POS post Revival

So i dont have time just yet to photograph and poe tate

but suffice it to sayMetal Detecting is a fantastic hobby. (some of these guys are humorous…)

History is where you find it.


some o teh crap i’ve found


Things i may or may not have found:


WW2 Flight crew wings

Colonial Coppers

1800’s Death Coin

Kings Royal Regiment – silver button.

silver and gold


  1. Jam, I love your poats.

    I would love to see pictures of all of your discoveries.

    Also, CAULK!

    I get sucked into those “discovery” videos or ancient history videos and all of the sudden it’s 2 hours later.

  2. That video was exciting! And no I don’t want to see your

  3. It’s a national treasure marezeedotes.

  4. I’ll try to photate some of the stuff I’ve dug up through the years and post it at some point.
    After this latest move I’m not sure where I put stuff.

  5. “” You should have called first.””
    Pup- that was funny.

  6. Re : pear trees.
    I’ve planted these in the past –


  7. They’re great producers.
    Only need one tree.
    I planted the dwarf ones.

  8. I’ve done some under water detecting – it’s fun but equipment intensive.

  9. Wakey wakey

    Some years ago I read an article – I wish I could find it – that discussed the gay priest deal (I think it was written or linked by a catholic blogger). If I remember correctly, the gist of the article was that in the late 60’s early 70’s the seminaries just accepted gay men, and it ran rampant. Sorta how Lumpy mentioned in previous post. They KNEW and just figured it would be ok. Well, it was NOT ok.

    I have my own views about homosexuality – and I’m sure there is variety – but there is definitely a (large) set of gay folks who are primarily focused on SEX. Lots and heavy on the kink. They choose their sexual partners – or the variety of partners – that fit into that drive. I’m sure it’s true for some women, but mostly men, who have that drive. Men with men – what a combo, right? That’s how having sex in bathrooms/parks with strangers isn’t just a random occurrence, but a common thing. W/o any humanizing aspect, it just gets worse and worse.

    Then you get the two guys who adopt two young boys and not only sexually assault them, but BRAG ABOUT IT and send pictures to other gay men.

    This is not normal. Why does this happen???? WTF is wrong with these people. Big pile of dead bodies is what we need to see. I just can’t help but feel that there is a connection between the sexual depravity that exists in SO MUCH of gay life, that there is a link.

  10. I need a metal detector just for policing stray nails and whatnot where the horses or any future grazers might walk and eat.

  11. I’m really careful about stray metal from my projects, but this land has been farmed for almost a century, and at least one former owner was an absolute fucktard about metal waste, poles, and old tractor implements (I’d have to kill the trees that grew through them to extract them).

  12. There’s a reason God proscribed it, Carin. It’s not how men are built, it’s an abuse of our faculties and a perversion of our natural inclinations and powers. No good thing comes from that. Not fundamentally different from drug addiction, just that the drugs are endogenous.

    Gary Wilson (RIP) did a lot of work along these lines with porn-addicted gays who recognized that they had a serious problem, but he had to walk a really fine line with what he published because the gay lobby and the porn lobby (BIRM) already had a serious mad on for him.

  13. I do know gay men who are not like that. I can’t really judge percentages, because I’m going to assume that most gay men who really want to get their freak on move to areas where that is easier. There is a gay male couple who live across the lake. They built a nice little house, work the land, and shoot on weekends. I don’t really know them, but they don’t seem driven that way. Their extended family also live on the lake, and the weekends are about hanging out, building things and family fun.

  14. It’s a slippery slope. Not all fall down it, but that doesn’t make it not a slope. Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic, either.

  15. Headed to Lowes for lumber and vinyl.

  16. You simply can’t imagine the sexual depravity of gay men. Why would anyone put a fire extinguisher up their butt? And why would someone want to watch that? Well, that’s all happening.

    Other groups are depraved as well but for all the reasons Car in listed, gay men take the cake.

    Lesbians have the least sex, which is sort of funny but to be expected. Dan Conner doesn’t want to go down on Dan Conner.

  17. Why would anyone put a fire extinguisher up their butt?

    To put out the gerbil fire?

  18. Ugh, 5 degrees this morning. I want to go someplace warm.

  19. One of my friends has a pal who is a gay man. He is “married” and they adopted a little boy together. I knew his kid was a teenager but hadn’t met him yet. I went over to his house with my friend one time and there was this young guy sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal in the middle of the day. I assumed this was their adopted son. I was incorrect, this was his 19-year old fuckboy who had moved in with this couple for a few months.

    This guy himself told me that gays do not have monogamous relationships. Kids don’t have to be abused by the adopting couple to be at risk. These guys are bringing strangers home constantly.

    It was about this time when I started getting judgy.

  20. Yuck.

  21. My brother is married to a guy and together they have raised 4 of his two sister’s kids because his sisters were drug addicts and serving time in prison. The two oldest are out on their own now. I think the girl who is in her early 20’s is still living with them and works at FLIR’s NH office. The youngest is in his teens and was formally adopted by my brother who also renamed him from Jesus to another more conventional white peepo name

  22. Batten down the hatches …


    Here we go again.

  23. “If We didn’t want to get hit by one of his kicks, we would’ve warmed up between the goalpost”

  24. I’m quite sure she was saying some funny shit but I don’t follow the nfl enough to get all the inside jokes. That, and her rack is very distracting even with just a loose football jersey on.

  25. Same here, but I catch enough of her jokes to be entertained. It goes by pretty fast, so I end up watching several times. She’s pretty cute.

  26. always like those vids. I catch enough of the jokes, and can just use my imagination for the rest.

  27. A friend who died about a year ago was an elderly gay man. He was married, and he and his husband had a nice house out here, and big garden, etc. But he told me when they were young, they were full swingers, etc. Probably stopped when they got old and fat. He would always joke about the young men still, so the desire was still there, just not the opportunity. His husband was previously married and had kids and they were family folk now.

    So I dunno if he is really a good example of either type.

  28. As I understand it, you mostly do the swinging thing until you age out or it kills you.

    Or you graduate to lemon parties. Or running a semen-ary, from the sounds of it.

  29. hmm, having trouble with chickens laying eggs?


    Yeah yeah, it’s gateway pundit. But interesting topic.

  30. We should probably await Hotspur’s thoughts on this topic.

  31. CNN has been running a story or stories about how keeping backyard chickens COULD KILL YOU(!!!) lately too.

  32. I saw a headline about the risks of backyard chickens recently and rolled my eyes

  33. was that the one about the eggs not being clean? LOL

  34. Comment by leoncaruthers on January 26, 2023 12:29 pm
    CNN has been running a story or stories about how keeping backyard chickens COULD KILL YOU(!!!) lately too.


    Are you kidding me? These a-holes will shill for any stupid lefty talking point.

  35. Animal husbandry is far too dangerous, you should leave it to the professionals.

    Also animal husbandry is cruel and heartlessly done, we must switch to plants and crickets.

  36. Jump to about 3:35 if you don’t want the weather report for the Ozarks.

  37. was that the one about the eggs not being clean?
    Don’t know – the eye rolling was followed by an overly aggressive DELETE by me


    Which, you know, chickens can totally have. If you let them hang out with your pet iguanas. And then eat all your eggs raw.

  39. I’m quite sure she was saying some funny shit but I don’t follow the nfl enough to get all the inside jokes. That, and her rack is very distracting even with just a loose football jersey on.

    I ❤ Annie, but I too have no idea what she is saying.

  40. The only people foolish enough to believe CNN or any story about how dangerous it is to raise chickens deserve to starve and live as serfs. And I think that’s the plan.

  41. In the aftermath of 9/11 you’ll recall that the federal government threw insane amounts of money at local police departments. Our local cop shop had to send a guy to a briefing by the fbi and various other feds regarding new principals and practices. When he got back the cops set up a town hall meeting to explain it all and discuss cooperation from community members. My boss punked me into attending.

    So this bottom of the barrell cop who drew the short straw and had to spend a few days hanging with the feds is giving his briefing to the community members and you can tell his ego is way swole up due to the importance of all this. He’s name dropping fbi dudes and ice dudes and state department dudes and covering himself with all that federal agency glory and his phone rings. It’s his chief. He says yessir about a half dozen times and hangs up.

    He thenannounces to the group, “Y’all take about a 30 minute break. There’s a bunch of chickens loose on the truck route and I gotta get em rounded up.” It was quite the come down from his recent level of importance. A lot of giggling occurred after he exited the room.

  42. The first time I saw that Annie NFL video I scrolled down further and there was some account that added subtitles to her original video. I watched that and got a lot more of the jokes but still not all of them given the pace of it all.

  43. The guy holding the sign is an effing pedo.

  44. Apparently the source on the Pfizer Veritas video was a Grindr hookup. I’m sort of shocked he got Pfizer guy out for drinks, I thought those sorts of things went straight to fellatio.

  45. If you stick with the Deadly Truth about Chickens video, he shows an article that asks if eggs are the cause of all these blood clots and strokes people are having.
    He laughs and laughs but he says, “I gotta be careful here,” because he knows he will be banned and demonetized for saying what we are all thinking. But he managed to say it anyway, just not in a way that will get caught so easily.

  46. Zach’s pretty sharp, Lumpy. He’s a bit oddball about following OT dietary rules as a Christian, but he’s fought YT on the censorship angle for years. He goes right past the line on Rumble with no brakes.

  47. I genuinely feel for the guy. He’s an army veteran. He and his first wife started up a full homestead in the Ozarks with his folks and all their kids, they spend a few years building a giant YT channel. Then his first wife gets sick and passes away a few years ago, then the whole effing world falls apart and suddenly a guy who was just farming off grid with his kids and trying to put his life together after losing his bride is in the middle of a culture war because he teaches self reliance and traditional skills.

  48. He’s a big enough deal to have had a convo with Dean Cain a couple weeks back, and was clearly humbled that Dean was actually a big fan of the channel.

  49. Regarding the chicken feed, if any of you remember Stoaty Weasel she blogged about the chicken feed getting messed with too: https://sweasel.com/archives/25245#comments
    Something is definitely up.

    In Other News I tried to pay for a sandwich using a couple new dollar coins. The kid at the till just gawked at them and said he’d never seen any before. I told him they were dollar coins. I don’t think he believed me. The supervisor or manager gal nearby said they wouldn’t accept them because their bank won’t. That’s just nuts. Digital only currency coming to a formerly free country near you.

    I need to get a bigger tinfoil hat.

  50. 150 years ago, almost no one but the very wealthy had a bank account.

    They are now a de facto requirement just to live in the US.

    That’s fucked up.

  51. I find myself wondering if they tinkered with the macros or the micros in the layer feed. I had been feeding Producer’s Pride Flock Raiser (until TSC sponsored an “all ages drag show” in Houston) and supplying oyster shells as free choice and haven’t seen anything but the usual winter slowdown. It’s possible they’re just skimping on the calcium. If they swapped in cricket protein it would actually improve the product, so there’s no way that’s it.

  52. https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/loonies-and-toonies-canadian-dollar-coins-3970340

    Canada did the right thing (as much as I hate to admit it) to get people to adopt the loonie coin – stop making dollar bills. I’ve read stories about how many dollar coins the US has stockpiled that don’t circulate. I got a couple of rolls from the bank to leave in my truck as a just-in-case for tolls and whatnot figuring I’d never use them otherwise.

  53. Don’t get me started on two dollar bills

  54. At the US Mint page, they don’t show any coins above the quarter as “Coins in Circulation.” The American Women Quarters Program are included in that.

    The Kennedy half dollar, the American Innovation 1$ Coin Program and the Native American 1$ Coin Program are listed as “Circulating Coin Collectibles.”

    Not sure if “collectible” means that it can be turned away as legal tender or not. I thought Kennedy Half dollars were still being generally accepted, but maybe not.


  55. Rebecca is having a fantastic day! 😊❤️

  56. Interesting, RC. I think they just gave up on trying to get the dollar coin going as a real thing. There was just too much symbolism in the Almighty Dollar to give up the paper one. I wonder how the sandwich people would react if I showed up with a big ol’ Ike coin. Probably the same result 😛

  57. Around here $0.50 coins were referred to as “fifty cent pieces”. Which always led to a comment about somebody’s mom.

  58. How do you feel about three dollar bills?

  59. good to hear about rebecca

  60. Hotspur on January 26, 2023 at 3:48 pm
    How do you feel about three dollar bills?

    They’re pretty queer, if you ask me…

    I’ll just show myself out.

  61. I feel like going to the park and chasing some squirrels. Who’s with me?

  62. I’ll go with you but I’m bringing a .22.

  63. Have you ever seen a jewel-encrusted crocodile chasing squirrels in the park? I’m bringing a camera.

  64. I’M IN!

  65. https://tinyurl.com/3zt7zp62

  66. So … the cops who beat that black kid, fired, and now being charged with murder?

    All black.

  67. That lawyer Crump – who gets into all these racial cases –

    I didn’t see that coming . That they were all black.

  68. I’m not really here though. Chickens killed me.

  69. Having second thoughts about rental chickens. What if they’re assassins? I’d hate to unknowingly rent assassin-chickens.

  70. Well, two days ago my cell phone shit the bed and today my Kindle is refusing to recharge – and I have tried every iteration of cords, chargers, outlets, etc., with no success whatsoever.

    Rebecca got a new hip, and now I’m getting a new phone AND a new Kindle. I hope there isn’t anything else around here that can be replaced….

  71. Tifw, go ahead and get yourself some new tits while you’re in the market. It can’t hurt anything.

  72. I was gonna suggest a new coffee maker but maybe you’re on to something Pendejo

  73. *runs through naked on meth

  74. I’ve been seeing that Ho in memes but I didn’t know what she was infamous for til now. Any port in a storm I suppose.

  75. Herr!! How many of your kids are grown and moved out now?

  76. Two. Married one off last August. She married a plumber. They closed on their house on her 21st birthday.

    Launch: successful.

  77. Sophia, whom you clowns were here for so famously, will be 12 in a few weeks and recently got her first suspension for taking down the school district firewall.

    Imma call that a W

  78. 12? That is nuts.

    For God’s sake!!!!!!!!!!! Put on some pants!!

  79. Keep checking in every ten years or so.

  80. “I’M IN!”

    *fist bumps Pupster*

  81. Hola Herr!

  82. Pool league update: lost the match in a heartbreaker. Down to the very last game and our guy had the eight ball in an easy corner shot; a good player, he’d make it 99 times out of a 100. WHELP. Opposing team was VERY strong, so we only needed 7 games out of 25. I got two of them and close on the others. We have a new guy on the team who is just the tits. And because he’s new his handicap is WAY below his actual skill level, so I think we’ll have a good season.

  83. Don’t expect rapid progress.

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