2022 Big Boob Friday Championship

Hello, and welcome to The 2022 Big Boob Friday Championship Finals.


POSTED JUNE 3RD with 6 Likes and 9 Thumbs-Up


SEMI-FINAL ROUND 4 CHAMPION with  47.46%  (84 votes)

FINAL ROUND 1 CHAMPION with 38.54%  (74 votes)




POSTED JANUARY 17 with 7 Likes and 5 Thumbs-Up


FINAL ROUND 2 CHAMPION with 40.57%  (71 votes)



POSTED MARCH 18TH with 6 Likes and 7 Thumbs-Up


FINAL ROUND 3 CHAMPION with 34.97%  (57 votes)



POSTED JUNE 24TH with 7 Likes and 7 Thumbs-Up


FINAL ROUND 4 CHAMPION with 37.7%  (69 votes)


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  1. I’ll need careful deliberation before casting my vote and those of several of my previously deceased relatives.

  2. As we reach the apex of our BBF Year I want to pause and say Thank You Pupster! You have run two incredible days at our shithole blog like a journeyman for several years and we are grateful. There’s a little something extra in your Hostage check this week.

  3. My pleasure.

  4. I’ve heard stories about Dinah.

  5. Pup I second wut J,brony said.

  6. Thanks man.



  8. Three dirty blondes and one virginal redhead on the ballot – which is entirely different than on the palate

  9. Good morning errybody. So Musk confirmed what I thought when that Baker guy got ejected. The fucker was deleting evidence in there. Place is probably full of such moles.

  10. I’ve heard of Bess Eaton donuts but don’t think I’ve ever had them.

    Another forgotten chain is Dip N’Sip Donuts which I thought I was mistaken on the name because there’s absolutely no nostalgia posts about them. The only thing I found was a site that lists bankruptcies which, for them, happened in 1980. The location was listed as Attleboro, MA so they were probably a hyper-local chain. Because it’s a popular concept, the sipping (peen) and the dipping (your mom), many boutique donut shops have variations of that name and show up in the search.

  11. Further proof that the Deep State exists

  12. That was from this pretty exhaustive article, a good read.


  13. This freak has more than 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one


  14. Just saw a headline that Sinema is leaving the D’s and becoming an “Independent”. Hopefully more of a middle of the road Independent than Angus King who is essentially a Democrat. Manchin needs to switch parties for the coup de grace

  15. So gross. So, soooo gross.

  16. There is no justice in this world, but it would be nice to see Pfizer rendered destitute by class-action lawsuits from soldiers and health-care workers should they lose their immunity.

    I’d like to go further and see people afraid to admit they work there, but that’s just me.

  17. This guy’s article was very long but worth it. I found parts of the ending quite poignant. It’s a long way of saying my old deal of “Don’t talk to the robots about anything important.”

    In this series, I attempted to make the case that critical thinking has been replaced with a pseudo-education that gives the appearance of intelligence but in reality creates standardized cognitive patterns which are programmed to arrive at conclusions supporting the vested interests which fund that education. On that point, one of the most common standardized patterns you observe is an algorithm that seeks to rapidly identify “authoritative sources” and then string them together until a configuration can be arrived at which defends the status quo…
    In a recent article, I detailed how creating compromised “impartial” authoritative sources is a cornerstone of all propaganda and that all industries default to this approach because it is frequently cheaper for them to create the perception that they are acting in good faith than it is to conduct their business in a manner the public would want to support.

  18. Sinema went McCain? Interesting.

    As a dev, I know how long it takes to set these posts up, but more exhausting is being creative and keeping it interesting. That’s where pups shines. These posts are always interesting and fresh. I applaud you, sir!

    Anyone can post pictures. Pupster makes it interesting and fun.

  19. Just not seeing the Emily love. Guess I’m just more Slavic (or is it Teutonic?) in my likes. Had trouble between Nata and Nabakova

  20. The Bari Weiss files seem to be hitting lefties harder than the Taibbi files. Either way, good idea on picking lefties to roll your hand grenades under the left wing bathroom door.

  21. Anyone can post pictures.

    And I’m living proof.

  22. I recall my former coworkers slurping up the propaganda. The narrative was their reality. When Georgia supposedly “lifted” their covid protocols and then THE NEXT DAY (bit early, no? This thing supposedly incubates for a few days.) the breathlessly lying media is reporting a “spike” in GA cases, those two women looking at the news saying, “See?!? IT’S SPIKING, IT’S SPIKING,” and giving me the shitty side-eye because I had been pooh-poohing the fucking bullshit masks.

  23. Sorry, still bitter.

  24. nothing to be sorry for. You lost more than most.

  25. I’m bitter on your behalf. I have torn into WuFlu apologists asking where does my friend go to get her career back?

  26. same leon. laura, you are an example for us!

  27. I recall my former coworkers slurping up the propaganda. The narrative was their reality. When Georgia supposedly “lifted” their covid protocols and then THE NEXT DAY (bit early, no? This thing supposedly incubates for a few days.) the breathlessly lying media is reporting a “spike” in GA cases, those two women looking at the news saying, “See?!? IT’S SPIKING, IT’S SPIKING,” and giving me the shitty side-eye because I had been pooh-poohing the fucking bullshit masks.
    This is sort o confirmation bias is basically the default way of thinking for most people. You start with a position that in some way you identify with, and then work backward to confirm it. All other info is discounted.

    The better way to think is to start the same but then seek all information that would disprove your conclusion.

    But that’s difficult and you already know all of this which is why we’re friends.

  28. I was initially taken in by the “leaked” BS videos of people falling over dead in Wuhan. I forget when exactly it flipped for me, but I think it was when I saw the PCR ct they were setting the “tests” to at over 40. They had devised an invisible hobgoblin that they were guaranteed to find when they wanted to and they could use it to imprison the world.

    Didn’t even matter if the virus itself actually existed, because they could point to it with false positives anytime they liked. Realizing that there were enough people with authority willing to lie about and a vast army of cowards willing to believe it was a very painful experience, but it did require breaking my own confirmation bias.

  29. That was an interesting time. I remember seeing these grainy videos of people dying in the street and dystopian figures cleaning streets.

    It seemed contrived. I’m not saying some of those things weren’t genuine but you can make a narrative out of anything. And boy was the narrative launched.

    I really like Alex’s thought on this too. That the military freaked the fuck out, thus panicking the women running our government and the mass panic was released.

    Aided by social media – that was the first global mass panic. I assume there will be more.

  30. I wasn’t believing it at first, but the steady ramp up, and no pushback, told my brain this was something to pay attention to. I should know better.

  31. A very difficult decision today.

  32. Aided by social media – that was the first global mass panic. I assume there will be more.

    Elimination of social media is a hard and fast requirement for restoring something resembling civilization.

  33. Very tough choice today. Nata got my vote, but it was close and apparently I’m in the minority. Almost went with Emily. I’d really like to see what Nata looks like with her natural hair color. Like above, Pup thanks for all your hard work on this site through the year.

  34. Guys, guys! I forgot to tell you I got invited to join … wait for it … THE ILLUMINATI !!!! Here’s my invite:

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    The Illuminati.

    They even thought to invite me again today. How nice of them!

  35. Don’t worry, I’ll still visit when I’m in The Illuminati

  36. Do they have the catgirl maids or is that just marketing fluff?

    Because I’m totally there if they have those.

  37. Two weeks into new job, old boss from before Big Ag Corp asks if I want to come back.

    I can’t do both. They know each other, they’ll talk. Dang it.

  38. You left Big Ag or got a new gig there?

  39. I left big Ag to go to mostly-commercial cybersecurity again.

  40. I need to get my docs for .gov work again for some stuff, but I don’t have to get jabbed or get an exemption.

  41. Emily for sure. Not hard today. And by not hard I’m not talking about anything like a weiner.

  42. The freaks in this administration have mental illnesses.

    It’s funny they thought putting the freaks front and center would “normalize” freaks.

    Instead, it’s just showing that we are all correct about these freaks, they’re mentally unstable.

  43. Very tough choice here. Wound up going with Emily. Black & white photo in high heels checks off several boxes for me. Nata Lee a close second.

    Outstanding job once again, Pupster. You da real MVP.

  44. I ticked Emily’s box too Tex. So far she’s the leader but we haven’t seen the mail in votes yet so it’s anyone’s guess who will wear the 2022 BBF crown and walk away with the cash prize.

  45. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts, guys. I’ve had a pretty great day. A nice lady in Mississippi called me to tell me she found our big important lost package and got it to where it was supposed to be. I sent her a Harry & David’s gift. Then I needed help opening doors and other people were somehow right there at the perfect moment and helped me each time. And most of my traffic lights were green, even the ones that are NEVER green!

    If I didn’t know better I’d think people were sending me good vibes. Feeling quite chipper, for some reason.

    BUT, if Jimbro gets accepted into the Illuminati I’m tearing up my membership card!!

  46. *closes eyes, presses membership card to my heart*

    they said i was very very special

  47. And you are very special. A unique name, account number, and routing number. Very special!

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  49. I’m kind of surprised the Dane isn’t getting more traction, that picture in the yellow dress…oh my.

    I’m glad you are having a fortuitous day lumps, you deserve every break.

  50. The weekend after Thanksgiving we tossed the pumpkins on the front doorstep into the woods where, presumably, a family of squirrels will eat the seeds to help survive through the winter. A few days ago I bought a Christmas wreath for the front door. Before hanging it I took the little tag with the SKU code off and shoved it in my pocket to free my hands. It ended up on my dresser when I did a pocket dump and I read it today. The wreath, bought in Maine, the Saudi Arabia of pine forests, was made in OREGON !!!! WTAF … it was bought at a grocery store that prides itself on carrying local produce and products as part of their ethos. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really nice wreath, maybe a little dry compared with my usual wreath, but it looks good on the door. Had I known it was made across the country I would have stopped at the local guy who is selling his trees and wreaths in the hardware store parking lot.

  51. Aren’t the Wreaths Across America outfit out of Maine?
    The Arlington National Cemetary wreath-laying event is December 17th. I did this for quite a few years, but it’s gotten SO crowded and busy that I no longer bother. They don’t really need any more people to distribute them, but need folks to help collect them in 2023.

  52. We’ve got three windows looking out on our back yard from the living room. Every year we’ve hung an evergreen wreath in each window. We went to Lowes last week to get three wreaths and the wanted $25 per wreath. I told my bride to get online and order some artificial ones that we can use over and over. I’m not dishing out $75 for a one time decoration.

  53. Giant fridge (unheated enclosed porch) is now operational.

  54. Yeah, Wreaths Across America is in Columbia Falls which is Downeast in Washington County. I used to get my wreaths from one of the orderlies after his wife disappeared for a couple of weeks in the woods “tipping”. It’s the female equivalent of deer camp but instead of looking for deer in the woods and drinking at night the women harvest branches and drink at night. She got older and wasn’t able to keep up with enough wreaths other than for family so I’ve been going with either the guy at the hardware store or at the supermarket.

  55. Every once in a while around here you’ll see somebody pulled off the side of the road, cutting pine boughs, presumably to make home decor for the season.

    White pine spits pitch and doesn’t make the best swag but it is free and plentiful and smells great.

  56. I’m very thankful for all y’all. lumps, you worked with nurses that should’ve known better. My takeaway from all this, I no longer trust anything my Dr says. My CoWs are retail workers that are all about boosting and masking. One CoW was out with pneumonia and flu, she was told she could go back to work with a mask once her fever broke.

  57. Tats are an instant DQ for me, so Nata is right out. Pity as she is an otherwise gorgeous girl. As to the remaining three, wowza, what a difficult decision! I will just have to study them all more…closely…very closely…

  58. “*Puts “Emily Deyt for BBF” sign in front lawn*

  59. One of the baby Hostages at work had a funny line today.

    “My love language is ‘fuck’ “.

    He did a search on “fuck” on Snapchat, and it came up nearly 1,000 times, but he never drops it in conversation with me. Good kid.

    Also, anyone who thinks a tour after 3:00 on a Friday is a good idea should be kicked in the ass. I just got home about 10 minutes ago, and I’m beat.

  60. FNT is going through twitter files if you’d like basically the audio version of the AoS comment thread.

  61. So the twatter employee response to Trump’s “go home with love and in peace” was abject fury and rage.

    Talk about heaping hot coals on your enemies…

  62. Y’all don’t even know. We’re the bottom of the food chain. Much love to JIMBRO AND THE LUMP

  63. Sorry, but I have no idea what the hell the dud was talking about with “Pass the up dog”.

  64. I’ve had a very long day.

  65. It’s a joke Thermy, you are trying to get the other person to say “What’s up dog?” (Not much, what’s up with you?)

  66. Dalton’s effort remained paltry.

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