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  1. Great memes today, Jay!

  2. Oh, and the LRB song Lady reminds me of when Mr. TiFW and I first started dating. I’m always happy whenever I hear it 😊❤

  3. 4U2PN2

    Where do you go #2?

  4. Teresa either has insomnia or is late to bed after the game

    Reading comments from last night I take it that it was a good night for the Dawgs and similarly bad for the Frogs


    “The American Academy of Pediatrics for the first time recommended physicians offer weight-loss drugs for children with obesity, aiming to take early action against an increasingly common condition linked to a host of health problems.”

    I’m not sure the “permalink” will work but you can get the gist of the article from the first paragraph.

    Government and its deputies (pharma, lefty professional organization) solving a problem of their own creation by another equally shaky solution.

  6. This program has lost its way

    Originally created in the 50’s by Ike who saw a report comparing the average fitness of American kids vs their European counterparts. (Not stated but obvious to anyone with a pulse was the effect on military readiness if your yute were a bunch of obese slackers). In the ensuing decades the Europeans have probably kept pace with the Americans in their race to the bottom. Witness the large %’age of young people not qualified for military service and the creation of, essentially, fat camps by the military to get recruits in shape enough to participate in basic training.

  7. Her: Go on, feel it

    That scenario has played out many a times here. Somehow it’s more humorous in meme form than in real life.

    Funny that …

  8. Laura?

  9. American Academy of Pediatrics

    Aren’t these the same entirely credible folks pushing for funding for “gender affirming care” in 6 year olds?

  10. Excellent memes, Jay!

    Also, congrats, Ethan…and Momma.

  11. SEC strikes again.

  12. I missed it, did Ethan pass?

  13. YEP! Last test was yesterday. “Graduation” today. I had to tell his dad before I told you guys 😉

    wakey wakey

  14. How did the rest of his class do? Any further fall out from the computer being down?

  15. Yes Leon, the AAP are the same entirely credible folks you have in mind.

    After age 13 if the drugs aren’t cutting it they get referred to bariatric surgeons who will do some cutting of their own style.

  16. When they give the kids orlistat you can expect an explosion (pun intended) of kids shitting themselves after lunch

    Creating additional two time losers, fatties who shit themselves

  17. Honestly, it’s because nobody cooks from scratch anymore. Whole healthy foods cooked at home, eaten at mealtimes and not snackin’ on crap all day long, and some kind of physical activity. But that won’t enrich pharma, so. You know.

  18. The best patients are life-long managed with chronic incurable illness.

    The hippies were wrong about a lot of stuff, but they nailed Big Pharma and Big Ag back in the day. Shame no one on the left has a functioning BS detector now that the corporations are Their Frenz instead of “ours”.

    Oh, in other sad news, Indiana is adding a Climate Change curriculum to its high school science program after some unicorn fart think tank ranked them “dead last” in indoctrinating kids into the cult.

  19. go outside, touch some grass. That’s the issue.

  20. wow, behind Iowa?

  21. well, they are gonna try and make it even harder to cook at home, too

    twitter: Govt considering banning gas stoves

    Go ahead, lose every restaurant.

  22. wow, behind Iowa?

    Indiana is the next Rust Belt target for WEF types. They’ll gin up a “report” to show whatever they need to continue the Long March. I’m sure some other arm of the octopus says Iowa is “dead last”.

  23. we are gonna need a vote from the experts:

  24. Between Tucker and AOS morning report, I realize how similar 2020 election here and in Brazil are similar. Right down to government responses and setup. Because prep is where the conflict rises.

  25. They set up the protesters in Brasilia, sending in the feds to destroy buildings, to build public sentiment from limited and directed press to accept jailing protestors.

  26. twitter: On Today’s episode of FAFO

    This guy gonna be in trouble too? the guy was leaving.

  27. Judging by his rumble channel, Steve Inman is a busy busy boy!

  28. Oh my, this is so true

    Defund the police supporters, take note. Don’t go out in the country.

  29. shot


    Swipe right, left, or pull the trigger?


    Lord please, make it stop!

  31. So glad these twitter files are coming out. Now Pfizer board members are running like roaches:

  32. Comment by lumps on January 10, 2023 8:50 am
    Honestly, it’s because nobody cooks from scratch anymore. Whole healthy foods cooked at home, eaten at mealtimes and not snackin’ on crap all day long, and some kind of physical activity. But that won’t enrich pharma, so. You know.



  33. As Jay said, going outside is very important too.

    Go outside and stay outside.

    My kids laugh about how I would l say, “figure out how to have fun I’ll let you in for dinner.”

    They both say it made them use their imagination and they really loved it.

    Both were athletic and trim.

  34. I made breakfast and dinner (packed their lunches) for so many years I really don’t care if I ever cook again. My husband enjoys grilling so I have that going for me, especially since I could be exclusively carnivore. But I do enjoy sweets so, whatever.

  35. They were talking about the death of youth sports today. We had friends to play baseball and football with, not a coach in sight. Yes, girls too.

    It’s not expensive, you just have to have a ball.

  36. youtube: and opera too

  37. youtube: and gregorian!

  38. We had a pool when the kids were growing up (lots and lots of Floridians do) and they could stay in the pool for HOURS.

    They must have great memories because they would both love to have one for their kids.

  39. I can’t speak for anyone else but we spent hours on our bikes during the summer. I loved my bike. It was a hand me down.

  40. Comment by Jay in Ames on January 10, 2023 9:51 am
    youtube: and gregorian!



  41. AR15s getting a new modification

  42. I spent my summers hoeing (sywm), spraying weeds w pesticides, moving irrigation pipe and tubes, running a shovel to make water go where we wanted it to, building fence, hauling and stacking hay, working cattle, feeding cattle, and fucking your mom. I stayed pretty skinny and fit until I walked on at a college to play football and figured out that I’d never play a down at 210 lbs and started hitting the weights and abusing the shit out of the cafeteria.

    The whole problem is that not enough kids’ daddies own a farm where they can be used the for cheap labor.

  43. Agreed. My dad always referred to us kids as his “Mexicans” and left lists of manual labor chores for us to do every day of summer. When school was in session, he said our job was to do well in school.

  44. There’s a reason Nebraska used to turn out a LOT of linemen.

  45. More election interference. He’ll vote Dem next time, anyway.

  46. I don’t know Jimbro. He has told me that w/o the mishaps, failing the final week is rare. By that point, those struggling have been sent back or weeded out.

  47. Also, I want to note it’s not the kids fault that there aren’t more free play, unsupervised games. It’s the parents. the parents who are sure their little darling needs travel this, and clinic that because they are SO GOOD at X, Y, Z. Kids who can’t afford that stuff, have fewer and fewer folks to play with – and their efforts are diminished because they don’t have a fancy jersey and travel all over the state every weekend.

    the only sport that is so far pretty immune is basketball. There are travel teams, but not as many and the good players still come up from the pick-up games ranks.

  48. I sucked at basketball but always played with my friends after school and loved the intramural season in high school. My shot sucked but I was a good rebounder and general pain in the ass to anyone who was shooting.

  49. I saw a ton of kids with overuse injuries from playing sports year round. A lot of the parents didn’t like my advice to take some time off so they’d go to the sports medicine doctor who would tell them to take some time off with more expertise I suppose.

  50. How to ruin your child:

    – playdates
    – bike helmets
    – life jackets
    – computer
    – phone

  51. Gonna disagree on the bike helmet thing. also life jacket. My toddlers worse some sort of life jacket so I didn’t have to watch them as closely. So I could play with all my kids. /just saying. None of them drowned and all are great swimmers.

  52. Another subset was the adolescent gymnast or dancer hitting puberty and discovering that the things they used to be able to do were now causing injury. There were quite a few tears shed when I told them that maybe they needed to focus on a different sport rather than gymnastics or ballet. I never told anyone to quit a sport – I didn’t want to be “That Guy” in their memoirs following a successful Olympics career who played the role of naysayer. Left unsaid was that there were very few successful obese gymnasts or ballerinas.

  53. twitter: week 2 workout

  54. If your arms work well enough to do that, you should use them to shoot the bow. That way you can see what you’re shooting, too. You’re welcome.

    *sips tea*

  55. Interesting, twitter: How would you calculate 95% of 300?

  56. So the House voted to defund the 87K IRS agents. Too bad it won’t pass the Senate.

  57. Well that tears it, I am NOT going to this con.

  58. live interview with a Jan 6 prisoner on Deace right now. after the half hour break.

  59. he asked not to be named During The Call, but they will say who it is after a period of time. Surveillance, and reprisals.

  60. Edward Jacob Lang

  61. Ft Bragg is gone, welcome Ft Liberty!

  62. We want to get the back patio enclosed and finished out as a Florida room. A guy is coming out soon to go over the options and get an estimate. Exciting! Of course we still have to get HOA approval too.

  63. I think I mentioned we were getting a new porch out back in the newly expanded shitpen. There’s a second story porch out there above where it’s going. The new porch will allow us to hang out in the back yard without constantly keeping track of the dogs who like to wander off the existing deck. It’s not relaxing to sit out there with them because you really can’t relax.

    Anyway, the reason I mention this after Mitchell reminded me is that the crew wants to work year round and it’s happening soon. Yesterday they dropped off a porta-potty and because it’s winter we had them put it on the lawn so the plow won’t knock it over if we have a storm. Today, unknown to me, they dropped off a pile of building materials and a dumpster. Unfortunately they’re right where the plow would need to push snow. The building materials will move rapidly – the dumpster won’t. Hopefully they’re fast workers or, alternatively, we don’t get any big storms while they’re working.

  64. florida man needs florida room to keep out florida weather and florida dogs?

  65. The porta-potty looks wicked classy on the front lawn. I need to take a picture before it’s gone.

  66. *likes

  67. I heard wicked classy in a bahstahn accent

  68. Anybody got that archery chick’s number?

  69. I’d say she’s an 8, but I’ve got a thing for lithe-bodied gals.

  70. But did archery gal hit the target?

  71. Yes, but it was a short shot and the trick almost certainly started with a big block they draw a target on after they arrow hit, then she kept “aiming” for the same spot as they refined the act and shrank the target.

  72. Just signed the contract and it’s going to be gorgeous. Pricey, but definitely worth it. Also, they handle all of the HOA permission process so I don’t even have to mess with any of it.

  73. yay florida man!

  74. Mitchell, it appears you are enjoying your stint as Jay would say (and rightly) Florida Man! All the best to you.

  75. Huh, I thought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were out of the playoffs because they lost last week. Nope. Tells you how much I’m paying attention.

    Hey, what do you guys think of the College Football Championship blowout? Doesn’t that say the committee should have taken TCU’s loss a little more seriously?

    What do you think?

  76. Stressful Week parte deux.

    Wow am I sick of responding to pushy douchebags. They make everything so much more difficult.

  77. No offense intended, Jay.

  78. Georgia beat Ohio State by 1 in the semi. Had to rely on OSU missing a field goal at the buzzer to accomplish that.

    TCU beat Michigan by 6 in the other semi.

    Michigan beat OSU in conference play like they were fags. I don’t remember the score an I ain’t gonna go look.

    Make the case for TCU not being there.

    Georgia was embarrassed that they allowed OSU to play that close to them and relieved that they escaped.

    TCU was still reading their clippings from the week before and didn’t get their hostile on. I’ve seen it a million times and lived it a couple.

  79. Mitch –
    happy that stuff is going your way!!

  80. We came to Vegas 4X during COVID. Slots are not as tight as before. Not quite as loose as the 90s. Raining today. Bad drivers are even worse with rain. 1 block, 3 accidents. Traffic lights out. Most places, traffic lights out = 4 way stop protocol. Not Vegas.

  81. Ace’s Cafe post tonight has a vid of a pet beaver inside someone’s home, building a ‘dam’ of Christmas toys and stuff inside a doorway.
    This is a wild animal. Specifically, a giant non-domesticated rodent. Why the fuck would anyone have this giant ugly rat inside their home? Do they enjoy picking up ratshit? Digging their possessions out of giant piles it made of them in hallways? What possible redeeming qualities does this thing have, as a house pet?
    People are out of their fucking minds. I see a giant rat and my brain goes BZZZZZZZKILLKILLKILLBZZZKILLKILLKILL.
    If this started to happen in my home, there would be a half-built ‘dam’ of people’s possessions, bullet holes in the floor, and a massive dead rat with a tiny feminine spot of spit on it.

  82. Thanks Jay & Mare! Looking forward to getting this put in.

  83. Oh, and thanks Jam as well!

    Oso, yeah Vegas drivers are not particularly good in rain. Since it’s so dry the roads get a lot of oil build up between events. Another thing is that most people there grew up learning to drive somewhere else. It doesn’t have a cohesive drive “culture” so to speak.

  84. lumps, I’ve seen vids like that with animal rehabbers–trained, qualified ones usually. Eventually the animal either goes back to the wild or to a sanctuary, depending on how much can be done for the animal. I’d be surprised if that was being kept as a pet and not a rehab project.

  85. Besides, I can’t imagine it would even be legal to keep one as a pet anyway. And I say this living in a state where, under limited circumstances, SKUNKS may be kept as pets.

  86. Still gross. Rehabbing rodents? Please.

  87. Eh, beavers at least serve a purpose in the ecosystem folks can appreciate. They also used to be fur animals, remember, so there’s honestly no telling what’s up in that case.

  88. They create lakes, in places where lakes don’t belong.

    Better words would be destroy, and flood.

  89. I have no problem with what they do outdoors, in the wilderness. They are wild animals, after all.

  90. Purpose might be good hats.

  91. Honestly, of all places, one would expect y’all to appreciate the value of beaver.

  92. Beaver is good eating.

  93. I like beavers.

  94. Mitchell,
    Floriduh is a lot like Vegas in that way. In snowbird season rain comes through every week or so, with the increased traffic it can be slick after a rain. The dry season is when the birds depart, and that first rain or 2 after is like ice.

  95. Wow I hit 4 paying numbers on the lottery. Won all of $8,
    My Friday retirement plan is up to 1.1 billion. Fingers crossed! Heh!

  96. Della enjoys role playing.

  97. Mornin’ errybody.
    Getting a bit tired of these endless grey skies lately.
    Can’t complain too bitterly though, the temps are unusually mild for this time of year.
    Hope you guys are keeping busy and everybody is well.
    Gonna be another busy busy day over here.

  98. *kicks poat in the jimmy before leaving*

  99. We may need an emergency backup poat. I’ll check and see if HHD is just mis-scheduled.

  100. Nope, nothing ’til BBF.

  101. All* US flights currently grounded because of a government software system being offline. Bootyfudge is probably on vacation again or thinks that government systems are someone else’s responsibility.

    *the Nomenklatura’s flights are doubtless still happening

  102. wake wy

  103. *dons tinfoil hat and jockstrap*

    They’re just prepping us for decreased availability of free travel across interstate lines

  104. I published it for Romacita mas Bonita. I hope she’s OK.

    HHD 01-11-23

  105. “Flying is too much of a hassle, and gas is so expensive, I’ll just stay home” is the thought they want you to have, all on your own.

  106. So, in addition to the porta-potty on my front lawn we now have a dumpster in the driveway with a stack of construction materials behind it.

    Looking at the 10 day forecast for snow is becoming an even more frequent occurrence for me now.

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