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  1. May your New Year’s Eve be blessed with a bucket of Lit’l Smokies in barbecue sauce

  2. Amen to that.

  3. HEY JAM2.

    Your next poat was scheduled for Friday instead of Thursday, I changed it to the 5th. I hope that’s OK.


  5. Pope Benedict XVI has passed. I’ll tell Benny the dog when he wakes up, but he won’t get it.

  6. The gift for your memer brother who has everything

  7. Brussels sprouts, amputee dad, omg so many great ones.

  8. I just remembered to vote for Miss Congeniality. I went with the massive areolas (which autocorrect wants to make “stepladder”!) and I see a lot of other people voted along the same lines. Anna was my second choice but her tattoos distract from her rack and personality but mostly her rack.

  9. Before we left for Christmas vacation, Paul shut off the water and left the faucets open.

    Got home last night around 5 pm, first order of business was to turn the water back on. Water started puddling on the back porch.

    Good thing our bags were still packed – gonna be spending a few days at a local hotel until we can find the leak and fix it.

  10. Bummer, Teresa!

  11. Fine stream o’ memes to close out the year, which was overall a dumpster fire but mine ended with up notes so there’s that.

  12. That’s awful Teresa… Lousy way to spend your New Year’s and frankly any other time of the year.

  13. A year or two after I moved in here I discovered water pouring in a front room on the first floor. It was from an ice dam. I was up on a ladder pounding the ice in the gutter to remove it for about 3 hours. When I had the roof reshingled I had them take the gutters off. We now have a roof rake for that area of the roof that gets minimal sun in the winter.

  14. Roof raking is the worst.

  15. It’s not my favorite activity but for me it’s not too awful. The roof is at a good angle but because it hardly gets any sun the snow accumulates big time. I just get the first 5 to 10 feet as far as I can reach from the ground so an ice dam doesn’t form. With no gutters it’s less likely but I don’t want to deal with that scare again

  16. Wakey wakey everyone. Last day of the year. Let’s make it a good one.

  17. #rakeculture

  18. Good morning, you’ll. I’m about to road trip so I won’t be around, but anyone is welcome to hit publish on my poat tomorrow.

    Now to the memes!

  19. I’m back, and can now report that the memes were good.

  20. I don’t know what was going on in my brain but every single meme (except the cocaine on the genitals-my loss) hit hard.

    The guy ordering for the girl at the Mexican restaurant… chef’s kiss.

    Cremation being the last chance for a smoking hot bod…nailed it.

    The gal who saw the joggers holding hands is me.

    And the gal who waits to shower until after a workout is also me.

    Pupster, they were all magnificent!!

  21. Rats, what a crap situation, Teresa!

  22. I also loved the “woman throws a drink in my face and I swallow it perfectly.”

  23. I did that to your mom once only it wasn’t a drink.

  24. On the showering deal, I’m in a bigger pickle because I exercise. So, really, it’s not me at all.

    Has anyone called Hotspur a dick lately? No? How weird.

    Lol stupid autocorrect thought I meant dock. Shut up autocorrect. You know damn well when I’m talking about Hotspur I mean dick (and not in a good way).

  25. Pope Benedict is dead. I have no idea if he was a good man or not. None.

    I’m a little more certain about Francis.

    I’m sad I’m anti-Vatican.

  26. My brother discovered some software that’s kind of like Jibjab where you modify a photo to make it look like you are singing. He’s been sending me files all week. My favorite is one of him and my nephew singing “Because I Got High”. He’s one of the most strait-laced people I know, which just makes it that much more ridiculous.

  27. Mare, please check your presidential email.

  28. Benedict was a good man whom I believe had the best of intentions but he was not strong enough to stand up to the cabal of evil sinners he was surrounded by.

    May he rest in peace. Francis is going to fuck this thing all up.

  29. I don’t get ESPN any more, and I haven’t wanted to watch any of the bowl games enough to brave the pirated feed. I did see the Holiday Bowl after someone here said what a good game it was (probably Scott or Jay).

  30. At least his jail-sentence-in-all-but-name at the Vatican is over. Pray for the repose of his soul if you have a moment, I’m told he received Last Rites on Thursday.

  31. Okay, I give. Pineapple on pizza isn’t actually the worst thing you can do to it.

  32. I made Ina Garten’s broccoli cheddar soup recipe, it’s excellent.
    I substituted (side-eyes Pepe) heavy cream + a little water for most of the half-and-half, used my homemade smoky broth instead of regular chicken broth, and used store-shredded ‘taco blend’ cheese instead of straight cheddar, and I cooked the potato in the soup and hit it a few times with an immersion blender instead of adding mashed potatoes at the end. Left it pretty chunky, like your mom.

  33. I used to make a wonderful simmered chicken dish with tomatoes, oregano, and pineapple. It gets splashed with rum and set on fire. I know it sounds crazy, but tomatoes and pineapples simmered together with spices are freakin’ delish. And this is why pineapple is good on pizza.

  34. I made Jimbro’s pot roast and followed the recipe exactly. Too early for it to smell fantastic but I bet by 3 PM or so there will be olfactory pleasures that precious few get to experience in their lifetime right here in my kitchen

  35. And this is why pineapple is good on pizza.

    You’ve lost hold of your senses, woman, it’s not good on pizza, it’s just not as bad as baked fuckin’ beans.

  36. Hmm, baked bean pizza … go on, tell me more!

  37. Roof raking isn’t so bad in the front of the house. Out back the roof is 20 feet up. Those muscles aren’t used for anything else, maybe a pole saw.

  38. There’s no way I could ever use a roof rake out back at this house. Too far up. Luckily it gets full sun all day long and we haven’t had any issues there.

  39. Roamy, just saw it and responded.

  40. Also, I don’t think it’s right in your secret email that you said Jimbro’s pot roast sounds like garbage.

  41. he puts pineapple in it

  42. The three steaks I rubbed with red miso paste and chilled for 24+ hours before grilling on the hibachi came out excellent. The one that I applied the koji powder to was meh. I should have salted it, but wanted to see what koji alone would do. Not impressed. But it did cook faster than the other three.

  43. Last day with Ethan. He’s studying because he has big tests this week.

  44. Wife picked today to replace the sunroom ceiling fan. One of the mounting screws had a stripped head so I got to crank it out with channel locks for about 10 min.

  45. You seriously don’t add pineapple to your pot roast?

  46. That would be less weird than pizza, but no. I don’t ever add pineapple to anything.

    Because pineapple sucks.

  47. I’d like to add a pineapple to Kamala’s ass, sideways.

  48. I don’t have strong feelings about pineapple either way – definitely a take it or leave it fruit. I do wholeheartedly stand with the sideways pineapple insertion for Kwanza Kamala

  49. Awww, I didn’t know it was a fan account. I thought it was him.

  50. Pope Benedict’s funeral will be held in St. Peter’s Square on Thursday, January 5, at 9:30 AM Rome time. That’s probably 3:30 AM Eastern. I’ll watch the replay on EWTN.


    Each successive booster engages more IgG4, which trains your immune system more and more to ignore the viruses, making you more susceptible to infection and to being overcome with illness.

    This is on top of the increased risks for cardiac injury, stroke, blood dyscrasias, miscarriage, neuropathy, etc, and so on.

    Do they really think they can keep riding the tiger forever? At some point they have to dismount and get what’s coming to them.

  52. Based on the planned disclosure timeline, they appear to believe they can ride the tiger until well past most of them being in their well-appointed graves with their descendants living under assumed surnames.

  53. Lumps, one of the statisticians I follow on Twitter blew up yesterday. The CDC bureau of statistics has put the infant birth and death data by date behind a paywall, you have to submit an application for the data, and you have to work with one of their analysts rather than just download the dataset.

  54. Stillbirth data is in that dataset. Like that’s not suspicious or anything.

  55. Remember Mike Tyson’s famous quote?

    Michigan got punched in the mouth.

  56. ….and they are coming back for the 3rd time.

  57. Go Frogs. NGL killing me

  58. Roamy, that is not so much suspicious, but positively heartstopping. You know if it was normal they wouldn’t block it.

  59. Can you provide a link?

  60. Niece and nephew were each given a card with $100 in it for Christmas.

    No thanks. No acknowledgement. Not happening again.

  61. Happy New Year friends o mine!!

  62. You all make trying times fun and fun times hilarious.

  63. There are fun times? Why wasn’t I notified?

  64. Happy New Year, Snausages. Try to do the best you can with the cards you’re dealt.
    Pray for us all. We’re gonna need it..

  65. happy new year, right coast!

  66. Happy New Year, hotty sausages!

    Some little shit just threw a cherry bomb down the storm sewer in front of our house.

  67. Happy New Year!

    Rocketboy, DIL, and Mini-me were all here for dinner (ribeye steak, Dutch potatoes, green beans, and red velvet cake), and we watched the ball drop in NYC.

  68. “Don’t you have something to fix somewhere?”

    I’ve used that phrase before.

  69. You know what sounds good with pineapple?

  70. This is the link, Lumps, discussing the dataset change effective Dec. 22.

  71. “The CDC bureau of statistics has put the infant birth and death data by date behind a paywall”

    Htf can they get away with that seeing as how ALL of it and them are paid for with our tax dollars?

  72. happy new year, flyover hostages

  73. Debra eschewed raucous parties.

  74. Feliz Año Nuevo

  75. I thought baked beans on a pizza was a joke

    Crazy Limeys

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