MMM 521

Reminder: gee mail my name if you want in on Secret Santa this year, cut off is Dec 2.

Minimalist underwear set.

Swimsuit selfie.

Heavier != fatter.

Her calves are warm.

Some people have weird hobbies.

Locker room triptych.

Doin’ it rong.

Starting new work situation today, might be quiet for most of it.


  1. Good luck Leon!

  2. The 2012 vs 2013 pictures seem like two entirely different photo techniques are responsible for most of the differences seen. I get it, she’s more muscular a year later but she’s also tanned and presenting another angle to the camera while probably flexing her newfound muscles.

  3. Another thing I’m grateful for after running through both the MMM and BBF photos here is the decline of the duck face photo as a cultural norm. Now it’s either a normal appearing facial expression or the same with bimbo lips courtesy of injectable magic potions

  4. wakey wakey

  5. That’s selection on my part, Jimbro. These are recycled photos from MMM year 3.

  6. happy manic Monday. good luck leon. I’ll be fighting staying awake. late game and couldn’t sleep after it. usually if I have some drinks I sleep like a baby. nope

  7. Jimbro, that video about the balenciaga thing is interesting and ties into something I have had rattling around the back of my head for years.
    Obama would frequently do this thing where he tells you quite honestly what rotten thing he really intends, but then the media either ignores it or passes it off as a ‘misspoke,’ or ‘misinterpreted,’ although he himself never corrected it. Like the ‘fuel prices will necessarily rise’ thing, the middle finger to scratch his cheek, ‘lipstick on a pig,’ etc. Over and over he would do this shit. That dick Gruber who called the American people stupid and bragged about what a deliberate POS Obamacare is. Biden does this as well. I spot this all over the place, and it’s infuriating when lefties just seem to silently agree as a collective to elide over it.

  8. Scott’s on the road today with our partner and I’m running the shop solo. Gonna be a long lonely day.

  9. tells you quite honestly what rotten thing he really intends
    I’ve noticed the same thing but haven’t quite put 2 & 2 together as much as you and Andrew Tate and associate in the video have. This is the first I’ve heard of the tie in with satanism and the “revelation of the method” notion of absolving themselves of any guilt or karmic retribution.

    Bongino and others frequently say “Listen to them! They’re telling you what they are going to do!” Frankly, I’ve heard the same from the libs as well referencing the GOP and conservatives.

    Repeating myself, never have I heard it expressed as a satanic practice. It may be a stretch to perceive it as such but if the shoe fits …

  10. ^^^ Love to hear Leon’s take on that but I know he’s focused elsewhere today. Focused on Secret Santa like a lazer beam!

  11. I have an international client who doesn’t understand how national holidays work and that I didn’t have staff working on Thanksgiving day to make things happen for him.

  12. The whole of Asia, or so it seems, shuts down for their New Year’s celebrations and we round eyes are told to shut up and expect our cheap mass produced trinkets to arrive later than usual

  13. We were talking about Zelle around the time PayPal fucked conservatives over about a month or so ago. I briefly looked into it and didn’t find any easy/useful application for it in my daily life and sort of filed it away under “Maybe Later.” Now I read this in the WSJ:

    ” Some of America’s biggest banks are devising a plan to compensate customers who fall victim to scams on their Zelle payment network.

    JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America are among the banks in advanced discussions to create a playbook for refunding customers and each other for illegitimate transfers, according to people familiar with the matter. The idea is to boost security and consumer trust in Zelle, the peer-to-peer payment system jointly owned by a consortium of banks, the people said. 

    The pandemic supercharged money-transfer services. Zelle recorded some 1.8 billion transactions in 2021 totaling $490 billion, more than double prepandemic levels.”

  14. Willow is now a series on Disney+. Looks like The Message is part of the package.

  15. UHC solely employs imbeciles.

    I am sick of their stupidity and billing bullshit.

    I call to get a listing of providers so I don’t have to deal with “out of network” BS. They were going to give me JUST providers for my zip code (there are a half-dozen or more zip codes in town) AND can’t tell me if any of them are actually taking patients.

    Fuck UHC.

  16. I had really hoped Warwick Davis would rise above it, but it looks like he came up short.

  17. Heavier may not equal fatter, but if I were going to climb in bed with her, I’d prefer her at 125lbs.

  18. I use Zelle at least 3 times a week, as a way to pay for my elderly mother’s caregivers, who are independent contractors to a care-at-home outfit. That way my mother, who has some dementia, does not have to write them checks, which she loses track of. They need to be paid weekly, and can’t wait around for checks to be mailed to them. My brother, who buys her groceries, can also be compensated remotely. They just text me a photo of the receipts and invoices, and I Zelle them their money. I live about 300 miles away, but am the financial power-of-attorney on the bank accounts.

  19. She has a better butt at 130.

  20. well where are the pics of the better butt?

  21. I use Zelle frequently. It is convenient in a wide variety of situations and is free. It is a no brainer but I only send money to people I know.

  22. internet out at work. time to run around with my hair on fire because the report isn’t there

  23. Going to have to run out at lunch time and get two HDMI-HDMI cables. The ones I have are for a different docking station and have the connector with one flat side at one end.

  24. I’ve gotten more than a bit of mileage out of Zelle. Never had any issues at all with it, probably because I don’t respond to sketchy crap. Well, anything sketchier than this place, anyway.

  25. sounds like leon has a Dell dock. was wondering if there is another type that takes standard hdmi

  26. I had a Dell Dock before that took 2 of the flat-sided-HDMI-to-standard-HDMI, but this only has 1 of those and I assume that’s meant to connect to the laptop proper. It’s got 2 HDMI-to-HDMI ports, but I don’t have any of those laying around.

  27. No, dock to laptop is a SS cable, got that. So I have 2 HDMI cables that are useless to me.

  28. My sister was solid muscle when she was a gymnast. She weighed way more than anyone expected just looking at her. It got to be a problem when she was a cheerleader in college and they expected her to weigh under 120. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her (well…except her boobs…), but with all that muscle, she sure as shit didn’t weigh 120. She ended up quitting cheerleading because they were expecting her to starve herself to meet their stupid weight requirements. What a bunch of a-holes.

  29. My cousin was a gymnast and went to nationals in Cheer, same body I expect, but her coach never told her to drop weight. As long as the guys could throw her, she was fine.

  30. TLDR :
    Faux cheese is a lying pos that should be given a drum head trial and summarily executed.

  31. I’m not much of a butt man actually so I’ll still take her at 125.

  32. The guys all preferred my sister for stunts, even over the lighter girls, because she had perfect form from years of gymnastics, which made it very easy for them. Didn’t matter to that coach.

  33. OK, here’s a bizarre thing. Anyone remember this guy?

    Well…fast forward to the current day…he’s been showing up all over my feed…in the comments of videos, as in commenting. Just started out of nowhere in the last month or so. Seems to link up as the same dude.

    The world’s a weird place. Even moreso online, it seems.

    (For what it’s worth, the guy comes off as fairly intelligent. You never know what goes on behind the url, I guess.)

  34. Guys GUYS – my dishwasher is going to be delivered friday.

    [Narrator’s voice -the dishwasher is not going to show up]

  35. I’ve heard the same, Peel. A skilled ‘flyer’ is better at being thrown than a lighter girl without the strength to aid in the effort.

  36. The guys all preferred my sister for stunts
    Ima leave that alone

  37. Yeah, it’s her sister.

    That’s why I didn’t ask for pics.

    I’d take them, but asking would be gauche.

  38. PayPal is the devil. Avoid if possible.

  39. I don’t use it. I only accept ammo, meat of verifiable provenance, and liquor.

  40. Hotspur was in the Navy, right? Was he in this unit?

  41. That’s why I didn’t ask for pics.

    We have Xbrad for that.

  42. My HS girlfriend was a gymnast turned cheerleader. She taught gymnastics to little kids a couple of days a week during HS as a part time job. She was under 5 feet tall and would have been a flyer except this was the late 70’s/early 80’s and a Catholic school so the cheerleaders shook pom poms and cheered in unison. I think they may have done a pyramid or a back flip or two but nothing like they do in the current era.

  43. HS, I was gonna ask if Mrs. Peel’s sister was single.

    Then ask for pics.

  44. Yeah, I recall you asked the same thing about my daughters in my POL that I gave you to post 13 years ago.

    They’re still not single.

  45. She’s married to an immature doofus. Also, you wouldn’t want recent pics. She’s very pretty, of course, but not going to be posing in bikini shots anytime soon (any more than I am).

  46. I’d take them, but asking would be gauche.


    hahahahaha, My Mother always used to say to us kids, “don’t be gauche!”

  47. Hotspur was in the Navy, right? Was he in this unit?


    Of course he was.

  48. So

  49. *squishy-hugs blog extra hard*

  50. LOL

    Yeah, he’s a total cum dumpster.

  51. This guy works for the government and he doesn’t know how heavily covered by cameras airports are?

    Mental illness gonna mental illness.

  52. And…we have COVID. My situation is tied to vaccine shed. + but I’m more pissed about menopausal women menstruating by associating with vaxxed and boosted women. Vaccine shedding. I’m 59 years old. I really try to limit my association with the vaxxed, yet here we are. Once again.

  53. Well, shoot. Please get better soon Dan and Oso.

  54. Silent Chicken, Secret Turkey.

  55. We’re good. So far…🤪🤣🤣

  56. If vax shed is real, then I’m up shit creek. 90% of my co-workers are vaxed, probably 2/3rd boosted and 20% multiple boosted.

  57. Roamy, vax shed has me menstruating again. Ghost COVID

  58. Friend from my old church died in his sleep. 63.

  59. Dean’s empathy reassured Paula.

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