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  1. Decaf coffee only works if you throw it on people is 100% correct.

  2. Turns out, I DID need that picture of a baby toucan – so stinkin’ cute!

    I also liked the gluten free communion wafer

    Michelle would have loved the reptile measuring one – she was all about lizards and snakes

    Great memes, as always, Pupster!
    ***gives extra skritches behind ears***

  3. Oh, and the deviled egg one made me laugh, too!

  4. Yeah, deviled eggs was a good one.

  5. Namasté

  6. Mark Steyn had two heart attacks. He was missing from GB News and his website for a while, I just figured he’d caught covid again. He’s recuperating in France and is grateful he didn’t attempt to go to the hospital in Britain.

  7. How’s Mom’s head?

    I’ve had better.

    I had to call my bride away from making coffee to share that one with. She laughed harder than I did.

  8. I love the grumpy pot pie.

  9. I’m not sure I understand the moon rocks thing. Is that a true story or am I missing out on some kind of pun?

  10. I can vouch that an intern stole moon rocks from JSC, tried to sell them on eBay, and was arrested. Don’t know about the rest of it.

  11. Yes, that did happen, lauraw.

    Roamy – unlike your sulky coworker, I got the promotion I wanted 🙂

  12. I think I did read about his putting them on his bed, but that could have been a story he made up. Also, ouch. Lunar dust is bad ebough in electronics. I don’t need it in my personal bits.

  13. *enough I can’t type this morning

    The Tarkin/Vader one made me laugh out loud. Thanks Pups!

  14. Trump hired Russian hookers to piss all over some invaluable moon rocks. The source for this is like…….all impeccable and shit.

  15. Congratulations, Mrs. Peel!

  16. Wakey wakey

  17. You should throw a flashbang down the bedroom hall just to keep the boy in shape, CARin.

  18. He’s already overslept by 4 hours. One day and he’s gone soft.

  19. If people are sleeping it’s because they need it. Now y’all pipe down so I can get a nap.

  20. Ugh, 7 degrees here this morning. It’s already been a long, cold winter.

  21. To each and every Hostage woman: We thank you for your cervix.

  22. I’m about to payoff a weight-loss contest bet with a Brazilian Steak House lunch.

    I lost.

    Avenge me.

  23. * readies awkward incident buzzer*

  24. We’re sure you tried your best.

  25. We don’t avenge FAILURES.

    But I wish I’d won. No Brazilian steakhouses near the farm.

  26. Wouldn’t A Brazilian Steakhouse Lunch kinda negate all of the weight loss?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Congrats, Mrs. Peel, on the job promotion!

  27. Good morning.

    *carefully boops each of you on the snoot*

  28. Rebecca and I are going for haircuts later today; unfortunately, she has started losing her hair again, for no obvious reason. It just happens. Then, one day, it starts growing again.

    However, I had an epiphany late last night (when I do my best thinking), and I am now wondering if it could be a B-12 deficiency. She has also been complaining of joint pain in her hands for the last few months, and she has been unusually grumpy.

    I looked it up, and it turns out that long term use of one of the meds that she has been on for several years can cause drops in B-12 levels for about 40% of patients. She has a checkup scheduled for Tuesday, so will ask about it while we are there.

    In the meantime, the poor hairstylist won’t have much to work with – Rebecca has lots of big bald spots….

  29. In happier news, we get to see both of our girls and the grandson in just a couple of days! We can’t wait – we are all giddy with excitement 😊💕

  30. If you like fruitcake, right now Aldi is selling a Christmas stollen made in Germany that is really very good. They have a cherry one and they have a butter-almond one.

  31. Well, I bought it and I tried it. Now I have to get this thing out of my house.

  32. Did someone say fruitcake?

  33. My sister just mailed me the traditional fruitcake made from my Irish grandmother’s recipe which may or may not have been obtained from her grandmother or clipped out of a newspaper … no one knows.

  34. Coincidentally I was looking for something to defrost for dinner a few days ago and noticed a couple of gallon ziploc bags with fruitcake in them. I usually cut it up into approximately eighths, wrap the pieces in a couple layers of plastic wrap, then foil and then put them in ziploc bags. I had no idea it was in there, the last I looked I didn’t see any. Paula must have cleaned out the freezer after Ben started school.

  35. I love fruitcake.

  36. Fruitcake always seemed kind of dry to me as a kid. What’s a good beverage to pair with fruitcake?

  37. Black tea

  38. There’s no tradition of soaking the fruitcake with booze in my family so it’s not as flammable as some I’ve encountered.

    I made one a few years ago and wrapped it with cheesecloth and added whiskey to it every now and then. It was in a tin but I discovered the tin was not water tight after a while. I just put the tin on a plate with a lip and life was good.

  39. This stollen is not like the regular fruitcake I’ve ever had. It’s not the kind where a mass of fruit and nuts are barely held together by a small amount of batter. It’s like a dense moist bread with a nice amount of fruit and nuts laced into it. The flavor is very good. Nice amount of citrus in there, balanced with the sweet.
    I arranged for a friend to come take it away tomorrow.

  40. I’m almost done reading a book called The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts. It’s a very interesting book, I’m enjoying it, but also, holy crap is traditional Chinese culture profoundly disturbing in a lot of ways.

    And that’s even before the Communists came along and murdered everyone.

  41. OMG.

  42. Once I finish, I will only have four more to read from this list:


  44. Comment by lumps on December 17, 2022 3:20 pm


    I love that dad so much.

  45. Lumps, was that bone broth from Aldi you mentioned the other day in a glass jar or box kind of deal.

  46. Glass jar, Mare, I just looked, the brand is ‘chef’s cupboard,’ which is an aldi brand.

  47. “I love that dad so much.”

    I thought I was about to witness a homicide.

  48. So apparently a 17 year old Irish kid in Ireland refused to give bus fare to some “youths” and he was beaten and stabbed a bunch of times while they filmed it and laughed about how much blood was coming out of him. While he was on the ground they returned to stab him some more.

    Social media and the government tried to censor the video and asked people not to circulate it. While the victim was in the hospital a GoFundMe was set up to help him and after some complaints that they may be ‘right wingers’ GoFundMe suspended the account.

  49. Comment by lumps on December 17, 2022 3:20 pm

    I would have smacked him anyway. Not a knockdown but at least a light to medium pop on the back of the head that says, “Don’t ever think of doing that again, prank or no.”

    That was an A+ for menacing, though. Excellent.

  50. I didn’t know I needed a baby toucan, until today. Congratulations, Mrs Peel.

  51. Thank you!

  52. I heard about that Irish kid a little after it happened and quickly realized the Ireland I visited as a young man is long gone. I follow a few Irish newspapers on twitter and occasionally when I see an interesting tweet I’ll go to their sites and flip through the stories. Gone is the right word, victims of social justice.


  54. First World Problem: grocery store only sells “megaroll” size toilet paper, but the cheap-ass holders they installed in the bathrooms only hold regular size toilet paper. I need to replace them.

  55. Vikings vs Colts is amazing.

  56. Scott, yes. Bonus football. Hoping for a tie. NGL attending a game in Minneapolis was fun. Giants. Singing the Vikings fight song 🎵Skol skol skol🎵



  59. A customer asked me for “Maseca.” I heard “Manteca.” I took her to Crisco. She looked at me like I was Sofa King. She was all “Maseca.” I apologized that we didn’t carry. Told my story to Dan. Dan “I thought it was ‘masa?’” Spanish is so relative.

  60. watching true grit the original. Kim Darby sounds the same in better off dead, pretty funny.

  61. I don’t understand your boomer reference.

  62. Maddie in true grit is the mom in better off dead

  63. Holy crap I had no idea! I just watched clips from both. She was so great in True Grit. I watched both as a kid and a teenager and never put it together.

  64. I work with multiple trans. I don’t even know if is girl to boy. IDK. I H8 Spencer. Female CoW freaks me out. Her beard is gross.

  65. Kim Darby was also in a Trek episode, I believe “Mira”. She was like 15, and Kirk sleazed all over her.

  66. I have a history of abuse. NGL. A customer creeped on me today. I told Dan. He’s ready to go medieval on the customer and the former CoW that creeped on me.

  67. Almost time to start asparagus seeds.

  68. Gray Man is a good action flick.

  69. The star wars one with the death star has been done better here:

    This is good too.

  70. My Secret Santa package arrived today! **happy dance**

    Do we have a date for opening?

  71. Here is a trailer for gray man if anyone is interested.

  72. I am officially done with Amazon.

    It feels good.

  73. They offered me months of free stuff.

    Your mom would have taken it.

  74. done with, as in shipping for them?

  75. Snow is coming down in Buffalo in the 4th quarter

  76. looked pretty snowy there before game, surprised they got it cleared off

  77. watching youtube live fried chicken videos, wow. These are hilarious

  78. Don’t eat reheated poutine.

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