Does Not Meme a Thing


Learn to code, Dave.

*furtive glance at Sobek*

hell yeah brother

Works for me.


  1. Thanks for the laughs Pupster. Too many to cite individually without developing a callous on my scrolling finger pad which I like to keep soft for the wife.

  2. The winning MegaMillions ticket was sold in Maine. In the unlikely event it was sold to me my lawyer will be in touch with y’all

  3. Oh! Mom bought me a couple tix, I should check if I got anything.

  4. Comment by Jimbro on January 14, 2023 5:40 am
    Thanks for the laughs Pupster. Too many to cite individually without developing a callous on my scrolling finger pad which I like to keep soft for the wife.


    I was so on board with Jimbro’s recap of these excellent memes until I got to that last part.

  5. “Team Building Activity” looks like the slightly higher-rent version of Caroline Ellison.

  6. She has a fun time thinking about what she would do with the money if she won a humongous one like that. She instructed me to make a list of all the people in my life that I would like to drop a pile of cash on. She said my sister and her kids had to do the same, and Mom already had a list of her own friends written up.
    So, if Mom wins a billion dollars, there’s possibly dozens and dozens of people who would get a million bucks each.

  7. Of course, psychologically, it’s not good for a friendship. So we would do this nice thing and then probably lose half of our friends over time.

  8. “Team Building Activity” cop has a mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder that was overlooked at some point in the process. Definitely was exploited by her less than scrupulous colleagues. I’m not exonerating her whore-like behavior but I think if she found a good attorney she’d be getting a cash award from the PD.

  9. If I won I’d buy a radio station in CT

  10. WJIM

  11. Also possible she was just hoping to blow her way through to retirement without having to do any real cop work. Kinda like Kamala.

  12. There’s always that but all the stories I’ve read about her mention her abuse of alcohol. Red flag, especially in a cop.

  13. make a list of all the people in my life that I would like to drop a pile of cash on

    Yeah, that’s the fun part of buying the ticket and waiting for the results. I’ve never gone so far as to write it all down, but the daydreaming about it is a nice distraction.

  14. My phone updated and now I can’t use yahoo email on my phone. My inbox just spins and spins, won’t load. Same for my other folders and archives. I can write emails, I can search and get search results, and I can see my ‘unread’ stuff, so at least I can see the brand new emails. I guess that’s my new inbox until I can unfuck this.

  15. Pups, she has it meticulously thought out. Take the lump sum, taxes come out first. We all have our amounts spelled out ahead of time and we all collect our winnings split up in checks directly from the lottery. So, no additional gift tax/ income tax to our $1million giftees. They are free and clear.

  16. I’ve seen the statement elsewhere, “The Germans are…different.”

    This lady’s legal guardian needs a rap on the head.

  17. *snif* What’s with the old dude smell in here? And is that radio static I hear…?

  18. wakey wakey

  19. Who’s going to re-teach Wiser html?

  20. Let’s just hope they don’t make her go to the institution in a rail boxcar. But that would be just like the Germans.

  21. Spending $2 on a lottery ticket is the cheapest entertainment possible. It’s fun to think of what you could do with the money. Who you could gift, etc.

    It’s cheaper than a drink out.

  22. This is false.

    Your mom is the cheapest entertainment possible.

  23. Touche’

    (you dick)

  24. I’ve been watching this couple build a house for the last year or so but I’ve learned absolutely nothing beyond Lydia’s wardrobe and the multiple ways she ties her hair back. Maybe it’ll eventually click and I’ll be handy or something.

    I hope you were just watching because of her ass. Because you don’t install drywall with the tapered joints vertical.

  25. WJIM

    That’s in Lansing. Are you moving to Michigan?

  26. Spending $2 on a lottery ticket is the cheapest entertainment possible.

    I think I’d be more entertained by lighting it on fire. But then, I’ve never bought one, so how would I know?

  27. I hope you were just watching because of her ass

    Yes. She’s a welder and he’s a machinist, they talk all the time about being amateur builders with more time than money.

  28. Sobek ❤ Pupster

  29. Hotspur, go shout at some clouds.

  30. ‘Sup H.R. Puffin Stuffers.

  31. Comment by Mitchell on January 14, 2023 11:14 am
    ‘Sup H.R. Puffin Stuffers.


    That made me laugh, much like Hotspur’s face.

  32. calm down Mare

  33. Have y’all seen the new MLK Jr statue in Boston? They say he was a cunning linguist.

  34. Many thought it was a cunning stunt.

  35. Dad is blasting Sean Hannity at me.
    My heart, troubled it be.

  36. This is the first I’ve heard of this organization

    Might need to join

  37. When I hear the local talk station promo for the


    I can’t move my arm fast enough to change the channel

  38. Heard about CMA in this article

  39. Just saw that silly statue from another direction, it looks like two hands holding a giant turd. I can’t stop lauging.

  40. Well, at least in another generation or so, I won’t have any misgivings about tearing down statues/sculptures from this era.

  41. Husband win $2 in the Mega. WoOt!

  42. So effing rotten to the core. Stay for Cocaine Mitch telling us exactly what they’re up to…

    “So BlackRock has done a deal with Zelensky to “reconstruct” Ukraine. But don’t think for a minute that there’s any conspiracy to be found in an American tax payer funded war benefitting a multi-trillion dollar investment company – because you know what that would make you…”

  43. 3 words…Military Industrial Complex.

  44. Here we go again.

  45. Clearly in some kind of psychosis, he is very afraid, looks like he truly believed someone was pursuing him. That ‘edging away’ kind of behavior is so familiar to me. It’s fear/uncertainty/mistrust from someone who can’t trust his own mind or perceptions. I think he got a bad batch of whatever drug he was doing.

  46. Tox screen should be interesting.
    “They’re trying to George Floyd me” indeed.
    No one to blame but himself. Darwin wins again.

    But given the BLM connection, expect mindless rioting. My sympathy goes to the cops here.

  47. Soooo bad. Reflects the state of art, really. Like it would fucking kill them to produce something accessible to all, aesthetically pleasing, or, (the horror!) directly portraying reality.

  48. In other art news, I had an original engraving of this in my hands a couple days ago and it is amazing. I was able to really get close and eyeball it. The lines of ink are fine as fine fine hair. Incredible.

    When I thought that this thing I’m holding is over 500 years old, and came from the hand of the artist himself, I got a little verklempt. I loved this guy in art history class, eons ago.,_Death_and_the_Devil

  49. Oh- and it’s tiny. Just under 10×8. All the more remarkable.

  50. Durer was The Man. I worked at a gallery for a while in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s and we had a few etchings by Rembrandt. Mostly small ones and very expensive. So exquisite. We also had a bunch of Dali and quite a few Picassos. The latter were rather sexually graphic and were kind of hidden in the owner’s office.

  51. I have handled works by Picasso and Dali as well. Did you know Picasso made some funky looking pottery? We took real good care of those.

  52. “Aisle of Death” or “I Love Death”?

  53. If I won I’d buy a radio station in CT

  54. *slams Wiserbud into a cardboard box, covers him with bubblewrap and styrofoam, closes the box and throws it into a volcano*

    HOLY SHIT that was close. He almost got us.

  55. As if I haven’t survived worse…. *pfff*

  56. Wiserbud!

  57. knew I shouldn’t have put styrofoam

  58. I mean, HEY BUDDY! So glad you made it through the lava! That was weird, right??? So weird!
    *shifty eyes*

  59. *whispers* it was the bubble wrap. You really should have known better…

  60. WHAT???

  61. what what

  62. …there’s that old dude smell again…

    …er, I mean hey there, stranger!

  63. *sniff sniff*

    Do I … offend?

  64. A great chicken chile verde instant pot recipe I’m going to make tomorrow with cornbread. It’s been a while since I’ve made it.

  65. I’m thinking LauraW ought to get a job writing tv commercials for State Farm and Patrick Mahomes. She’s just got that vibe.

  66. Darren’s essay received praise.

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