It’s Meme Awhile


  1. Really like that Staind song. I watched it full screen and then clicked on a 5FDP video which hit me in the feels

  2. In my mind I associate “Giving Tuesday” with my 3 alma maters begging for money which they do all year but significantly ramp up for the day. That video inspired me to donate to the veteran’s charity where my donations of that sort usually go, Boot Campaign.

  3. “…they talk on the phone like this.”


    High fives Jay for being awesome.

  4. The Balenciaga shit show adds credibility to pizzagate…as if it needed any.

    Check out John Podesta’s art collection. Holy shit who would have that in their home?

  5. Mare, you’re commenting earlier than usual this morning. Insomnia or was your husband feeling needy?

  6. Wakey wakey

  7. So, Biden’s non-binary drag queen nuke wast guru is charged with theft of a bag from the airport.

    His story does not sound plausible

  8. Should have read the entire thread I guess. it’s just so crazy. There are the court documents a few comments down.

  9. This version of it’s been a while is the best

    They are amazing live.

  10. something is fishy with that whole scenario

  11. Oh, that’s no the one. It’s from the same venue – but that’s not the version.

  12. They put a live album out a in 2021, and it’s on that. I can’t find a link to it anywhere.

  13. That Staind song is one of my favorites, too.

    I’ve never seen “Avatar”. People were going nuts over it, so I was turned off. I also predict “Avatar 2” is not even going to break a billion, much less 2. The Disney gay teen animated film cost $180 million to make and made $4 million last weekend, so there’s some justice in the world.

  14. His version – I didn’t know it wasn’t mine (lie- he didn’t check a bag) and when I got back to the hotel I didn’t know what to do when He realized it wasn’t his. So he left the clothes there and took the bag because that was the most reasonable thing to do.

    Regardless of the details, should someone with this shitty level of judgement be in charge of anything?


  15. But he totally stole it and kept the woman’s $2000+ worth of clothing.

  16. I’m sure you know absolutely nothing in terms of material loss of income/freedom/status will become of this other than our well deserved scorn for the freak.

    If the woman who had her bag stolen is a Dem she’ll be rewarded either financially or socially by the deep state. If she is -shudder- a Republican, she’ll be doxxed, ostracized and labeled a hater of alphabet people

  17. DId you guys see that freak trans woman from the women’s protest in NY called and left a message on Andy Ngo’s insta? It is BAD.

  18. Carin, I commented on that story last night, like, how do you not understand that airport cameras are EVERYWHERE?? Especially if you work for the government. Everyone knows this, right? FFS, I would half-expect to be filmed in the airport toilet stall. Which is why I always strip naked in there. Let them know I’m not hiding anything.

  19. He probably figures he can get away with whatever he wants. Everyone has accepted his bullshit up until this point. He’s probably laughing at everyone.

  20. We’re about to see how far a government will go to protect a narrative.

  21. Biden’s non-binary klepto drag queen nuke wast guru

    Makes you wonder how many mental illnesses can coexist in the same person. This one clearly has at least two.

  22. Pendejo, I get up between 4-5 every morning.

  23. Makes you wonder how many mental illnesses can coexist in the same person. This one clearly has at least two.


    Why not put a mentally unstable person in charge of the country’s nuclear waste?

  24. Why not put a mentally unstable person in charge of the country’s nuclear waste?

    That’s just about exactly what I’d expect from this Administration and Congress.

  25. avatar is a simple story that turns out exactly as you think with lots of cool graphics. and since aliens the movie kicked so much ass Cameron used the props and setups from that movie. now he’ll reuse the set fron the abyss, another kickers movie. avatar 2 will look cool but the story will be dances with wolves

  26. heh ngo caller sounds like a peach

    Velasquez then went on to brag about being a graduate of the University of Connecticut.

    “Learn about your attachment theories because this sociologist graduated from UConn, the best school in Connecticut.”

  27. internet still out at work. this is nuts

  28. grrr have to switch manually between wired local connection with no internet to wireless Hotspot on phone. no access to local.

  29. Wut up shitlings?

  30. It was supposed to be a handoff from some conspirator and mentally ill guy grabbed the wrong bag. Somewhere there’s a similar piece of luggage with 50# of poppers and fentanyl.

  31. so Kanye storms off the set of Tim pool interview. just saw headline on crowder

  32. >>I’ve never seen “Avatar”

    I saw it the first time, when it was called FernGully.

    (I actually never saw FernGully, but I am told Avatar was closer to that than it was to Dances with Wolves, which is the other comparison I typically use)

  33. I’ve never seen Avatar, FernGully, or Dances With Wolves.

    Because fuck all that shit.

  34. comparison to fern gully makes sense because of setting. never saw it so don’t know the story

  35. “I’ve never seen Avatar, FernGully, or Dances With Wolves.”


  36. I did see Dances with Wolves, but I think my mom just wanted to see Kevin Costner’s butt.

  37. We just finished watching The English on Amazon.

    It’s pretty gritty, but good.

  38. haven’t heard of that one

  39. The picture with her Gran on the back….Look at it this way.
    If Gran hadn’t had her own fun back in the day, that back wouldn’t be there today.

  40. Reminder to g mail me if you want in on SS this year. Window closes Friday.

  41. I guess everybody is out looking for their spare bullwhips.

  42. Looking for new ones or polishing the ones they found in someone else’s luggage

  43. Biden’s non-binary klepto drag queen nuke wast guru

    Praying for that story to blow over so I don’t have to look at any more of those photos of that “guy.”

  44. She is so fucking stupid.

    I mean, the lack of knowledge and serious thought – she really should reconsider opening her pie hole.

  45. who?

  46. oh yeah? I know more stupid people

    It is unfortunate to the point of infuriating that the current legal structures in this country require the ultimate resolution of labor disputes to consist of requiring labor to accept the employers’ offers and not requiring employers to meet labors’ demands.

  47. That photo … so they are into wearing their own chains these days? And through their own nose?

    Wow. Just wow.

  48. I’ve heard it said that she has a good singing voice but, taken as a package, she is a complete dumpster fire

  49. Snort-laughed at “mega pop star”. As in her weight is approaching that of a star.

  50. Mega. That part is correct.

    Diabeetus and heart disease are thumb wrestling for who gets to that hambeast first.

  51. 50 years

  52. Welp, time for them holiday avatards again, I s’pose.

  53. so they are into wearing their own chains these days? And through their own nose?

    Captain Ahab’s harpoon missed its mark.

  54. Happy Advent to anyone who’s into liturgical seasons.

  55. I don’t know how anybody can stand to listen to Sean Hannity. The man stuffs the most words into the smallest ideas of anyone in the media. He will literally repeat the exact same things 3-4 times in a row.

  56. Hannity drives me up the wall. The local talk station runs him at night when I’m not listening which is great. They run his Morning Minute which is a guaranteed station switch for me.

    The repeating stuff without going anywhere is exactly what annoys me about him. Roughly twenty years ago when he was on Hannity and Colmes he was slightly more tolerable. Probably because he got less time to talk.

  57. guess jimbro is off the “great american” list

  58. *adds Jay to my Other List*

  59. Hannity is a fucking blowhard.

    Or, as Pendejo would likely put it, all hat and no cattle.

  60. He’s done nothing for “our side” but profit on it.

  61. Or, as Pendejo would likely put it, all hat and no cattle.

    I’m flattered that anybody thought I was paying any attention to these NYC fucks.

  62. The responses to this piece of shit will warm your heart in this cold season:

  63. Our manager called to see if we needed anything delivered. We’re running out of stuff to watch. We were actually watching soccer today. Slept for 12 hours straight. Feels more like a bad cold than the flu.

  64. I saw similar responses to the “get your jab” tweet from Kamala.

    Friend of mine once referred to Hannity, who used to be at the talk radio station here, as the poor man’s Rush Limbaugh. I don’t listen to him, either, and I switch channels as soon as Tucker is over.

  65. The local guy here (Casey Hendrickson) who comes on after Hannity is vastly better and tragically will never rise higher because we can’t have nice things.

    Kinda like another guy in the radio bidness that we used to know.

  66. Who ran MJ off?

  67. L to R

    This Blog, MJ

  68. I find Jesse Waters annoying, but agree with him on soccer. Why not have a “shoot out” in the event of a tie? REAL Americans will always win. The US men’s soccer team would desperately have to hunt for bigger pussies. Perhaps put the toxic haired dike on the team as team leader.

    Confession. Other than hockey on ice, not the gay field hockey, I don’t give a rats ass about sports.

  69. Liver King is the next FTX

  70. HHD in the hopper for tomorrow. Don’t know why I’m so tired today.

  71. Roamy, I hope it isn’t the Rona. I slept 16 hours straight.

  72. I’m shocked that a man with that physique was on the juice.

    Here’s your “literally a pagan god” reference for the max muscularity of a genetically-gifted pre-steroid specimen:

  73. Homey looks chill to me…….

  74. Kicking the shit out of lions since 2,500 BC.

  75. Linky no worky Leon, and I reaaaallly want to see it

  76. Bingle “Statue of Herakles”.

  77. Eugen Sandow is the statue in (formerly) living form:

  78. Bingle his dingle.

  79. He ate a lot of beef and drank a lot of raw milk though, so it’s practically a steroid body.

  80. Not everyone has arches. Mine have been flat all my life, exactly like Eugen’s.

  81. I used to believe that the french were the biggest pussies in the western world, but now believe the title goes to the english, canadians, and australians.

  82. I have duck feet myself. Oh well.

    The next translation of Ascendance of a Bookworm comes out tomorrow. I’m going to go to sleep now so tomorrow will get here sooner.

  83. I had a thought about the Becerra tweet.

    There’s no bots cheering him on. There’s no bots saying “I got my booster to save my family, blah, blah, blah.” It’s all “hell, no”, “fat lot of good that will do”, “you’re full of shit”, “no way, Jose”, “and a side of myocarditis to go, please”.

    That is amazing, so thank you, Elon Musk.

  84. The English starts out good, thanks HS!

  85. We’re under a Gale warning. WTF, O? I thought that had to do with ships and boats. It’s windy as shit and the UPS alarms are screaming with each power bump. We had a really solid hit while I was outside looking north and I saw the ‘grasshopper fuse’ blow to one of the neighbors house with the requsitte shower of sparks. It is truly “A dark and stormy night.”

  86. Stay safe, ChrisP.

    It was stormy here earlier, might have round 2 on the way.

  87. That Javelin found in Columbia is disturbing. This has long been a concern of mine. If one was caught how many more are out there. This shit with Ukraine will end up biting us in the ass. The amount of man portable weapons available to terrorist groups will have exploded and the word will pay for years for this.

  88. Don’t ever ride pumas.

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