MMM 529

Last week of January, Groundhog Day is coming up.

This is a little dark.

Much more colorful.

A selfie in a room with double mirror walls is just weird.

Nice braid. Looks like a hotel or apartment, or she didn’t paint when she moved in.

Struggling to pull down the shorts.

Today’s monochrome.

Michelle and her freckles.

Pretty smile.

Looks warm there.

There too.

And that’s all for this week. Make it your best possible last week of January 2023. Or don’t, it’s yours to squander if that’s your thing.


  1. AH, Monday! So. We meet again.
    *jangly discordant music*

  2. Jimbro, I enjoyed that video of the Old American Gardner. It was wholesome and sweet.

    Thank you, just being on the internet for about 20 min this morning made me sullen and irritated and that video helped.

    He had what appeared to be a very good life.

    As for snow here. Nope.

  3. Where has that jackass, MJ been? I miss him.

  4. We got outbid for that house by someone “who wants it as a second home.”

    Eff off New Yorkers. You effed up your state, stay the eff away from here.

    ^^^^See, sullen and irritated.

  5. FL should start making artificial land a la the KSA.

  6. calm down.

  7. Eagles favored by 2.5, Chiefs by 1.

    Best football of the year,

  8. Time to go let the birds out and throw hay to the equines.

  9. Rekieta is going to be interviewing Kyle Rittenhouse sometime this week I’ve heard. Not up on his Rumble channel yet.

  10. rekieta seems like the lawyer you don’t want to go up against in court

  11. Wakey wakey

  12. Ergh. Real estate is all kinds of screwed up. Probably not primarily by the rental empire/multiple house crowd, but they sure aren’t helping in the slightest.

    Had an irritating dream last night playing into real life irritants. Had to remind myself on waking it was just a dream and not something that happened. Great way to start the week.

    Best bud’s dad’s memorial service is Saturday. Never been fond of these things but I will be there. Hoping this will be my one for the decade. Wondering how much longer that rule will be able to hold up…time is merciless.

  13. Those are never fun, Tim, but we have to go for our friends’ sake.

  14. Leg press girl gave me some naughty thoughts.

  15. Yeah, Leon, that I dig. He’s been there when it was my family. I’ll be there when it’s his family. It’s how it works. Just never a happy thing.

  16. We’re at this stage of debt ceiling negotiations now

    “LUSAKA, Zambia—Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the Federal Reserve likely wouldn’t accept a $1 trillion platinum coin if the Biden administration tried to mint one to avoid breaching the debt limit, dismissing an idea that has been floated to circumvent Congress on the issue.”

    This comes up every time we do this dance. No one ever seriously suggests spending less because that’s political suicide.

  17. My naughty thoughts were directed at the last deeply tanned lass wearing less than a handkerchief’s worth of cloth on her entire body

  18. Her and squat girl are my favorites this week.

  19. Ron Klain stepping down? Being president is hard.

  20. I don’t like dark skin, big lips, fake tits, tattoos, piercings, big butts, slutty clothes, heavy make-up, or schlongs.

    Could you find me some that meet my criteria?

  21. I’ll take double mirror girl, monochrome girl, and pretty smile girl though.

  22. For Hotspur.

  23. dark skin, big lips, fake tits, tattoos, piercings, big butts, slutty clothes, heavy make-up, or schlongs
    1. Dark skin
    2. Big lips
    3. Fake tits
    4. Tattoos
    5. Piercings
    6. Big butts
    7. Slutty clothes
    8. Heavy make up
    9. Schlongs

    A search for all of the above gives a result entirely populated with XXX sites. I didn’t search for subsets of the list but I’d venture the results would be nearly the same.

  24. PG, if I wanted a skinny old woman I’d just ask Mare out.

  25. Slutty clothes and fake tits are just standard road hazards for fitness model types, sadly. I don’t mind a tan.

  26. Ethan’s 21st b-day today. Lucky him, suck on a base, and all his friends have already shipped out to their first duty station.

  27. LOL

    My brother had his twenty first birthday in Vietnam.

    My mom sent him his favorite cake, but packed the frosting in Tupperware, so he had to frost it himself and put his own candles on.

    He said it was a bit dry by the time he got it, but he and his buddies still enjoyed it.

  28. I have no distinct memory of turning 21 other than I know for sure that I didn’t drink. Pretty sure I didn’t drink that year at all.

  29. Can’t we agree that Hotspur needs his ass kicked?

  30. Same here Leon. MA was in the process of raising the drinking age from 18 to 21 in the mid 80’s and for some reason they did it in stages so I was “grandfathered in” when I turned 20 the summer before my senior year of college. That only meant I could use my own driver’s license instead of my cousin John’s expired Georgia license that I’d been using since I was a junior in high school. I had to give myself a pep talk before using it: Remember Jim, you’re 26 years old and speak with a Southern accent.

    When I turned 20 I went with my friends to some chain Mexican restaurant in Middleboro for margaritas and nachos. Absolutely no recall of my 21st birthday.

  31. It’s been a long time since I had a birthday worth remembering. Last few have been nothingburgers. It’s disappointing, but the fact I made it to them certainly takes a lot of the sting out.

    Prognosis for #52 in (checks calendar) three weeks: A perfectly acceptable nothingburger.

  32. I admit I wanted something a little special for #50, but, well, stupid things all around at that time.

    Now? Just another day. And I gotta get my driver’s license renewed as well this time, so that’s something. Bugger, that’s going to be a PITA.

  33. My 21st Bday was probably spent studying for final exams my junior year 1977. I went to Massachusetts for college back when its drinking age was 18, which for me was 1974 and the year I got my draft card. Still have it somewhere.

    I don’t specifically recall too many others, except that I got black balloons on my 50th. Kids thought it was hilarious.

  34. On my 50th birthday I did a posterior spinal fusion on a 16 year old kid who I did an index finger pollicization on when he was 2 years old. They asked me if I wanted to change it because it was on my birthday and I said no, I’d never remember the day otherwise. Pretty sure there was a cake with a big 50 on it at camp around the actual date.

  35. When I turned fifty my staff made a skull and crossbones on a black sheet of construction paper and hung it on the wall as you came into my office.

    Still there – be 24 years in March.

  36. Ugh … Paula helped the oldest and his girlfriend move stuff from their current apartment to their new apartment this afternoon. She texted me that she was done and stopping at the grocery on the way home. About an hour later she called to say they left the car seat lock for the baby in her Jeep and she had to drop it off after she shopped.

    Dinner is forecast to be delayed

  37. youtube: poor jimbro

  38. I walked in the door and had a hot ribeye steak plopped in front of me at the table, some days my life is pretty awesome and I feel like a lucky pup.

    My FIL moved in with us a few months ago and has made it a point to cook the working man a hot dinner of some kind 4-5 days a week, which I appreciate a lot. He ain’t no trouble, for sure.

  39. The Koch Family could use some prayers; Rebecca’s hip has gotten dislocated:

  40. You’ve got all the prayers you need, TiFW. ❤️🙏🏼

  41. Hope they can pop it right back in under mild sedation.

  42. My FIL moved in with us a few months ago and has made it a point to cook the working man a hot dinner of some kind 4-5 days a week, which I appreciate a lot. He ain’t no trouble, for sure.

    Now THAT is a houseguest!! Damn you are a lucky Pup.

  43. My AG cousin has decided that Eastern NM Counties becoming abortion sanctuaries is the top issue affecting NM.

  44. Unless someone has an authenticated tape of BXVI saying “I was forced to resign under duress, they threatened my family” nothing is going to happen, even with stuff like this occurring on the semi-regular:

  45. crowder on timcast. should be interesting

  46. The vaccine shed that doesn’t exist is currently bleeding my menopausal self once again. 2 weeks.

  47. That happened to me back when I was still surrounded by them at work, Oso. I blamed a new supplement I was taking, lol.

  48. They really designed this garbage well. Try to get everybody to take it, but if they don’t, it still fucking spreads in other ways.

  49. “Experts” have been destroying stuff for a long time. Including, according to this video, apples. We need to eliminate “experts” and the unnecessary regulatory complexity that breeds and empowers them, and get back to a state where people use their own heads.

  50. was a really good show, catch it if you can. he grabbed 4x the viewers as usaul

  51. Insomnia sucks. Thatisall.

  52. Demolition experts routinely pray.

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