What’s On The Menu?


  1. Oh Lawdie, I read the caption on the wax museum one just as I sipped a gulp of coffee. Fortunately it remained in my mouth but it was touch and go for a good 5 seconds.

  2. I don’t get the face tire burger one. Probably because I don’t recognize who she is or I’m an incompetent meme digester

  3. Digester or digestor?

    Spell check favors the former over the latter

  4. We went to see “The Chosen” first two episodes of season 3 in the theater. Proud to be part of the FU to Hollywood. It came in 3rd in the box office for the weekend, beating out movies with The Rock, Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts.

  5. Reba McIntyre

  6. Reba Mac in tire

  7. refresh

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Reba Mac-in-tire … country singer/songwriter.

  10. J’ames – not much snow. An inch or so maybe. Grand Rapids is home to a great concert venue – tiny tiny tiny. I saw Chevelle there.

  11. I’d be hard pressed to pick Reba out in a line up without you guys prompting me.

    Not sure why I’d ever be asked to do that or why she’d be in a line up in the first place but I’m feeling more confident in my ability now.

  12. Feels like a set up.

  13. That thought crossed my mind. Especially when he just laid there on the bench staring at the end of the video rather than sit up and turn to face her like any other normal gym bro would do.

  14. well she had a TV show too.

  15. The eggs are for Thanksgiving!

  16. Second look at danegeld?

  17. I haven’t heard anything from Reba McEntire (misspelled it above) in a long time. I suppose because she’s not bro country or rap country. Does He Love You video is still one of my favorites for storytelling.

  18. Time to take PJM to Florida:

  19. I saw Stunned Iguanas open for Next Major Glaciation at the Petoskey Icehouse in Nov ’22.

  20. Reba MacIntyre in Tremors was freaking awesome. What a cool movie.

  21. If you watch this, I will denounce you:

  22. I ain’t watchin’ that.

  23. Reba McIntyre Mac in tire

  24. I didn’t get tho one about the FBI employee of the month.

    Also, Chelsea Clinton is a hag.

  25. Not that Elon Musk has it easy, but it seems pretty intuitive to go into a conference with the department heads (or whatever they are called) and say, “Men, we need to save this platform. It is obviously full of slackers and incompetents, so we’re going to start by firing two thirds of your staff. You identify who needs to go, then you get half of their salaries.”

  26. twitter: Hey boss, I have an idea for a new piece of playground equipment

    It’s a miracle we survived

  27. We had teeter totters. They got rid of them because of the feature that made them the most fun.

  28. We also had swings with genuine honest to god wooden seats.

  29. Those spinning things–I think they’re called ’roundabouts’? Metal disc you stood on with bars to hold on for dear life once you got it up to speed? That was a favorite.

    Oh FFS, take the fucking fun out won’t they…

  30. Jay, that pothole deal had me laughing hard.

  31. This was an excellent set of memes.

  32. I would rather have frozen iguanas falling on me than live in a state that would have mask mandates and lockdowns.

    Also, that iguana deal only happens on the east side. Hasn’t hit here yet.

  33. I lost my front teeth to a teeter totter, at church picnic 2 weeks after I got my braces off.

  34. I lost my two bottom front teeth to an ash stand that I toppled over when I was 3.

    That’s when the U.S. Surgeon General finally admitted that smoking was bad for your health.

  35. Lavern Spicer 🇺🇸
    My food bank is busier than ever because of Thanksgiving and the absurd inflation.

    We’re trying our best to keep up with demand but this year is really unlike any other.

    If you want to help us out with a last minute donation, DM me!

    We need help!

    I know it’s not the time and place, but maybe missing Thanksgiving might make you think about that dem vote for free shit next time.

    Ok, i’m done. better make a donation to repent for that outburst.

  36. twitter: meatup activity?

  37. Yeah Jay, I have mixed feelings about food banks too. On the surface it sounds good – help needy people get food to eat. Very biblical in nature. The problem comes when people arrive with an expectation of being served and get pissed off because they don’t get what they need and have to spend some of their crazy check on food and not finish their tattoo or get their nails done for the Thanksgiving get together at gramma’s

  38. My dad was active with St. Vincent De Paul and one of their activities was distributing food and other aid. Our city always had rough neighborhoods and it’s only gone downhill from the 80’s and 90’s when he was active with it. He finally had to stop doing it because he wasn’t able to tolerate the bullshit stories and scheming by the recipients. His fellow SVDP members just rubber stamped the requests but from a guy who grew up with his 3 other brothers in a 3 room thatch roof cottage heated with turf in rural Ireland he wasn’t buying their tales of woe.

  39. https://www.stvincentdepaul.net/

  40. I got my first stitches and a concussion on a neighbor’s wirleybird that was too close to a brick wall.


    You pump the handles to go faster.

  41. Our American Legion post always rang the bells at about 3 or 4 kettles for The Salvation Army on the streets of Alexandria, and I did that for 3 or 4 years, but after the SA came out with their CRT racist nonsense, I gave it up. I moved 200 miles away a year later, but would have come back just to do that. It was a shame, because it was usually a lot of fun, particularly on Christmas Eve.

    The food bank and St. Vincent De Paul stories reminded me about that.

  42. I got my first stitches and a concussion on a neighbor’s wirleybird that was too close to a brick wall.

    I got my first stitches and a concussion from falling off your mom……well it was more like being bucked off.

  43. Your mom killed another one.

  44. Tremors is one of my favorite movies

  45. I got ethan’s plane tickets! He’s flying home the 16th (very late). It’s been since … Dec 26th? Or was it Jan 1? I think he had to be home the 26th though. Can’t remember. But it’s been a long time. He is VERY excited to come home.

  46. I saw Falling Frozen Iguanas open for the Flaming LIps in ’89.

  47. My dad still rants about the woman running a daycare out of her home and was getting diapers, formula, and snacks from the church food bank.

  48. Yay, Ethan!

  49. It was surprisingly busy at work today. I’m guessing about half the people tomorrow morning, ghost town by the afternoon.

  50. We provide food to a food bank and feeding NM kids. Idiot CoW gave a whole pallet of tapas to the food bank by accident. Did the food bank check if it was a mistake? Nope. Thousands of dollars a week. $3K mistake. No one is held accountable. Feeding NM kids is a nice organization. They bring us fancy donuts to thank us. Mmmm…donuts

  51. Gay Patriots dog, Hercules, loves iguanas.

  52. They taste like chicken.

  53. Comment by Jay in Ames on November 22, 2022 1:02 pm
    twitter: meatup activity?

    That seriously cracked me up

  54. I just know they stink when left in a trashcan in Key West.

  55. We give $ from our annual fundraiser to local foodbanks. Probably going to drop or reduce the $ to the Socorro foodbank this year. We’ve been giving them $5 – $7K for several years. I think they thanked us once. The local foodbank is good. Penelope goes there to do distribution every month, so she knows who is getting the food. She’s actually handing the food boxes to the people. We also support Toys for Tots, and the local library.

    Working on the prizes for this year’s fundraiser now.

  56. At Target, we had to “Volunteer” at Roadrunner. Target sponsored a local school. 98% illegal. 100% free lunch.

  57. Local laws meant my church could no longer feed the homeless. Albuquerque is effed up. Ok, we could feed the homeless, but we all had to get food handling certification by the city, and our church kitchen was subject to inspection. Weekly. Oh, and we couldn’t distribute sandwiches at local parks. All food vending had to be at the church.

  58. Very old, very fragile Member in the Club today. I went out of my way to assist her. I’m not usually a nice person. Instead of saying Thank you, she said “God sees you.” I’m kind of creeped out.

  59. Maybe it was “God seize you.”

  60. Either way, creepy!

  61. Painful watching Elton from Dodger stadium.

  62. A government of the people, by the people…gone

  63. Hope it’s nobody phat knows.

  64. We are no longer a Republic. I really like Hamilton. Lots of catchy songs.

  65. Covid “vaccines” and RSV?

  66. Phat doesn’t associate with the regionals. He’s an actual **airline** pilot.

  67. Derek exterminates roaches professionally.

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