MMM 518

And here we go, the eve of the Blood Moon Election is upon us.

Front skwatz.

I do my own captions, but this is embedded and I’m not fixing it.

Rare MMM gif.

Tasteful monochrome.

Might be Eva, hard to tell.

Modestly covered but still a lot on display.

The walls in this lady’s house get a lot of action.

Hasn’t hit the wall yet.

Support for Ukraine? Old photo, but weird coincidence.

Have a good one. At least the ads end soon no matter what happens tomorrow.


  1. Carin, how do you feel the morning after the morning after?

  2. Everything they do is on purpose. We’re in for shit if the R house and senate don’t do something about drilling. I don’t know if we’ll have enough votes to overturn a veto.

  3. The question to be asked is how, precisely, the Executive has the power to unilaterally cancel drilling permits. Pretty sure he doesn’t have that power, and if congress gave that authority away, it can take it back.

  4. They don’t have to overcome a veto, just have the balls to submit a budget instead of a CR, and the courage to shut the shitshow down until Brandon signs it.

  5. Anyone else wonder what happened to the Paul Pelosi story?

  6. No new stuff leaking because Nancy finally agreed to their demands?

  7. I’m fine! I was good yesterday and ran 4 miles 🙂 my ankles were a bit sore after the run on Saturday, but good yesterday.

    Thanks for asking.

    Wakey wakey.

  8. the drilling story was cooler when I posted it

  9. just have the balls to submit a budget instead of a CR

    So what do you think is the likelihood of another gov’t shutdown? Or do we coast on CRs for another year?

  10. what’s a ‘budget?’

  11. Question for Leon (or whoever wants to chime in) – what is the best form of B12 vitamins, other than good food? I got a liquid supplement for sublingual absorption, but it’s got sorbitol. Yuck. The alternative was a quick-dissolving tablet which contained sucralose, which triggers my migraines and also tastes terrible.

  12. If you can’t handle eating liver, you can cut it into tiny pill-sized “doses” and freeze it. Cheapest B vitamins with the best uptake. Outside of that, I’m at a loss, never looked into non-food B supplements.

  13. If McCarthy wants any real power, he needs to end the CR bullshit. Forget impeachment, it’s a shitty sideshow. Man the fuck up and take your purse back. Show Richard Levine how it’s done.

  14. eating frozen raw liver pieces, ugh.

    Just a pinch between your cheek and gum!

  15. I’m very happy that we refer to the H3 at times:

    Tweets by the H3 podcast

  16. I take 4 beef liver pills a day, Roamy. No taste, no problem.

  17. Mare takes a meat supplement 4 times a day?

  18. Steve Deace
    Tuesday you will learn why they need censorship so badly. They had total control of government, and beyond sympathetic regulation from Silicon Valley at the mouth of the Information Flow river. And they are still gonna get annihilated. Now, imagine none of those advantages…

  19. I never want to hear that CIA and FBI conspiracy theories aren’t true:

  20. Did fitness advice kill it or is WP fibbing again?

  21. Everybody must be donating aid to Ukraine.

  22. Ded.

    Waiting for offer letter to come before I give notice. My motivation today is minimal, but I’m documenting my TBDs as best I can for whichever poor soul inherits this stuff.

  23. One of our sales dogs just quit last week to take another jerb, not directly but tangentially related my industry. Not going to miss him but about 25% of my work was directly supporting his sales efforts and writing his proposals. Could get a little squirrelly around here.

  24. You’re a kind soul, Leon.

    Mrs S applied for a job, was expecting to hear yea or nay sometime this morning. Got an email saying sorry, you didn’t get the job. A few minutes later she gets another email that says sorry, our system is glitching and sending out false denial letters, you’re actually one of our finalists. Sheesh.

  25. Enjoying one of the last warm days for a while. It’s in the 70’s and truly beautiful outside. We have a couple of cool days ahead but it’s supposed to get up to the 60’s later this week. With oil at $5.74 we need this.

  26. 70s sounds great. We’ve got a cold snap here making things uncomfortable.

  27. wow, that’s brutal, sobek

  28. Who wants to go to Vegas?

  29. Sobek?

  30. “Who wants to go to Vegas?”

    Aww, giddy up.

  31. I’ll go for Evanescense

  32. I didn’t see Jason Aldean on the calendar. Does he not play festivals in Vegas anymore?

  33. I’ll go for Evanescense


  34. I’m in for the Melvins and Deftones

  35. One of the people in this Teams meeting has an avatar that I’m sure she chose for looking thoughtful/contemplative, but it really looks like she’s about to pick her nose.

  36. SOD, Deftones, Chevelle, Korn, incubus, Flyleaf, Spiritbox, Placebo. Lacuna Coil. The bands lower in the bill are interesting!


  38. Calm down, Mare.

    Wait, that was Car in? Never mind, proceed.

  39. Is that Scott Ian?

  40. Sure looks like him. I wondered.

  41. Yep. It’s him. I mean, they sorta do have as similar sound.

  42. why did the police not just laugh at her?

  43. Tried listening to the CJN podcast with Michael Walsh, and the bulk of the first ten minutes is two Jews and an atheist ragging on the historicity of Christianity as a leftist political movement.

    I guess I won’t be buying the fucking book, Mike.

  44. For no reason whatsoever, I’ve never listened to Mr Bungle. The very little I’ve heard just doesn’t grab me the way FNM does.

  45. This is for Sobek. no one else.

    (although I sorta want to nominate it as the H2 theme song)

  46. “Jesus was a socialist!”

    – someone who understands neither Jesus nor socialism.

  47. Oh, it’s VERY different from FNM. lol. I don’t even know how to describe it. Thrash metal acid punk? I dunno.

  48. It just seems a little too Mike Patton.

    Mike is amazing in FNM, but he’s always got this childishness streak in what he does. It’s tempered a bit more in FNM. I don’t know if it’s the other band members or what. Mr Bungle is for him to ramp it up to eleven, I guess.

    Sometimes you really need a specific team to make the magic happen. From what I understand, Layne Staley was always the more experimental and out there part of AIC, while Jerry was a little more mainstream. I actually think the experimental stuff in AIC is less enjoyable (like Sludge Factory, for example). So you’d think I’d love Jerry’s solo work. But no, it doesn’t do much for me. I need that combo of brains working together, I guess.

  49. Sobek, Walsh took the “not even Bart Ehrman says this” tack that “Jesus is God” was a claim from a century after the resurrection, making the central claim of Christianity into part of his “people are always looking for a savior” view of history.

    The Gospel of John says it explicitly, and was written before AD 70, and we’ve got a mountain of manuscripts to prove that… but whatever, you know better, Mike.

  50. Ah yes, I’m familiar with that approach.

    There’s no evidence that Jesus said he was God. What about the Gospel of John? Well that book contradicts my thesis, so it must be a later interpolation. So there is evidence, you just don’t like it? Yes.

    If you change the evidence, then yes, I agree, the evidence says something different from what it said before you changed it.

  51. Walking on water is another one, and that’s in the Synoptics, but you have to do a deep read on the OT to know why that’s a “Jesus is God” proof text. Brant Pitre has a whole chapter on it in The Case for Jesus.

  52. I love Radiohead. Their solo work? Not so much. The magic is in the team sometimes.

  53. The walls in this lady’s house get a lot of action.

    Here’s hoping the dude paying the mortgage on those walls does too.

  54. So did none of you find humor in my Jason Aldean/Vegas joke at 1:42 or do you just not understand?

  55. I got it Pendejo but wasn’t 100% sure he was the guy on stage when the shooting started. Hence my lack of a response. Hopefully they have better security this time around.

  56. Scallops are on the menu tonight. With linguine and pesto. Salad and Italian bread to complete the meal.

  57. I looked up the Holy Trinity because that’s what I’m all about as far as faith goes but the articles describing it were super long and got into a lot of minutiae that made my eyes cross. It’s easier to just accept the doctrine than to explain it to the layman.

  58. It’s all about the Hypothermic Onion, Jimbro.

    On a more serious note, the best description I read/heard of it was something like:

    1. God is One.
    2. God, to observe Himself, must be Two so as to comprehend Himself.
    3. The regard of God for God is a love relationship so strong that the love of God for God is also God.
    4. God is outside of creation, and thus outside of Time itself, so this wasn’t a sequence of events in any sense that we could really understand — being ourselves time-bound — but is simply the nature of God as revealed to Man.

  59. the second pic:

    Strong legs. Got some credit there.

  60. Using the Onion Model, my trinity is

    1. Onion rings
    2. Onion dip
    3. Bloomin’ onion

  61. Glutes for Leon

  62. onion soup?
    onion gravy?

  63. heh, softball player. No golfers available?

  64. throw that sports equipment in the Subaru!

  65. cyclone basketball tonight! woo hoo!

  66. On a more serious note, the best description I read/heard of it was something like

    Well thanks for clearing that up.

  67. Comment by Jimbro on November 7, 2022 3:39 pm
    Scallops are on the menu tonight. With linguine and pesto. Salad and Italian bread to complete the meal.


    Sounds terrific!

  68. French onion soup for sure. Not a big gravy fan outside of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner

  69. My offer letter finally came and is asking for “proof of vaccination status“. I can’t prove a negative, so I sent an inquiry to my man on the inside.

    Big Ag Corp has never asked, to their credit. Would only have come up if I went to HQ last year.

  70. You should contact your pediatrician and see if they still have the vaccination records from when you were a child.

  71. No, they only care about the one that has almost no chance to kill me. I have proof of my tetanus and TB somewhere, but they specified.

  72. French Onion Soup is my favorite. I’m the Bubba Gump of onions.

  73. “On a more serious note, the best description I read/heard of it was something like:”

    That’s one of a few ways I’ve heard it described.

    Meantime, the way I understand things is
    1. God the Father has a body of flesh and bone, eternal, perfect, omnipotent, etc
    2. Jesus Christ is a separate being, also with a body of flesh and bone, and so aligned with the will of his Father that they may be and are described as “One.”
    3. The Holy Spirit is also separate, does not have a physical body, and is also so aligned with the will of the Father and the Son that they all three can be described as “One God.”
    4. Mare needs to calm down.

    Here I stand, I can do no other.

  74. Can I talk about theology some more? Good, ’cause I’m gonna.

    I grew up surrounded overwhelmingly by other Mormons, or Protestants. The very, very few Catholics I knew never talked about theology at all. What I knew about Catholic theology, I learned from people who were either attacking Catholicism, or else trying to explain Catholicism in a reasonably neutral way, but never promoting Catholicism. My High School European History teacher was a Lutheran, but he didn’t overtly promote or attack any point of view (remember when public school teachers were like that?). I remember when we learned about the Reformation, though, and the history book explained how Martin Luther came to his conclusions, and then described the incredible growth of Protestantism, and I asked at one point in the class, how are there still any Catholics? Of course the answer, I now know, is multi-faceted, but intellectually it’s because the Church actually had good counter-arguments to the Protestant challenges, but I certainly never heard them.

    For the past few years, I’ve picked up here and there, in books or on the radio, explanations from actual Catholic scholars who actually defend their faith, and more than once I’ve thought, “oh, that makes sense.” Not that I agree with the points necessary (sometimes I do), but I can at least see how it’s an intellectually sound argument based on evidence. It’s much more satisfying to be able to hear a challenge, or read a scripture, and think “I may not know how someone would respond to that, but I certainly can’t say people who believe differently must just be idiots who can’t read.” Every Christian, of any tradition, has certain verses they can point to and say “see this? It’s so clear and obvious!” and other verses they have to explain at a bit more length.

    I still don’t know any Catholics who I’ve discussed theology with, face to face, but I’m glad for the Catholic Answers type apologists who explain the faith in a reasonable way. And I appreciate anyone who lives their lives according to their beliefs, is willing to share their beliefs with others, and is willing to live in friendship with others whether they believe the same or not.

  75. It’s easy for me to say “I wouldn’t work somewhere that required it” but I don’t, unlike so many among us.

  76. Most protestants and later splitters don’t know much about the Counter-reformation within the Church after Luther, either. And we have a new group or two of later schismatics post V2 and now in the Pope Franky Says Relax era (sedevacantists and beniplenists).

    On the one hand, it’s discouraging to see such scandal continue in the Church, on the other hand if there weren’t any you could see it would mean the Devil had conquered it and was done bothering.

    The theology is sound, a tradition of rigor going back millennia, but the people are… human, and thus concupiscent.

  77. Man on the inside is checking, he didn’t know that would be in the letter, and he’s not jabbed or getting it.

  78. At FB, we have a Moron priest that grew up Mormon. Fr Erik is incredible. Knights and Ladies of the Holy Flaming Skull.

  79. “Knights and Ladies of the Holy Flaming Skull.”

    I so want that to be a real thing. Please tell me it’s a real thing, even if it isn’t.

  80. Leon, praying for you. Former CoW is required by new job to boost. She is currently at 4 miscarriages. Dan has made me dial the anti vax back at work. Eileen got boosted. Missed a week of work with COVID. Unpaid. She has COVID again.

  81. New offer letter. Testing only for entry into certain facilities. I can live with that.

    I know little of Mormon theology beyond the South Park documentaries and the occasional Catholic apologetics remarks on the matter. Most of the non-Catholics near me are Anabaptists (Mennonites and Amish), Millerites (Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses), or the usual Lutherans and Methodists, with a few of the Joel Osteen “Non Denominationals” thrown in for extra confusion.

    I’m only about 20 miles from the center of the Adventist universe, so I know more about them than the rest. They’re… okay. St Paul would call them Judaizers and I’d agree, and the “prophetess” Ellen White was basically another Osteen in her day, maybe worse. I don’t think Osteen has ever claimed his books are equivalent to the New Testament.

  82. Leon, you know the four most important parts of our doctrine now, thanks to this comments section. Anyone who denies point 4 is a splitter.

  83. I have no way at all to figure out the school board candidates. Never got a mailer or missed it if it came.

  84. WTF Michigan, over

  85. Our school board candidates are part of the BS school elections. BITD we won. Only 13% voted. MFers had a do over. We lost. I no longer vote in school elections. That may change with the Queer the Library ghouls

  86. A damned fine piece of music I just discovered recently. Everybody except Carin ought to waste SIX minutes on it.

  87. That has a nice flow, Pendejo, I enjoyed it.

  88. Any lefty governor that survives the next election will try to enforce a school mandate for covid shots for kids.
    If our idiot is reelected he will do it. And I will contact this fellow.

  89. Yes. There is no learning with these folks. All vax all the time.

  90. That stupid Oster ‘forgiveness’ article get stupider and stupider as they continue to double down.
    “Forgive me…while I continue to harm you. Thanks in advance!”

  91. “People with a period” is even dumber than “uterus havers”. If you’re pregnant, are you no longer a woman?

  92. Ovulators.


    Not much else out there.

  93. Wretched is on the cusp of not being a woman either, to hazard a guess.

  94. Doctor’s office didn’t require a mask, but the medical mall where I went for tests did. I did the trick where the mask was just looped around my neck instead of on my face; no one asked me to put it on. However, the receptionist did make the mom with two kids mask herself and them. Bitch.

  95. I like this person’s prose.

  96. I approve of feeding Fauci to hyenas.

  97. Man, I REALLY like this guy.

  98. Lumps,
    I ‘m pretty sure guttermouth is a gal, unless they are gay. They refer to husbandmouth whom I am assuming is their husband. But you never know anymore.

  99. Dispassionately, Ed reassigned people.

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