with the Hershey kiss in the middle are right up there too.
    I’m guessing someone who loved you made them for you – that’s the main reason to enjoy those

  38. I like oatmeal raisin cookies as long as they are soft. This is pretty much true of all cookies.

    I like them soft and moist.

  39. Although dunking hard chocolate chip cookies in coffee is pretty frickin awesome.

  40. Back during the height of the crypto craze I investigated a few of the various companies selling crypto related schemes and signed up for their newsletters. Because I believe the old adage to never invest in something you don’t understand I never put any money into them.

    It was with a sigh of relief I just read an email from BlockFi detailing steps investors needed to take because of them filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  41. I like them soft and moist.

  42. Productive today. Did dishes, then noticed the hoophouse was 70 degrees. So I got in there and cleared a big part of the ground in preparation for planting next month, and committed a Slug Holocaust, then pivoted to smoking some home-cured turkey thighs for turkey ham, cooked a batch of hamburgers, and now I’m making brownies. Hoping to finish my acoustic panel project today or tomorrow after brunch. And smoke a whole filet of salmon.

    Oh, and I saw my asparagus seeds just presprouted in their wet coffee filter, so I need to pot them up.

  43. presprouted

    Does this mean they sprouted before they sprouted.

  44. It means they sprouted before I planted them. I know, it really doesn’t make sense but it’s the proper term.

  45. Tonight’s dinner: pork chops, smashed topatoes and salad.
    Gonna try this dude’s way of cooking pork chops: https://youtu.be/lfLomWnff-E?t=300

  46. Didn’t someone mention this recently?


    A comment from a guy in the article said the male equivalent was Target

  47. I enjoyed the memes, Puppeh. I wonder if hot tub bear knows how to turn on the jets.

  48. Go into Target or any store like that and try to meet single women, and you’re likely to end up in handcuffs and with a TRO, if not pepper sprayed. Men probably should not approach women who are strange to them in those environments, except under exceptional and unusual circumstances.

    That’s just my opinion, and I do have a nearly inoperable flirtation radar. But risk versus reward still says “don’t.”

  49. A couple of weeks ago I bought a whole chicken at Kroger, to roast then make Chicken & dumplings with. I thawed the damned thing out and get it ready to roast, I find they cut some poor guys penis off and stuck it inside the chickens cavity. Gross, but 400 degrees for 3/4 an hour should kill anything, right?

  50. ^ I mean in the chicken.

  51. RC, as a retail worker, we get the creeps from the guys that are there to creep on women. You learn to recognize them.

  52. Gross, but 400 degrees for 3/4 an hour should kill anything, right?

    Should be fine.

    Check that wang for internal bones, though. If you find any, it wasn’t human!

  53. Men aren’t allowed to pursue women anywhere in any context unless they are attractive and/or wealthy. This is known.

  54. wakey wakey.

    I went skiing today, so you’re morning wake-up call is a bit late. Hopefully no one overslept or missed anything important.

    Erin is busy cleaning the entire house because the new male not-boyfriend is coming over tomorrow.

  55. your

  56. The day’s sad and joyous task is done. These things never get easier. It all went well, though, as well as these things ever do.

    Hopefully that covers my funereal participations for the decade.

  57. Unfortunately dying is part of living

    Today would have been my bro’s 53rd birthday

    Took a long time but I forgave him for leaving early

  58. Oso, when I was at the hardware store, we had a customer who used to hound one of my much younger coworkers. I called him something like, “Mr. Brazil” or something, I can’t remember exactly what it was. Because he had bizarrely trimmed facial hair; a very thin, straight, vertical line from the bottom of his nose to the bottom of his chin. It looked like a brazilian bikini wax, on his face. And he had a pig’s reputation and manner, so it’s not impossible that the resemblance was intentional.

    Anyway, he pursued this poor kid so doggedly, she ended up making a scene with the manager of the store and the manager had to come out and tell this swine to stop harassing her.

  59. Pork chops were good! Very tasty, though I just kept them on the stovetop and didn’t bother with the “finishing in the oven” step. I will try the chicken and steak methods too.

  60. Pup, You challenging J’ames for the leadership of the ways and Memes committee? You might be winning with this one. Good job!

  61. Thanks Uncle Dave.

  62. This guy needs to spawn an instant pre-teen to figger out the ‘puter in teh new truck. Any fertile hostagettes available?
    F’n aye, just dropped 50 k, now I need to drop another 1 k phone so I can listen to ZZ and SRV when I’m driving? WTF?

  63. ^ if I can get 17 years and 200K and 16 years outtta this one, it’ll be my last purchase. Either be in an old folks institution or dead, either way, probably the last vehicle I buy.

  64. Okay, 16 -1/2 years. I bought the ’05 in July.

  65. Thanks Pup! For reminding me to punch my sister, next time I see her!

  66. Why would you need a phone to use the radio in your truck?

  67. Turned on the TV. It seems I can watch “Robin Hood: men in tights” or international soccer, “fags in shorts”. Life’s full of decisions, eh?

  68. Guessing no cd player.

  69. So! The housemates and I learned a thing today! This old house has a fusebox, not a circuit breaker!

    And only one of us has actually ever fiddled with one…and it ain’t me…

    Good times, good times.

  70. Man, I was changing fuses when I was a little kid, up through my early 20s when my family got rid of the old fusebox system and put in breakers.

    Our old city house was over 100 years old in 1990 and still had capped-off stubs of gas lines for gaslights coming out of the walls, here and there, as well as the original pushbutton light switches they used when electricity was new.

  71. When I left in the late 1990’s, most of the wiring in the whole 6-family building was still wrapped in the original plaid rag cloth from old times that Hotspur well remembers.

  72. The secret is to wet your fingers before screwing those things in.

  73. yeahhh, so, nooo, don’t do that

  74. I thought the secret was to replace fuses with a pre-1968 penny so you won’t ever need to again.

  75. Yes, the copper penny was a solution….we didn’t do that.

  76. There were also coal chutes in this house, that had been walled over, many decades prior.

  77. So fortunately we got the fuse replaced and all is well. Arrangements are being made to upgrade.

    An educational evening, to be sure.

  78. My 1st house was built in the 20’s the fuse box was 4 cardboard covered fuses, I am guessing someone upgraded it in the 50’s to 6 screw in fuses. I ended up paying for a new drop from the road and added a 200 amp breaker box.

    Someone at the mothership linked a video to boats going in and out of Haulover Inlet in Miami. I am addicted. Between the bikinis and the boats stuffing their bows under water, I waste a lot of time there.


  79. I kilt it.
    Take over Sean

  80. nah, it just dies at this time. Everyone took their geritol and went to bed, so they can hit Golden Corral in the AM for the blue plate special.

  81. Sam the Cooking Guy made steak and eggs today, and that sounds pretty good to fuel up for the Chiefs game at Burrowhead (that’s some fine trash talking, Bengal fan)

  82. Today I spent the whole day hanging out with one of my sons on the slopes. I haven’t been in about two years, so I’m pleasantly surprised how well it went.

    Pups, you are the memelord, and that’s what i appreciate about you.

  83. Dale echoed Riva’s point.

  84. Bananas Benedict would be OK if the bananas were roasted to caramelize them a bit.

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