2022 BBF Championships – Round 1

Hello, and welcome to the 2022 Big Boob Friday Championships – Round 1

Contestant names in the headers are links to their original BBF posts.



Age: 25 years young
Born: Friday 12th of September 1997
Birthplace: Spokane, Washington, United States
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Actress
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’3″ (or 160 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (or 50 kg)
Body type: Average
Measurements: 35-24-33
Bra/cup size: D
Boobs: Real/Natural

Comment by jam2 on August 12, 2022 6:06 am
High end hooker

Comment by Mrs. Peel on August 12, 2022 7:45 am
It’s always interesting to me how sometimes they look real and sometimes they look totally fake. This one was looking real until the last two pics.

Comment by leoncaruthers on August 12, 2022 7:53 am
With her real hair color, she’d be a 12.





Age: 34 years young
Born: Monday 4th of April 1988
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Actress
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’10” (or 177 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (or 60 kg)
Body type: Average
Measurements: 36-25-36
Bra/cup size: D (36/80D)
Boobs: Real/Natural

Comment by jam2 on September 9, 2022 5:50 am

Comment by Jimbro on September 9, 2022 6:19 am
She seems classier than the average BBF broad

Comment by Pendejo on September 9, 2022 9:29 am

You’re just saying that cause she’s your homegirl. Well……close anyway. Same neck of the woods.

Comment by Pendejo on September 9, 2022 9:32 am
I like the black and white pic of her cause you can’t tell that she’s a fuckin’ redhead.

Comment by MJ (ghee/ghem) on September 9, 2022 10:37 am
8/10 would smash




Age: 26 years young

Born: Wednesday 27th of December 1995

Birthplace:  The United Kingdom

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Profession: Supermodel

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5’11” (or 180 cm)

Weight: 135 lbs (or 61 kg)

Body type: Slim

Measurements: 34-26-37

Bra/cup size: 34D (75D)

Boobs: Real/Natural

Comment by Jimbro on June 3, 2022 6:05 am
There’s a lot of up and down & side to side motion when she’s walking

No visible tats or unusual piercings as well

Not afraid to smile

How’d you hack Mare’s photo album Pupster?

Comment by jam2 on June 3, 2022 6:19 am
Definite contender.

Comment by Brother Tim on June 3, 2022 6:47 am
That there is one fine specimen.

Comment by MJ on June 3, 2022 8:01 am
10/10 would smash great smile.




Age: 25 years young
Born: Thursday 28th of November 1996
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Profession: Glamour Model
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5’5″ (or 165 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (or 54 kg)
Body type: Slim
Measurements: 34-24-35
Bra/cup size: 34F (75F)
Boobs: Real/Natural

Comment by leoncaruthers on September 16, 2022 8:13 am
She seems fun.

Comment by Brother Tim on September 16, 2022 9:18 am
Hubba hubba.

Comment by Dave’s not here on September 16, 2022 12:13 pm
Doesn’t look anything like Yazz Pistachio from the old Bloom County comics.
She should, however, make a lengthy GIF of herself on a trampoline. It would be an awesome way for me to waste time on Fridays at the office.

Comment by MJ (ghee/ghem) on September 16, 2022 8:52 am
9/10 would smash



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  1. Can one of you non Imgur-Averse persons click on the Imgur gallery gif links and let me know if they work?

    They work for me but I’m a regular.


  2. No problem on laptop. But the only time I’ve had problems was when trying to view on phone.

  3. I thought today was gonna be a subpar lineup until the little Arab showed up. Tara, I love you long time..

  4. Cool thanks PG. I created those galleries so folks can see all the gifs on one page.

    If you click on nothing else, click on Emily’s gif gallery because damn.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Emily’s gif gallery works on my phone

  7. Sydney remains an 11.

  8. guhmehneh

  9. It was a tossup between Ms. Geha and Ms. Yadzi for me. I went with the Middle-Eastern-American-Californian to prove I’m not raycist.

  10. A difficult choice from a great lineup. I eventually chose by height. Shorter girls are just “cuter” for some unknown hidden biological directive in my genome. Probably so they are less likely to beat me up.

  11. So who do we want as Speaker of the House? McCarthy is meh. Chip Roy? Thomas Massie? Jim Jordan?

  12. Prolly NSFW

  13. I always use shortness as a tiebreaker because I’m Gimli-esque.

  14. That’s, um, fake. Has to be.

  15. ha ha ha … that’s hilarious.

  16. Trying to re-organize some of the storage in the basement, and Mr. RFH has the heater in his office cranked up to 135 degrees. I’m in t-shirt and shorts, barefoot, continuously wiping sweat out of my eyes, he’s in t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, sweater, thermal underwear, jeans, two pairs of socks, and LL Bean slippers. Holy crap. He may need his thyroid checked again.

  17. Happy Veteran’s Day to all our Hostage veterans!

  18. That was me when I had wuflu, Roamy. Slept/dozed for 24 hours straight in wool socks, long underwear, sweat pants, tee shit, and sweater under a sheet and bedspread.

  19. I don’t think he’s sick. To be fair, I have lots more insulating fat, and I was moving and lifting vs. his skinny ass just sitting there. I gave up on that area, I’ll do it tomorrow when he’s not working. I have plenty to keep me busy today.

  20. Elliot, the all white Great Pyrenees slipped his lead again and came over to visit our yard. It was a symphony of barking and aggression for a good 10 minutes. Thankfully the dogs were in, I was just coming downstairs to let them out after my shower

  21. Ah, there was one day of peace, and now the phone spam for Herschel’s runoff. Sigh.

  22. Seeing more and more of that Jay. Sort of feeling the same way myself

  23. aren’t you in the wrong state, roamy?

  24. Watermelon smashing Gallagher has passed, 76

  25. I like Massie, but he’s not very well liked in DC. Gym Jordan is owned by Big Tech. I guess Chip Roy🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. Steve Deace
    Donald Trump’s first term, pre-Covid, might be best presidential term of my lifetime.

    Ron DeSantis might be most successful politician of my lifetime.

    Kari Lake might be best candidate of my lifetime.

    Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy suck.

    This has been my Ted Talk.

  27. Jay, the spam is fundraising, not GOTV.

  28. Massie is one smart cookie. Jordan is a great attack dog, make a good whip. Chip is not well liked either, because he doesn’t cave.

  29. oh man, sorry!

  30. Symphony of Barking and Aggression was a good album.

  31. It’s really intimidating when played live

  32. I watched some youtoob video this morning and the opening ad was Warnock telling me Democracy was at stake.

  33. Do NOT let anyone tell you election workers are anything other than devoted public servants and guardians of our democracy.

    Look, dickface, if you want to gaslight someone, go fart in John Fetterman’s face.

  34. So who do we want as Speaker of the House? McCarthy is meh. Chip Roy? Thomas Massie? Jim Jordan?

    Not Jordan. He’ll turn PAUL RYAN so fast you’ll think he grew a giant vagina overnight.

  35. I stuffed Tara’s ballot box.

  36. Tara is an unusual name for an Iranian woman. Her parents are immigrants and her religion is listed as Christianity. No wonder her parents gtfo the Islamic Republic.

  37. Today at 3.

  38. Tara is an unusual name for an Iranian woman.
    I guess I smeared her earlier by referring to her as an Arab. As I understand it, Persians and Arabs do not like being thrown into the same pot. I remember seeing some photos from a protest in Iran back during the SCOAMF administration and the Iranian women were protesting against the mullahs’ dress code by marching in western clothing. Some of them were astonishingly attractive. All the more reason to support liberating their asses.

  39. Hell yeah, no argument from me!

  40. Spiffy! Are they fun to drive? I mean like, more fun than your mom?

  41. I’ve seen old photos of Iran and Afghanistan before they got religion and the people were all wearing “Western” clothes. I’m sure they would in a heartbeat if only allowed by their oppressive government

  42. I bet Iran can count votes in less than a day lol

    Not that I’d believe the counts but they’re efficient

  43. You can’t drive my mom. You can only go along for the ride.

  44. I voted for Emily because, holy shit.

  45. Comment by Hotspur on November 11, 2022 11:32 am
    Do NOT let anyone tell you election workers are anything other than devoted public servants and guardians of our democracy.

    Look, dickface, if you want to gaslight someone, go fart in John Fetterman’s face.



  46. Roamy, that porn signer was hilarious.

  47. Yeah, Mare, it may be fake, but it made me laugh.

  48. One of my fellow interns was a guy who was born in Iran and his parents fled following the revolution. He lived in either England or France before coming to the US. He got his citizenship and was/is a great guy.

    One day after some fuckery in Iran I asked him about the government there and his response is vividly recalled all these years later. He leaned in, his eyes got wide and he said, “Jeem, they’re all fucking crazy!” He expanded on that initial thought but the opening statement stuck with me and when they do stuff now that’s what I think of first

  49. twitter: The Goodest boy

    get that hound a ribeye!

  50. The best actor to ever play the role, and the one you never saw:


    RIP Mr Conroy, you’ll be missed.

  51. They don’t know you, they dismiss you, and most likely hate you. His first follow up comment … @@

  52. “” Comment by Hotspur on November 11, 2022 12:03 pm
    Today at 3. “”
    i didn’t realize hot-en-tot was a black truck driver

  53. Also, they hate it when their argument backfires. I mean, folks are pulling up the same sort of map and justifying their blue win because more people live there. This guy’s point is … confused.

  54. It would be a darn shame if all those Blue-voting Buckeyes pulled up stakes and moved to New Jersey or California. Whatever would the Heartland do without them?

  55. When I see tweets like that it causes me to go out and spend money. More ammo, more non-perishable food, etc.
    Those fuckers will be abandoning the big cities and heading for the country looking for food one of these days when the dems wreck the entire transportation system with their envirofacist dreams.

  56. Speaking of wrecking the transportation system, what’s going on with diesel now? Are we still running out within a month, or did some bureaucrat pull their head out of their ass?

  57. Comment by Jay in Ames on November 11, 2022 12:34 pm
    twitter: The Goodest boy


    Holy crap, my heart was in my throat watching that video. Good dog, indeed!

  58. The thing about the smug elitist liberals is that they have no self awareness.

    You know who typically have no self awareness? Juveniles.


  59. Ah, Christmas music has started up. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

  60. Whose turn is it to feed Mitch to the alligators?

  61. I have almost a gallon of kraut fermenting in the kitchen. It’s way too early to start eating it but I can’t keep my hands off it. Keep tasting it…it’s the best I ever made. Usually I only make it with cabbage and caraway seeds. This time I omitted the seeds and made it with sliced carrots and sweet red peppers. It’s out of this world good. Mom and sis dropped by to take some of my harvest off me and I made them both try it.

    Mom: “I need you to bring this to Thanksgiving.”

    I need to get to the asian grocer and get my kimchi ingredients too.

  62. mmmm rotting cabbage yum

  63. Cabbage zeit!!

  64. I just had a great cigar except for the wrapper which was cracked


    Nothing worse than a cracked wrapper. Like smoking an old gym sock and the further along you go the more it unwraps. If it wasn’t so good I’d have abandoned it within minutes but I persisted

  65. geez, don’t smoke the wrapper

  66. Not the cellophane! The leaf on the outside that holds it all together. Hotspur will know although he’s probably talking with a cop about how he didn’t know his car went that fast at the moment

  67. Duct tape that sumbitch!!

  68. I only had one of them and although it was a challenge I was up to the task. I should have wrapped a cabbage leaf around it.

  69. Gallagher AND Kevin Conroy passed away! Seems almost fitting the Joker and Batman going out at the same time. And yet, Matthew Perry still walks amongst us.

    Please not to be feeding any Mitch to alligators. Thanks in advance.

  70. I’m celebrating Veterans Day by cleaning the bathrooms in my house.

  71. I also need to replace 16 lightbulbs in my house. Because my kids won’t turn off the lights when they leave a room. And now I’m officially an old man.

  72. Dorkus LOVED cabbage. He would go crazy when I’d be chopping cabbage and a piece would hit the floor. He’d go all wild and wide-eyed the same way he would over a piece of meat.

  73. I’ve been eating apples in front of my dogs for years and only Ollie was ever interested in eating the core. As soon as Rowan figured out what was going on he started attacking Ollie for the rights to the core. Now I save a big bite off the apple to give to Ollie surreptitiously after Rowan gets the core. They’re really not into other fruits or veggies although they’ll eat them if they fall to the floor just in case it’s something they like.

  74. My neighbor lady, Gladys Kravits, brought over some dog treats made out of sweet potato that her fag poodle wouldn’t eat. Our border collie wants nothing to do with them either. I don’t blame them…….that shit is nasty.

  75. Gladys Kravits

    LOL. Abner!

  76. Nothing worse than firing up a nice cigar, and the the wrapper cracks, and it’s the only one you brought along, and you try to figure ou how to hold it to keep it from leaking air and wrecking the smoke.

    Hate that.

  77. Came across a quote that explains the 2022 midterms perfectly:

    It is as difficult and as dangerous to try to liberate a people that wishes to live in slavery as it is to try to enslave a people that wishes to live in freedom. – Machiavelli

  78. 351k voters that voted in AZ primaries (ie Lake voters) haven’t had their votes tabulated yet.

    twitter: AZ vote report, charlie kirk show

  79. hip to waist to bust ratio = Emily… the clear favorite!

  80. My dogs would only eat fruit and veggies if we pretended to take them off our plates, and feed them under the table. Straight in the bowl was a “Nope.”

  81. Powerball is racist apparently


    How will they work the reparations on this one?

  82. I have one of their awls for cigars that are rolled too tight and noticed they also sell this stuff which is supposed to seal a cracked cigar.


    I haven’t tried it (and don’t have any) but the cigar I was working on today would have needed most of the bottle to repair.

  83. Roamy, I looked up the gammopathy thing and learned a little about it

    Monoclonal Gammopathy Of Undetermined Significance


    I had never heard of it before you mentioned it. Described as an “asymptomatic preneoplastic plasma cell disorder” which is a mouthful. 1% chance of eventual malignant transformation so yearly monitoring is recommended.

    “MGUS is found in approximately 2% to 3% of adults over age 50 and in 5% of adults older than the age of 70.”

    So for something that’s relatively common I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it before.

  84. It is as difficult and as dangerous to try to liberate a people that wishes to live in slavery as it is to try to enslave a people that wishes to live in freedom. – Machiavelli

    “It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.” -Mark Twain

  85. My dogs would only eat fruit and veggies if we pretended to take them off our plates, and feed them under the table. Straight in the bowl was a “Nope.”

    When I was a kid in mom & dads house we had a dog, P.S., short for poor soul, that loved Italian other than the noodles. He’d grab mouth fulls then tip his head back and roll his eyes as he stripped the meat, sauce and anything else he liked from the noodles, then spit out the noodles. When he was done those noodles were so clean, other than doggie germs, that we coulda picked those noodles up, threw them back in the pot and recycled them had they not already been fully cooked. I miss that good ol’ boy!

  86. lumps, we called Gingy “Pasta dog.” I guess PS was “Reverse Pasta Dog?”

  87. Good old P.S. Always followed me out to run my trap lines back in the day. Then when I was deer hunting, when dad let him out to do his business in the morning, he’d track me down, then smell deer, and scare them away from me. Thanks, Pal!

  88. I guess PS was “Reverse Pasta Dog?”
    While I appreciate the compliment, it’s that stupid DNH, not the honorable Lumps.

  89. BTW. Is lumps gonna have to change names? Given the new Senator from Pennsylvania? It would have been more fun to watch Ozzy Osbourne have a meltdown!

  90. Obfuscation

  91. Jimbro, her daddy advises her to do what he did during employment in the CIA, just toss is out there, no matter how insane, and let 60 minutes run with the misinformation. Once the battery in that experimental heart Dick had implanted dies, Liz is finished too. What do you think the real reason Democrats are pushing a failed technology? it’s kill Dick Cheney’s battery driven heart, once and for all. Something I can agree with my opponents about.

  92. Hmmm. Prolly needs another booster!

  93. He looks vaccinated.

  94. In other news, they’re still hunting down anti-lockdown anti-mandate protestors, even though everyfuckingthing to do with the lockdowns and mandates has been proven false.

  95. When you calculate square foot per chicken inside a coop, is it per floor, or cumulative, if you have a two-floor coop?

  96. Jimbrolo, do you even humidor?

  97. or is that not a thing

  98. What is a good company to order chicks from?

  99. Nobody associated with the J6 committee, the DOJ, the FBI, or the DOD will give a straight answer about Epps (or a multitude of other “insurrection” issues). This is a base skillset required of those MFs. How not to answer a direct question. They are guilty of the exact thing they are accusing those poor stupid J6 demonstrators are being charged with, and worse. But if we expect them to ever come clean about it, it will only be just before they think they can kill us all.

    I’m just kind of hoping they were stupid enough to get vaxxed, and will all start dropping dead like the Canadien prosecutor. That is, I hope he dies.

  100. How did people in the 1700’s keep fresh water for their chickens without a de-icer?

  101. What is a good company to order chicks from?

    BBF Solutions LLC

  102. When your mom moved to Houston?…….Humidwhore.

  103. Wife is out of town for the weekend, so I was thinking of movies I kinda wanted to see but knew she wouldn’t like.

    Just watched ‘Nobody’. Absolutely awesome. John Wickian levels of awesome! Bonus is that I understood the Russian parts. They were actually funny.

    ‘I’ve never seen a Black Russian before’.

    ‘Yeah, I get that a lot’.

  104. I’ve got a few medium sized humidors (about the size of a breadbox), a couple of coolers for overflow and a travel case or two. I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse.

  105. Laura,

    I usually get my chicks from tinder. Now that I’m getting older i’ve been trying silversingles.com.

    Not sure their eggs are still good, though.

  106. swine

  107. Have tomorrow night free. Trying to think of a fun movie that maybe I missed in the last couple of years.

    Most ‘comedies’ are so woke that people only laugh out of obligation.

    I saw ‘Confess Fletch’ a couple of nights ago. I really liked it.

  108. If electricity goes to shit my plan for surviving the zombie apolcolypse kinda goes to shit. Im kinda sure it’ll matter then.

  109. A Ghost Story is a great movie that I will recommend to absolutely no one, because I think most people would hate it and then be mad at me for recommending it. But if you like slow, atmospheric, weird, thinky, you might enjoy it.

  110. I decided to watch all the movies by the Coen brothers and by Wes Anderson. Im not done with that project. I think I’m more of a Coen brothers guy than a Wes Anderson guy. Barton Fink was okay, until it got really, really crazy and awesome. Raising Arizona is wonderful, but Mrs S hated it.

  111. Sobek,
    ‘slow, atmospheric, weird, and thinky’ is how I describe you to others.

  112. I’m thinking ‘knives out’? Seems like everyone has seen it but me.

  113. Humpty with the pressing issues of the day.

  114. Raising Arizona is one of my favorite movies.

    Back in the old single pilot days we had a few movies in constant rotation at the crash pad.

    Raising Arizona
    Animal House
    Any Monty Python
    Army of Darkness
    Blue Velvet (usually at end of night, must be intoxicated)
    Rocky Horror

  115. Phat, I laughed at the Weird Al parody biopic on Roku.

  116. Xbrad, how are you doing?

    I was out shooting today and thought of you.

    About how shitty of a shot you were back at the last meet up in TX!

  117. I just picked up a CMP Expert Grade M1 today. And I’ve got 1400 rounds of ammo for it, to get it zero’d. Also just bought 600 rounds of .45acp, and 1200 rounds of 7.62×51.

    I’m having a fairly good day.

  118. That is a good day.

  119. Seriously, though thank you for your service.

    It’s a weirdthing to me. I’m proud of the 25 yrs I served, but I don’t wallow in it.

    My kids were telling me about all the free stuff I could get today.

    I guess I appreciate the gesture?

  120. Oops, sorry DNH. We’re in CoSprngs for Lobo football. Attended AFA hockey. They were losing 5-0 to Bentley. We left before the 3rd period. It is bone chilling cold here.

  121. Sounds like Xbrad is having the best day.


    I went out and shot my Springfield Hellcat CC weapon.

    Still not a fan. Small 9mm and I’m not as accurate with it as I’d like. I still prefer my old .380.

  122. Phat, have you watched Nobody or Fatman?

  123. Going out tomorrow to shoot trap.

  124. Oso,

    Watched Nobody tonight. Loved it. Parts of it really spoke to me. Especially the passive aggressive pillow in the middle of the bed. Been there.

    Will check out Fatman tomorrow night.

  125. On hostage recommendations I’ve got ‘Ghost Story’ and ‘Fatman’ cued up for tomorrow night.

  126. I buy chicks at feed mills or Tractor Supply. I’d only order if were brooding more than a dozen birds. I’m not sure extra ‘floors’ count as square footage for birds, what you’re really looking for in the coop is enough space on roosts and enough nest boxes. Square footage numbers are usually referring to the outside run area, though in a bad winter you’ll be glad for a bigger coop.

  127. If you have Paramount +, The Offer is really good. Shoresy is good on Hulu. Letterkenny. Mythic Quest is a pretty good show on Apple+

  128. Fatman was good but a little uneven, I felt like they had more they wanted to do but ran short on budget. Still worth your time.

    And Holly Hunter is smoking hot in RA. It’s not even a ‘sexy’ role but I think that was the first time young Leon got a ‘wife material’ vibe watching a movie.

  129. On the Roamy recommendation I will put Weird Al at the top of the list.

    Roamy is smart and hot. She would never steer me wrong.

  130. Leon,

    Tell him. Keep Your Damn Hands Off My Wife!

  131. “‘slow, atmospheric, weird, and thinky’ is how I describe you to others.”


    Please let me know what you think of A Ghost Story. And if you don’t like it, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I liked Knives Out more than I expected to.

  132. This is from the soundtrack. Definitely not my normal kind of music, but it really captures the mood of the movie for me, so I have a positive association with it and think it’s pretty cool.

  133. Just do know that it’s a parody. I went into it thinking it was a real biopic on Weird Al, up until someone got their ass kicked. (updated to remove a little spoiler)

  134. Sobek,

    You’re a polymath.

    I know no one who can combine your day job with the ability to sight read sheet music.

    That makes me laugh. Thinking about a lot of ‘buddy movies’ that would work.

  135. It just occurred to me that I now have an AR, a .45, and a very recently acquired Remington 870 Magnum Express.

    I might need to contact my local gun club about signing up for 3 gun.

    Who wants to watch fat, slow, blind guys who can’t shoot for shit?

  136. A few months ago I was flying back to STL from Chicago. Just so happens I’m sitting in First Class.

    Guy next to me is reading sheet music like it’s text. He”s making no hand motions, just reading it.

    We walk off the airplane, there’s a big poster of him that I’ve walked by 100 times.

    Stephane Devane, conductor of the st. louis Symphony.

  137. Xbrad, what .45 do you have?

  138. I thought about getting a 1911, but lately been leaning towards a 10 mm Glock.

  139. RIA 1911A1. About as close to GI as you can get.

    Very vanilla piece.

  140. “You’re a polymath.”

    I’m someone who recognizes how many amazing and wonderful things there are in this beautiful world to learn about, and I’m glad I’ll never reach the end of them.

    I was waiting for a work meeting to start one day, and my coworker leans over to me and asks, are you solving for the area of a cone? Yes, yes I was. Someone mentioned that to the boss, and the boss said look, if you want to do math for fun, fine, just don’t do it where people from other agencies can see. He had a different outlook on life than I have.

  141. X Brad, where do you live? I want to come see you shoot.

  142. Sobek is an awesome man.

    Not gonna lie, though.

    The capacity for evil is there.
    Lurking under the water, like a crocodile.

  143. I’m completely harmless.

    Why don’t you swim over here? For a little hug? Just a wee little hug, won’t take more than a few seconds. What could go wrong?

  144. I’m in Palm Desert, CA. Right next to where Gallagher was killed.

    I mean, died of an extended illness.

  145. Long Ago

  146. That’s not far from where I ran my zombie race. Cool.

  147. I live in a resort town, and no one ever visits me.

  148. Hi Xbad, good to see you around here again!

  149. Debra’s employer rewarded productivity.

  150. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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