Have a nice vacation, pups!


  1. Have a great vacation, pups! Nice bunch of memes…gonna be awesome when I swipe a bunch of them.

  2. Las Vegas was an attempt on KSB.


  3. I wondered about that too Beasn, thanks for bringing it up again.

  4. What’s the plan for your clan at Thanksgiving?

    As I mentioned, Paula is working so I’ll make a pot of chili on Turkey Day and we’ll have turkey the weekend after. Paula lugged in a frozen turkey after her shift ended last night. I’m not sure if that was a hospital tradition or a health system tradition (her system covers about 5 hospitals and a lot of clinics so 1000’s of people).

  5. I watched a program about the building of the Vehicle Assembly Building at KSC. One of the speakers was really familiar, and I was wracking my brain? Co-worker? Actor? It was Bill Whittle. I used to subscribe to his Common Sense Resistance, then I don’t remember what happened to him, if he got demonetized or what.

  6. Mini-me should be here later today – YAY! Rocketboy, DIL, another family (the dad occasionally lurks here), and one of the interns from work will be here for Thanksgiving. Tentatively one of our godsons, but I think he will be in Tennessee instead. Just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to be alone. Intern’s family is in Thailand, plus it’s a corporal work of mercy to feed a poor college student.

    I bought an 18-lb turkey, so I expect leftovers and certainly enough to make turkey carcass soup.

  7. Our plan is our regular assigned holidays have been switched and we get Thanksgiving this year.
    Pretty sure my nephew’s kids will be coming…not sure about nephew as his wife is due the day after, with their third.
    They came at Easter and the 2 1/2 yr old had a hour long temper tantrum like she did at Christmas,, and the one year old is a tornado on steroids the moment his feet hit the ground…he tears out pulling/grabbing everything in his wake and tossing it everywhere. Now one year olds are one year olds but toddlers are old enough to have consequences…and theirs don’t. And you can’t say anything…not even to the snarling 3 yr old who, with a contorted face if rage, tells her mother to shut up.

    Anyway, I will be spending the next few days baby proofing the place so we can center the day around the savages, with little adult conversation.

    I did buy a $45 turkey (store brand, 18 lbs), will also make a small pork roast for the turkey hater, German slaw, vegan mashed taters. BIL will make bread. SIL usually makes a veggie dish but i haven’t heard from her and im sure BIL failed to mention it to her*. I asked daughter to bring a vegetable or bake a pie, but body language told me she’d rather not. Son will come Monday, so I’ll have him bake the pie.

    Im already tired .

    * it was discussed at the funeral home with BIL. SIL wasn’t there because she was at another funeral home for a dear friend who passed after somehow her esophagus got a huge tear in it during her knee replacement surgery…and it wasn’t discovered until 3 days later…when she was too weakened to survive the 4 hour surgery.

  8. I never get tired of gawking at the VAB.

    We’ll be gathering at my aunt’s place as usual. My mom, both of her sisters, their brother, their spouses, and as many of their kids and grandkids as can make it. Probably around 25 people.

  9. Btw, the funeral of my favorite Aunt (she is husband’s aunt) was very nice and the most joyful one I’ve ever been to. Just like she was…bubbly and chatty. Her son , who married a gal very much like her, made sure of it.
    Icing on the cake, her casket was a lighter shade of lavender as her favorite color was purple and I was not creeped out in the least to take flowers from the beautiful giant bouquet that sat on top.

    Weird thing..I sent a picture of said flowers to a friend via text….wondering what one if the flowers were.. next time i go to facebook, there is an advertisement in my feed for those flower seeds from a couple of different seed sellers.

    Btw, flowers are called “stocks”. They smell so nice…similar to cloves. I’ve already bought some seeds for spring.

  10. Love this so much.

  11. Stock is a great flower. I never have grown it. It was foreign to me up until a few years ago when I smelled it at the big hardware store nursery I worked at during college.

    For Tday this year mom is hosting. I’m bringing homemade bread and kraut. I just don’t have the time to do more this week. She said she’s not doing eighty sides this year, which is amazing, because she’s always, “and we have to have the roasted peppers, and lasagna, and orange salad, and rice with sauce, and eggplant, and roasted carrots, and mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and pasta, and stuffing, and cutlets, and squash…”

  12. Thanks for the post Jay.

    I’m not on vacation beaeddghheddhfess, my responsibilities this last week prevented me from perusing for memes so my folder was empty.

  13. Well, maybe I’ll have time for making polpette. We’ll see.

  14. Jay, nice memes. Are you memeing full time now? Way to stick it to the man!

  15. passed after somehow her esophagus got a huge tear in it during her knee replacement surgery

    Off the top of my head I can think of only a few causes of a tear in that setting. Inadvertent passage of an endotracheal tube into the esophagus if there was a general anesthetic (most arthroplasties are performed under regional anesthetic these days, “spinal”) or prolonged vomiting leading to rupture. Preexisting GERD or portal hypertension can be a factor too but those would hopefully be screened for in the pre-op work up.

    The esophagus lacks the outer tissue layer that the rest of your guts have and any rupture leaks into the mediastinum not the abdominal cavity.

    Rough way to go, I’m sorry you friend had to suffer through that

  16. I wonder if Pups is taking his skinks with him?

  17. polpette

    I tried to guess wth that was and before searching guessed some kind of octopus dish. Could not have been more wrong.

  18. Comment by beasn on November 19, 2022 5:59 am
    Las Vegas was an attempt on KSB.



    What is KSB?

  19. *imagines skinks carrying little suitcases, wearing flip flops and Hawaiian shirts with little straw hats on their lizard heads*

  20. Huh. It’s a cabbage family member, and edible. I had no idea.

  21. We cooked a turkey breast for dinner last night, I had the leftover gravy for breakfast.

    Don’t judge me.

    My FIL is coming to stay with us for a while, his situation in Las Vegas living with his wife’s daughter has become untenable.

    Boy2 is flying out and will drive with him across the country, they might get here on Thanksgiving if they bust ass, but will probably still be on the road for turkey day, I’m not sure how it is going to work out. We will have a prime rib roast, they will probably be at The Stuckey’s.

  22. Nope, it’s not pulpo…it was a darn good guess though Jimbro. I would have thought the same.

  23. Can you imagine being the medical personnel who caused that injury during surgery? I would absolutely be wrecked. Terrible.

  24. Nice mohawk, Leon

    I’d be curious if that was enough heat shock to kill that tree.

    Power’s out, estimated 10am restoration. We’re on batteries.

  25. Dang! Do you have heat?

  26. House is pretty well insulated, but no, we had no heat. Just got power back, though. 90 minutes without isn’t too bad, but I was getting ready to have some black coffee if it didn’t come back*, so as not to open the fridge for cream.

    *my hoidy-toidy Bunn has an internal hot water reservoir, so I could make one pot before civilization crumbled completely.

  27. Fancy

  28. We have a Bunn at work, that hot water reservoir is great for making an afternoon cup of tea.

  29. What the fuck just happened in here?

  30. There’s nothing quite like having a warm Bunn on a cold day

  31. Jimbro, that woman is a close friend of my sister-in-law’s family and the church secretary of their church. Everyone who knew her, is gutted. She was only 66.

    I’ll find out more on Thursday.

  32. wakey wakey

  33. Stocks do best in zones 7 – 10? And then they say they prefer cooler weather? Imma have to read that again. My zone is 6 and I’m going tp pamper my stocks maybe in the front garden where the snapdragons keep reseeding on their own.

  34. Fully vaxed and boosted and boosted stepmom has covid.

  35. Thank goodness she got all those injections. It could be so much worse.

  36. I guess they are the kind of annuals that fizzle out in the height of summer, like dianthus, and then bounce back after the dog days are over. Maybe grow them with some petunias to cover the gap.

  37. Yeah, I’ve got some petunias that come up on their own. Even with our cold weather, there are a couple still alive, nestled in the green of whatever bulbs lining the sidewalk (can’t remember the name…small, purple and white flowery things when they bloom). I also harvested some petunia seeds from the plant I brought in, which is dumping seeds on my floor.

    I’ll probably put some in a pot, under the deck. They’ll get plenty of morning sun.

  38. I used to have dianthus but the rabbits and voles won that battle.

  39. From this article: https://is.gd/5jaF1H

    In the world of business, there is a concept known as Price’s Law. The law goes as follows:

    In any organization, 50% of the work is done by the square root of the total number of people who participate in the work.
    Does your company have 16 employees? Then four people are doing half of the actual work. A hundred employees? Then ten people do half.

    So, what’s the situation like at Twitter? Well, a month ago Twitter had about 7,500 employees worldwide. Per Price’s Law, that means about half of all the real work at Twitter was carried out by… eighty-six people.


    And look at the staff picture in one of Elon’s tweets at this article: https://www.revolver.news/2022/11/twitter-lives-as-musk-pulls-all-nighter-banned-accounts-reappearing/

    These smiling people are the employees who have just seen their worst, most useless deadweight coworkers flee screaming into the night, due to being told they will be required to work. Look how fucking happy they are.

  40. Looks like most of the women fled, lol.

  41. All of our liberal friends have gotten every shot known to “science”. If they came out with a shot that required ramming a 3″ tube up the ass and leaving it there for a week, they would all get that one too.

    They’ve all had covid.

    HotBride and I got the first two shots (which I now regret), and neither of us have had it.

  42. In the comments to one of those tweets, people are saying the remaining employees are here on visa and they can’t quit unless they leave the US.

  43. The Baylor / TCU game on Fox is a good one.

  44. brother is driving over on Thursday, and they are black Friday shopping so we are eating Saturday. I’m smoking the turkey today.

  45. made taco pie today. it will be a regular item.


  46. Oops, KBS. Khalid Bin Salman. LV was an attempted assassination. Crown Prince started rounding up his cousins and other plotters and putting them in jail. Pollack was a “Known Wolf” and his wife/girlfriend said he was working with the FBI.

  47. how did he get that kick off? wow

  48. TCU, wow!!!

  49. TCU…wow. Check out Illinois-MI on ABC

  50. stop
    to make

  51. bald pj fleck going hatless in Minnesota.

  52. Saturday Shopping in Coachella Valley
    Total Time: 90min
    Actual shopping: 85min of homicidal rage stuck behind q-tip snowbirds who drive the wrong way in parking lots, go 35 in a 55, and stand in the crosswalk to check their phone, oblivious to five cars stacked up behind them trying to get out of the parking lot.

  53. Whew. Got a wee bit scary, but THE OSU won. BRB gotta TWIP

  54. TWIP is great. The comments are funny. Great job, ChrisP.

  55. These kids on my TV are buying pizza that Jay makes?

    Small world.

  56. Had to explain Don Quixote to Mini-me. Started singing the soundtrack from Man of La Mancha.

  57. Decaf especially rankled Pete.

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