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This is not your mother’s sunny



    Smells kind of fishy to me … similar to YM

  2. waey wakey

  3. Land Shark …

    It’s like they have given up or know their audience DGAF about quality

  4. Sun broke out over a cloud bank and the view towards the river is beautiful now

  5. Thuggish behavior comes from the top down. they see our leaders do it (and get away with it ) so the minions in local government give it a go.

    Clean sweep. All of them. Top to bottom.

  6. One of Bongino’s things (I think stolen from Michael Anton) is that the behavior won’t change until they suffer real, material losses. In this case it looks like losing a seat on a school board would be the loss that would initiate change

  7. at least Sharknado was funny

  8. Jesse Kelly is all about response, too.

  9. loaner car brakes got softer all of a sudden. Wondering if a brake line went out. Not seeing any liquid, and it still stops. but the pedal goes further to the floor.

  10. Fluid for sure

  11. I don’t know if I’d even drive the loaner back to drop it off, Jay, unless it’s a really short trip and you feel confident of your emergency-breaking skillz.

  12. Katie Hobbs burglary …Probably false flag, self-inflicted in order to blame the opposition in the last few days before the election, knowing it will take weeks for the real story to get out.

  13. It’s a false flag. She’s desperate and I’m sure her team has been watching Lake get amazing sound bites and Lake was excellent in her “single candidate debate.”

  14. My thought too RC. Surprised the perp wasn’t masked and wearing a hoodie for plausible deniability

  15. Don’t you find it interesting that Fetterman absolutely shit the bed during his “debate” and the next day the dumbass in charge of elections in PA says, “Oopsie, it’s going to take weeks to determine election results.”

    Why? Why are you so bad at what you do? And why can Florida with 22 million people know right away?

  16. The population of PA is 13 million.

  17. It can take several days to get the trunk open on that many Buicks.

  18. In other news, anybody that uses PayPal at this point is an imbecile.

  19. Comment by Pendejo on October 27, 2022 11:49 am
    In other news, anybody that uses PayPal at this point is an imbecile.



  20. It can take several days to get the trunk open on that many Buicks.
    And it happens every election cycle. When those cars with a trunk full of ballot boxes are discovered a day or 10 after the election is over, the first question everyone should be asking is ” WTF did you have to do that was so important that it couldn’t wait until after you delivered the ballot boxes to the counting site, and why did it take this long to get back to finishing the trip?” I’d be in favor of disqualifying those ballots. Blame the poll worker whose job it was to deliver the ballots for disenfranchising voters.

  21. The TradCat channel I watch sometimes has a vid about alternatives that I haven’t watched yet since I don’t actually use PP.

  22. Can you find it to link because I’m one of Pendejo’s imbeciles. I haven’t used it, just haven’t canceled my account yet

  23. The one and only time I used PP was to pay the bar exam registration fee for Virginia. That was nearly a decade ago. So I killed my account a couple of years ago, figuring leaving it active was an invitation for fraud.

  24. Haven’t watched it yet, but if he mentions Venmo it’s just PayPal under a different name, hard pass.

  25. Stripe also de-listed a bunch of firearms manufacturers, but at least hasn’t outright stolen from customers (that I know of).

  26. brakes have a mechanical fail safe, so I felt ok driving it back to trade for another loaner. Mrs. will drive that around town, and I’ll drive the gas guzzler to work.

  27. I’ve used zelle before, but I really don’t do $$ exchanges enough to need one. I have zero idea is Zelle is connected with anyone good or bad, but MJ was the one who told me about it. Facebook has a money thing too, and i don’t think they get anything for it?

  28. Thanks Leon, I’ll watch it and get some ideas. We use Venmo which I think is under the PayPal umbrella. Zelle was mentioned in the link you gave earlier Carin and I wondered who owned them.

  29. My CU offers Zelle transfers, but I’ve never needed it.

  30. Big Bank owns Zelle

  31. I make very occasional use of Zelle. That stops if it shows signs of misbehaving. The cartel of owners does not fill me with optimism that it will be long.

  32. Damn!!! I just saw some video of Michigan’s R candidate for governor and she’s…… do I say this……..a scorcher. She’s better looking that SD’s scorcher.

  33. tudor is a looker

  34. twitter: Brandon to campaign for New Mexico governor

    red tsunami indeed.

  35. Kyle Smith
    Banning the Babylon Bee turned out to be as wise as killing John Wick’s dog

  36. just now on the five Geraldo calls himself a gear head, used to be in a car club called the valve grinders.
    Why is it I envision Geraldo driving the car “Not Sure” drove in the arena In Idiocracy, the car with the huge dildo on the hood?

  37. I use Zelle to pay my 95 yo mother’s caregivers weekly. It saves her trying to write checks (and her memory isn’t so good), I can keep close tabs on that expense, and it’s almost instantaneous even though I’m 400 miles away.

  38. I still write checks and use the US postal service to deliver them.

  39. 2.99 gas baby!

  40. Paypal gives us a 50% discount on shipping.

    We aren’t going anywhere.

  41. I may have fucked myself out of the room I was going to rent by the time it was taking me to get things together.

    I’m good at doing that.

    I suck.

  42. Mushrooms Fucking In A Closet

  43. Banning the Babylon Bee turned out to be as wise as killing John Wick’s dog

    “…with a sink…”


    “… a fucking sink!”

  44. Big Ag Corp did make an offer at the end of my one-year contract-to-hire. I did get re-upped as a subcontractor for a year, at least. I asked about it at my Oct meeting with manager. Maybe next year, maybe the year after if there’s work for me. Cool, I’m a temp.

    Got a text from the guy I almost went to work for last year. We’re negotiating.

  45. Mountains are beautiful here. Sun came up at 9:45. Sundown is 6:10. Gas is between $4.79 and $5.09. Produce is so expensive. Supply chain issues continue. Lots of empty shelves. Local pizza place sells pizza by the slice. Except, they don’t have enough flour and cheese to do anything that isn’t ordered as a whole pizza.

  46. This will continue as long as they are not beaten to a pulp where they stand, the second they start this shit. A hand glued to the wall, attached by tattered bones to a moist pulpy mass slumped on the ground.

  47. I’ve had the same thought. Museum guards need to be augmented with bouncers from The Rat.

  48. They say that the paintings are protected by a very thin sheet of glass. I sure hope so. Not sure if then ignoring this cultural warfare is the better strategy, or as I said, outlandish violence.

  49. Wow pretty spectacular aerial show a few minutes ago. Something huge streaking across the night sky, meteor? rocket? Hopefully somebody got some good pics.

  50. Museum workers/guards are in on it and complicit. That whole BS that property isn’t worth a life.

  51. Oh my gosh, he really did it. He walked in and fired half the C suite.

  52. Turns out it was a SpaceX rocket. Pretty neat to see it.

  53. Did you guys know this?

  54. Co-worker gave me a very nice, sweet watermelon of the “Moon and Stars” type and told me to save the seeds. Lumps, how long do I let these seeds dry out before bagging them up? And does anyone want some watermelon seeds?

  55. When I brought the watermelon home, Mr. RFH wanted it for trebuchet ammo.

  56. NGL loving the vibe in AK. We’re definitely coming back. Checking the Beluga migration. My favorite whale. Orcas are asshoes.

  57. Moose crossing warnings in midtown Anchorage. We’re staying in Midtown.

  58. I want to get a fur from a furrier. I’ll never need it again, but OMG they are so soft. They have everything up here. No PETA

  59. All the leaves are down…🎤and the skies are black…Christmas trees as far as the eyes can see…

  60. Fat tire biking is a thing here.

  61. Denmark’s embassy reissued passports.

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