2022 BBF Semi-Finals Round 5

Hello, and welcome to 2022 Big Boob Friday Semi-Finals Round 5.

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Your model for today was born May 19th, 1998 in Odessa, Ukraine. She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 36 – 24 – 35 and 115 lbs. Please welcome Miss Stella Cardo.

Comment by Jimbro on June 17, 2022 5:18 am
I wouldn’t mind getting some cardio with Miss Cardo

Comment by MJ on June 17, 2022 7:37 am
10/10 would smash

Comment by Pupster on June 17, 2022 8:14 am
I’m beginning to question the veracity of the MJ smash scale.

Comment by Pendejo on June 17, 2022 8:21 am
I’d like to occupy her Donbas region.

Comment by Car in on June 17, 2022 8:23 am

Comment by Car in on June 17, 2022 8:24 am
Or maybe just looks really stupid. Hard to tell.


Your model for today was born August 17th, 1989 in Romania. She stands 5′ 4″ and measures 36 – 28 – 37 and 136 lbs. Please welcome Miss Luna Amor AKA Alexya / Luna Moon.

Comment by Tex Lovera on July 1, 2022 10:00 am

I believe each one of her massive mammaries qualifies as both a Platonic Solid and Near Earth Object. And the veininess is just .

Pupster, ya outdid yerself.

Comment by roamingfirehydrant on July 1, 2022 5:25 am

Comment by roamingfirehydrant on July 1, 2022 5:26 am
But she seems nice

Comment by lumps on July 1, 2022 6:48 am
Smelly pirate hooker. Rosetta approves.


Your model for today was born September 20th, 1994 in Cardiff by thSea, California. She stand5′ 9″ and measure36 – 26 – 36.5 and 134 lbsPlease say hello to MisOlivia Brower AKA Liviey Girl / Olive / Oli .

Comment by ruralcounsel on August 26, 2022 8:50 am
Nothing like a pretty girl who knows how to smile and seem happy. Or at least not look like she’s miserable doing what she’s doing.

Comment by MJ on August 26, 2022 7:46 am
9/10 would smash

Comment by jam2 on August 26, 2022 9:39 am
Pup nice jerb.
This chick is straight up good looking without the “I’ll do buhtseks for cash” vibe.


Your model for today was born December 26th, 1994 in San Diego, California. She stands 5′ 5″ and measure39 – 26 – 36 and 136 lbs. Please be brave for Miss Selena Elena.

Comment by Pendejo on September 2, 2022 8:30 am
About time we had us a Latina Caliente.

Comment by Pendejo on September 2, 2022 8:31 am
Thanks, Pupster. You are truly gifted.

Comment by leoncaruthers on September 2, 2022 12:32 pm
She could easily have a role on a Univision telenovela.

Alternatively, I wonder if she can convincingly talk about clouds and warm fronts.

Comment by Mitch on September 2, 2022 12:48 pm
I’d like to talk to her about my warm front.

Comment by MJ (ghee/ghem) on September 2, 2022 7:36 am
9/10 would smash

( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )


  1. Easy choice this week

  2. Comment by lumps on October 27, 2022 10:13 pm
    Did you guys know this?
    I’ve mostly wondered why Taiwan has had a lock on chip manufacturing, a process that could be done in America or any other halfway organized country.

  3. 16 votes currently and so far only me and our bot are around …

  4. I voted for Olivia because she is an anti-type around here and it’s fun to shake things up…like big jugs.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  5. Olivia is easily the best-looking.

    But I’m already on the road to boobdom, so Luna it is.

  6. I’m usually easily impressed by the S&M ladies. Spaniards and Mexicans. Today is no different. Go Selena Go.

  7. Wakey wakey

    I didn’t think i could like this guy more:

  8. Jimbro – that video … I’m dying.

  9. I woke up and voted at like 530 then went back to sleep.

  10. Did you guys know this?

    I did not know that.

  11. Osita, I would love some ‘Moon and Stars’ seeds!

    Rinse them really well and dry them on a sheet of plastic or a paper plate, stirring or turning them occasionally so they dry evenly. Takes a few weeks for them to get really dry in my climate (so I’m sure they won’t mold in storage), but in yours they will surely dry much more quickly. I like to leave drying seeds out for a long time just to be sure. When done, place in a paper envelope and mail to Connecticut.
    Do you have my old ‘tips’ addy? The hotmail not the gmail.

  12. There is also a bit of hyperbole in it. Older, less-amazing ICs can still do lots and lots of work, and in many cases have a lower current draw, but they are bulkier and have a different footprint than a lot of modern subcomponents rely on. You could easily build a car or truck or tractor that runs on ICs from 20 years ago, there just aren’t any production models that are anymore. Did they really need all that extra computing power do just drive, haul, or scoop?

  13. Know what needs those fastfastfast chips? Servers at biolabs, Gulag, Meta, and No Such Agency.

  14. Older tech vehicles were also easier for end-users to maintain. I suspect that’s part of the real reason for all the high-tech, capture all that sweet cash flow by making it impossible for owners to handle so much as a headlight replacement on their own.

    I may be embittered by recent experiences.

  15. “Older tech vehicles were also easier for end-users to maintain.”

    I’d say it’s a trade-off from the owner’s perspective: things don’t go wrong as often, but they’re more expensive to fix and more difficult for the owner to do.

    I do like fixing as much as I can. Also, death to service codes.

  16. Leaves are raining down, frost for sure tonight, and I just spotted my first Junco, flitting around in front of the garden gate.
    Winter is arriving soon. Off to work. Have a great day, cheesebags.

  17. Somewhere there’s a picture of my brother working on his first truck, A 70’s vintage F150 that was beat to shit by my dad’s employer at the time and bought by my brother for $75. The hood is up and he’s sitting in the engine compartment fiddling with the carburetor. He helped me with my car for new brakes, a new radiator and a whole lot of Bondo in the rear quarter panels that were salt traps and rusted out.

  18. We’ve had a few different flocks of birds eating whatever birds eat on lawns here. Last week it was a short, dark feathered stubby little bird (not the Junco, I looked them up). all sorts of ducks by the marshy area of the river and robins galore. They come in flocks of dozens of birds and they’re fun to watch.

  19. Who do you think beat up Pelosi’s husband?

    I’m betting it was an Ultra-MAGA Republican

    *think they’ll impeach him again?*

  20. Paul got his feathers ruffled? He owes someone even more untouchable some money, then.

  21. This isn’t even a contest this week.

    Olivia checks all the boxes:

    ☐ Pretty face
    ☐ Nice figure
    ☐ No tattoos
    ☐ No piercings,
    ☐ Non-slutty appearance
    ☐ Probably a virgin
    ☐ American

  22. In every other vehicle I ever owned I could have replaced a headlight for $20 and maybe 15 minutes of my time in my driveway. Current BroTimMobile had to go to the fucking dealer and cost $80-90 just for that (it was in for something else anyway at the time).

    You tell me what’s going on there.

  23. Your mom checks the box frequently

  24. “Moose crossing warnings in midtown Anchorage. We’re staying in Midtown.”

    Moose bites can be very nasty.

  25. Paul Pelosi, husband of @SpeakerPelosi, was “violently assaulted before dawn by intruder who broke into their San Francisco home, per spokesman for speaker, who wasn’t there at time. Suspect arrested. Paul Pelosi expected to make full recovery

    Then they weren’t doing it right.

  26. A dead guy can’t pay you. Can anyone seriously believe that some rando just broke into the Pelosi domicile?

  27. Any recommendations for how to attach a suet feeder so that the squirrels don’t detach it, drop it to the ground, and run off with it? The cheap little green wire ones have such a crappy little chain and no good way to permanently fasten it. The chain or snap either breaks or they slide it off the hanger. I don’t want to have to pull out the wire feed welder.

    There just must be a better way.

  28. Why do you hate the squirrels so much?

  29. They chew the wiring harnesses on my vehicles. It’s cost me thousands in repairs. I shoot every single one that I can near my house. Tree rats.

  30. Probably a virgin.

  31. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 28, 2022 8:26 am
    Did you guys know this?

    I did not know that.


    What is this referring to?

  32. Put the feeder on a post is my best advice, RC, with a squirrel trap at the base.

    Bullet double-dodged:

    Left before the spinoff (and thus didn’t have to try and keep my job in the spinoff), then the spinoff dies. Took a while, but for once my sight was clear.

  33. The video Lumpy gave us on the high-tech chip fabber corp at the end of the last thread, Mare.

  34. twitter: Lenny Dykstra commemorates twitter firings

    vajayjay hahahaha

  35. trump is a hostage

  36. The lines are redrawn

  37. seems on point today

  38. MI h2’ers, what does the polling for Prop 3 look like? Seems like a big deal there.

  39. I voted for the first one.

  40. I saw a great blue heron on my walk yesterday. Actually, two of them. Those fuckers are huge.

  41. I haven’t seen polling on our proposals. My gut is that 2 will likely pass and enshrine fraud and “election season” forever, 3 I actually see a lot of signs opposing.

  42. I haven’t seen any polling numbers on the ballot proposals.

  43. Around me, there is exactly one prop 3 sign. That’s it. Everything else is no on 1, 2, and 3.

  44. 2 makes ballot drop boxes permanent in every “community” of >15k persons. I think that totals out to several hundred fraud boxes throughout the state that would have to be watched and they’ll arrest you for watching them.

  45. lumps, I think I saw Moon and Stars seeds at Fred Meyer. Would pre-packaged be ok?

  46. Wow, Twitter really is fun again.

  47. I was in Philly this week – no Fetterman signs. A few Oz but not many either.

  48. So, people are out of the shitter and back on Twitter?

  49. Yes, and it’s hilarious.

    People are testing the system by saying things like:

    Trump won in 2020.
    Men can’t get pregnant.
    There are only 2 genders.
    The vaccine is garbage and is killing people.

    It’s glorious to watch the left lose their minds.

  50. LOL

    Hillary is a cunt.

    Someone should say that.

  51. There is something of an explosion of twats about wuflu, stolen elections, Richard Levine, and Ellen Page, as I understand it.

  52. twitter: Moar Kari Lake clapbacks

    2 vids, one in comments. This time about the Hobbs campaign office break in.

  53. So what are we thinking about the attack on Mr Pelosi?

    I mean, first – how did someone get in?

  54. Musk sent the source code to his Tesla engineers, for a breakdown of improvements.

  55. Carin, the dude just wanted some high end ice cream.

  56. If it were a red-hat Mega MAGA extremist republican, we’d already have the FIBs arresting family members who drove him to the airport last week.

    It’s his mob connection or the hooker’s pimp. Or the gay twink hooker he gave bad drugs to.

  57. For the Friday science enthusiasts.

  58. Is Twitter down? Can’t get it to load rn.

  59. Ah. it’s back.

  60. The Pelosi home is probably like Fort Knox.

    When the official spokesman says ” they request privacy at this time.” some bullshit was going on.

  61. Does Tagg Romney have an alibi?

    Because Tagg Romney beating up Paul Pelosi over a bad stock deal is hilarious and surprisingly plausible.

  62. Paul Pelosi Assault = Harry Reid Treadmill “Accident”

  63. Never forget these MFers were playing us the whole time. Well, they were playing the dummies.

  64. Paul Pelosi’s mistake was assuming Nancy would punch out his assailant like she wanted to do to Trump

  65. “I saw a great blue heron on my walk yesterday. Actually, two of them.”

    It’s amazing to see them take off. They just don’t look like there’s any way they could get airborne, and then they are.

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  67. interesting twist, nice find mare/MJ

  68. One of the scout dads is tied in to the auto industry. Apparently Apple is demanding that Car Play have full access to every vehicle function in the next generation of software. Would love if they were told to just fuck off and left out. And take Android auto with you.

  69. They’re saying leftwing antiwar journalist, so my gay twink hooker theory is dead-on.

  70. twitter: remember when Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house? (she didn’t)

    Her opponent, endorsed and supported by the sitting US senator Lisa Murkowski (also a republican, same as sarah, but not Peltola) says that Russia and China are invading US territorial waters with ships.

    I don’t think it will get the same coverage.

  71. One of the scout dads is tied in to the auto industry. Apparently Apple is demanding that Car Play have full access to every vehicle function in the next generation of software. Would love if they were told to just fuck off and left out. And take Android auto with you.

    Microsoft was playing this game with Ford for a few years when they were still trying to break into the smartphone/ipod space. Ford eventually told them to pound sand.

  72. I’ll just leave this here.

  73. I’ve heard of roll in flour, but never bread crumbs.

  74. Would someone PLEASE punch Hotspur right in the effing poon.

  75. Pelosi attacker arrested. Berkeley man, transient nudist, david depepe. Total MAGA type

  76. don’t you mean chicken breast, mare?

  77. They reportedly entered the home with a hammer and – after confronting Mr Pelosi – shouted “where is Nancy?”.


  78. Weird, they’ve been saying for hours Paul Pelosi will make a full recovery, he’s resting in the hospital. Now they are saying he’s having brain surgery. WTAF?

  79. The AF is that journalists will print anything at all. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

    There, now you’re all caught up.

  80. DePape – not the hero San Franpsycho needs, but certainly the one it deserves.

    So I want to try making my own mayonnaise, but I want to stay away from the rapeseed oil and the like. What’s a good substitute for that?

  81. Former Castro lover.

  82. He railed against censorship. Which is what the left USED to complain about. But my troll is using it as proof that he was MAGA.

    She is really stupid though.

  83. Mitch, good olive oil or avocodo oil work well.

    Or – and hear me out here – just barely melted bacon grease. Yes it works, yes it’s as good as you suspect.

  84. I wish we could get a troll.

  85. We have a gnome and dwarf, which more than a lot of blogs have.

  86. any oil, yes.

    Bacon grease sounds very interesting.

  87. Mobile1 Synthetic.

  88. Bacon grease mayonnaise. Well, that could be an interesting variant to try sometime. But not for everyday use I think. I’ll try avocado oil for my first go.

    In Other News I hung a portrait of Dirty Harry with signature .44 magnum in hand and classic glower in my bathroom. Harry is watching you poop. And he doesn’t like what he sees.

  89. Jerry Lee Lewis is gone

  90. Avocado is a good choice for your first time making it, definitely. If you have a stick blender you can make it right in the jar you’re going to use.

  91. *turns Harry to face the wall before pooping*

  92. Harry is sick of your shit.

  93. Now I want Trump to run so he can pardon the guy who tried to bludgeon Pelosi and make him a special guest at the state of the union.

  94. This is the bullshit everyone in the country is dealing with via the media:

  95. Gay hooker. Called it. I’m like Pervodamus or some shizz.

  96. Lotta folks speculating that the “hammer” was the same sort of “weapon” that Brick Top used in Snatch.

  97. How do they know Pelosi wasn’t assaulting him?

  98. Self defense. Please gay nudist hemp guy, plead self defense.

  99. Poor Paul. Can’t catch a break.

  100. There’s sweet ol’ Pups with his tender heart again.

  101. Like Pharaoh, my heart is hardened.

  102. Propane tank got topped off yesterday.

    Sorry for everyone else who’s going to freeze to death. You’re welcome to the maple logs in the yard.

  103. It’s been a long time coming, hope they got the right guy.


  104. If they’ve got the right guy, there’s a bed waiting for him in Terre Haute.

  105. Hey Leon. Looks like Elon Musk will have some open positions in your field….

  106. Some one call the undertaker. This place died.

  107. He wants people in the office. I respect that, but I can’t respond to emergencies on the farm if I do. Plus I don’t want to move to CA or TX. I wish him success, but I’m the wrong employee for the blue bird company.

    Sent my updated resume to my old project lead who’s doing private cybersecurity now, sounds like the job’s mine if I want it.

  108. Lumps, it wasn’t Osita, it was me with the watermelon seeds. Will dry them a bit longer here.

  109. Jimbro’s Tyler video from early this morning made me chortle in my underoos.

  110. A “well-being” check at 2 AM? Not a phone call “hey someone broke in my house” or an automatic call from the house security system?

    Maybe I just equate anyone in SF with being a perv, but am I out of line for wondering if Paul Pelosi bought some company for the night?

  111. Barely melted ghee, mixed with a flavorless oil like liquid refined coconut oil or avocado oil.
    I wish scott would eliminate the commercial soy-based and preservative-full mayo from his life. I can pasteurize eggs with the sous vide and make our own mayo.
    For myself, I won’t bother pasteurizing them, but I know he would prefer it.

  112. Holy crap, sorry Oso. And thanks Roamy.

  113. Oso is hilarious for playing along. I was really puzzled at her comment about buying me seeds, when I knew she had some homegrowns laid out to dry.

  114. I wish scott would eliminate the commercial soy-based and preservative-full mayo from his life.

    Same for Mr. RFH but with salad dressings. He likes his Kraft 1000 Island. I have made homemade 1000 Island, and he’ll eat it, but the convenience of the bottled crap usually wins. I like the Chosen avocado mayo from Costco, and the Primal Kitchen chipotle avocado mayo is pricy but really, really good in a tuna salad.

  115. Yep. Kraft or Hidden Valley Ranch for all his salad needs. Ugh.

    I need to get to Costco.

  116. I wasn’t trying to play along. Everything here is “Star” themed and I really think I saw seeds and I thought they were/are a gag gift. lumps, thanks for the dormant volcano showing signs of coming to life. Going to Earthquake Park tomorrow. The drive to and from Seward is absolutely gorgeous.

  117. We went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. We walked the loops. Lots of ice and snow. Portage and Placer rivers were both flowing and full of ice. Very cool and the views were incredible. Grizzly was in his man made den. One black bear was visible, but hiding. Musk Ox are cute.

  118. We get to watch OSU V Penn State at 9am. AK is cold HI. Matson.

  119. I’ll be at oklahoma iowa state. we’ll lose by 2, missing a field goal

  120. magma beneath Mount Edgecumbe, a volcano in Alaska, has been moving upward through the earth’s crust

    Your mom charges extra for that.

  121. Delays eroded Rhonda’s patience.

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