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  1. I don’t know whether it’s RSV/flu/Covid overwhelming the healthcare system or so many doctors and nurses have quit or both, but I’m hearing a lot of stories about doc-in-the-box and urgent care clinics saying come back tomorrow or even come back two days from now.

  2. If I had to guess I’d say it is a combination of both those reasons. No one has accounted for the actual number of people who have left due to early retirement, refusal to get the jab or shifted into a different segment of healthcare that is removed from direct patient care. On the other end, this has to be a disincentive for young men and women entering college or technical school and, again I wonder how this all has affected their decisions to enter healthcare or just become an influencer lol. The other component is the rise in RSV, influenza and Covid infections which is sort of mysterious and without good explanation.

  3. It’s Steal Another Election Day in Georgia today

  4. Bongino mentioned one reason to hope Walker wins. He figures the odds of Brandon running are low and Harris would run. If the Senate is 50-50 she has to hang around as the tie breaker vote and it will affect her ability to campaign. Admittedly that assumes a few things that may or may not happen but it’s at least some incentive to vote for Georgians

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Great rant, Roamy.

  7. There have been theories about the rise of the tripledemic or whatever it’s called including increased exposure to pathogens now that things are closer to normal, immune suppression due to the jab and your mom but nothing concrete has been advanced as the reason

  8. Trump’s tax cuts.

  9. Imma move to ‘straya and farm unicorns.

  10. preach aussie!

  11. where oh where will the water pipe break?

  12. twitter: your morning wake up call

    Yes, I’m aware it’s Tuesday.

  13. sorry laura, I brought up the T word

  14. I heard my first Pajamagram commercial on the radio this morning. As 12/24 approaches you can count on increased volume of them

  15. Naturally Nude baby!!

  16. are they selling bears still?

  17. I love this meme.

  18. Haven’t heard any Vermont Teddy Bear commercials yet. Soon enough I’m sure. At the eleventh hour we’ll hear Name A Star commercials

  19. it’s an Established Titles sort of year

  20. ItsAGundam got burned by that one.

    Kirstie Alley’s obit in DailyCaller had links to her one time fitness trainer (died suddenly at age 53, no cause listed) and to the fellow from Power Rangers who died (suddenly) at age 49.

    Whole lotta Suddenly out there killing folks.

  21. The other component is the rise in RSV, influenza and Covid infections which is sort of mysterious and without good explanation.


    Unless the mRNA vaccinations really have permanently compromised a lot of people’s immune systems.

  22. My nephrologist MD brother just retired. Took him several years to find someone willing to put in the hours and effort to replace him in the practice he was a partner in.

    The health delivery system in this country is pretty broken and dysfunctional. And yet it still seems to limp along for most people. Which indicates that it doesn’t communicate well with its different components. I suspect it just doesn’t know it’s dead yet.

  23. The whole point of 0-care was to kill it, RC. Basically a giant bolus of heavy metal poisoning that would take 20 years or more to destroy the system. WuFlu was a booster to that initial killshot.

    “Private health care just doesn’t work anymore, we have to have an NHS like in other advanced countries!*”

    *like in Canaduh, where you get offered euthanasia because you need a wheelchair ramp

  24. yup! the end goal was single payer. Still is.

  25. I’m going to vomit. /eye tatoo thing.

  26. Single payer …turning every member of the health and medical system into government employees.

    Talk about ways to suck the life out of a career, kill any initiative, and control anything those employees might have to say or do despite their professional judgment.

  27. If you want to know why single payer won’t work, but don’t want to go to another country, go to a VA hospital. Most of them, I should say.

  28. dad HATED the VA

  29. Was your brother in private practice? Sounds like he was if he was looking for someone to take over the practice. The hospital employed model would allow him to retire while they paid outrageous sums of money for a locums doc until eventually hiring a new guy.

    I bought a practice way back when doctors did that pretty routinely but I was probably in the minority of young doctors who did that. Within 5 or 6 years I joined the hospital staff. The number of patients with private insurance nose dived and Mainecare paid quite poorly. The bills to keep the lights on didn’t accept Mainecare rates of pennies on the dollar.

  30. Yep, Jimbro. He was looking to retire as far back as 2016 or 2017, I think. He only pulled the ejection handle early this year. His group worked in about 3 or 4 hospitals in his area. I recall him saying over half his dialysis patients were on Medicaid, and so he never got fairly compensated for them.

  31. Curiously, my Dad had nothing but good things to say about the Pittsburgh area VA. He was a WW2 Pacific War vet, and they did quite a lot for him in his 80’s and 90’s. He got all of his meds from the VA. I think they covered his pacemaker. His electric scooter/chair made his life workable for the last couple years of his life when his feet and legs quit working, and the VA gave it to him. And they didn’t even want it back when he died, so now it’s there if my Mom ever needs it.

    But I understand that people’s VA experience can vary quite a bit.

  32. i’m glad he had a good experience

  33. Yo Miley, I knew more than two dozen people from high school who would have smoked you under the table.

  34. twitter: elect Harmeet!

    Presler would organize our ballot harvesting operation.

  35. Anyone who wants single payer healthcare wants to be dominated by obese angry women.

    Think how that fat teller chick at your bank treats you. Think how the fat clerk at your dentist treats you. Think what you experience when you go to your SoS or DMV.

    If you want Karens to decide what you get, when you get it, and what you have to go through to comply, then you’ll love single payer.

  36. twitter: Harmeet calls a fellow RNC member about voting for her

    And I will continue to not donate. And we will continue losing.

  37. Last night Michael Steele was on MSNBC.

    That’s all you need to know about the RNC.

    Why should we worry about continuing to lose, when we elect these folks?

    We elect them, they then show their true colors, we replace them, then they go on MSNBC and badmouth republicans, much to the delight of the libs.

  38. Great memes, Jay. You’re a pro.

  39. we don’t elect them, they elect and appoint themselves, in their little club

  40. great column, thanks

  41. Also this. The finish Hits. Hard:

    I don’t care if Republicans win or not because the party is run by liars who say one thing, do another and blame someone else. That is the triple crown of perfidy. Maybe Republicans cannot win with Trump. I do not know that. What I can guarantee you is Republicans cannot win without Trump supporters. If he does not win the nomination, we become free agents.

    Maybe we will go with DeSantis.
    But we also can sit on the sidelines like the Never Trumpers. However, we outnumber them about a million to one. 75 million people voted for Trump in 2020. How many Never Trumpers are there? 75? I mean, Bill Kristol and company get a lot of ink, but they do not represent a lot of people.

    To paraphrase Ed Morrissey, “Here’s the big question: Will Trump supporters want to spend the next couple of years attempting to explain away Republican indifference, or will they just prefer to opt to stay home?”

    I am asking this explicitly.

    How can we move on from President Trump when Republicans have not let him accomplish what he was elected to do?

  42. twitter: Jan 6 cops refuse to shake McConnell or McCarthy’s hand, warmly embrace Schumer

    As expected. They hate us, and there is no path to redemption for them.

  43. This is what liberals have given us. And the Never Trumpers. Which don’t seem to understand that you can give them what they want/ give in/ play nice and they’ll fucking fuck you over.

    Not that I’d want to shake their hands either, but … seriously.

  44. J’ames had teh link. We must have seen it at the same time.

  45. Northlane North American tour announced today. no they are not the headliner, but it’s not the first show I’ll have gone to see one of the lower billed acts.

    Who’s in?

  46. I’m getting my ducts cleaned, which means today is basically a wasted day for me. I hope he wraps up soon. I coach at 4 : (

  47. what will you make them do today, Mistress of pain?

  48. If McConnell and McCarthy had half a fucking brain between them they would have skipped that sham entirely.

    Why is Brian Sicknick’s mom a Gold Star mom? Her son died of a fucking stroke or heart attack or some shit hours and hours after the afternoon of 1/6.

    The whole fucking thing was a democrat jizzfest, but our leaders are too stupid to see when they are being set up.

    Pelosi and Schumer: Come on Mitch and Kevin. We want you to join us on the dais.

    McConnel and McCarthy: Be right there.

  49. I’m getting my ducts cleaned

    TMI, you dirty girl you.

    And to be fair to the capitol keystoners, I wouldn’t shake the McTwat’s hands either. No Schumer’s, for that matter. I’d much rather punch every guy in that receiving line in the vacancy where their nuts ought to be.

  50. We’re doing four rounds – 800 meter zone 2 jog, 400 meter zone 4 run.

  51. If this guy finishes up in time. Yikes. I’ve got way too much on my plate this week.

  52. Doggies do NOT like the duct cleaning. Lots of loud noises. Lucy’s been hiding at my feet all day, which is normally not her behavior.

  53. Honestly those two dupes standing there getting publicly snubbed really says everything about the republicans right now.


  54. Honestly those two dupes standing there getting publicly snubbed really says everything about the republicans right now.



  55. LOL

    Liz Fucking Cheney

  56. And that’s the infuriating thing, we’re utterly disenfranchised by those utter cucks.

    Damn, I have to be careful what I type these days. Needless to say, the time will come when they must face justice–in this life or the next.

  57. Does Time have a circulation beyond dentist’s offices anymore?

  58. HotBride and I are driving to D.C. in the AM. It’s her birthday Thursday and she’s never been, so It’s where she wants to go.

    Anybody need me to do anything?

  59. meet up with gabe and try to see what went wrong

  60. Just take notes on what you see in case I have to go there soon myself. I can’t trust my sources in the area to know what’s weird anymore. They haven’t seen normal in so long that they have no perspective.

  61. So are McConnell, McCarthy, Cheney, et al. going to ever realize that they have pitched their tents in a camp that will never respect them (there’s a reason the fucking useless and mendacious Gestapo Capitol Police wouldn’t shake their unclean hands) because they are looked at just as useful traitors. The Left will never trust them.

    And they’ve burned the bridge that they crossed in committing their treason. The right doesn’t want them back either.

  62. Mitch has to know that outside gated communities he’s hated by literally everyone. The average D voter thinks he’s the devil… and the average R voter knows he’s the devil. Schumer can at least walk the streets in NY.

  63. The Korean War Memorial is pretty cool if you’ve never been.

    Also please paint your face red-white-blue and wear a buffalo hat with no shirt.

  64. I’ve seen the Korean and the Viet Nam. The firm I was with in ’81 entered the Viet Nam Veterans competition, and we came in fourth – no cigar, but we did win a cash prize.

    I’ve never seen the WWII Memorial.

    We’ll skip the holocaust museum. Not because we have anything against jews, but I’m sick of their shit. You want to fight fascism, quit voting for democrats.

  65. I visit the Naval Academy in Annapolis when I’m in D.C. so we’ll drive over there for a day.

    HotBride wants to visit the National Portrait Gallery, and walk on the Mall. Plus she wants to see some of the Smithsonian.

  66. Seems nobody actually is against fascism, they just want it working for them.

  67. I’d like the Smithsonian. Had a great time at the Science museum in Chicago.

  68. Air&Space and the Marine museum are fun if you’re doing museums. A&S has a Blackbird you can tour, and a shuttle that you can at least get close to.

  69. National Air and Space Museum is a fun day.
    Enola Gay is there.

  70. is air and space chick friendly? Haha, hotbride is a hostage, she’ll be fine

  71. Heh, nice one, Ace

    The Washington Post Is Attempting to Put the Babylon Bee Out of Business Again

  72. I practically dragged Laura there.

    She enjoyed it.

  73. Also a space shuttle. Lotsa other cool stuff.

  74. There’s two air and space museums. We went to this one: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

  75. It’s true, I had zero interest. But so many of these craft are just physically beautiful, and then of course when you stand in front of the Enola Gay it just blows your mind thinking about it.

  76. The National Zoo is a great place

    Check out the naked mole rat exhibit for some great forever memories

  77. HotBride’s dad was a RAF pilot during WWII so she’ll no doubt enjoy the Air & Space Museum.

  78. make sure you go see someone’s mom, too

  79. They also have a German jet from WW2.

  80. Sooo many British warcraft.

  81. wow, the latest at AOS. How ballsy do you have to be to screen twitter files directly under the new CEO, who has been firing people left and right. Yet here we have James Baker.

  82. Wouldn’t walk on the Mall after dusk. The rats are so numerous the bushes rustle continuously.

  83. And the National Gallery of Art is way more beautiful than the National Portrait Gallery, IMHO. And they have a nice sculpture garden.

    Near the US Botanic Garden, which is restful to walk through.

    The Hirshhorn usually has something wired on display, and has a nice little gift shop in the basement. They have a nice sculpture garden too.

  84. wired = * weird

  85. HAHAHAHA….I read somewhere else that Tennessee has established a price hike for registering EV’s. Good on them! Make those wanting the useless things pay for building the charging stations!

  86. Short of a Prius with the battery charging braking system, and I still have my doubts and it’s a hybrid, I doubt there’s an EV out there that could traverse Tennessee longitudinally without stopping for a recharge. The hills are a bitch!

  87. ^ Oh shit. He’s back. I thought he went away!

  88. Fuck the repubs. I’m a never repub now. Tell Jonah Goldberg that. Tell Romney. Fuvkball those useless people. They’re about as effective at their job as Home Depot delivery.

  89. A&S and the annex are both incredible. The Air Force museum in Dayton, OH is pretty cool. The National Cathedral is ok, but we really liked the Basilica.


    Scott, I finally watched the highlights today. Saints looked better than their record indicates. That guy Taysom Hill is the ultimate gadget guy – wasn’t he drafted as a QB and used occasionally as a wildcat player? Looks like he’s a receiver now. Anyway, just watching the highlights it looked like the Saints’ offense was the reason the Bucs couldn’t get any traction. Brady threw an interception and got sacked so there’s that.

    I read a wishcasting piece about a reunion of Bill and Tom in NE after this year when his Bucs contract is over. Not sure that’s going to happen but we can imagine it until it doesn’t.

  91. For the life of me I cannot figure out why diesel hybrids aren’t a thing. I can only assume that they don’t want us to have cars with 800 mile ranges.

  92. I turned the game off when I realized Tampa Bay had no chance of winning.

    Sorry I missed it.

  93. Other than video highlights the day after I haven’t watched any football this year. I’ve listened to 5 or 6 Patriots games on the radio which is good enough. I still definitely follow the standings and read about what’s going on in the league but I’m just not into it like I was before.

    I should be following the Celtics and Bruins who are doing great early in their seasons

  94. Business idea you guys: Kimchi Pancake food truck.
    Seriously. Once you taste one, you are addicted. The food prep is minimal and they cook fast.

    Savory, tangy, salty, spicy, crispy on the edges. It hits all the naughty spots.

  95. *sets up sausage truck near pancake truck*

  96. Uhn huh. And who took that picture, hmmm?

  97. Right, it’s probably bullshit. Look at his shoes. How do those soles hold on to girders? Probably hard leather soles. Slippery.

  98. It’s photographers all the way up

  99. “OK everyone, say FABULOUS”

  100. Walker has a shot.

  101. During COVID, Selena Gomez did a cooking show with different chefs. HBOmax. Korean chef. Recipes are available on line.

  102. I would be a big nope on those girders. I don’t like heights. I did it as a kid on grain bins and can get on a roof if needed. However I like to keep three points of contact or more. I couldn’t stand on a girder like that and be more than 6 or 8 feet up.

  103. I hope you’re right Scott. I have no faith in elections anymore.

  104. walker will lose in the dead of night, with found ballots

  105. Cucumber kimche

  106. *places $20 on walker*

  107. lost a lot sooner. They collected a lot in Fulton County.

    Good. I hope they get what they voted for. which they do.

  108. Determined, Eddie resumed packing.

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