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ur model for todawas born December 27th, 1995 in The United Kingdom. She stands 5‘ 11” and measure34 – 26 – 37 and 115 lbs. Please welcomMiss Emily Deyt-Aysage.

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  1. NOICE!

  2. We need Emily Deyt NFT’s to “invest in”

  3. All this drag queen and trans stuff makes me nostalgic for the old days when we just had regular old queers and dykes …

    Wait, wut?

  4. J’brony, want some wine?

  5. Is it red or whi … oh … NO THANK YOU !!!

  6. Snow storm incoming. Sort of an all day affair with a few inches of accumulation. Looking at the 10 day forecast it appears we’ll have a White Christmas with a big dump next Friday.

  7. Good morning. Whose turn is it to tell Gen Z that the word ‘literally’ is not to be used as an intensifier?

    It’s so aggravating. Like, LITERALLY!!!

  8. In other news, I need to have a talk about ‘figurative vs. literal’ with our helper gal.

  9. Wakey wakey.

    It’s literally morning.

  10. Hotspur – email sent


  12. YAYYYY
    How bad are you gonna spoil him?

  13. … with a big dump next Friday.

    You must be pretty regular if you can predict that so far in advance. I usually find out after the fact.

  14. Our first snow was hanging around too long so it decided to rain last night and wipe most of it away finally.

  15. What if, when someone used the word ‘literally’ incorrectly, the literal meaning manifested itself to teach them a lesson?

    I have SUCH a shit-eating grin right now! Literally!!


  16. I think Emily is delightful and deserving of this prestige. So unlike the government. Finally, a real meritocracy.

  17. Wine decanting is a perfect example of why everyone needs to get right with God. Now.

  18. I don’t like her big teeth, looks like she might be related to Charles. But that’s solid ‘pointy elbows’ territory.

  19. I’m going to literally make all his favorite foods.


  21. Carin, I’m excited for you! I’ve been there and can’t wait to hear how his visit went. Is he dating anyone?

  22. The Siberian native shamans (who actually gave us the word “shaman”) used to “decant” amanita muscaria mushrooms by feeding to reindeer or a designated fungus consumer* and drinking their next emission of urine. The urine would be the purified/refined hallucinogen isolated from most of the gut-churning poison. How they figured this out is a mystery to me.

    *who would get horribly sick and often fall deeply unconscious

  23. Oh, and Leon, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  24. I would think (I don’t want to think about it) that a raging gay guy would have all kinds of microbes, bacteria, viruses, etc, existing in his urethra, bladder and bottom.

    More than normal people. Yes, I said normal.

  25. How the hell do you handicap pool?

    When the other team shoots you cover two of the pockets?

    They have to shoot with a baseball bat for a cue stick?

    You only have to get your ball within a half inch of the pocket not actually drop the ball?


  26. Hotspur, calm down.

  27. Congratulations Emily. Your tits will go down in history.

    Long live Emily’s tits.

  28. “Decanting wine” … enough to make you a teetotaler.

    However, I wouldn’t mind eating sushi from naked women.

  29. Sorry, too close to a Satanic Mass for me. Plus I like sushi cold and women ambulatory, warm and not covered in fish.

  30. whatever you do, don’t look up coffee pooped out by civit cats

  31. In fairness, it’s a total aversion on my part. Wouldn’t matter if it were pudding, I don’t want to eat things off of a woman’s body. I like to keep my 4 Fs as distinct activities, though I admit I might flip rapidly between flight and fight out of sheer necessity.

  32. There’s a good chance some of those pricey cosmetics and shampoos in the bathroom have argan oil in them.


    Argan nuts pass through the digestive system of a tree goat whole. Once they are excreted, people gather them from the goat’s droppings and crack them open to expose the seeds inside.

    Argan nuts contain anywhere from one to three oil-rich kernels. These kernels are then roasted, ground, mashed or cold-pressed to produce argan oil, one of the most highly sought after culinary and cosmetic liquids in the world.

  33. Wouldn’t matter if it were pudding, I don’t want to eat things off of a woman’s body.
    I can imagine honey, chocolate sauce, whipped cream as more traditional choices.

    Pudding seems like an odd choice in this sentence, leon. Do you want to tell us something?

  34. Now do ambergris.

  35. Just the first thing I thought of, RC.

    Ambergris was in reference to your goatshit nut comment. It’s a big waxy ball of whale vomit worth more than gold per ounce.

  36. Don’t be silly, nobody eats ambergris.

  37. Hotspur – email sent

    But there’s no name and phone number. 😦

  38. While we’re on the subject of Gen Z (and later) annoying speech habits, could someone please tell them that the beginning to every answer to a question should not be “So,…”?

    This is very fucking annoying, and they all do it.

  39. Oh I know why, wife bought tiramisu yesterday.

  40. My pet peeve of the younger generation’s misuse of language is the use of “perfect” as a substitute for “yes”, “ok”, “alright”, etc.

    Me: I need a jalapeno cheeseburger with mustard, all the vegetables that you have available, and a Coke Zero.
    Nosering: Perfect.
    Me: I don’t give a fuck if it’s perfect or not, it just needs to taste good and eliminate my hunger pains.
    Nosering: Perfect
    Me: take my money, dude.

  41. At the end of the day…

  42. HS, what are your feelings on “Like,”?

  43. One of my oldest friends does that one. It’s a verbal tic he developed as he transitioned from tech work to mostly delivering documents and spreadsheets. Also says — unironically — “for all intensive purposes”.

    I often wonder how he looks at himself in the mirror.

  44. Also annoying, “do” for “have” when ordering food. Both my daughters do this shit.

    Daughter #1: Can I do the Shrimp Alfredo with a house salad?
    Alleged female server with stubble on neck: Perfect
    Daughter #2: Can I do the Sirloin Tips with broccoli florets?
    Server: Perfect
    Wife: I’m going to eat off his plate but I’ll do another $15 Prickly Pear Margarita?
    Server: Perfect
    Me: Bring me the chicken fingers with french fries.
    Server: Perfect
    Me: Fuck off.

  45. twitter: teenager voice is annoying

  46. HS, what are your feelings on “Like,”?

    It’s a filler for when you’re too stupid to plan more than three words ahead in your speech.

    While we’re on the subject of annoying shit, here’s a cut and paste from a list I’ve been keeping:

    – I’m going to go ahead and…
    – At the end of the day…
    – That being said,…
    – Actually…
    – If I’m being honest…
    – Going forward…
    – Leap of faith
    – Game changer
    – Good to go
    – No brainer
    – Pre-boarding process
    – By any means
    – Deal breaker
    – This bad boy
    – With all due respect…
    – So,…
    – Bottom line is…
    – Long story short…
    – Any way, shape, or form…
    – On any given day…
    – Truth be told…
    – Look, …
    – It is what it is…
    – For all intents and purposes…
    – It’s all good.
    – Just saying.
    – Literally
    – Circle back
    – Nailed it.
    – For the win!
    – Because science.
    – Zero tolerance policy…
    – Insane
    – Fast forward to…

  47. Shit, I use about a half dozen dozen of those.

  48. Time to start thinking before you speak.

  49. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  50. How the hell do you handicap pool?

    Yeah, this was new to me when I started the league. It’s a bit complicated. It’s based on the total percentage of wins each for each player on the team. I was “meh” this season as I’m only winning a third of my games so I was at 33%. Other players on this team are at 25%, 41%, 30% & 46%. The team we played last night is much better as their weakest player was at 36%. Others were 68%, 65%, etc. You total up these percentages for each team and get the difference. Then you consult a chart where that difference dictates how many games each team has to win to win the match overall. There are 25 games and we had to win 9 of them. We got 10! I kicked butt winning four of my games. Winning the match earns the team points for the season and you accumulate them. You get extra points for every game you win over the goal. Team ranking is according to total number of points earned in a season. At the end of the season teams get money according to the final rank. We each put in $10 per night so they’re collecting $200 per night. And two leagues, so $400 / per week. Some of the money goes into a fund for the maintenance of the pool tables, 10% goes to Moose charities.

  51. If I had my baseball cards from when I was a kid I’d be rich.

    When I came home on leave from the Navy my mom asked that I clean out my room and put the stuff that I wanted to keep in boxes to be stored in the garage. So when I came to stuff like baseball and football cards, model ships, cars, and planes, Mad magazines, comics, etc. I just threw it all away thinking, “This is just kid’s stuff. Nobody wants it.”

  52. Well hell, I don’t think I could handle Hotspur English, I only got two brain cells left and one went part-time back in March.

  53. Leon,

    There is no way the article you linked about the Trump trading cards being smart moved is correct. I don’t understand the need to make every dumb Trump move some 4D chess move.

  54. Eh, it looks like they sold out. Whether it was dumb politically, time will tell, but it was smart marketing/sales.

  55. …oh holy hell. One of my counterparts in another part of the organization I work for shared an error message that looks a lot like our glorious new system we do most of our work through has one part that’s handling hexadecimal numbers as strings.

    So much for “learn to code”…

  56. Someone trusted automatic field mapping when they ought not’ve, I’ll wager.

  57. I say “new” but we’ve been dealing with this digital lemon since the start of 2022. This is just absurd.

  58. I mean…a regular expression designed to recognize a valid hexadecimal number? If you’re doing that, you’re at least two deep in your design errors…

  59. balls deep

  60. RegEx comparators can be pretty fast, and raising an exception before it gets rejected by a DB insertion isn’t awful, but I’d need context. I work mainly in APIs that sometimes get hand-jammed by a guy using cURL or PostMan, so an explicit check for type is normal for me.


  62. Comment by Hotspur on December 16, 2022 10:19 am
    Time to start thinking before you speak.

    I don’t know……”That being said” is a pretty good way to begin a sentence that is going to tie your conclusion up with the one or more previous assertions.

    “Bottom line is” is a pretty good way to alert your listener to the fact that you’ve finished fleshing out your case and your final conclusion is on the way.

    “Long story short” is one I use probably too often but it’s intent is to alert the listener that I’m at least trying to eliminate the details and stick to the main points.

    “Fast forward to” is about as good a way as I can come up with to alert the listener that I’m moving the conversation from an earlier time frame to the present or at least to a later time frame than where we were.

    And I guess I guessed poorly. Four ain’t half a dozen.

  63. I only use “Because Science” ironically, like when Fauci says something.

  64. If you say “a couple of” for more than two things, my tire iron and I may need words with you.

  65. What if I say “a throuple of” and list 3?

  66. I’ve noticed several people replying to a statement they agree with by saying: “100%”.

    It’s annoying after hearing it for the 5th or 6th time in a conversation.

  67. Pendejo, your reasoning is fine, except these phrases are now overused and in many cases unnecessary flourishes that make many people’s speech sound cliche. It shouldn’t be necessary to alert a listener, if they have half a fucking brain, that you are making a conclusion, finishing your case, being succinct, or moving on.

  68. It grates on me when someone says, “these ones.”

    My Mom did not appreciate it either.

  69. Ohhhhh, I use “nailed it” all the time.

    Around your mother.

  70. I say (or write) “nailed it” all the time. Huh, I will think about that or just tell Hotspur to eff off, one of the two.

    I never say “with all due respect” because I rarely respect shit people say.

  71. “All due respect…” is usually candy coating for “I disagree with you and think you’re an asshole.”

    I always know that the person saying it means no actual respect exists.

  72. It also means I’d fuck your mom but she’s so fat I can’t find the way in.

  73. hhahahahahah

    Hotspur is asshoe.

  74. Just find a crevice and go to town, that’s what I do with your mom.

  75. someday, someone will come up and say “hey, you put in a lot of extra hours this week, why don’t you spend the afternoon at home?”

    Today is not that day. So I’ll take PTO, because I’m maxed out, and will lose accumulating hours off if I don’t take any right now. Have a great afternoon!

  76. By coincidence the WSJ’s Best Of The Web column today is

    “Will America Take Fridays Off?”

    For some workers in a tight labor market, the weekend starts on Thursday night.

  77. For years in Ann Arbor the busiest night at many bars is Thursday.

  78. Probably true in most college towns.

  79. I’m sure it’s a total coincidence, but by Junior year (i.e. 21yo) I could easily have arranged to have no classes on Friday morning if I were careful. As a teetotaler with a fiancee, I never made the effort.

  80. Congrats to Emily. Nice tits!

    Got my 40 hours in and I’m taking off early today. Gotta get a new bottle of Carpano Antica for making Manhattans!

  81. In my senior year the Thursday schedule was loaded with 3 classes that met once a week including a night school class that got out as the bar opened. Being a science major it didn’t matter because I had 2 classes that met M,W,F so I had to be there in the morning despite my clever scheming.

  82. Fridays for me were labs, mostly. 0 competition for spots in the organic chem lab that ran 1-5pm on F.

  83. Christmas gift from the boss…a nice sized Boston butt roast.

    The matter of Christmas dinner is thus resolved.

  84. Nice sized butts were the fuel for my powerlifting phase.

  85. Based on the name alone I wouldn’t know whether to smoke this cigar or fuck it


    This is a cigar for people who light their cigars with hundred dollar bills

  86. Didn’t I see that clip here a while back? I see Kim just posted it yesterday, but I could swear I saw that last year or at least a few months ago.

  87. Based on the name alone I wouldn’t know whether to smoke this cigar or fuck it

    If you end up saying “why not both?” I can suggest an order.

  88. Is X-Files even on still? I thought they ended years ago. I remember it was super popular and then sort of faded away but kept on putting out episodes

  89. Awesome Pup!
    She is a beauty with nice knockers!
    Job well done.
    Looking forward to you’re contributions to the blog next year.
    Tell Leon you deserve a significant pay increase for the content you provide, as well as a year end bonus based on a percentage of the blogs profits. Feel free to quote me on that.

  90. Just a weird name for a Fuente cigar. They tend to be a relatively straight laced company without trendy names.

  91. They brought back X-files for a couple seasons on Amazon a few years ago. That’s where this is from. Towards the end of the original run David wanted a lot more money and the studio didn’t want to pay him a lot more money. He largely sat out the penultimate season and they brought in a replacement crew. Anderson was mostly sidelined too. People got tired of never getting any final resolutions to the overarching storyline either through the show or the movies. The Lone Gunmen spinoff had potential but didn’t gain traction and they killed them off.

  92. They brought back X-files for a couple seasons on Amazon a few years ago

    explains the weird experience I had watching episodes of X Files I had never seen a few weeks ago on an obscure Sat channel. Dana and Scully both were visibly older, since I dropped in the middle of the marathon I just wrote it off to being something about alien DNA causing aging, or some weird shit, I missed at the beginning.
    FWIW, Gillian Anderson is still smokin’!

  93. Tell Leon you deserve a significant pay increase for the content you provide, as well as a year end bonus based on a percentage of the blogs profits

    I’ve already given Pupster a 6% merit increase on his 2022 base salary of $0.

  94. Pneumonia is rampant at work. PPTO is not. Everyone is working sick. CoW has Strep. Pharmacy doesn’t have amoxicillin. Anything Cillin. She’s been working sick for a week. She now has Pneumonia. Jess came back today. I made her cry with a hug and a “Stay safe.” Found out she had $3K in boombox stereos in her trunk.

  95. I’ve already given Pupster a 6% merit increase on his 2022 base salary of $0.

    I saw that stingy bullshit you did and raised him to 20% on the same salary.

  96. I’m tickled that anyone thinks I run anything but Monday posts and Secret Santa.

  97. I’ve already given Pupster a 6% merit increase on his 2022 base salary of $0.

    Not big enough, cheap skate. It should be 250%! He’s worth that money!

  98. Join my union, PUP. I’m happy to represent you!

  99. Oh no you don’t. I’ll fire all y’all and get H1Bs in here before I let this shop go union.

  100. *hires Pinkertons*

  101. Well then, enjoy your parade of modest hindu BBF’s in full length saris covering all but the navel and toe rings.

  102. I’m only hiring Iranian refugees who practice Persian tantra.


    let’s not go crazy

    Is there…some percentage…of $0.00 that we can come to some sort of an agreement on, that Pupster deserves to get as a raise?

    We need to come together as Americans, to keep Americans employed. For nothing. It’s our patriotic duty.

  104. I can do 69%, but that’s the limit, and I’ll hear no more talk of unions.

  105. Noice

  106. As PUP’s NOT official union rep, I and agree on Leon’s 6%, IF, and I mean IF, I get to lick the fuzz outta Emily’s belly button in the first pic. Other than that all deals are off!

  107. ^ that explains the look on the kids faces in the header!

  108. I believe most members here will agree to 69.

  109. an edit feature would be nice here……awe fuck it, it’s Friday, and I’m drinkin’!

  110. Today was abysmal. Woman “Where are your sausages?” Oso “What type of sausages?” Bitch looks at me “Sausages!” Breakfast patties, Kielbasa, brats, Johnsonville, chorizo, Italian. What are you looking for? I h8 people.

  111. “Check your britches”

  112. “Did you ask your mom?”

  113. Co-worker got passed over for promotion, took this week off to pout at home. I just noticed today.

  114. Pharmacy doesn’t have amoxicillin. Anything Cillin.

    Different co-worker can’t get a specific ADHD medicine for her daughter. She took the prescription to the pharmacy, they couldn’t fill it, but they wouldn’t give the prescription paper back to her. So she had to get another prescription then call around to see who had it, then drive nearly to Tennessee to get it. Not sure why she can’t do mail order.

  115. I don’t really want to vacation in Mexico but it’s the easiest way to get ahold of a couple of hundred dollars woth of amoxicillin, zeepac, and ivermectin.

  116. Documentary on some of the people who had severe reactions to the vax.


  117. Dexter eventually regretted proposing.

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