Snow Bird Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Fake Internet Peeps o’Mine!

I hope the blessings of plenty, grace your house for all your years.

I was fortunate enough to serve some (semi)desperate people this past week up in Buffalo.

The snow was something.

Lake effect band coming in to town.

I saw one of these the second day, early afternoon. The sky turns purple black.

We had Thunder Snow two night’s:

Until the lakes freeze over a lot of energy gets picked up by the fronts coming thru from Canada.

I was stationed in Hamburg – I think it topped out around 6 feet when all was said and done.

Just starting.

It snowed for a couple days.

My rack for a few days. Many of the facilities that the American Red Cross use are converted schools. The two that I spent time in this cycle were really quite nice – as disaster sites go.

We set up a couple hundred cots all told. Served many many meals.

I shoveled a shit tonne of snow and mopped 8 trillion miles of floor trying to keep up with the snow, water, and salt.

Looking out of the front door of the shelter the first night.
A work colleagues grandson
Courtyard – doesn’t really show the scale well.

Most places (of course) were closed.
The snow kept coming in bands. Lake effect patterns are somewhat unpredictable.
The day after. This was in the northern part of town, it wasn’t hit as bad. The winds were crazy tho – you can see the roofs are bare – that’s because of 25 to 30 mile an hour gusts. Coupled with temps in the high teens to twenties it makes for an uncomfortable jog while naked.
One of the stranded motorists’ pup. His name is Snow. He’s from South Korea.

We had over 200 people.

Mostly stranded motorists trying to get somewhere that wasn’t Buffalo. The Floridans looked shell shocked.

Every demographic was represented.

The funniest shit was the freshly minted Family Practice Doc trying to get from Ohio to her family in Massachusetts… she was beset by the homeless guy who had a severe psych impairment (schizophrenia I think – he was dug out of a snow bank by cops. I think he had frost bite on his finger tips – we had community RN’s and NP’s checking on the shelter clients, so i know he was taken care of)… she couldn’t seem to get away from the guy. She may have been hawt… especially with the 1000 dollar stompy boots – just sayin’.

Had some fairly serious medical issues develop for some people … had to have MRAP’s (police versions) come in to transport 2 unfortunate souls to hospitals… from what I understand they both survived.

Anyway – I hope you all have a blessed T-Day – I’m thankful for having you as friends!

Snow Monkey out.


  1. You are a good dude Jam. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jam et al!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    wakey wakey

  4. How near are your travelers Pupster?

    Are you hosting Carin?

    How ’bout you’s all other’s plans?

  5. Going to my parents’ house for dinner. It’s about 4 miles, I think we’ll be okay.

  6. I am hosting. Right now I’m drinking coffee, then in a bit I’ll go for a nice run before I begin my day of cooking/cleaning.

  7. Great Job Jam!

  8. Flagstaff. At this rate they’ll be here in 10 days or so.

  9. Has anyone else watched Dark? Seriously, it is SO good.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. May the Lord bless you for your deeds Jam, but that looks absolutely horrid. Going to hug my alligator and pet a mosquito today in thanks that I don’t have to deal with anything like that.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving and squishy hugs to everyone!

    Really thankful that we don’t get snow like that.

    Mini-me was a huge help in baking yesterday. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and cornbread for the dressing were done. Turkey’s in the oven now.

  13. Started watching 1899 last night. One and a half episodes in and I suspect it’s going to be a giant dickaround.

  14. It’s not like I was ever going to buy anything Balenciaga anyway, but someone there needs the wood chipper treatment. “They’re not apologizing because they’re sorry. They’re apologizing because they got caught.”

  15. Happy Thanksgiving all! Since I’m not doing the with-family thing this year it’ll be “Friendsgiving” tomorrow and just chilling today. Honestly, as much as I’m still bummed about no family time this year, the thought of not travelling on holidays has a rather nice vibe to it…

  16. My turkey did not come with a giblet pack, and this has made me paranoid. It had the neck in the cavity and nothing else. I had Mini-me double-check because I don’t want to be that cook that pulls out the giblet pack when carving the turkey. Yes, I checked both ends. Erf.

  17. Mother: I’ll have white meat.
    Johnny: I’d like a drumstick.
    Suzie: Give me the boner.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for what you do!

  19. Right back at you Clay

  20. My cousin’s husband tells a story about working at a turkey farm near Thanksgiving. He’s seen some shit in his time, retired vice detective, Vietnam vet, you get the picture. He knows the guy who runs the turkey farm and has helped him out around the holidays for years (not sure if he’s still doing it, he’s getting on in years and has replaced just about every joint in his body). Killing and processing 100’s of turkeys within a few days is a messy business. Fortunately it has given him fodder for lots of stories over the years.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving 🍽🦃🍁

  22. Happy Thanksgiving! Cold and snowing here.

    I don’t even know how they handle 6 feet of snow. A few years ago we got 30″ and it was brutal. Couldn’t drive in it, wading through it to get anything done, ugh. We didn’t have the equipment to move it. It took us 3 days to get 2 miles to the highway.

  23. Jam, I’m getting hypothermia just looking at those pictures. Bless you for your good work, stay warm. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  24. Rufus and I will be hosting both my sisters today. Small, but traditional menu. Just a frozen turkey breast, and not a whole bird. I’m lazy. Sue me.

    (Please don’t sue me, I’m broke after buying groceries and filling my gas tank).

  25. Clay happy thanksgiving.
    Hot spot has a question for you about the number of turkey necks you are able to handle at any given point in time.

  26. Pup I snort raffed at your turkey design.

  27. Mitch what kind of dressing recipe do you use with the mosquitoes?

  28. Jam,

    That looks miserable. I suspect though those areas are set up to handle that kind of snow fall. For snow that deep giant snow blowers are probable the best. Growing up my dad bought a snow blower that went on the back of a tractor. 8 feet wide and 4 foot tall or so. The drifts would get deep enough he would have to hit he top half first and then get the rest. It was the only way we could have got out since the county could take a week or more to get to those roads. My brother still uses that blower.

  29. Therm – nys dot has truck and loader mounted blowers. They’re pretty impressive.

  30. It can get a little dicey for the crews on the big snows because cars are abandoned and you really can’t see them in the drifts.

  31. That’s the kind of bug eat I approve.

  32. They’re used to late effect snows. The state mobilizes crews from all regions to deal with it.
    On this snow most of the main roads were passable to emergency operations within hours.
    The side streets in the cities like Watertown buffalo and Rochester take a few days because it all gets trucked out.
    As of Tuesday everything was pretty much open.

  33. It’s the first 24 hours that sucks for the unprepared.

  34. A buddy of mine used to work up around Buffalo. He would talk about people having to abandon their cars on the interstate. That’s just a crazy amount of a snow.

  35. As Jam noted, however, there always passersby stuck on the roads who don’t truly grasp what lake effect snow is like. Used to be fairly common for them to get stuck on the highway and either freeze to death, or die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  36. I hate having to travel this time of the year. We went to GA to see the in-laws a week ago. Much easier to travel a week before or after. Probably drove right by MJ’s place.

    It’s just the wife an me here and we are doing a chicken. turkey is too big and I really don’t like it that much. We are still working on a ham from last Christmas. Did the pies yesterday. Love pie with my morning coffee.

  37. Had a friend who used to drive snowplow/sander trucks for State of Vermont. He said some of the mountain roads they had to drive backwards with the sander running so they had enough traction. They put two guys in each truck to help make sure they stay awake. The flashing lights on the truck and the snow coming down is kind of mesmerizing at night. He said one time he and his crew both fell asleep and they woke up in the middle of a cornfield.

  38. Sitting on my back porch in the partly cloudy with bright warm sun in between beautiful day. I have a cocktail, my rescued lizard is alive, prime rib is warming in the oven. I must be the luckiest SOB alive.

  39. We might have to arm wrestle for that today, Pups.

  40. You’ve got no competition from me today. Thanksgiving doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without a turkey roasting in an overcrowded oven. That feeling will thankfully arrive this weekend when Operation Giblet commences.

  41. Do you have a lizard?


    I win.

  42. lizard, gizzard … same difference

  43. Darn.

  44. Really appreciate these pictures, as a displaced Michigander existing in Indiana.
    Thanks for volunteering and sharing experiences.

  45. I see tatanka pulled it out with 2 seconds to spare.

  46. Do you have a lizard?


    I win.

    Uhhhh… your win condition is not my win condition.

  47. Watched the Billz beat the Loins. That was more NFL in 30 minutes than I’ve watched in the last 8 years.

  48. *finishes with pie and coffee*


  49. *marks pie victims as Expectant*

    Move on to those we can save!

  50. Pie killed it

    At least it was a pumpkin pie and not a creampie

  51. i may have eaten too much.
    i’m not a turkey kind of ape so i leveraged my eating skills on the dressing and desserts

  52. The highlight of Thanksgiving meals at my parents house was the leftover turkey sandwich. Almost better than the initial meal. The key was fresh Syrian bread from a local bakery. Cut a loaf in half and stuff it with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo. It was always a disappointment when the stuffing ran out because the sandwich was incomplete without the entire Thanksgiving Trinity represented.

  53. My brother-in-law started a Thanksgiving tradition of watching Christmas Vacation at night signaling the transition to Christmas. He worked for UPS so that was the last break he had until Christmas Day.

  54. Watching the foosball. All day. Dan has perfected the Thanksgiving for two. Watching the Druze drama. Kind of sad that the palis succumbed.

  55. We had our usual family get-together. Too many people and also one too few. I almost lost it several times, and we ended up leaving well before anyone else (although I feel like three hours of socializing is plenty regardless). I’m not looking forward to any of the Christmas get-togethers.

    Anyway, I’ll be able to start my new cross stitch project tomorrow (waiting for the paint to dry a little more), so I’m excited about that.

  56. I heard the bells movie keeps showing up on my Facedouche. Longfellow.

  57. Big hugs Mrs Peel

  58. Portrait of French Bulldog, Winston, the winner of the National Dog Show 2022

  59. Yes. Big hugs.

  60. We had a quiet Thanksgiving planned. Went to #1 son’s house, just us, #1 son, his wife and the grandbaby. Until…his friends showed up with 3 extra kids. It got very loud, quickly. I’m sure one of the little urchins gave us ebola.


  62. Dripping erodes rocks perpetually.

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